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What Muppet Fans Are Thinking About

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by Muppet Master, May 20, 2014.

  1. Muppet Master

    Muppet Master Well-Known Member

    This is a thread where you state what's most on the minds of muppet fans, here are a few of my thoughts.

    • when will tms s4 and 5 be released
    • why did MMW underperform
    • when will the new fraggle movie come out
    • MMW blu-ray
    add what you think muppet fans are thinking about
  2. muppetlover123

    muppetlover123 Well-Known Member

    If Constantine will be used in the future.
  3. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    There are so many Muppet productions and things Disney owns what are they going to do with them all?
    muppetlover123 likes this.
  4. Slackbot

    Slackbot Well-Known Member

    Why, whenever I write for Fleet Scribbler, I always hear him speaking with Moe Syszlak's voice.

    That, and when they're going to put seasons 4 and 5 on DVD.
  5. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    What will ever happen to the Muppet Babies?

    Will we ever see Skeeter with the Muppet Show Muppets?
  6. Bliffenstimmers

    Bliffenstimmers Well-Known Member

    I wish any of the record stores here carried used Muppets albums... singles even!
  7. TheWeirdoGirl

    TheWeirdoGirl Well-Known Member

    What exactly is Walter's role, and where/how does he fit in with the Muppets? I had thought that MMW would start to answer that question, but it really didn't.
  8. Eyeball

    Eyeball Well-Known Member

    obviously im wondering about series 4 and 5 but im also wondering if we'll ever see a new series of action figures or somthing along those lines.
    DrDientes and muppetlover123 like this.
  9. DrDientes

    DrDientes Well-Known Member

    Will an Electric Mayhem album ever be released?
  10. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Will the Electric Mayhem ever come to Ohio?
    LaniArianna and misspiggy5260 like this.
  11. fozzieisfunny

    fozzieisfunny Well-Known Member

    Will there ever be a Muppet Show reunion where some of the guest stars ( who are still living) come on stage and speak about The Muppets, then do a number with them?
    Vincent L likes this.
  12. Eyeball

    Eyeball Well-Known Member

    that's a brilliant idea, what guests did you have in mind?
  13. fozzieisfunny

    fozzieisfunny Well-Known Member

    Any of them that hopefully made it through these years!!
  14. Eyeball

    Eyeball Well-Known Member

    yeah i supose, we have lost a few along the way, that and some of them are a little too old to do it sadly, but id still like to see joel grey back again should somthing like a reunion of sorts happen.
  15. fozzieisfunny

    fozzieisfunny Well-Known Member

    Maybe Steve Martin!!
  16. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    What's often on my mind?
    • The early years of Sesame Street
    • The Muppet Show
    • The Jim Henson Hour
    • Playhouse Video compilations
    • Jim Henson's Play-Along Video
  17. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    There's more Muppet stuff that's often on my mind (and I'm sure some of you won't be surprised by what). Among the other things that are often on my mind:
    • What articles I intend to write for The Muppet Mindset.
    • Boom Comics
    • How 1992-1996 and 2002-2004 seemed to be the best times to be a Muppet fan
    • The pre-Sesame Street stuff Jim Henson did
    • Jim Henson's plans when attempting to sell the company to The Walt Disney Company
    • Dinosaurs
    • Little Muppet Monsters
    • Palisades Toys
    • Recasts
    • Jim Henson's non-Muppet films on Sesame Street
    • The Muppets Character Encyclopedia
    • What DVD releases I want and what bonus features I want to see included
    And some particular characters who are often on my mind:
    • Lips
    • Bunsen and Beaker
    • Grover
    • Biff and Sully
    • Crazy Harry
    • The monsters with itnerchangable performers and personalities
    • Bruno the Trashman
    • Aristotle
    • Little Jerry and the Monotones
    • Lefty the Salesman
    • Sam the Robot
    LipsGF4Life likes this.
  18. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    I just wish that Lips could speak more and feature in more scenes in Muppet movies or specials on TV. That would definetly make my day.
    DrDientes likes this.
  19. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    When I saw the title of this thread, I heard Elmo saying, "Guess what Muppet fans are thinking of today? Da-da-da-da!"

    When it comes to Sesame Street, besides what I said in previous posts, I'm often thinking about Out to Lunch, Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, Follow That Bird, early video releases (from 1986-1991), Sesame Street News (in fact I'm often thinking about Kermit's Sesame Street appearances), Super Grover, Waiter Grover, Monsterpiece Theater, Miami Mice, Sesame Street: 20 and Still Counting, and Sesame Street All-Star 25th Birthday: Stars and Street Forever.
    Bliffenstimmers and LipsGF4Life like this.
  20. JimAndFrank

    JimAndFrank Well-Known Member

    All I can think about is how awesome it would be if Muppeteers qualified for the Academy Awards. It would make me so happy to see any one of them on stage being handed an Oscar....(sigh)...so, so happy...

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