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What songs would you put on a Jim Henson tribute?

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by blackurth, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. blackurth

    blackurth Well-Known Member

    Let's say that the henson company wanted to do a 2c.d. set featuring a Jim Henson tribute with characters from,muppets,sesame street,fraggle rock,etc....how would you do it?here's what I would do...

    disc1-tribute concert-featuring singers(rock,pop country etc) comedians and much more in a concert filmed for dvd and recorded for c.d.,I would have it be adult oriented (not rated "r" or rated "x")but not like the elmopolooza where everything was kid oriented,I would have comedians like robin williams and conan o brian,rock stars like paul mccartney and ozzy osborne,everyone would do some sort of cover tune or skit parody,or they would just say something nice about Jim,I like the idea of throughout the program going through Hensons lifefrom birth to death (these sections would be on the dvd version) with footage from his first programs to his last movies,I would have frank oz and other muppeters,the whole concert would be about 3 hours long (the dvd version would be the complete concert while the c.d. version would just be highlights of songs and skits.)I would end the program with a john williams henson movie medley (or someone like that) with music from dark crystal, labrynth,witches etc... Iwould also have lucus and spielberg talk about hensons movies...

    disc2-the best of jim henson-this disc would be a carrer highlight disc with recordings of jim from the early years up to his death,I would put 25-30 songs/skits (assuming some of the skits are only a minute long) and it would be nothing but jim doing voices from all his series,muppets,SS,fraggle rock etc...
  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    here is what i would include on a tribute album.

    disc 1:
    1. mahna mahna... mahan mahna and the two snowths
    2. being green... kermit the frog
    3. five people in my family... the anything muppets
    4. i've never harmed an onion... rowlf
    5. tenderly... dr. teeth and the electric mayhem
    6. rubber duckie.. ernie
    7. macho macho man... link hogthrob and gonzo
    8. the king of 8... the king of 8 and the citizens of the land of 8
    9. let's sing a song of nine... the kids with rowlf and the baker
    10. imagine that.... ernie
    11. octopuses garden... a scuba diver, an octopus and a clam
    12. waiting at the church... kermit and miss piggy
    13. any old iron... kermit, fozzie and the whatnots
    14. do de rubber duck.. ernie, telly, oscar, kermit, count, biff, guy smiley, gladys and hoots
    15. i hope that something better comes along... kermit and rowlf
    16. let me be your song.. cantus and the minstrels
    17. convincing john... convincing john
    18. sweet vacation... kermit and cast

    disc 2:
    1. the rainbow connection... kermit the frog
    2. stepping out with a star... kermit the frog, fozzie bear and gonzo
    3. you can't take no for an answer... dr. teeth
    4. happy feet... kermit the frog
    5. our melody.. cantus and the fraggles
    6. dance myself to sleep.. ernie and bert
    7. scryapp flyapp... the muppets
    8. time in a bottle.. a scientist
    9. boogie in the barnyard.. dr. teeth and the electric mayhem
    10. a song from kermit... kermit the frog
    11. i love my elbows... kermit the frog
    12. grandmas feathered bed.. kermit and cast
    13. the first time it happens... kermit and miss piggy
    14. upside down world... ernie and bert
    15. it was a very good year.. statler and waldorf
    16. fat cat.. bip bipodotta and the anything muppets
    17. cottlesone pie.. rowlf
    18. finale: the magic store

    there would also be a booklet with information about all of the songs, a biography on jim henson, a list of tv and film credits, and a list of all of his charactrers. plus quotes from frank oz, jane henson and jerry juhl.

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