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What sketches scared you as a kid?

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Jennifer, May 12, 2002.

  1. mikebennidict New Member

    As I recall it was one building and building was blown down.
  2. Pug Lover New Member

    Yes you're right.
  3. GuySmileyfan Member

    Wet Paint music video and Grover doing disco.
  4. FrogInTheGlen New Member

    Oh, I LOVED "Wet Paint!" I always wanted to toss paint around and amke a big mess after seeing that video. :)
  5. trtlvr67 New Member

    what scared me

    I remember thinking that they guy w/ the rubberband mouth was freaky. The sound effects were kinds weird too.
  6. Pug Lover New Member

    There was this cartoon segment,where a large group of ants hauled up a giant letter Q up to the top of an ant hill.When they reached the top,they all shouted in unison"Q".But after that the letter was so heavy,they all lost their balance and fell to the ground,all screaming of pain.
  7. ISNorden Active Member

    Speaking of scary letter animations: was anyone else freaked out by a mid-70s animation about a dot that kept getting scared away from the top of a lower-case "i"? Every time the dot got to the top, some weird musical sounds played and a voice shouted the letter's name. (Whoever-it-was apparently gave in at the end of the cartoon, inspiring cheers and applause from an unseen audience...but up to that point, boy was it scary!)
  8. mikebennidict New Member

    Guess it was a little bit scary.

    I wonder what was the point of the dot jumping up and the i saying I!
  9. ISNorden Active Member

    My thoughts exactly, at least when I was a girl watching first-hand: why would CTW want a cartoon to feel scary when the topic wasn't? Presenting a "danger" or "don't walk" sign in that same spooky tone, I could understand. But a letter of the alphabet? ... Come on!

    More seriously, at least one fan has found a hidden lesson in that "i with the jumping dot" cartoon. Besides the letter I, the animator wanted to teach about standing up to people who intimidate and bully: the letter keeps trying to frighten the dot away, but fails in the end (as others cheer for the dot's courage).
  10. Eaglekiller Member

    Yes, the African Mask Muppets scared me but the Yip Yip Yips almost terrified me. In fact, my family made fun of me because of them!
  11. Grundgetta2800 New Member

    The Yip Yip Yip Martians, Cookie Monster, and to some extent, Snuffy.
  12. Grundgetta2800 New Member

    Oh and how about that one time when Gordon's nose grew... Anyone remember that. He got this long *** nose and needed a nose warmer. I've never been so scared in my life. It still scars me to this day.
  13. mikebennidict New Member

    I thought that was David?

    Unless this was a whole different episode.
  14. Grundgetta2800 New Member

    Actually it may have been David... Sorry. What was the deal with that?
  15. prickle747 New Member

    the cartoon 'danger'. some of those voices were creepy and still are !
  16. CrazyHarryFan New Member

    My daughter was TERRIBLY frightened by the on where the worms are dancing, then that monster eats them.... I forget where I saw that recently, probably YouTube, but she cried and cried.

    We stick to Muppet Babies, and Fraggle Rock. Some of those other ones really scare her! haha

    I think the only thing that really upset me was when Ernie took Bert's nose. I would get SO UPSET when Ernie took his nose. I was just inconsolable! haha LOL Too Funny!
  17. Muppet dude Active Member

    Here's one...

    Usually I wasn't bothered by Natalie the Cow. But her moo in "Boogie Woogie Piggies" at one part freaked the **** out of me as a kid! (Pardon my language). It's when they first show Chip (or is it Dip?) doing the tango with a sheep. It didn't sound like one of her normal sounds. It sounded more like a sick/dying cow, or even a fire alarm that's breaking down!
    Combining that with all the flashing lights, animals making a racket and hurling themselves in the air, I thought the skit was pretty unnerving.

    But then I grew to love Natalie years afterward. (I just watched the skit recently, for the first time in 18 years, and saw it was Natalie mooing like that (I think.)
  18. ginabeanud New Member

    I was too little to remember this, but one time my mom had me in a highchair eating & watching tv while she went to the basement to do laundry. She said I started screaming hysterically and when she came up to see what was wrong, she saw The Count on the tv. She didn't let me watch him for a while after that.
  19. clutch123 New Member

    From my time watching Sesame Street, I can recall some scary clips.

    1. the first sketch shows a bunch of kids swimming in a pool having fun; suddenly, you hear the theme you would hear from the movie "Jaws", as the ketter would emerge from the bottom of the pool, and would float up to the top of the pool. Anywhere from A to Z.

    2. now this second sketch looks more like a black and white movie, and in this one I am explaning, there is a man who keeps making his car longer and shorter in repitition. After making his car longer for the final time, he takes off, and his car stalls out in the middle of a train track, in which the person speaking says: "I think the car is going to be short, veery - WATCH OUT!"

    3. The second sketch is cartoon based on a director and a actor; and the director asks this man (actor), how to express "anger", and this actor tooks this seriously, yelled and the director, and left - slamming the door behind him.

    Does anybody know what skits I am refferring too?
  20. BeckyDR Member

    I think the person speaking was María...and I do remember those sketches, but they did not scare me.

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