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What's Your Non Muppet Figure Wishlist?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MuppetSpot, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    Here's my non Muppet figure wishlist

    Series One:
    Ed (w/gravy, butter toast, evil Tim, sponge, baron o’ beef dip, and poster)
    Edd (w/ Jim, sticky notes, duster, magnify glass, and skull)
    Eddy (w/ scam book, scam jar, magazine, and record)
    Nazz (w/ soda, magazine, video, and shades)

    Playset: Ed’s Room with Sarah (w/ voodoo mask, toy models, posters, TV, sponges, tub, chickens, comics, camera, tapes, chair, & pineapple)

    Ed in Pajamas (w/ pizza, sandwich, and chunk puffs)
    Labcoat Edd (w/ beakers and note book)
    Leather Jack Eddy (w/ shades and soda can)

    Series Two:
    Marie Kanker (w/ soda. Magazine, and framed picture of Edd)
    Lee Kanker (w/ ship in a bottle, comb, and framed pictutre of Eddy)
    May Kanker (w/ hot dog, Ed doll, and framed picture of Ed)
    Johnny (w/ plank, acorn, and book)

    Playset: Scam Booth with Jimmy (w/ rubber duck, jar, brief case, sign, sandwich, pitcher of water, telephone, menu, and a bat)

    Kanker sisters in sleep attire (w/ bed)

    Wave 1:
    Mac (w/ slingshot, comic book, removable clothes, and video game)
    Bloo (w/ paddle ball, TV, remote, juice box, and elephant toy)
    Frankie (w/ bust, clipboard, megaphone, and broom)
    Berry (w/ Mac doll, Bloo doll, and knife)

    Series 2
    Coco (egg and nest)
    Cheese & Louise (trash can, milk, and cereal)
    Eduardo (potato, bunny doll, & book)
    Wilt (basket ball, basket ball hoop, and dust)
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  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Rocky and Bullwinkle

    Series 1:
    • Rocky with pool of water.
    • Bullwinkle with pile of box tops, banana, mattress of money, and Ruby Yact.
    • Boris Badenov with hat, gas gun, and bomb.
    • Natasha Fatale with cigarette holder, switch blade nail file, and sticks of dynamite.
    • Repaint Variant: Natasha Fatale in red dress.
    • Exclusive: Bullwinle in tuxedo with lion head in top hat (maybe there could also be multi-colored variants with lion, bear, and/ or rhino heads in top hat).
    Series 2:
    • Wossomatta U. Bullwinkle with football and college books.
    • Fearless Leader with gun, communication radio with microphone, and table.
    • Captain Peachfuzz with hat, helm, and newspaper.
    • Gidney and Cloyd with guns and Kurwood Derby.
    • Exclusive Wossomatta U three-pack: Coach Fearless Leader, football player Boris, and "women in distress" Natasha.
    Series 3:
    • Dudley Do-Right with hat, gun, and horse.
    • Snidely Whiplash with hat, bomb, and Homer.
    • Neil Fenwick with ropes and partial railroad tracks.
    • Inspector Fenwick with hat and desk.
    • Exclusive two-pack: Villain Dudley and Mountee Snidely.
    Series 4:
    • Mr. Peabody with books and chair.
    • Sherman with Wabac Machine.
    • Aesop with moral scroll.
    • Aesop Jr. with moral scroll and jack hammer.
    • Exclusive: Rodent King Boris and Metal Munching Mouse.

    I'd have liked to have listed Mr. Big with shadow and bars of upsedasium, but there's no more room for that.
  3. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Team Fortress toys that I can actually afford!

    I like it for the meme, and mostly for Heavy. 30 bucks for something like that? No!

    Also disappointed that I can't find any Toriko stuff. I wouldn't expect to here, but no one imports anything (if there is anything) from Japan.
  4. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Darkwing Duck

    Series 1:
    • Darkwing Duck with hat, cape, gas gun, and newspaper with headline "Darkwing Duck Saves The Day".
    • Launchpad McQuack with hat, scarf, and gun.
    • Negaduck with hat, cape, guns, chainsaw, and bomb.
    • Quackerjack with Mr. Banana Brain and false teeth.

