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When dreams come true

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by floyd<3janice, May 8, 2012.

  1. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    I'm already writing a story but I had a bunch of ideas that either didn't fit in with that story or I couldn't wait to write about. This is similar to my other one but it is from a different point if view and most of the stuff hasn't yet or isn't in the other one hope you enjoy.

    The new surprises
    Kermit in the past years had had everything he ever wanted or needed. He had a lovely wife. Friends that were as trustworthy as family, a show and movies. He had met every famous legend practically ever. And he had a huge house. So what did he want?
    Piggy's car was already in the drive way when he pulled in. He got out of his new SUV and opened the front door Piggy was in the kitchen looking through the fridge when he came in. she had Bon Jovi's Livin On A Prayer playing in the background. "Hey Piggy" Kermit said as he kneeled beside her. She looked up at him "oh Kermie you're home I didn't hear you. Hold on I'll turn down the music." she stood up and wandered over to the counter and turned the dial on the stereo. The music disappeared immediately. "So how was your day Kermie?" Piggy asked him. "It was busy. But I need to go in early tomorrow the band and I need to go over some things for the show" Kermit explained to her. Piggy nodded "Okay can I come?" she asked "Of course dear but I'm leaving early I just thought you'd want to sleep in" Piggy sighed "I did but going with you is more important." she explained. Kermit kissed her "what do you want for dinner?" he asked she shrugged "whatever you want sweetie is fine with me" Kermit picked up the phone "how bout I just order pizza?" he asked Piggy nodded "okay that sounds good to me."
    The pizza arrived and Kermit and Piggy sat together on the couch and watched a movie both of them had seen a million times. "I've always hated how stupid people act in this movie. I mean he's obviously in the closet waiting for her." there was a scream from the TV "ah she was so naive and never realized he was a criminal" Piggy sighed. "We can watch something else if this is boring you" Kermit told her. Piggy shook her head "no it's okay I like this part anyway her father gets his revenge" Kermit finished his piece of pizza and went to get another one.
    Shots and bangs rang out from the TV as a fight scene came on. Kermit watched as the older guy. Obviously the father kicked the boyfriend criminal guy over a chair.
    Piggy stood up and walked over to Kermit to get more pizza also, "so today we were practicing Gonzo's act and one of lights went out so I'll have to get Beauregard to fix it tomorrow" Kermit said as he went to fridge to get some soda he poured a glass for both of them. "There's always work isn't there dear" Piggy said as Kermit handed her her glass. She sipped at it slowly then walked back to the couch. "You know what I am getting tired of this" Piggy said as she flipped the channel.
    The Mayhem woke up early to meet Kermit at the theatre. Dr. Teeth had wanted to go over performance slots and song choices with Kermit. Animal came bonding or tumbling down the stairs as the band finished breakfast. He got up and ran to the fridge. Janice cringed as he ate a steak raw "Like that is so not organic" she complained. Floyd laughed "If you count the fact that he didn't cook it it has to be kinda organic right?" Teeth laughed. Janice frowned. Floyd took her hand and led her out to the bus with him. She sat next to him, "Are you excited?" Floyd asked her. Janice admired the ring on her finger and nodded "of course" she replied.
    Kermit pulled into the parking lot the band wasn't there yet which was good. That meant Kermit had time to open up the theatre. He unlocked the door to his office and the dressing rooms while Piggy turned the lights on. By the time they were don the band had arrived.
  2. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 1
    They announce and announce

