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What would you like on Sesame Street Old School Volume 1?

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by Grover, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. Grover

    Grover Well-Known Member

    What sketches do you want to see on "Sesame Street:Volume 1"? I'll post my ideas later in this thread.
  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I've made different lists before, but I'll make another one.

    If full episodes are included, I'd like to see all season premiers that this set covers. I also want to see a lot of first season epsiodes, episodes that revolve around Mr. Snuffleupagus being Big Bird's imaginary friend, and episodes that focus on Sam the Robot. If there are any episodes that focused on Roosevelt Franklin, I would love to see those episodes.

    I would like this set to have a lot of episodes not shown on Noggin. Of course, this shouldn't really matter to me, since I don't have Noggin and haven't seen any of the early epsiodes, but then again, having some rare, non-Noggin episodes would be helpful for the Muppet Wiki (it would allow new pages for Sesame Street episodes), and when I think of sets like thsi I also think of those who have Noggin and saw every episode shown, or have video copies of all Noggin episodes and would want more.

    And now on to the skits. I would like the following: (I'm going to assume that this set only goes up to around the eight season)

    Ernie names his bathtub "rosie"
    Cookie Monster used Ernie's phone
    all of The Baker films
    all of The Jazzy Spies films
    Kermit's bear excersizes
    Lulus Back in Town
    Everyone Likes Ice Cream
    We Coulda
    Body Full of Rhyhtym
    Ernie lies about a monster eating Bert's cake
    Ernie and Bert share jellybeans
    Kermit wants Grover to get in the box
    Kermit's rectangle lecture
    Kermit's leg lecture
    What's My Part?: Nose
    What's My Part?: Foot
    Beat the Time: Grover
    The Ballad of Casey McPhee
    Cookie Disco
    Grover gives Kermit ears
    Grover gives Kermit a nose
    Grover the Waiter: alphabet soup
    Grover the Waiter: Hamburger
    Grover the Waiter: Simon Soundman
    Grover the Waiter: The Count
    Proffessor Hastings lecture on parts of the body
    Grover and Herbert Birdsfoot talk about the letter M
    Harvey Kneeslapper: Got an A on ya?
    Harvey Kneeslapper: Do You Know Where I Wanna B?
    That's About the Size of It
    Sesame Street News: The Count counts Three Little Pigs
    Sesame Street News: The Pied Piper
    Sesame Street News: Pinnocchio
    Sesame Street News: Alice in Wonderland
    Sesame Street News: man in snowstorm
    Roosevelt Franklins alphabet
    Ernie and the mailman
    Lefty tries to sell Ernie a U
    Lefty tries to sell Ernie an 8
    Lefty tries to sell Ernie a snowman
    Lefty and Ernie: P and R
    Kermit and Grover demonstrate heavy and light
    Ernie and Bert: clay sculpture
    Ernie and Bert: painting
    Ernie and Bert: the blackout
    Cookie Monster disguises himself as Ernie
    Big Round Nose
  3. Tim Kelly

    Tim Kelly Well-Known Member

  4. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    Whoa,:concern: that teacher Muppet has a huge nose.

    But I totally agree with you Tim, that was a great clip.
  5. jeffkjoe

    jeffkjoe Well-Known Member

    Does that Muppet trap the teacher Muppet in a square at the end? Is that's what's going on there?
  6. Tim Kelly

    Tim Kelly Well-Known Member

    Yes! :)
  7. giovannii

    giovannii Well-Known Member

    I remember this animation on Sesame Street I used to love when I was a little kid... it was called "Adventure" i think.
  8. CookieCountDawn

    CookieCountDawn Well-Known Member

    I'll like to see almost anything classic.
  9. BillKal

    BillKal Well-Known Member

    Ernie & Bert At The Movies: Emotions.
  10. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I keep wonderign if future volumes will still focus exclusively on 1969-1974, or if they will expand on the years, or if they will focus on different years altogether. Other people have, too. Some people seem to be in favor of each set focusing on a different five years.

    If that was the case, then this is what episodes I'd want each set to include:

    Volume 1: 1969-1974
    the first episode
    a random season two episode (not shown on Noggin)
    the third season premier
    the episode with Stevie Wonder
    a random season five episode

    Volume 2: 1974-1979
    the season six premier
    a random season seven episode
    a random season eight episode
    a random season nine episode
    a random season ten episode

    Volume 3: 1979-1984
    one of the two episodes with c3po and r2d2 (or Telly's introduction episode)
    the episode with Mr. Rogers
    the season thirteen premier
    the episode about Mr. Hooper's death
    a random season fifteen episode

    Volume 4: 1984-1989
    the season sixteen premier
    the season seventeen premier (where the adults finally see Snuffy)
    a random season eighteen episode
    a random season nineteen episode
    a random season twenty episode

    some episodes I'd like to see, but I don't know what seasons they are from:
    the episode where Big Bird started his birdkateers club
    the episode where Big Bird is convicned that Snuffy is just imaginary
    the episode where Cookie Monster eats Hooper's Store
    the episode where Big Bird hosted a number four show
  11. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    *Kermit, Beautiful Day Monster, Small BDM and Splurge demonstrate big, bigger and biggest(1969)
    *Oscar and Grover's alphabet(1970)
    *E/B: Chocolate covered bananas
    *More E/B skits from 1969
  12. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    It's going to have that Lulu's back in town segment, right?

    That would be great I'm wacthing it on youtube right now, :) .
  13. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    No, it won't. Oddly enough, I wasn't too interested in seeing this untill I saw it on You Tube, and I think I've watched this skit on You Tube more than any other Sesame Street skit, and I wanted itt o be included. I am not too surprised that it isn't, though, because the song wasn't written for the show (it seems like I Whistle a Happy Tune is the only song not written for the show to be included).

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