    Series 2:
    • Gosylin with "Darkwing Duck Fan Club" shirts and buttons and video game console.
    • Honker Muddlefoot with glasses, stack of books, and hat-shaped aliens.
    • Megavolt with helmet, battery pack, and gun.
    • Liquidator with bottled water and bucket.

    Series 3:
    • Drake Mallard with chair and framed photo of Darkwing Duck.
    • Morgana with bugs, magic potion, and magic spell book.
    • Steelbeak with guns, bags of money, and television screen with FOWL high command silhouettes.
    • Gizmoduck (can't think of any accessories for him).

    Series 4:
    • Herb Muddlefoot with grill and spatula (or maybe Quackerware... did they show what Quackerware is?).
    • Binkie Muddlefoot with tray of cookies, rolling pin,and vacuum.
    • Bushroot with his pet plant (can't remember name, though the character might be too big to fit in a package with Bushroot).
    • Tuskernini with penguins, hat, megaphone, and clap board.


    Series 1:
    • Taz with Bushrats
    • Hugh
    • Digeri Dingo
    • Platypus Bros.

    Series 2:
    • Molly with kitty
    • Bushwacker Bob
    • Mum
    • Buddy Boar with Kiwi

      Series 3:
      • Jean
      • Bull Gator
      • Axyl
      • Jake with Dog the Turtle

      Series 4:
      • Mr. Thickley
      • Constance
      • Wendell T. Wolf
      • Francis X. Bushlad

      Couldn't think of many accessories to go with the Taz-Mania characters. But my list covers everybody in the opening.

      Though maybe it'd be better to have multi-packs of the Taz-Mania characters, maybe in themed sets:
      Set 1: Tasmanian Devil Family - Taz, Hugh, Jean, Jake with Dog, and Molly.
      Set 2: Hotel Tasmania - Bellhop Taz, Bushwacker Bob, Mum, Constance, and Mr. Thickley.
      Set 3: Taz and Friends - some Taz variant, Platypus brothers, Buddy Boar, and Digeri Dingo.
      Set 4: Taz in the Wild - another Taz variant, Bull Gator, Axyl, Wendell T. Wolf, and Francis X. Bushlad.
  5. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member


    Series 1:
    • Doug Funnie with Porkchop and journal
    • Patti Mayonaise with Beet Ball and Beet Ball Rack
    • Mr. Dink with some "very expensive" gadgets
    • Mrs. Dink
    Series 2
    • Skeeter Valentine with Dale and "Beets" album
    • Roger Klotz with Stinky
    • Mr. Bones with desk and yodeling trophy
    • Willy White
    Series 3:
    • Quailman with Quaildog
    • Judy Funnie with hat and sunglasses
    • Mayor White with removable toupee, podeum, and "Vote for me" banner
    • Bebe Bluff
    Series 4:
    • Smash Adams
    • Chalki Studebaker with trophies
    • Connie
    • Al and Moo
    If there was an actual Doug collection of figures, wouldn't it be funny if, after the line ended, the Mr. Dink toy was the most "very expensive" online?

    Hey Arnold

    Series 1
    • Arnold with hat, Abner, and baseball bat
    • Gerald with bottle of Yoo-Hoo and skateboard
    • Helga with little pink book (and maybe her gum sculpture of Arnold)
    • Grandpa
    Series 2
    • Pajama Arnold with small table and Arnold alarm clock
    • Grandma
    • Phoebe with school books
    • Harold
    Series 3
    • Karate Arnold
    • Sid
    • Stinky
    • Mr. Green with meats
    Peanuts (each figure should come with a piece of the wall)