    Kermit met the band on the stage Dr. Teeth greeted Kermit with a golden grin. Kermit smiled back and led the over to a table backstage. "Okay guys. I have the show's timetable here" Kermit pulled out a sheet of paper. "So I have a slot here and here" he pointed to two empty boxes on the sheet. "You can have both this show because they're short and I trust you guys can fit a song into each." The band nodded "sure green man I mean it's not like we play slow music like classical" Floyd laughed. Kermit nodded "no we all know what happened last time you guys tried playing classical" Kermit said looking directly at Animal and Floyd. "Aw c'mon man we all knew Animal wasn't going to make it through that I mean minuet G major? What kind of name is that anyway?" Floyd asked causing Kermit and Janice to laugh. "Alright guys what kind songs will you be playing anyway I'm guessing not anything slow" Dr. Teeth looked at Floyd who nodded "Well we we're just going to do some old songs that we've done before" Teeth said "It was either that or one of the songs that Floyd wrote" Teeth suggested everyone shuddered "ya I've had enough of Floyd's songs remember that theme song you tried to write?" Kermit said everyone laughed again. "You know what you guys perform any song that you've already done as long as it has nothing to do with Floyd writing it okay?" Everyone including Floyd nodded.
    Soon the rest of the crew arrived, Kermit had his hands full. Piggy and Janice sat in one of the front rows of the audience. "How you been?" Janice asked. "Great how about you?" Piggy asked. Janice nodded "I've been good" they watched as Fozzie tried out some of his "new" jokes.
    Janice stood up as Floyd waved her over "I'll be back" she told Piggy then took off down the isle. He helped onto the stage then dragged her behind a curtain. "When are you going to tell someone?" Floyd asked her. Janice shrugged "I don't know didn't you tell Teeth?" Floyd shook his head. "Not yet." he said "but we should tell someone soon I've never kept anything from the rest of the band or anyone for so long." Floyd explained.
    "We'll tell them soon" Janice kissed him then walked to her the dressing room. She sat on the bench and covered her face with her hands. What to do? She thought. Her life had become her dream come true. How could it get any better?

    That night when Kermit was sitting on the couch watching the news. Piggy screamed. Kermit ran upstairs Piggy was walking out of the bedroom. She was as white as a sheet. "Piggy are you alright?" Kermit ran to her and placed his hands on her cheeks. Her expression seemed very far off. She finally looked at him. "I need to sit down" she told him, he pushed her into the room and sat her on the bed. "What's wrong?" he asked again. Piggy looked right into his eyes. "I'm-I'm pregnant Kermie" she said. Kermit's breath stopped short. She smiled at him "I'm pregnant I really am Kermie" Kermit kissed her "I'm so happy" he said tears blurring his vision.

    Floyd walked into the living room and sat next to Dr. Teeth. "Hey man" Floyd said. Teeth looked at Floyd "what's up Floyd?" he asked. "What do ya mean?" Floyd asked. "There's something you're not telling us we all know it. What's going on?" Teeth questioned. Floyd could tell that he was confused.
    Janice walked in then. She looked pale. "Hey Jan" Teeth said as she walked in. "Hi Teeth" she replied shakily.
    "Floyd...uh...can I talk to you?" She asked.
    Floyd stood up. "sure hon be right back Teeth"
    Floyd followed Janice into the next room. She sat down and took his hand "are you going to tell him?" Floyd nodded "ya are you gonna come?" Janice nodded "sure". She still looked shaky and was really pale. "Jan? Babe is everything okay?" Floyd kneeled in front of her. She shook her head "nothing wrong honey" Floyd pulled her up. "Are you sure?" Floyd faced her she nodded again. He hugged and took her hand. Together they walked out.
    Teeth looked up when they came back. "Now what is going on with you two?" He asked
    Floyd and Janice exchanged glances.
    "Um...we're engaged" Floyd said.
    Dr. Teeth dropped the remote. "You are?" he stuttered. Astonished. They nodded. "And I thought you two weren't gonna go all Kermit and Piggy on us" Teeth said. Floyd looked at Janice "Since when has Janice ever decided to act like Piggy?" Floyd asked. Teeth shrugged "good point." he said.

    Kermit sat on the bed. "I don't know what to say Piggy, I'm just so happy" Kermit took a deep breath to calm himself. His heart was pounding out of his chest. He was really going to be a father he couldn't believe it.

