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What Miss Piggy should MR design?

Discussion in 'Muppet Replicas' started by frogboy4, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. muppetguy

    muppetguy Well-Known Member


    Well said LeanneFuller, I feel the same way. There are fans of the muppets that aren't huge fans of animal or gonzo either, but they purchased them out of love of the muppets and want for the entire gang. I feel the same goes for Piggy. I love her and can't wait to have her.
  2. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member

    I am a casual fan and like Miss. Piggy. I am also a girl :excited: . I know I've always felt the need to Hi-ya! someone before..To me she was always a Girl Power type character..maybe a bit too much, but aren't all the muppets at some level :)? Over the top is normal for them...

    I don't know if I would call any one of the muppets an icon of any single group because they all are what you make of them, and mean different things to different people. In a way they are icons of everything and nothing :3.

    I think anyone with a temper and a nice side can relate to her really...And the pairing of her and Kermit was always so sweet IMHO, you can't have one without the other.
    Not that I have the money to buy any of them, but if I did I would get both :)
  3. uppitymuppity

    uppitymuppity Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't mind the dress being classic, black and elegant with the pearls, dark purple satin gloves and a headpiece. I also wouldn't mind seeing tons of feathers, bright pink & purple, polka dots - in other words she would look great as a HOT TRANNY MESS too.
  4. uppitymuppity

    uppitymuppity Well-Known Member

    How Miss Piggy has influenced me...

    I'm just sitting here listening to Billie Holiday "Sophisticated Lady" thinking of Piggy.

    You know - not many of you on here get very personal on these blogs. I'll tell ya I added a little too much thyme and pepper to the lintel stew tonight! Which might add some perspective to my entries: HOt! and hotter - scream!

    I arrived here in Hollywood over 10 years ago, poor as a sap and I slowly/quickly climbed my way up and am currently designing for Cate Blanchett, Brad Pitt, & many others.

    Miss Piggy was and is an inspiration - she and her character have consistently provided me with the slapstick and motivation I needed to grab that higher rung.

    I only hope that Master Replicas can deliver her as I see her - a hero, sinsipration and someone that has furthered a whole world of greatness for those in doubt...

    She's an inspiration no matter what the others say.

    All hail the queen!
  5. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member

    No matter what others say I could not see hating her myself. Being envious of her, maybe, but not hating :)...

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