    Series 1
    • Charlie Brown with baseball cap, glove, and pitchers mound
    • Snoopy with baseball cap, food dish, and Woodstock
    • Lucy with baseball cap, Psychiatric Booth, and football
    • Linus with blanket, baseball cap, baseball, and baseball bat
    Series 2
    • Peppermint Patty with baseball glove and school desk
    • Marcie with desk and stack of books
    • Schroeder with piano
    • Sally with beanbag chair
    Series 3
    • World War I Flying Ace Snooper with dog house
    • Pigpen with baseball glove and bases
    • Umpire Schroeder with removable mask and hat
    • Franklin
  6. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    Billy and Many

    Series 1
    Grim (w/ hourglass, scythe, and trunk)
    Billy (w/ milkshakes, yo yo, and sassy cat doll)
    Mandy (w/ knife, Billy doll, and Saliva)
    Fred fredbuger (w/ nachos, ice cream, and gravel)
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  7. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Super Mario Bros.

    Series 1:
    • Mario with hat, mushroom, and pipe.
    • Luigi with hat, poison musroom, and Koopa Troopa
    • Bowser with drawl bridge and ax.
    • Bowser Jr. with Dry Bones and Thwomp.

    Series 2:
    • Toad with Goomba, 1-up musroom, and mini-mushroom
    • Peach with crown and floating bricks/coin blocks (and transparent stand)
    • Lakitu with Spiney and Spiney eggs
    • The Big Boo with three Boos

    Series 3:
    • Fire Mario with hat, fire flower (on a floating coin block), and Fire Chomp
    • Fire Luigi with hat, fire flower, and fire parana plant
    • Mouser with red bombs and Bob-omb
    • Boom-Boom with removable wings and Hot Foot

    Series 4:
    • Yoshi with removable wings, blue shell, and Yoshi egg
    • Racoon Mario with leaf, Para Goomba, and Micro-Goombas
    • Lemmy Koopa with wand and Nipper Plants
    • Iggy Koopa with wand and Munchers (is Iggy the one who balanced on a ball? If so, I'd like that ball as an accessory in place of the Munchers)

    You know, it might be better if there was a line of Mario figures with each series based on a different game. Yes, I'll make an improved list later.
  8. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Okay, a better Mario line-up: Series based on each game, with multi-character boxed sets and mini-playsets: Cardboard backdrops representing certain levels, floating bricks, ? blocks (or already-hit ones), and coins that can easily be placed onto the backdrops, and a plastic ground/platform, plus a few small characters (PVCs would be more likely, but I'd prefer they have limited articulation). I'd say three sets per series.

    Series 1: Super Mario Bros.

    The figures in this line would be made in the classic 8-bit style of the games (would a Mario toy look right painted/sculpted like the 8-bit version if it wasn't a "flat" toy?).

    Set 1: A set resembling the average daytime level, with small Mario and Luigi, Goomba, and Parana Plant (in pipe), plus 1-up mushroom, a few floating bricks and blocks, coins, and a plant-free pipe.

    Set 2: A set resembling the various tree levels, with the bigger versions of Mario and Luigi, Latiku, Spinies, and flying Koopa Troopas. Accessories include a few floating blocks/bricks and mushrooms.

    Set 3: A dungeon set, with fire Mario and Luigi, Bowser, Hammer Brother, and Buzzy Beetle. Accessories include block and fire flower, and hammers.

    I would have liked to have included a few more sets, like a set resembling the end of most levels (with a castle, flagpole, large stairway, and maybe a pipe going down), the various nighttime levels, and an underwater level. Maybe if there were less characters per set (I guess they wouldn't need some form of both Mario and Luigi in each set, and even with only a few characters left, I guess fans wouldn't mind having multiple Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Spinies, and so on).

    Series 2: Super Mario Bros. 2

    Set 1: Desert world with Mario, Triclyde, Cobrat, Fryguy, and Pokey. Accesories include magic potion, mushroom, and "POW" block.
    Set 2: Snow world, with Luigi, Wart, Shy Guy, Snifit, and one of those snow characters (can't remember what they are called). Accessories include vase and vegetables.
    Set 3: Birdos battle stage, with Toad, Peach, Birdo, that hawk face, and one of those brown bird things (I think they're called Tweeters). Accessories include eggs, fireballs, and red bombs.