    The next morning everyone crowded around Kermit and Piggy. "Okay everyone" Kermit said "Piggy and I have a special announcement to make. Piggy is pregnant" Kermit announced. Cheers and gasps went through the crowd.
    Floyd was about to tell them about him and Janice when she ran offstage. Floyd ran after her. She sat down. "Janice? Baby what's wrong?" she looked at him. "Nothing" she replied she was shaking again. Floyd put his arms around her. Janice pulled back she was extremely pale. Floyd was about to say something when she got up and ran. Again Floyd followed her. She ran to the bathroom and threw up. Floyd knelt beside her and held her hair back. When she could breath again Floyd helped her up. "c'mon I'm taking you home." He led her down the hall. After telling Teeth that he was taking the bus home. He guided her out the doors and onto the bus. He helped her into one of the front seats and drove her home.
    He helped her to the couch. She laid down and faced him. "You don't have to stay I'll be fine." Floyd shook his head "I'm not leaving you here" he told her. She closed her eyes and fell asleep. Floyd sat on the floor beside her. What's going on he thought.

    The next day Zoot seemed to have caught whatever Janice had. She woke up feeling fine. At the theatre Piggy helped out as best as she could. But every time she moved of picked something up Kermit told her to be careful.
    The band had decided to perform Another One Bites The Dust and Rockin Robin which Janice would be singing again.
    "Boss?" Scooter said as Kermit was putting up a beam.
    "Hi Scooter what do you need?"
    "Oh nothing I just wanted to let you know that Piggy will be going shopping. She'll be back later" Scooter explained.
    "Okay Scooter thank you" Kermit said as he measured the beam.
    Gonzo was onstage practicing his act while Fozzie did some jokes and Camilla practiced her dancing act. Kermit watched in horror as Gonzo's canon fired a water ballon that hit Fozzie and another one that hit the beam that fell over and almost hit Camilla. "Be careful Gonzo" Kermit yelled up to him. Beauregard came onstage and started to clean up.
    The band sat backstage. They had already practiced both songs a ton of times. Floyd was actually getting tired of hearing himself sing.
    Janice walked over and sat beside him. She leaned her head against his shoulder, he wrapped his arms around her waist. "One month until the wedding day" she said. Floyd nodded "when do you want to tell everyone?" he asked. Janice shrugged "I don't know" she replied. Floyd faced her. "Are you sure you want to get married?" he asked. Janice looked shocked. "Of course I'm sure. I wouldn't have said yes if I wasn't." her tone softened. "I'm sure Floyd I love you." she kissed him.
    "Are we gonna practice or what" Teeth asked. Floyd looked up and nodded "I guess" he said. He helped Janice up and went to get his bass.
    For the rest of the day the acts performed for Kermit. He made some tweaks and moved on to the next act. Floyd said he had an announcement so everyone gathered around. "Janice and I are Engaged" he said. Everyone started to talk at once. "Congrats guys" Kermit said.
    Soon everyone calmed down and began to practice again.
    Kermit and Piggy didn't get home until late that night. They had stayed and talked to Floyd and Janice. Piggy as exhausted. She had her first doctors appointment next week. Kermit unlocked the door and helped her upstairs. She was asleep almost immediately. Kermit decided that he was exhausted too and also quickly fell asleep.
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  3. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    OH. MY. GONZO. Piggy's pregnant, and Floyd and Janice ar getting married.

