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What's your favorite letter segment?

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by The Count, Sep 15, 2002.

  1. rjschex

    rjschex New Member

    A: tale of Ant and Archer
    B: song "B is for Bubble"
    C: "C is for Cookie"
    D: (tie) "Daddy Dear", "the D building"
    E: surreal cartoon from 1969 "see me eating a peach..."
    F: Frances the Fairy
    G: Grover and the Growing G
    H: (lost classic) Bert trying to watch TV; a repetitively flashing "H" is all he sees
    I: dot tries to jump on top of lowercase "i" and is scared away everytime
    J: (tie) "J--jacket" (animated), song "J Friends" (J, Joe, Jeans and his jelly beans...)
    K: Pink panther demonstrating "karate"
    L: "La-la-la-la" (B&E)
    M: "The M who Came to Dinner"
    N: ant carrying a capital "N" but doesn't know where it belongs
    O: surreal sketch similar to "E" described above ("..closer to the bulldozer, which closed up the hole so the cold wind could not blow...")
    P: abstract animation showing a 3-dimensional "P" on an island with a setting sun in background
    Q: "O with a tail"--animated sketch featuring voice of either David Connell or Jim Thurman (both CTW producers, who also did cartoon voices for Square One TV)
    R: black woman with afro drops an "r" under the hood of her car to make it go
    S: girl inflates balloon shaped like capital "S", but pump comes loose, making it a lowercase "s"
    T: "television"--voiced by Casey Kasem; a conductor on TV turns his volume off
    U: (animated) ends with "anyone wanna buy a used 'U'?"
    V: "you forgot your vitamins!" ("Vitamins-Vitality-Vim-Vigor")
    W: Bert's "W" lovers' song
    X: batik illustrations of "X" with dreamy music playing
    Y: (forgotten?) a pet "Y" named "Yolanda"; her owner thought she'd like to eat a yo-yo ("Yecch!")
    Z: "Zig-Zag-Zip-Zoom (?)" sung sung by furball muppets
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Those furball Muppets who performed the song about the letter Z are named the Zizzy Zoomers, and you can find the song on the Muppets Alphabet Album.

    As for your "H" choice, I was wondering when someone else other than me would post that forgotten favorite! However, wouldn't you have to attribute that one to both the letters H and I, since after Ernie fixed the TV it stopped flashing the letter H repeatedly and changed to flash a letter I continuously?
    That one's for you, man, since you're the first to remember that sketch.

    BTW: Here a few of my favorites after going through the lists from other people.
    B: Song, "Letter B" performed by the Beetles.
    q: Song: "The Q Question Song" sung by an AM girl and Grover.
    E: Letter of the Day pageant with Guy Smiley where he sings to the letter E as their winner.
    T: The sketch where Gordon and Susan go to a grouch night club and end up dancing the Trashcan Tango, and win a letter T-shaped trophy.
    U: Tie: Song, "U Really got a Hold of Me" sung by Smoky Robinson, Happy Birthday to U with Bert and Ernie, "I Get a Kick out of U" sung by Ethel Mermaid, and "Under the Spell of U" sung by the Beetles.
    Hope this helps and have a good day.
  3. rjschex

    rjschex New Member

    I believe that one was taken out of circulation because of Ernie trying to do repair work on the TV set--a very dangerous job.
  4. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I forgot Penguin. I wish they'd show it again, or someone could tell me more.

    Lion, I presume is the one where the Lion's head comes out of a window and shouts something like, "Needle Nidel Noo, and a Sticky Stacky Stew." and goes back to bed.
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Drtooth wins the gold star.
    L Lion.
    There once was a lion named Ned.
    Who stuck his head out the window and said.
    "Needle, nighdle,o.
    Sticky, stacky, stew."
    And then he went back to bed.

    P Penguin.
    There once was a penguin named Cleo.
    Who floated on an iceberg to Rio.

