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What's everyone think of CRANK YANKERS?????

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by punkNpuppets, Oct 4, 2002.

  1. punkNpuppets

    punkNpuppets New Member

    i think it's hilarious!!!
  2. Well, I sat down to watch it last night, so I can legitimately say I think the content is a bunch of rot. After seeing an actual episode, I also can give credit to the puppeteers (whom I was a jerk to last time this was discussed -- sorry!) for a good job with the lipsync to bad quality pre-recorded stuff, and for manipulating the detailed little actions the puppets do (esp. the guy with the nervous problem). But I think the calls are just SICK. And what's the deal with showing an elderly puppet in the nude?!? IMHO the show is one of the lowest forms of entertainment on cable tv.

    But those are just my own theories on entertainment.

    --"Scary" Larry Wolf
  3. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    As I stated under a similair thread under puppetry, I have the sam eopinion of this as I did Greg the bunny anbd other so called 'adult edgy' puppet tv shows. Utter *expletive deleted*

    I cannot wait for the new Muppet Show on Fox to come in and show how edgy is really done!

    As a side note Hot Topic is featuring Crank Yankers garbage.
    Expect sales to be lower than a pog revival and in the 90% discount bin in a week or two.
  4. punkNpuppets

    punkNpuppets New Member

    beaker - don't know what your trying to say, but scarylarrywolf, you really need to take a chill pill. i mean come on, if you don't like sexual humor, you don't like sexy girls, and if you don't like sexy girls, you probably don't like girls at all, and if you're a teenager and you don't like girls, you need help. how old are you anyway, larry, 60, 70. stop being such a tipper!!!!
  5. punkNpuppets

    Hehehe.. take a chill pill, huh? Why, so I can be a pacifist and blindly accept "sexual humor" as something to laugh at? I've got strong beliefs about that. When I said I believe that show is one of the lowest forms of entertainment on cable tv, it's mainly due to the fact that they've stooped so low as to base skits around debotchery designed to make people squirm. There's really nothing to laugh at -- no punchlines or incongruencies or visual comedy that take real talent to devise -- only cheap comments meant to give the viewer a stimulation or excitement mistaken for humor.

    And about this statement:
    First of all, I can't find any logical connection between "sexual humor" and "sexy girls". Can I like sexy girls without watching comedy central? You bet your life I can!

    Secondly, "girls" is the main category, "sexy" is an adjective used to describe a particular group of girls in that larger category. So I can "like girls at all", but if they're sexy or not is up to me in my own mind.

    Finally I've got to say that for teenagers it's the other way around: If they like girls they NEED help. At that young stage they are practically powerless to do anything about a relationship. I'm saying this from personal experience. I am 17 years old and don't even have my frickin' driver's liscense yet. There's a really great girl I know that I'd like to have a relationship with, but I haven't fulfilled my career goal yet and don't think I should get serious until that area of my life is functioning. Therefore, I DO like girls and DO need help.

    Gosh, I'm tired of prooving points. In the words of Willy Wonka:"Good day, Sir."

    --"Scary" Larry Wolf

    Here's a great way to get the last word in a debate: Say "OK, You're right" ;)
  6. GWGumby

    GWGumby New Member

    I will both defend and second ScarryLarryWolf's opinion. I think he explained himself rather intelligently. Insulting someone by saying if you don't like sexy humor there's something wrong with you is completely off base.

    I do not like "Crank Yankers." I think the meanness and crudeness of the show does not make it funny or something to be celebrated in any way. I do not condemn crude comedy, but I find it rather sophomoric and uninteresting. It takes so little skill to come up with "bathroom humor" that it really is the cheapest form of comedy around. I'm not saying it's wrong, but just easy. There's nothing clever about it and so I am put off by it. Furthermore, I really don't like the approach they take at making the prank calls. They go out of their way to insult and make fun of people with their phone calls.