    Do more story so I don't yell at you!
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  4. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    I'll do more soon just gotta sort out my ideas lol I have so many part of the reason I did two stories :)
  5. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Oh Goodieness! Yay! It's coming soon!
  6. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 2
    The discovery of surprises.
    Piggy sat in the waiting room of the doctor's office. A middle aged nurse in baby blue scrubs walked out. "Miss Piggy the doctor will see you now." she said her voice was soft. Piggy strode down the hall after the nurse. She led her into a small room "wait here" she instructed then disappeared from the room. Piggy sat up on the counter since there were no chairs. She tapped her feet against the cabinet doors making a soft rhythm. The doctor also middle aged walked in. He smiled at Piggy not seeming to mind her perch on the counter. "Hello Miss. Piggy? Is it?" Piggy nodded. "The one and only" she chirped. The doctor smiled at her. "Great now let me see you're pregnant you say well we'll see how your baby in doing today shall we?" he opened the door and motioned for her to follow him. He motioned again but this time to lie down. Piggy complied and laid down. The doctor got set up and pointed to a screen. "Okay so Miss Piggy it looks like your having twins." Piggy bolted upright "it does" she managed to say. The doctor nodded and pointed at the screen "Here is one. And here is the other" Piggy looked at the screen with great fascination. "Oh I can't wait to tell Kermit" said. The rest of the visit was short the doctor explained what she should and shouldn't be eating then told her she could leave. Piggy left in a hurry to get home. Kermit wasn't home when she got there so Piggy waited impatiently for him to get home. She ran outside as soon as he pulled in.
    "Kermie!" she called as he got out of the SUV she grabbed his shoulders and looked him in the eyes. "Piggy what's wrong?" Kermit asked her.
    "Were having twins!" she shrieked Kermit had to cover his ears. "We are?" he asked. Piggy nodded "oh wow Piggy that's awesome" he hugged her. They were really having twins.
    "Red" Janice told Floyd who was looking at her like she was crazy.
    "Blue" he said. Janice shook her head. "Everyone does blue Floyd. Lets do red."
    Floyd stared at her for a minute. "Okay let's compromise we can do red and blue" Janice crossed her arms. She thought about it for a minute. "Red and blue. You know what deal" he hugged her.
    "Great" he whispered to her. She walked down the isle of the store "so red like this?" she pulled out a shade. "Too dark" Floyd said.
    Janice kept walking "Okay how about this shade?" Floyd looked at it. It was a mix of light and dark sort of in the middle. "Ya I like that one" he told her. Janice tossed it at him.
    "Now blue" Floyd walked over and grabbed on off the rack and tossed it to her. "Done" he said and continued walking.
    "Really Floyd? Hey wait you saw this color all along. Didn't you?"
    Floyd nodded "yep"
    "How's that fair?" she asked.
    Floyd turned around and smiled at her. "I'm not a girl I don't take forever to make up my mind" Janice gasped and playfully hit him on the arm
    "Shut up" she told him and walked into the next isle. But she came back a minute later and handed him all of the supplies. "I'm not a guy,I shouldn't have to carry everything, you can carry something" she gave him a grin of triumph and kept walking.

    Scooter was the only one left at the theatre. Everyone else seemed to have slowly left throughout the day until Kermit came and asked him to close up. With the show tomorrow he would have thought that it would be a late night but everyone said they'd practiced and wanted to get a good nights sleep. Scooter turned off the final light switch and wandered outside he locked to door and felt a raindrop fall in his head. Soon rain pelted the ground and Scooter. By the time he reached his car he was soaking wet. He was thankful when the light of the boarding house that were somewhat distorted due to the rain on his windshield came into view. A flash of lightning brightened the sky to his right. Scooter shuddered and hurried inside. Warmth welcomed him as soon as he stepped inside.
    "Hey Scooter where were ya?" Rizzo asked from the table where he was playing cards with Sam, Fozzie and Pepe.
    "Ya you like missed me beat all of these guys twice hokay" Pepe said.
    "I was closing the theatre" Scooter said.
    "Did you walk home too?" Sam asked with a look of disgust on his face.
    "No Sam I didn't walk home. If you haven't noticed it is pouring rain outside" Scooter said. He was extremely frustrated with everyone's sarcastic comments.
    "Like chill man. No need to like flip out" Teeth said from the table.
    "I wasn't flipping out. I have had a long day, maybe one of you should do most of the work next to Kermit everyday then on top of that stay late and have to drive home in the pouring rain!" Scooter rung the water out of his jacket and stomped upstairs. Clifford walked in. "What did I miss?" he asked.
    "Assistant on strike" Teeth replied turning back to the newspaper he'd been reading.

