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What's your favorite letter segment?

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by The Count, Sep 15, 2002.

  1. Xerus

    Xerus Well-Known Member

    I was thinking about that old cartoon the other day. All I remember from it was the teeth chomping up Texas, then the word teeth. When I was little, I was afraid that all of the people of Texas got eaten by that huge set of teeth. :eek:
  2. mikebennidict

    mikebennidict Well-Known Member

    too bad I missed those.
  3. Ziffel

    Ziffel Well-Known Member

    And that reminds me of a TEC segment with a huge pair of teeth they called, "The teeth!" There was a line that went something like, "The teeth just ate half of New York and New Jersey." I too was afraid that people in these states had been eaten and, since I lived in a nearby state (Maryland back then), was afraid "The teeth" could make its way over!

    (I guess TEC got me to bite on that one!)
  4. Ziffel

    Ziffel Well-Known Member

    Here's a few r segments:

    (1) Three animated guys saying, "run run run" repeatedly as they, of course, ran. But I think they were carrying something (maybe a ladder) but can't recall what.

    (2) The animated lady saying "r" when the r was above her head. Then it formed itself into a ribbon and she said, "ribbon". This repeated. Then the r, still shapped like a ribbon, went snugly around her neck and she went, "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr". Then it let go and laughed. And she said, "r".

    (3) Don't remember the entirety of this animated sketch, but it had an elderly man and a dog. The man says, "Today we're going to talk about the letter r." Then he tells a little story while listing words that start with r, like robber, rain, and rowboat. The final line of the story goes, "Which causes the robber to go down the drain" (and the robber does just that). Then the old man says, "Very well. What letter did we learn about today?" The dog says, "Rrrrrrrrr". Then the old guy says, "Good heavens. A talking dog!"
  5. SesameMike

    SesameMike Well-Known Member

    Another R segment

    In another R segment, a man introduced us to the letter, then said
    "Let's say R together". He said "Rrrrrrrr" in a remarkably similar manner to the dog mentioned in the last post.

    I think this is the same segment, but the man showed us an R word: a radio on a table. He turned the radio on and some beautiful instrumental music was playing. The man said that it was a nice tune, and started singing "My ship has sailed..." at which point a hand reached out of the radio receiver and "shut the man off" by grabbing his nose and producing a clicking sound like that of a radio knob.

    I finally heard the "My ship has sailed..." song in a movie a few years ago; I think it was titled "What the Deaf Man Heard". I instantly thought of the R sketch which I hadn't thought of in years.
  6. SesameMike

    SesameMike Well-Known Member

    a J segment

    Does anyone remember a segment with two men, where one of them is missing a letter J? It went something like this:

    MAN 1: I misplaced my J.
    MAN 2: Maybe you left it in your car
    M1: I doubt it
    M2: I do that sometimes
    M1: I don't HAVE a car
    M2: Did you look under your hat
    M1: (who is wearing a really tall top hat, removes it to find a letter underneath) And this is the letter J.

    Funny thing is, I forgot how the rest of the sketch went. Anyone?
  7. Soul H

    Soul H Well-Known Member

    This is how it goes. a short man with a big hat is looking around then he approaches the tall man.

    Tall Man - How are you?
    Short Man - Not to well I seem to have misplaces my J.
    Tall Man - Maybe you left it in the car.
    Short Man - I doubt that.
    Tall Man - I do that sometimes.
    Short Man - I don't have a car.
    Tall Man - Misplaced your J you say?
    Short man - I did say that yes.
    Tall man - Did you look under your hat?

    (Then the short man takes off his hat showing a big red J on his head.)

