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What type of animal are Fraggles really?

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Redsonga, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member

    Besides just being Fraggles and muppets what type of real animal do you see Fraggles as being most like?
    I'm heard moles (from the fraggle rock extras) and then monkeys (from different places) but I've also heard in the show that fraggles hatch from eggs (from the storyteller). So I don't know really what to think anymore...
    The only thing that I can think of is maybe a long lost type of Platypus- since they love swimming, are furry, hatch from eggs and are mammals as far as I can tell:wisdom:. Plus, you can almost see where their muzzles use to be bird like :confused:
  2. Gold Demona

    Gold Demona Well-Known Member

    I highly doubt the fraggles come from eggs, and here's why: the episode "Wembley's Egg".
    When Junior knocked the bird's egg out of itsnest and into the fraggle pond, the fraggles couldn't figure out what it was, except Wembley, who only kinda knew what it was.
    He knew it belonged to the "tree creatures" and that it was for them to sit on, and that later a baby comes out of it.
    And when he said such, everyone else laughed at him.
    He even described it as a "house for babies", to which they all laughed even harder.
    If fraggles do come from eggs, as is so suggested, why were they all so clueless as to what an egg was?

    They don't seem like egg-laying animals anyway. They seem more like mammals to me. As to what specific kind of mammals I have no clue.
  3. Pork

    Pork Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I agree. The conversation about if Fraggles came from eggs has been discussed before and I don't think that the "egg theory" is very possible.
  4. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member

    I always thought that it was because they were too young to know were babies came from yet ;). (since fraggles age slower about that sort of thing IMHO but can live on their own far sooner). Remember how everyone who did'nt know where babies came from in grade school reacted to the idea of a baby growing in the mamas belly? Sort of like that :p
    Besides that I think that most fraggles mostly block out the memory of the actual laying because it is painful and don't tell the little ones about it.
    I always thought they were laughing (the older fraggles) because maybe it was far too big to be an egg to them (since their eggs are only fraggle size) and they thought he was trying to hatch a rock *lol*
  5. Gold Demona

    Gold Demona Well-Known Member

    I still don't buy it.
    If that was the case, then SOMEBODY would've corrected Wembley when he called it a "house for babies", and said something like "You mean an egg? Don't be ridiculous! Eggs aren't that big!"
    And they would've answered all the questions the fraggle five were asking about it.
    "How does it eat?" "How does it breath?" "How'd it get in there?" etc.
  6. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member

    I think fraggles are the type not to pop another younger fraggles bubble ;). Aka, 'aw are'nt they cute?'.
    Plus, I actually think fraggles don't really know (at least the fraggles in that part of the rock, others might be more logical) all the answers to those questions in the first place, they might still see the wonder of birth as a magic thing (Basicly, I see them as being only at the level of know how that the only way they could find out things like that would be to cut open an egg, and I do not think they would have the heart for that, even on a bad egg..)...
    Anyway, it's all good I think, we all write our own ideas ;). I'm just glad to be able to have my own vision of the fraggle culture :)
  7. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Fraggles are a race and species all their own, to me. Like Gonzo's whatever or Scooters sort of a human, but not quite. I tend to gather they're Mammals, since they are fur bearing (or at least have hair).

    I know Poison Cackillers lay eggs... that's all I got.
  8. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    They could be mammals who somehow lay eggs, the Storyteller did mention a Fraggle being hatched. And it could be that the Fraggles just didn't know where babies came from in the "Wembley's Egg" episode.

    Of course, the Storyteller's use of the word "hatched" could mean something entirely different to the Fraggles.
  9. Gold Demona

    Gold Demona Well-Known Member

    And this is assuming that every single thing the Storyteller says is true. =P
  10. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member

    I like to think it is :).
    But a lot of things could be true in the fraggle world, since they have this little thing called magic...I mean the Trash Heap is alive for goodness sakes:coy: ! Eggs are'nt that out of the question if your trash can become a living thing thanks to two talking rat like thingies *lol*:shifty:
  11. Gold Demona

    Gold Demona Well-Known Member

    lol, you have a point there.
    *shrug* I dunno. They just don't seem like egglayers to me.

    This leads me to wonder just how spread apart the fraggle mating seasons are, ya know?
  12. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member

    Well, I think they are much longer lived than humans so they age slower, so it might be something like every five years or something once they are adults...But since they a lot like humans in thinking IMHO I think that some might mature sooner and that the adults have a certain amount of control over if and when they mate...
    Because of this I think their ideas of love are a lot like humans (only without any of our bad habits)...
  13. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Well-Known Member

    On the subject of where fraggles come from, I don't like to think about it too much. If anything, I consider it as an "every time a bell rings, an angel gets it's wings" sort of situation.

    It's hard for me to consider what type of animal they resemble, because I think the inspiration of the fraggle style didn't come from nature, but rather, how they could adapt the "muppet look" to create a creature from another world.
  14. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member

    I guess it is just a fanfic writer habit to think too much *lol* :)
  15. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member

    I thought of another animal they share a lot in common with: The muskrat.
    A somewhat playful/moody little animal that loves to swim, can hold their breath for up to twenty mins, and has waterproof fur that looks just like a fraggles :3
  16. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Not a bad idea, actually. For some reason, Fraggles could have evolved bigger eyes (since darkness isn't really a factor, thanks to the Ditzies), hairless heads/arms/legs (for the most part, anyway), and a poofy furball on their tails. And they're rather quick on land, since they had to outrun Gorgs.
  17. Redsonga

    Redsonga Well-Known Member

    I think gorgs and fraggles might have evolved together, the fraggles always feeding a little bit off them without noticing it, and so learning to run on land would have been an early lesson :3.
    I like thinking about these things and fraggles as animals since I was raised on one too many nature shows :p (not that it takes away from how human like fraggles are, but then we humans are animals to so... ^.^)
  18. bazooka_beak

    bazooka_beak Well-Known Member

    Well, I always believed Fraggles gave "live births" like other mammals. I really don't think they're the egg laying type, especially when you consider the Wembley's egg episode. If Fraggles WERE hatched from eggs, why would they laugh at Wembley? At least ONE Fraggle there would have to know the truth to where Fraggle babies come from.

    And they're probably of the rodent variety, considering the Gorgs treat them as such and they "live in the wall" (technically) of Doc's shed. But you know, they stand out as their own unique species, too.
  19. The Shoe Fairy

    The Shoe Fairy Well-Known Member

    I don't know if any of you know, but has anyone considered Fraggles to be Monotremes - that is, egg laying mammals. Like Echidnas.
  20. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    I think Redsonga mentioned the platypus. They lay eggs.

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