    Piggy turned off the TV and shook the sleeping Kermit beside her awake. "Kermie, I'm going to bed if you don't wake up you're sleeping down here"
    Kermit mumbled something in his sleep and was silent again.
    Piggy gave up and walked upstairs. Rain pounded the windows and lightning flashed in the distance. It was probably going to storm all night.
    They were doing the show tomorrow night. Something dawned on Piggy her shows were numbered. Once she gets to close the end of her pregnancy she won't be able to go onstage. She'll have herself to worry about. And then when the twins are born. She'll have them to care for. But then who will get her parts. Who will act for her in her skits? Janice? Camilla? As far as she knew that wouldn't happen for a little while longer.

    It rained all morning and into they afternoon the next day. Gonzo unfortunately had to cancel his date with Camilla. There was a large amount of rushing back and forth to the theater for Kermit because he noticed last minute that he didn't have enough paint for a last minute set. Then he had to get paintbrushes and other various items and supplies for the rest of the group at this rate it was going to be a long day.
    The mayhem walked onstage. "Kermit" Janice said running up next to him.
    "Hi Janice. What's up?" he asked the lithe blond woman beside him.
    "Well the band and I were wondering if we could use the spare music room for practice instead of the usual one?"
    Kermit nodded. "Sure Janice. But what's wrong with the usual room?"
    "Oh nothing Teeth just wanted to test the sound and all" Janice said.
    "Ok Janice tell the rest of the band it's fine with me"
    "Thanks Kermit" Janice said and jogged off to join the band.
    Floyd took her hand when they walked down the hall. Janice focused on the floor it was the easiest thing to focus on right now.
    Floyd squeezed her hand. Using the same motion he pulled her close so he could whisper it her ear. "What's wrong?" he whispered. Janice forced a smile.
    They came to the door of the music room, Dr. Teeth carried in his keyboard and was followed by Zoot and Lips with their instruments. Floyd set down his bass in the room. Janice put her's down also. Before she could do anything else Floyd took her hand and pulled her out of the room.
    "Where are we going Floyd?" Janice asked him.
    "Over here" Floyd replied pulling down the hall. He came to stop and faced Janice. She continued to stare at the floor. She was fine a minute ago but now she seemed sort of sad.
    "Janice" Floyd said taking a step closer and putting his hands on her shoulder. She finally looked up at him.
    "What is it?" she said.
    Floyd laughed his rasping laugh and looked into her eyes. "What's wrong? Nothing's wrong with me Janice. What's going on with you?"
    Janice looked at him "Floyd nothing's wrong with me I've just had a bad day cause of the rain and I'm exhausted and we still have planning to do and a show tonight." she laid her head against his chest.
    Floyd hugged her close. "It's alright. Jan, you can rest as soon as the show is over" Janice nodded.
    "Let's go practice" she said pulling him through the doors.
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  7. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Twins!

    I swear, that all of you are reading my mind, so that when I do it, it'll look like I stole it! LOL JK! (But seriously, twins, before my twins!)