    Short man - Oh of course, how silly of me. This is the letter J.
    Tall man - I have whose name starts with that, his name is Jim.
    Short man - Very good the name Jim starts with the letter J.
    Tall man - Fascinating.
    Short man -Do you know anyone else who starts with J?
    Tall man - No, Jim is the only guy i know. I live in a garage and i don't get much of a chance to meet people.
    Short man - Well no matter, John starts with J.
    Tall man - I'd like to meet him sometime.
    Short Man - So does Joe and Jack and Jerry...
    Tall man - That's very interesting.
    Short Man - There are lots more. There's Jasper, Jerome, Janine, Josephine, Joan, Jenny...
    Tall man - Hold on a moment there.
    Short man - Yes?
    Tall man - Do only names start with the letter J?
    Short man - Oh no. Lots of regular words too. There;s jump, jerk, jab, jail, jazz, join, jet, junk...

    (As he continues saying words that start with J, the Tall Man takes the short man's hat and shoves it on his head to stop him and walks off.)

    Tall man - Well keep them under you hat.

    (The short man pulls his hat up to uncover his head.)

    Short man - There goes a wonderful person.

    (The End) Hope this helps.

  8. Ziffel

    Ziffel Well-Known Member

    Excellent job with that segment, Soul H. I had forgotten that funny exchange:
    "Maybe you left it in your car."
    "I doubt that."
    "I do that sometimes."
    "I don't HAVE a car."

    I love jokes like that. Like the one where the lady asks her doctor, "When I get out of the hospital, do you think I'll be able to play the piano."
    "Oh, absolutely."
    "Wow, that's great. Because I never played it before!"

    I made up some of these type of jokes throughout the years (just on the spur of the moment). Three that I recall are:

    (1) When I took piano lessons as a child for a couple years, one time I said to the paino teacher, "I can't play good." He said, "Who said you can't play good?" I said, "My mom did." He said, "When did she ever tell you that?" I said, "Well, she didn't. But what does she know about piano."

    (2) I rented a house for a while in my mid-20's. When a friend of mine came over to see it I said, "Oh you still haven't seen the basement yet." He said, "There's a basement?" I said, "No, but you haven't seen it."

    (3) I worked with a Christine one time and then one day another Christine was hired in another department. I told the Christine I knew that there was now another Christine employed here. She asked, "Which one of us is the prettier Christine?" I said, "She is." She said, "Oh thanks a lot." I said, "Don't worry, because even though she is the prettier one, she still isn't anything to write home about." (Hehheh, I know that sounds cruel but I quickly told her I was just kidding and she laughed.)

    Okay thanks for indulging me with those. :)

    Back to the letter segments, I also liked the opening music to that j sketch (as the little man was looking all around).

    There's yet another animated r segment I thought of, too:

    Remember the witch and the boy? The witch would say, "Tell me anything beginning with r." And the boy would name r items like rabbit and rip. And the witch would make them appear, or do the action if they were verb words, etc. Then when the boy says, "Rain" the witch says, "Hmmm. Better get under this umbrella, kid. " The boy says, "Okay I'm ready. Rain." Then the witch causes the rain to fall from under the umbrella and onto the boy. She then laughs and says, "You're wet."
  9. Soul H

    Soul H Well-Known Member

    That R sketch was funny. By the way it was a wizard not a witch.

  10. Ziffel

    Ziffel Well-Known Member

    I just thought about the animated sketch with the little girl Martha. I see it has been mentioned by title in a few threads but haven't found one where someone detailed it. I also saw someone say it was included in the SS unpaved book, which I do not own. Here's my best memory of the segment:

    Little Martha is charging around the screen energetically going, "M m m m m m m m m m m m Martha." An unseen voice of a man says, "Martha?" She says, "M". He says, "How do you make an m, Martha?" Then as she makes it he says, "Ahhh! A straight line up, another down, another up, and another down. And look! A little m too. Martha knows that m is for marching, m is for music (music plays). M is for mad. M is for milk. Meow! And man. Oh, what's that?" He then realizes the sound, laughs, and says, "Munching!" Then he says, "M is for moustache, and mud. M is for (manhole?). But most of all, M is for Martha, marvelous Martha." Then Martha closes things with, "M m m m m, Me!"