    Series 3: Super Mario Bros. 3
    Set 1: Underwater world, with Frog Mario and Frog Luigi, Blooper, Cheep Cheep, and Boss Bass. Accessories include a star.
    Set 2: Sky world, with Racoon Mario and Luigi, Para Goomba, Fire Chomp, and Angry Sun. Accessories include a leaf.
    Set 3: Pipe Maze with Hammer Bros. Mario and Luigi, Venus Fire Plant, Munchers, and Boomerang Bros. Accessories include hammers and boomerang.

    Series 4: Super Mario World
    Set 1: A level like the second level, with Caped Mario, Torpedo Ted, Iggy Koopa, and Lemmy Koopa. Accessories include feather, key, and football.
    Set 2: Haunted house, with Caped Luigi, Boos, Big Boo, Roy Koopa, and Morton Koopa.
    Set 3: Underground, with Yoshi, various underwater characters, and Wendy O. Koopa.

    Wow, I might need to do another Super Mario Bros. 3 collection... There could be 8 series, each representing a different world, with different variations of Mario and Luigi (small, big, racoon, frog, tanooki, Kuribos Shoe, hammer suit, and invincible form).
  9. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I was at Toys R Us today, and it seems there are Mario playsets like the ones in my previous wishlists, only they don't seem to be inspired by any speciffic games. In some ways they are bigger than what I had in mind, and in other ways they are smaller than what I had in mind (no backdrops, for example, and less characters).
  10. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    Ed n fosters series 3 crossover
    Rolf (w/ rabbit, eggplant, and sausage)
    Kevin (w/ bat, hat,and bike)
    Goo (w/ headset, chair, and microphone)
    Sugar demon Mac (w/ candy and pumpkin bag)
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  11. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I wish American Dad got something besides the now impossible to find bendies set.

    Also wish that there was something besides the Happy Meal toys for Peabody and Sherman. Nice that there are Funko Pops and all, but when Bullwinkle had a movie, they had all these bendy sets. Maybe because that film didn't do so well?

    And of course, I wanna freakin' Discord! He's, like, the only reason I care about that show and even bothered watching it. Yeah, a GOOD Spike and a Cheese Sandwich too. I know that Flim and Flam are in blind bags.
  12. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    A new updated EEnE figure list

    Series One:
    Ed (w/gravy, butter toast, evil Tim, sponge, baron o’ beef dip, and poster)
    Edd (w/ Jim, sticky notes, duster, magnify glass, and skull)
    Eddy (w/ scam book, scam jar, magazine, and record)
    Nazz (w/ removable pants, soda, magazine, video, and shades)

    Playset: Ed’s Room w/ Sarah: desk, voodoo mask, toy models, TV, sponges, tub, comics, camera, tapes, chair, & pineapple

    Viking Ed (w/ jawbreakers, gravystones, jack o lantern, and spatula)
    Labcoat Edd (w/ table, file cabinet, beakers, Bunsen burner, and note book)
    Leather Jack Eddy (w/ shades, hot dog, record, and soda can)

    Series Two:
    May Kanker (w/ hot dog, Ed doll, and framed picture of Ed)
    Marie Kanker (w/ soda, magazine, and framed picture of Edd)
    Lee Kanker (w/ ship in a bottle, comb, and framed picture of Eddy)
    Johnny (w/ plank, manhole cover, acorn, and book)

    Playset: Scam Booth w/ Jimmy: box of junk, rubber duck, brief case, sign, sandwich, pitcher of water, telephone, menu, and a bat

    Kanker sisters in sleep attire (w/ bed)
    Urban Ranger Johnny (w/ manual, easy chair, and plank)
    Battle Damage Jimmy (w/ first aid kit, gurney, and teddy bear)

    Series 3
    Vacation Ed (w/ suitcase, rubber duck, beach ball, and glue)
    Vacation Edd (w/ suitcase, first aid kit, sun screen, and towel)
    Vacation Eddy (w/ suitcase, piles of clothes, flippers, and snorkel)
    Rolf (w/ boomerang, rabbit, pitch fork, victor the goat, egg plant, and pig)

