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What's your favorite tear jerking episode?

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Mokey Fraggle, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. Mokey Fraggle

    Mokey Fraggle New Member

    There are so many emotional episodes of Fraggle Rock and, in my opinion, these are the best ones. Which ones made you tear up? Was there ever an episode that made you plain out bawl like I did when I watched "Change of Address" and "Gone But Not Forgotten"?
  2. Frogster

    Frogster Active Member

    I don't know, but I think a very powerful episode that really shined through was "The Great Radish Famine." It says that no matter what our differences are in the world, we still need each other. This episode may not be able to put the war we're in at rest, but it would whisper something...
    But if we're going with tear-jerking, I'd have to agree with you on Change Of Adress; I haven't seen it, but I've heard the story of it so many times. I also thought "Marooned" was one of the saddest episodes. You really get to the heart of Boober and Red in that one.
  3. Jonathan

    Jonathan New Member

    i Cry EVRY time i hear the song That Boober and Red sing in the cave on the episode Marroned. ! :cry: :excited: :smirk:
  4. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Active Member

    "A Tune for Two" is the most tear-jerking one I can think of. A great story, with a great ending.
  5. Mokey Fraggle

    Mokey Fraggle New Member

    I've never seen "A Tune For Two". Boober Gorg, do you think you could give another killer summary?
  6. Frogster

    Frogster Active Member

    We Are the Children of Tomorrow" is on this episode, and I believe Wembley was holding Cotterpin when they sang; am I right? Also, I think Red and Gobo complained about Wembley having her as a partner. It was a great episode, and you can also catch that famous song on The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson; they only show a small clip.
  7. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Active Member

    Doc is trying to revive a house plant (which he named "Lucinda") by telling it his life story.

    Meanwhile, in Fraggle Rock, it's almost time for the Duet-a-Thon, and everyone has a partner except Wembley, who insists that Gobo perform with Uncle Matt instead. Cotterpin Doozer notices Wembley sobbing, and inspires him to keep trying to find a partner. Unfortunately, Boober decides to go with his girlfriend Tosh, ironically after telling Wembley he hates the Duet-a-Thon ("Let's just say I ... I can't resist a culinary reference.") Wembley wanders off and sings a lonely song, passing along the practicing duos as they sing and hug him (!). Cotterpin notices him again and feels bad for him. They talk with each other, and ultimately decide to perform with each other in the Duet-a-Thon. At first they have some trouble coming up with an idea for a song, until they decide to do one about "friendship stuff."

    When Wembley tries to sign up for it, Gillis (the "Don Music" Fraggle) declines Cotterpin's admission to sing with Wembley, which upsets him. He breaks the bad news to Cotterpin as her Doozer friends are saying very mean things about Fraggles. He tries to convince her that Fraggles don't hate anyone, but she has a hard time believing it. Finally, at the Duet-a-Thon, Wembley makes a speech: he says that this event is supposed to be fun, but leaving someone out of it makes it a lot less fun. He says he won't sing if Cotterpin can't, and the other Fraggles start agreeing with him ("We won't sing! We won't sing!"). This devastates Gillis, who laments that the Duet-a-Thon will now have to be called off, until Wembley suggests that he let Cotterpin in. This time he thinks it's a great idea (sheesh).

    Wembley and Cotterpin, both dressed in banana tree shirts, sing "We Are the Children of Tomorrow", later joined by the others, a la "We Are the World". Sprocket overhears the song, and so does Junior Gorg (who uses his rake as a guitar and mimics). Doc notices that "Lucinda" has grown extremely tall - all because of the song that Sprocket overheard and started singing along with! Says Doc, "There's something magical about music. There really is."
  8. Frogster

    Frogster Active Member

    Great Summary,Boober! I remember Junior doing that thing with the rake. You should be the official Fraggle Rock Summary Writer! You're great at it. Was Wembley sobbing on top of a boulder at one point, by any chance?
  9. AbsorbedByPsych

    AbsorbedByPsych New Member

    Do you think you could do a summary of "Gone but not forgotten" Boober? I'd love to wax intellectual about all of the episodes but I was really little when they were on TV. :(
  10. Star matt

    Star matt New Member

    Mine is Change of Address. This is the only episode I cried. I have no idea if it was for happiness (Gobo never leaving Doc), or sadness (That the show was over). I just know seeing all the characters in the closing theme made me cry. It is a great ending to a great show.
  11. AmazingMumford

    AmazingMumford New Member

    I thought the River of Life was a very sad episode. I remember thinking the Fraggles were gonna die in that one.
  12. Mokey Fraggle

    Mokey Fraggle New Member

    "The River of Life" is my favorite Fraggle Rock episode ever! I agree that it's very sad. I always tear up at the end when Sprocket pushes the postcards back through the hole and Doc watches with a smile. This whole episode is really beautiful.
  13. AmazingMumford

    AmazingMumford New Member

    I think that last Season of Fraggle Rock had a lot of touching episodes like Sporocket's Big Adventure, The River of Life, Junior Faces the Music, Change of Address, The Honk of Honks, The Gorg Who would be King, Wonder Mountain, Gone But not Forgotten, A Tune for Two, Wembley's Flight, The Perfect Blue Rollie. I think they had it planned to have more serious stories in the final season.
  14. Mokey Fraggle

    Mokey Fraggle New Member

    I agree! Fraggle Rock was at its finest during the last season. Not that the other seasons didn't include amazing episodes ("The Lost Treasure of the Fraggles" is one of the most touching episodes ever). The last episodes of Fraggle Rock seem so sad now because we know that these are the last episodes.... that's why I bawl every time I watch "Change of Address"!
  15. Foodie

    Foodie Active Member

    " Change Of Address " gets me everytime. Same with " Gone But Not Forgotten ". :smirk:
  16. getup

    getup New Member

    hey all...i'd have to agree that change of address and gone but not forgotten had their really sad and touching moments...especially gone but not forgotten. but i feel it everytime i listen to Goodbye Goodbye. that song and moment was just sooo memorable. also in Fraggle War when mokey sings in her cage.
  17. muppetofatime

    muppetofatime New Member

    can someone give a summary of change of adress?
  18. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Active Member

  19. muppetofatime

    muppetofatime New Member

    thnx a million. i've been trying to see all the episodes. i bought the first dvd. since i was born around3 years after the show ended, i never got to watch them in order. then like tnt or some other channel like that had them on and i watched it there, but quickly forgot or felt like sleeping in. my fraggle collection will be completed though! :excited:

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