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What would you like to see in Season 37?

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by TotallySpiesFan, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Here's an idea for a new Monsterpiece Theater skit(Bring that back!): Lightning Guide(a spoof of Guiding Light). It is dark and some character can't find his way to where he is going, until a flash of lightning guides him to where he wants to go.
  2. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here's an example of how a show could run in this format:
    street plot
    one or two segments that has to do with the plot
    letter of the day (either new or old, with a mix of new and old skits)
    Global Grover
    something with a celebrity guest star
    a song or two
    a new sketch with a regular character
    spanish word of the day
    a new cartoon or filmed segment
    Journey To Ernie
    an Ernie segment
    a classic cartoon segment (maybe something with Teeny Little Superguy)
    a classic filmed segment (maybe Everybody Eats)
    a Sesame Street News, Monsterpiece Theatre, or Super Grover segment
    a classic segment with a celebrity
    a classic song (such as Me Gotta Be Blue)
    number of the day (either new or old, with a mix of new and old skits)
    a classic segment or two with characters who aren't used much (maybe Mystery Letter, with Guy Smiley, Cookie Monster, Don Music, and Sherlock Hemlock, followed by Kermit and Grovers demonstration of Heavy and Light)
    something with non-regular characters
    an old song or skit with characters who are still major on the show
    some classic animations and films
    a classic song (kind of like a big finish)
    maybe a trash gordon segment (even though they aren't classic yet)

    And here is how one of those shows with Elmos World would run:
    Street Story
    a classic skit that has to do with the street story
    number of the day
    a classic song
    a classic song or skit with a celebrity
    some classic animated skits
    spanish word of the day
    a classic monster segment
    a grover The Waiter skit
    an Ernie skit
    a skit with a character who isn't used much anymore
    a classic filmed skit
    letter of the day
    a classic skit with major characters who are still major
    Elmos World
    trash gordon
  3. Ilikemuppets New Member

    First of all, let's keep Elmos world, but instead of just showing that every day,let have that segment alternate between characters everyday. One day it or week, it could be Grover's world, next it could be Cookie's world and ect., and one of the great things about it is that everybody could have a version of their own world. But if that is too confusing too the shows target adience, than mabe whoevers turn is it to host that day can be stuck in Elmo's mind. The funny thing about that to me is that whatever Elmo thinks, gose. So if Cookie wants a cookie and Elmo isn't thinking about one, then it might make for some great comedy. At the least, other characters will make for some great ad lib, even though Elmo's ab lib is great anyway.
  4. How about Hooper's Store serving, "birdseed butter", on the idea of peanut butter, but made with birdseed instead of peanuts? It would show the viewer that other seeds and nuts besides peanuts really are made into a, "butter."
  5. tvlistingman New Member

    How about another dancing segment with new feet
    here's my idea

    1. boy in khaki pants and brown loafers
    2. girl in dress that they wear for christmas and dress shoes
    3. woman in brown hiking boots and white shorts
    4. woman in tennis outfit and tennis shoes
    5. young woman in skirt and black socks and black slip-on shoes (like the ones that people wear to private school)
    6. woman in blue jeans and casual boots
    7. man in tuxedo and tap shoes
    8. woman in flowered sundress and sandals

    in the end of the segment (like they did for the last dance segment), but they would have everyone in the dancing segment and they would take their shoes and socks and show their feet and they would have people dancing with their bare feet and at the end of that segment all the people will put their feet into the mud pile. Is that a good idea for season 37?

    Here is a set-up for the last segment of the dancing feet skit
    (3) (4) (5) (6)
    (1) (7)
    (2) (8)
  6. BEAR Active Member

    This would be even more confusing.
  7. Ilikemuppets New Member

    Point well taken, so what if there were only four or five people who hosted, and it was seclude like one person pre day and it stuck to that every week or some else could host every once in a while, just to wake things up every once in a while. you know, it could just be somebody elses mind for a change.

    When I said in Elmo's head, I meant so the familiarity would still be the same it wouldn't throw kids off with all these mixed up world's every day. He could just be thinking about his friends on different days.
  8. BEAR Active Member

    I just think that this bit was written for Elmo and should remain hosted by Elmo. It wouldn't work the same way or have the same effect with any other character. The segment is targeted at that 2-4 year old range and Elmo best represents that audience. If this is simply to get other characters exposure, several of the other main characters already have their own segments. Its not like the others don't get their share of spotlight. Plus, remember that atleast one or two other Muppets make cameos in every Elmo's World.
  9. Ilikemuppets New Member

    That's true, but couldn't they have like zoe's world sence she is Elmo's age. Maybe they could change the color to pink and she could talk to roco. They could just tweak it around a little bit to acommodate Zoe.
  10. BEAR Active Member

    Ya know, I was actually considering the idea with Zoe. That should be the only way they mix it up though is to use Zoe.