    Tuxedo Ed (w/ top hat, tropical drink, and gravy)
    Tuxedo Edd (w/ top hat, tropical drink, and skull)
    Tuxedo Eddy (w/ top hat, tropical drink, and magazine)

    Series 4
    Pajama Ed (w/ bed, pizza, sticky tape, sandwich, and chunk puffs)
    Pajama Edd (w/ bed, book, loofah, robe, scrub brush, and shower cap)
    Pajama Eddy (w/ bed, fuzzy dices, radio, disco ball, & candle stick)
    Kevin (w/ hat, baseball, baseball bat, helmet, bike, skateboard, and screwdriver)
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  13. Eyeball

    Eyeball Well-Known Member

    Back to the future

    Series 1

    Marty mcfly: with skateboard and tape deck
    1955 george Mcfly: with his story book notes, coke bottle and binoculars
    1955 Biff: with greys sports almanac and swappable 'bloody' head
    1985 Doc Brown: with plutonium case, revolver and einstien
    Vehicle set: Delorean with accessories to change it's appearance to that in any of the films along with a Libyan terrorist figure

    Series 2
    1955 Lorraine baines: with liquor bottle and school books
    Marty mcfly as 'darth vader' : with headphones and removable radiation suit helmet
    Skinhead : with 50's jukebox and assorted accessories
    Gerald Strickland : with shotgun, news paper and removable bulletproof vest
    Vehicle set: biffs car with Match figure

    Series 3
    1955 doc brown : with electrical cables and bike.
    Clara Clayton : with broken wagon pieces and telescope
    3-D: with removable glasses and some basic accesories
    Mad dog tannen: with guns and hanging rope
    Vehicle set: train front with old west doc and Marty as 'Clint Eastwood' figures

    Series 4
    1985(A) biff tannen : with business card, guns and his safe
    Prom george mcfly: with swappable hands and head and prom accessories
    Jennifer Parker: with school books and note with phone number on it
    1955 Lou : with cafe table top and coffee cups
    Vehicle set: docs car with prom Lorraine figure

    Series 5
    Inconspicuous 1955 Marty: with removable hat and glasses with walkie talkie
    Griff tannen: with extendable legs, hover board and baseball bat accessories
    1955 Goldie Wilson: with broom, remove able hat and cafe podium
    2015 Marty : with your fired note and electric guitar
    Vehicle set: griff car with Martin mcfly or Marty in 2015 clothing.

    twin/loan pines mall with changeable signs
    Biffs hotel and casino
    1955 hill valley
    1985 hill valley
    2015 hill valley
  14. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    I would love it if Rick and Morty got a line of action figures.

    I've also been watching quite a bit of Daria, since I found, at Wal-mart, the complete series for a VERY good price of 20 bucks. I've thought about if they got action figures. Actually, I'm wanting to make my own custom Daria figures, I'm currently looking into ways of going about it.
  15. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    You know, maybe I'm alone on this as well, but I actually would LOVE it, if the California Raisins figures, mainly the ones seen in the specials "Meet the Raisins" and "Raisins: Sold Out". Here is someone's awesome customs.[​IMG]
  16. mimitchi33

    mimitchi33 Well-Known Member

    Magic Adventures of Mumfie:
    • Mumfie, Pinkey and Pinkey's mother figurine set
    • Scarecrow plush
    • Pinkey plush
    HappinessCharge Pretty Cure!
    • Cure Lovely (Cutie Figure, series 1)
    • Cure Honey (Cutie Figure, series 1)
    • Anmitsu Komachi (Cutie Figure, series 2)
    • Lollipop Hip-Hop (Mascot, series 2)
    • PreCoorde Doll DX: Cure Fortune
  17. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    Thought of some more figures I would totally buy up if they made them and that is Bob's Burgers. Here's ideas, not listing them in any series orders though...