    And Fighting over colors? How cute!
  8. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 3
    Planning and beginning
    Piggy stared at the computer screen for a long time. She would have to leave for the show soon but right now that wasn't on her mind. The list of names bored into her mind. There were just so many and that was just the girls names that start with A.
    Piggy snapped out of her trance as the phone rang. "Hello?" she said logging off the computer.
    "Piggy where are you?" Kermit demanded from the other side.
    "I'm just leaving Kermie" she replied.
    "Don't rush but don't be too late" Kermit replied.
    "I'll try dear" Piggy said and hung up she grabbed her coat and ran out the door.
    Kermit ran onto the stage the theatre as usual was full.
    "Chief?" Scooter called and ran over.
    "What is it Scooter?" Kermit replied walking backstage again.
    "We're on in ten minutes" Scooter said.
    "Okay thanks Scooter. Tell the band to set up" Kermit patted Scooter's back before walking off to consult Fozzie.
    "Alright guys we got the okay let's set up" Teeth announced leading the band to the stage. The curtain was still pulled shut but the could hear the chattering audience beyond. Janice peered between the curtains. "Ooh like oh wow guys it's like rully packed tonight" she commented.
    Floyd looked through the curtain beside her. "Ya it really is guys we better perform good" he instructed.
    "We always play good...well good enough for this show anyways" Teeth replied with a chuckle.
    "Five minutes guys" Scooter said from the side of the stage.
    "Let's go" Teeth said continuing to set up. Floyd plugged the guitars into the amps while Teeth helped Animal set up his drum kit.
    "Two minutes everyone" Scooter yelled from somewhere backstage.
    The first song was Rockin Robin. Janice stepped up to the mic and waited. Floyd was first to notice how nervous she looked.
    "You'll do great babe" he encouraged picking up his bass.
    Janice gripped her guitar tightly as Scooter counted down the final thirty seconds.
    Kermit ran to the wing of the stage.
    "Ten nine eight..." Scooter counted the band stood set up behind the theme song arches.
    The audience applauded as Kermit scurried onto the stage.
    He opened the O of the muppet show sign and announced "its the muppet show!" like he always did.
    The audience applauded. Janice watched the other muppets run into place for the theme song. By the time Gonzo blew his trumpet that didn't make a sound but rather blew bubbles, Janice was shaking with nervousness.
    "Hello everyone and this is the muppet show!" Kermit announced from the other side of the curtain.
    "Let's kick off the night with some Rockin musical mayhem shall we?!" Kermit waved his arms and cheered off stage.
    The curtain opened and Janice found herself starring out into a sea of smiling clapping faces.
    The band started to play behind her Janice strummed her guitar and began to sing.
    "He rocks in the tree-top all a day long
    Hoppin' and a-boppin' and a-singin' the song
    All the little birds on J-Bird St.
    Love to hear the robin goin' tweet tweet tweet"
    Janice gained confidence as she sang the chorus.

    "Rockin' robin (tweet tweet tweet)
    Rockin' robin (tweet tweet tweet)
    Oh rockin' robin well you really gonna rock tonight"
    The audience laughed as Animal once again soloed the tweets.

    "Every little swallow, every chickadee
    Every little bird in the tall oak tree
    The wise old owl, the big black crow
    Flapping them wings sayin' go bird go"
    Janice backed up by Animal's tweets sang the chorus again.
    "Rockin' robin (tweet tweet tweet)
    Rockin' robin (tweet tweet tweet)
    Oh rockin' robin well you really gonna rock tonight"

    "A wordy little raven at the bird's first dance
    Taught him how to do the bop and it was grand
    He started goin' steady and bless my soul
    He out popped the buzzard and the oriole