    What I find fascinating about Elmo though is that he seems to be able to relate to all kids, whereas Zoe kind of only represents little girls. I hope that wouldn't get in the way.
  11. Ilikemuppets New Member

    Well sort of, but SS seems to lean tward the appeal of boys frist, beaceuse girls can follow that laed much eaisear than the other way around.
  12. I'd like to see a Mysterious Theater clip.
  13. abiraniriba New Member

    How about OSCAR'S WORLD

    They could also do a segment called OCSAR'S WORLD. It could be set somewhere in the bottom (if there is one) of that wild trash can of his and could feature him talking to Slimey and discussing all the things he hates to love and loves to hate.
    He could even visit Grouchland and show us how things work there.

    :grouchy: :grouchy: :grouchy:
  14. Daffyfan2003 Active Member

    Don't you mean, "Monsterpiece Theater?" I'd like to see that one as well.
  15. As long as Elmo's World is still there-- I am happy. Plus bert and ernie.. I love bert and ernie!!
  16. Well, I meant Mysterious Theater, but I do also want to see Monsterpiece Theater.
  17. BEAR Active Member

    Yes, Mystery Theatre with your host Vincent Twice Vincent Twice.
  18. BEAR Active Member

    I would like to see Hoots come back on a more regular basis. Kevin needs to play his other characters more often and exercise his range. I would also like to see a little more Susan that what we've been getting lately. And I don't mean just a little cameo with 2 lines. I want to see her have a bigger role in the Street sketches. Actually, I'd like to see the humans featured and interact with each other the way they used to.
    I gotta be honest, I am not crazy about the Trash Gordon thing. It is kind of a waste of 5 minutes moreso than some might say Elmo's World is a useless waste of 15. TG has no educational value and it's boring, even though Gordon in that get up is slightly silly. I just think they should cut it and go back to that great simple way of announcing the show's number and letter of the day in the end with a character from the episodes main sketch.
    I think that Bert and Ernie should make an appearance of the street once in a while. It doesn't seem like Eric Jacobson or Steve Whitmire are too tied up with Muppet projects at the moment, so use them more!
    I also would like to see the Count on the street again. He was always so wonderful interacting with Big Bird, Telly and Elmo and the gang. Same with Prairie. We only see them in the Number and Letter of the day segments briefly and they do nothing else anymore. How boring is that?! Two great characters are getting limitted usage.
    I would also like to see some better original songs. Some of the last of the great music were the two songs featured in the Hurricane series. Those were classic Sesame style with great cast interaction.
    More Bob solos!!
  19. Rosewood New Member

    I still think Elmo's World needs to become it's own show.

    I still think they could go and make Elmo's World into it's own show and it would'nt hurt anything or anyone (except mabey a bit of Kevin Clashe's ego).
    But seriously, when SS was created, it was supposed to represent a sort of "melting pot" if you will. A place where everyone was treated with dignity, respect and equality, whether you were Caucasion, African American, Latino, Asian, or Muppet. There was never any favoritisim shown to one individual over anyone else. With Elmo's World the way it is now, devoting nearly 1/3 of the actual SS program itself solely to one character, it seems to go against alot of the positive values SS has always tried to instill in us (such as the importance of being fair, unselfish, and sharing to name a few). I just don't understand why such a reputable non-profit organization as SW would go to such lengths to teach us these values, and then whip a 360 turn like this and basically go against their own teachings.

    Plus, if they never plan on resurecting and heavily using any of the old vintage material, than why in the world would they go to all the trouble of remastering all of it like they did, (unless it was simply a pathetic effort to try to keep our hopes up and keep us watching)? It just makes no sense.

    I realize Elmo is the one thing that finally gave SW the long wished for capability of finally becoming truely independant as far as funding goes. But I think such a bold move as basically building him his own little shrine, dedicated solely to him, was still a bit extreem.

    If they have so much faith in the little red dude and all he stands for, than why are they so hesitant to go one more step and make his show a spin-off? Think about it - they could put his show in the half hour slot before the actual SS show starts. And if they were smart, and took the now open time on the show and dedicated it completely to classic material, I bet their ratings would shoot through the roof! Not only would they be satisfying the needs of the Elmo fans, but those of the older fans as well (and I think it would amaze them when they found out just how many of us old fogies there still are out here!)

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