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What should happen next to Farscape?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by The Storyteller, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. The Storyteller

    The Storyteller Well-Known Member

    I think FARSCAPE should be resurected as a collection of Mini-Series. The Chronicles Of FARSCAPE. It would consist of a 4-5 episode mini series every summer and/or winter. That would give them a year to work on the story and effects. That's my Idea.
    Does anyone else have some other ideas? ;)
  2. AbnormalExpert

    AbnormalExpert Active Member

    oh yeah

    Well I would of course love to see the show come back, but since the miniseries I have been thinking bigger scale. How about a movie Trilogy or even something ongoing, just like Harry Potter is at the moment. There are still so many offset stories to share. Such as Rygel going back to his home world, or even the return of Zhaan! Since the wormhole to earth is collapsed John is even farther from getting home. So many stories still to make into an ongoing event. I really hope we keep this fantasy afloat.

    MB :)
  3. ctegan

    ctegan New Member

    I'm hoping for more mini series or a feature film! :) Maybe several feature films! :D
  4. frogfandavid

    frogfandavid Member

    A mini-series would be great!
  5. dwmckim

    dwmckim Well-Known Member

    I havent chased down or heard/read any quotes from the Farscape ptb regarding future plans after the good ratings news came in, but whatever happens should be satisfactory...the miniseries ended in such a way as to where if there is no more Farscape, the ending of Peacekeeper Wars would be a satisfactory ending to the saga.

    But there is also loads of places the story could continue to go and ways it could do so. One of the major obstacles to a miniseries airing outside of the SciFi Channel or in the movie theatres has been the fact that SciFi has had the airing rights to the episodes and aside from the dvds, people couldnt view the episodes on other stations and become aware of the phenomenon.

    However that contract expires this upcoming year and Farscape will go into syndication in 2005. Which means several different stations can air the reruns and people who dont even have basic cable may have the opportunity to be thoroughly exposed to the characters and the story for the first time. Greater overall exposure into the public consciousness will aid the chances for things such as theatrical movies.

    As for places the story can go, one thing they could probably do (especially with a big budget movie) would be a story about Rygels return to Hyneria and reclaiming his throne.

    Anyone who read Rockne O Bannons short story in the last published issue of Farscape which takes place years in the future also know that there are other stories that can definately be told...i wont give away spoilers from that piece since it could effect future storylines. Even though there were some minor things in the magazine piece that would keep it from being canon due to conflicts with what happened in PK Wars (the main one being the name of John/Aeryns first baby...in the story it was J.T. which im guessing was to stand for Jack Talyn, J/As respective fathers names), the basic blueprint for where the creators envisioned their lives would end up a long time down the line can still very much hold true and based on some of the implications of adventures the Moya crew had before the story takes place (but after what would be where PK Wars left off) even characters that would at this time be presumed dead by the end of the miniseries but are in the magazine story could be resurrected.

    Some other areas the story could go into based on my own speculations (and not derived from hints in the magazine story):

    ***Grayzas pregnancy. This was not intended to be a part of the storyline but was written in due to the actresses Rebecca Riggs pregnancy. Is the child Johns?

    *** The Nebari...one of the forces to be reckoned with still out there that was left out of the waring classes in PK Wars. They could easily be the next threat to universal peace.

    *** Answering hanging questions as to the ties between Humans, Sebacians, and Interions.

    *** Aeryns time away from Moya between end of season three and her return in Promises. Lots of hanging questions as to all that she had done/had happened to her in that time when she was apparently working as a resistance assassin. Theres ways things from that offscreen time could come back to haunt her and effect the rest of the Moya crew.

    Dargos death is im sure a deliberate hanging mystery. Its possible he may have been rescued unaware to the rest of the cast or he may truly be dead. Either way further adventures go would be satisfactory since even though Dargo is a beloved character, his death was as noble as could be. Mind you, death doesnt seem to mean much in the Farscape universe given that as early as the fourth episode in the series (Throne for a Loss), we met a character who was capable of breathing life back into a dead being. Also Rockne O Bannon hints in the afterward of the Farscape Season 4 Companion (which was published before PK Wars was a go ahead) that Crais and Zhaan may still be out there somewhere.

    Im sure whatever happens, whether PK Wars was the grand farewell or if theres more stories to come in various forms, Farscape fans (or at least i) will be satisfied either way.

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