    (Sorry, but I can't recall the middle verses offhand, I'll post again after watching the segment on one of the VCD's I got from Justin.)

    And she was left to swim in the sea-o.

    Hope this helps and have a good day.
  6. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I remember the penguin now, (Just not the middle... sorry Count)

    I was always confused by the lion. It was either "A Sticky Stacky Stew" Or "A Ticky Tacky, too"

    That big old lion head poping out used to creap me out.

    I wonder if Imagination Inc. or whatever (same company as Pinball Number Count) did the Limeric series as well. Looks the same.
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    You're soooo right Drtooth. The nonsense lines uttered by Ned the Lion in the limerick was "Ticky, tacky too" and not "Sticky, stacky, stew."
    Hope this helps and have a good day.
  8. Soul H

    Soul H New Member

    I remember that. It scared the bejeebies out of me.
  9. mikebennidict

    mikebennidict New Member

    i don't think anyone mention this V cartoon with the 2 men standing on the opposite sides of a big orange V 1st man said this this a V the 2nd man, a tree? 1st man no V. it's a letter of the alphabet. this was a wierd, stupid, but funny scetch. it was just theese 2 silly men talking and no words beginning with v were mentioned. iwth Bert and the national association of W lovers, the part were everyone sings the club song, it would of been so funny when Bert began to weeve from side to side it's not any trouble you know it's a W when you hear the W sound woooooh. you figure it out.now i azzzume when you say ziizy zoomers your referring to the funny looking guys who are singing zoom zoom zig zag zoom zoom zap?
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Well, if you read through the posts here in the thread you'd know that yes those are the guys. The Zizzy Zoomers are a group of furry furball-type Muppets who sang that classic Z-song "Zoom Zoom Zap"
    Please pardon me if the song's name is incorrect, I don't know it off-hand.
    And there's such a vonderful wealth of other alphabet-related sketches and songs to choose from. So what are yours?
  11. Klonoa

    Klonoa New Member

    How about the one where the V eats the vitamins and gets VIM, VIGOR, AND VITALITY!

    (gives everyone V vitamins)
  12. Splurge

    Splurge Member

    My favorite Muppet M segment, surprisingly enough is not M-M-M Monster Meal. Nor is it Herbert Birdsfoot using Grover demonstrating the "m" sound because his mouth is stuck with peanut butter. Those would qualify for 2nd/3rd place. (I'll decide that later.)

    Nay, my favorite is Herbert Birdsfoot trying to give an uppercase M lecture while the letter keeps turning into a W and vice versa. He even gets the camera to turn 180 degrees, but not even that works. I guess I like the sound effect of the screen moving as if it was a construction process.

  13. Lazy J

    Lazy J New Member

    Man I will be humming that for a week now : )
    Not too many pepole seem to rember that one, or at least they dont admit to it when , lets say you take a number at the post office and its 12, then start singing :sing: 1,2,3,4,5,
    do do doo
    do do doot DooT Twelve! :sing:
    maybe that's just me
  14. mikebennidict

    mikebennidict New Member

    i don't seem to have a favorite 1 though the national association of W lovers is 1 of the best i mean can you imagine anyone in reality creating such a club?
  15. spinwithagrin

    spinwithagrin New Member

    National assaociation of W lovers was such a hoot - I even love how towards the end of the 'oh what is the letter we love?' chant Bert starts to swing on his podium getting right into the song...:D

    But what I remember as my all time favourite was the letter J train. I remember it as this animated letter J moving around a rail yard (background was sort of a cut and pasted Gilliamesque cartoon) coupling up with the endings of words and performing the related actions - JUMP etc. The funniest scene was when the J coupled with ET and then decided to try and take off at a hundred miles an hour into the path of another train to become J...J...J...JUNK
  16. mikebennidict

    mikebennidict New Member

    rememebr this silly J segment were David was pretending to be a man named Jasper Johnson and he would dance and use his foot to point to the flooor and a capital J and lower case j would appear?
  17. Soul H