    Bob Belcher with removable apron, spatula, and a plate with a burger on it,
    Linda Belcher with porcelain baby figurines and framed photo of the family
    Tina Belcher with toy horse and notebook (for her erotic fiction stories)
    Gene Belcher with keyboard, mic, and megaphone
    Louise Belcher with that green doll of hers (can't remember what it's called), chalkboard, chalk and a plate of a burger with a lollipop sticking out on top
    Teddy with tool box and burger and fries
    Mort with urn and a burger in a to go bag
    Jimmy Pesto with pizza boxes
    Jimmy Pesto Jr with removable headphones and love letter from Tina
    Ollie and Andy Pesto packaged together and only coming with a framed photo of themselves.
    Phillip Frond with puppets and canyons
    Hugo with pen, pad and a health inspector badge
    Ron with pen, pad and blue light

    Gene in Burger suit with megaphone and tray of burger samples
    Mr. Fischoeder with golf cart for him to drive in

    I can probably think of more later.
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  18. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Bob's Burgers at least deserves a Funko Pop line. The show's a cult hit, and there's even a comic book coming out. Just no other physical merchandise. We should have seen Louise ears by now.
  19. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    A new Fosters Figures Wishlist

    Wave 1:
    • Mac w/ a stocking, backpack, removable clothes, lunchbox, headphones, slingshot, comic book, cap, soda can, camera, and video game
    • Bloo w/ crown, armchair, popcorn, cookie jar, sunglasses, paddleball, TV, remote, bag of chips, juice box, and elephant toy
    • Frankie w/ fries, pizza, donut box w/ donuts, newspaper, milk, manual, clipboard, megaphone, coffee, cookies, and broom
    • Berry w/ tray, cookies, Mac doll, Bloo doll, and knife
    Exclusive: Sugar demon Mac w/ ripped clothes, candy, ghost, skeleton, & jack o lantern

    Playset: Mac’s Bed room with Pajama Mac
    Playset with dresser, bunk bed, chair, stereo, computer, pillow, blanket, TV, TV stand, framed photo of Bloo, skateboard, piles of dirty clothes, trunk, tapes, action figures, fan, & a desk
    Pajama Mac w/ mug, cereal, waffles, teddy bear, rubber duck, lava lamp, stuffed rabbit, toothbrush, toothpaste, & a suitcase (w/ shirts, sweater, shorts, socks, pairs of underwear)

    Series 2
    • Coco w/ Mac trading card, Mac Bobble head, crate, record, egg, and nest
    • Cheese & Louise w/ trash can, chocolate milk, spoon, potato, and cereal
    • Eduardo w/ headset, radio, chewy, potato, easel, bunny doll, and book
    • Wilt w/ a board game, basketball, locker, basket ball hoop, magazine, and duster
    Exclusive: 3 pack of Bloo’s Minions with whoopee cushion, bucket, and telephone

    Playset: Foster’s Foyer with Goo
    Playset with Madam Foster bust, banner, framed photos, rug, trash can, book, newspaper, desk, pillar, quill, table, ink, telephone, vase of flowers, chairs, candelabra & a closet
    Goo w/ small imaginary friends pack in, headset, CD, karaoke machine, swivel chair, microphone, filers of Pizza Party, and desk

    Series 3
    • Jackie Khones w/ a tape, an overdue book, framed picture of Mac, tuna fish sandwich, paddle, other sandwiches, and broccoli
    • Bloppy Pants w/ plate of food, CD, microphone, guitar, and an Imaginary friend pack in
    • Rambo Mac w/ an apology letter to fans, piece of cake, removable pants, balloons, bow, and arrow
    • Winter Bloo w/ presents, pile of coals, a snowman, box of candy canes, and a Christmas wreath
    Exclusive: Super Hero Mac and Frankie with capes, a ray gun, laptop, and manual

    Playset: Bloo’s Bedroom with Bloo in a shirt
    Playset with a bunk bed, a box that says free puppies, a rocking chair, a sink, a lamp, a dresser, a few functioning shelves, cup, four toothbrushes, and a vase of flowers
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  20. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    Agreed, who DOESN'T want some Louise merchandise? :)

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