    Any corrections or additions that people may have, please reply. Thank you. :)
  11. Ziffel

    Ziffel Well-Known Member

    Not sure if this one has ever been brought up. There was an animated one with a man and a gorilla. The gorilla was mentioning a lot of words that begin with the letter g ( I think he was writing them down as he said them, and perhaps on a chalkboard). Girl and gum were two of the words he thought of. After gum, he says, "And um um..." Then the man says, "Gorilla." The gorilla is scared and jumps into his arms saying, "Where?!" The guy frowns and says, "Right here. You're a gorilla." The gorilla says, "I am?" and starts to leave. The man asks, "Where are you going?" I think the reply of the gorilla, which was also the close of the sketch, was, "If I'm a gorilla I'd better go to the jungle and eat bananas."
  12. Ziffel

    Ziffel Well-Known Member

    There were some catchy d segments. A popular one I've seen people mention a lot as their favorite is the "d d d d Daddy dear oh Daddy sweet..."
    Also with the Cookie Monster and Ernie song "d dd ddddd don't throw dishes down on the floor. do a dance. dig some dirt. and dunk a donut for dessert..." The Cookie Monster was trying frantically to keep up with Ernie by acting it all out and at the end falls from exhaustion. And then I mentioned one before where the narrator describes all the different d words like occupations (detective, ditch digger, doctor, daddy, etc.).
    Two more d ones I don't think have been referred to are:

    (1) A little cartoon man is holding a dart and flying through the air with it. He says, "D. dart." I think the dart ends up hitting a target or something and the guy, in a little bit of a flustered voice says, "Deeeee!"

    (2) Another cartoon with two guys going up an elevator and on each floor there are different d things (like ducks and drums). When they get to the top they get off the elevator and a guy says, "Well here we are." Then the other guy says, "Say there's one word you forgot about that starts with d." Then in a troubled voice he says, "Down!" as the two are stuck on top. I think it might have been a big letter D they were stuck on top of, although it may have been a building. Does anyone recall this one?
  13. mikebennidict

    mikebennidict Well-Known Member

    yeah I recall them all. the last 2 where pretty interesting.
  14. jisforjump

    jisforjump Active Member

    I remember those, too. Would not get away with the dart one now adays.
  15. mikebennidict

    mikebennidict Well-Known Member

    what was wrong with the one with the dart?
  16. superfan

    superfan Well-Known Member

    Ziffel, was the guy with the dart collecting "D" items as he went along?
  17. Ziffel

    Ziffel Well-Known Member

    I don't think so, I think he was just holding on to the dart but I can't recall too much else of what happened other than what I mentioned. I can't remember if he hit a dartboard at the end or if it was a big letter D.
    And I'm not sure either why j is for jump thinks the dart one would not be acceptable today. It seemed liked nothing bad really happens. Maybe he means the idea of a dart and little kids not supposed to be playing with darts. But this was an adult in the cartoon.
    I can recall the rather odd music in this one. Funny how the audio of the old skits tends to stick in my mind more vividly than the video sometimes.
  18. SesameMike

    SesameMike Well-Known Member

    I seem to recall the guy was holding on to the dart as it flew through the air. As a jazz riff played in the background, they passed several D's and some other objects (I thought they were just wooden beams, but someone said they were actualy dart boards). A couple of D's also flashed in tuned with the music.
    At the end, the dart hit the bullseye on a dart board and sort of exploded -- all this with the man still holding it.

    I also remember the "D Building", which purported to have everything in the world that begins with D. Two men were riding up on a steel beam acting as an elevator. Among the levels, they passed the dog floor ("Listen to them bark!"), the diamond floor ("Aren't they beautiful"), and "Now hold your ears, because this is the drum floor", which was a room full of snare drums playing -- with nobody playing them, the sticks were self-powered. I think there were two dinosaurs on the second to the top floor.
  19. superfan

    superfan Well-Known Member

    Okey doke. Just curious. I guess it would kinda make sense that he'd strike the dartboard at the end though.
  20. mikebennidict

    mikebennidict Well-Known Member

    actually they were riding on a d. it was supposed to be a lower case d but it looked like an upside down capital P and while both of those letter look like a lowercase d when they're upside down this d didn't have that small line at the bottom of it.

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