    Soul H New Member

    In aplhabetical order my favourite letter sketches are:

    A. A for apricot, alligator, acrobat, alligator, acordian, alligator, artist, art and airplane
    - You got an A on ya? (Harvey Kneeslapper)

    B. Letter B (The Beetles and you just gotta love the way the drummer makes the girls scream)
    - Kermit's B letcure with Cookie Monster turning the B into other letters.
    - The Oinker Sisters singing about the letter B
    - You know where I wanna B? (Harvey Kneeslapper)

    C. C is for Cookie
    - C Drives Me Crazy
    - You wanna C? (Harvey Kneeslapper)

    D. Be My D by Dee-Dee O'Day and the Dew Drops (definately)
    - D joke (Harvey Kneeslapper)

    E. The E song with the haunting sitar and violin music

    F. The Flea Circus
    - F Cartoon (Fred the Frankenstein standing on the masters foot since Friday)

    G. Grover and the growing G
    - The G Song (the boy and girl duet)
    - G for giggle

    H. Soul H (but you already knew that)
    - The H in the painting with the heavenly voices
    - Bert and Ernie and the H on television
    - H for hand (the Typewriter Guy)
    - H being raised to the roof
    - Planet H - Spaceship Surprise
    - Alphaquest H
    - H for hello (HELLO?!? Hello this is Henry! Did I get any calls?)
    - H song (Harvey Kneeslapper)
    - H for horse (limerick)

    I. Capital I (cartoon song)
    - Keep an I on your hat (Harvey Kneeslapper)

    J. Jughead's J poem
    - This is my J (Biff and Sully)
    - J train

    K. Karate (Pink Panther)
    - K for key (Close the house Leonard!)

    L. Rebel L

    M. Mmm Monster Meal
    - Herbert Birdsfoot talking about the letter M

    N. The Letter N by Nick Normal and the Nickmatics (naturally)

    O. That's the Letter O (Queen Latifah)
    - Would You Like To Buy An O? (Ernie and the Salesman)
    - O being raised to the roof

    P. Piper's Pickled Peppers (newsflash)

    Q. The Question song (Grover and Girl)

    R. Magician turning into anything that starts with R (cartoon)

    S. Sammy the Snake (both origional and with Carol Channing)
    - Ways of trasportation that start with S (cartoon)

    T. Typewriter and toe (cartoon)
    - T words (catroon with some guy and the voice of Square One's Mr. Glitch)

    U. Thinking of U (The Beetles and what the heck did the announcer say?)
    - U for ukulele (Ernie and Cookie Monster)
    - Take a picture of U (Harvey Kneeslapper)

    V. V for vacuum (Typewriter guy)
    - V cartoon with words like vigilantes, vegetables, villian, vanish and vikings

    W. The National Association of W Lovers (Bert and Ernie)

    X. X Marks the Spot (Sherlock Hemlock the world's most defective detective)
    - X marks the spot (Harvey Kneeslapper yet again)

    Y. Y for yak (limerick)

    Z. ZZ Blues (Over the Top)
    - The Zany Zesty Zippy Zingy Zig Zag Dance (Anything Muppets)
    - The Zizzy Zoomers

    That puts an end to my list of favourite letter sketches.
  18. Soul H

    Soul H New Member

    Okay BlueAM here at long last is the description of Nelson and Jeanette

    Nelson is a muppet that looks like Guy Smiley only he has a mustache, half open eyes, brown hair and wearing a Royal Canadian Mountain Police outfit.

    as for Jeanette she is a green muppet with a pink nose, curly black hair and wearing a dress with a blue hood and cape.

    I hope this makes you day.

  19. fatblue

    fatblue New Member

    How can Ol' Smokey scare anyone? :confused: Seriously, I'm curious as to how it scared U, er you. LOL!!
  20. Kimp the Shrimp

    Kimp the Shrimp Active Member

    i always liked the secret agent guy who sold letters to people like erine

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