    I've been recently watching a new show on Comedy Central called "Trigger Happy TV" a similarly-themed candid-camera type show. I find it interesting in the different approaches used by these two shows. Most of the goofy stuff happening on "Trigger Happy TV" usually happens peripherally without engaging the public, not even really caring if they get a reaction or not. They are being weird or goofy merely for the sake of it without relying on the pain and displeasure of others for their laughs. The sketches that do directly involve unknowing people still usually revolve the comedy around the comedian doing something stupid and goofy, not the public. Now compare that to Crank Yankers where the comedy comes from insulting unsuspecting people who've merely answered the phone. They are placed in extremely awkward situations that are often sexual in nature and we're supposed to laugh at their predicament. While it may be mildly amusing once in a while, it really gets old quick.

    Again, this is all my opinion. We're all entitled to one. punkNpuppets, you asked everyone what they thought. We're answering. If we don't give you the answer you want, then maybe you shouldn't ask the question to begin with.
  7. Struble

    Struble New Member

    I think their puppets look nice. I think the puppeteering is well done. But I'm gonna have to agree with everyone else, the show stinks. I've never been a fan of prank phonecalls, and wonder why anybody ever finds them to be marketable. On top of that, I think the whole puppet nudity thing is a scary concept. Just because you can do something to shock the norms, doesn't make it entertaining. I guess we've -- or at least, Comdedy Central has -- forgotten that after South Park. It's sad that witty writing isn't what's called for when making a comedy program anymore.

    Remember when the Jerky Boys made a movie? Oy, that was horrible.

    I sat through one and a half episode of Yankers. I again state I found the show to be a waste of time. I think Comedy Central's time would be better used showing another abysmal episode of Saturday Night Live. Yeah, it's not funny either, but at least you can laugh at Jimmy Fallon's hair.

  8. Cantus' Ghost

    Cantus' Ghost New Member

    The puppeteers are great but the only real humor comes from the honest reactions of the people being called.
  9. punkNpuppets

    punkNpuppets New Member

    havent you guys seen the phone-game show one??? this game show host, kind of like guy smiley, calls up this farmer asking him these crazy questions and making sfx with his mouth (only he was really bad it). the questions were hilarious too "How many feet in 7 feet?" and "I'm gonna give you 3 seconds to count to 10." i laughed my a-- off!!!
  10. CaptCrouton

    CaptCrouton New Member

    High fives, Larry!

    My respectometer just flew off the scale for you!

  11. punkNpuppets

    punkNpuppets New Member

    well, seems like everyone here doesn't know about the LEAD PUPPETEER of Crank Yankers!!!....you're all gonna have to guess
  12. sternroolz

    sternroolz New Member

    Nothing really wrong with low brow humor except when it doesnt work because then its just annoying. Thats the problem with crank yankers. All the bits have been done before and the show is just not funny.
  13. punkNpuppets

    punkNpuppets New Member

    does ANYONE know the lead puppeteer of Crank Yankers?? well, i'll give you a hint - TWO WORDS: Wet - Paint
  14. Struble

    Struble New Member

    Is it Sir Joseph Wetpaint? I thought he had retired.

  15. punkNpuppets

    punkNpuppets New Member

    it's Rick Lyon. worked on Sesame Street AND Crank Yankers......imagine that
  16. Struble

    Struble New Member

    Like we all said. Everyone thinks the puppets look good, and the puppeteering is well done. The show just isn't our type of humour.

    Also, Victor Yerrid worked on at least a few episodes of Crank Yankers (and Book of Pooh, and Greg the Bunny) and performed Goggles and Croaker for the Kermit's Swamp Years panel at the San Diego Comic-Con.

  17. Hairfarmer

    Hairfarmer New Member

    I've only ever seen one skit on CY's. I thought the puppets looked OK. I've definately seen better. The sets looked pretty good. They did do a pretty good job of "lip" synching the puppets to the recordings. So I guess on the technical side of things I'd give it a B. As far as the humour goes I found it to be non-existant, which is why I only ever saw the one skit. That and the fact that we don't have cable.

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