    He rocks in the tree-top all a day long
    Hoppin' and a-boppin' and a-singin' the song
    All the little birds on J-Bird St.
    Love to hear the robin goin' tweet tweet tweet"
    Floyd ran up and sang the last chorus with Janice.
    "Rockin' robin (tweet tweet tweet)
    Rockin' robin (tweet tweet tweet)
    Oh rockin' robin well you really gonna rock tonight"
    Janice hugged Floyd and smiled at the cheering audience as the curtains closed again.
    "You did awesome babe!" Floyd exclaimed and hugged her.
    Janice smiled and kissed him.
    "Aww like thanks babe I can't wait for you and Teeth to sing the next song!" she commented. Floyd put his arm around her waist and steered her offstage.
    "Great job guys" Kermit greeted when the band walked by.
    "Good job Janice" Kermit acknowledged the lithe guitar player as she and Floyd walked by. She gave him a huge smile while they walked off to squeeze in a last minute practice for the next number.
    Kermit ran onstage and introduced the next sketch which happened to be Pigs In Space.
    Piggy ran onstage late but was able to slip into the sketch without causing too much of a commotion.
    "Oh no Link the ship's engine is failing what do we do?" Piggy pleaded as she ran onstage.
    "I do not know First Mate but the Dr might." Link replied.
    "Dr. Strangepork what are we going to do?" Piggy once again pleaded.
    "We must supply the engines with fuel. They cannot run without it"
    Strangepork concluded.
    "Run? Run where?" Piggy asked gaining a laugh from the audience.
    "Nowhere Piggy. They just need to work." Link said.
    "But captain we're out of fuel!" Piggy exclaimed.
    "Well we'll have to use a substitute for fuel" Strangepork declared.
    "What will we use?" Piggy and Link asked in unison.
    "We will have to use the pudding" Strangepork dramatically declared.
    Piggy and Link gasped and spoke in equally dramatic voices. "Not the pudding" Piggy gasped.
    "Ya what will I eat for dessert?" Link commented.
    "Im sorry but it's the pudding or the ship" Strangepork said.
    Link and Piggy nodded and brought out the pudding. The audience laughed as they poured it into the ships fuel tank.
    "We are saved!" Piggy exclaimed.
    Once she said it they all started to cough smoke came up from the hole.
    "Oh no we put the pudding in the wrong hole that was the garbage incinerator!" Piggy exclaimed.
    She pointed to an exact replica of the hole. "Thats the fuel tank!" She continued.
    "What idiot designed this system?" Strangepork asked.
    "You did Dr" Piggy said.
    "Captain is there anymore pudding?" Strangepork asked. Link turned around. His mouth was outlined in a ring of chocolate
    "Not anymore" he said with his mouth full, the crew exchanged terrified glances.
    "We'll see what happens next time in Pigs In Space!" the announcer concluded. The still laughing audience clapped as the curtains closed.
    Kermit ran back onstage.
    "Well guys what do you think of this?" Kermit asked and ran back offstage.
    The audience cheered and clapped for the next number a few whatnots doing a messed up gymnastics routine.
    Backstage Kermit waited for the sketch to end.
    "Kermit!" Gonzo called and ran over to the frog.
    "Yes Gonzo?" Kermit asked
    "I can't do my act" Gonzo stated.
    "Why not?" Kermit asked nervously.
    "I broke my bowling ball."
    Gonzo admitted.
    "Again? That was already your backup one"
    Gonzo sighed and held up two halves of what used to be a bowling ball.
    "I'll buy more but I have to cancel I can't perform without it"
    Kermit nodded. "Okay uh sure Gonzo." Kermit replied. Gonzo ran off.
    "Great we have an empty time slot next" Kermit said to himself and ran over to Piggy.
    "Piggy do you have a Veterinarians hospital sketch rehearsed?" Kermit asked.
    "Well we have next weeks one practiced pretty well"
    "Get Janice and Rowlf you're on next, go" Piggy burst into action and ran in the opposite direction.
    "Scooter, Beauregard get out here!" Kermit called.
    "Yes chief?" Scooter said running up beside Kermit followed by Beauregard.
    "Get the veterinarians hospital set ready" Kermit instructed. They nodded and took off.
    Kermit greeted the next act off the stage he let out a thankful sigh as the curtains swung shut. Kermit ran onstage.
    "Alright everyone we have a slight change of plans. May I introduce Veterinarians Hospital." the audience cheered and the curtains opened.
    "And now Veterinarian's Hospital the continuing story of a quack that's gone to the dogs" the announcer announced the beginning of the sketch.
    "Are you ready for your next patient Dr. Bob?"
    Janice asked.
    "Well that depends are they ready for me?"
    The audience laughed.
    Janice flipped back the sheets it was a banana.
    "Here's your patient Dr. Bob" Janice said.
    "It's a banana" Piggy exclaimed.
    "What's wrong with it Dr. Bob?" Janice asked.
    "Well it seems to be unable to peel" he said.
    "That's not very appealing" Piggy said. The audience chuckled.
    "What do we do?" Janice asked.
    "What do you think banana loaf or banana muffins?" Dr. Bob asked.
    "Not food Dr. Bob the patient how do we help the banana?" Janice questioned.
    "We must operate" Dr. Bob announced.
    "I'll get the supplies what do we need?" Piggy asked.
    "we'll need a glass a blender some milk and some ice" Dr. Bob instructed.
    "Why do we need all of these silly supplies?" Janice asked
    "I'm thirsty I want a banana smoothie" Dr. Bob stated.
    "So once again Dr. Bob has failed to operate tune in next week when you'll hear nurse Piggy say"
    "Where'd the patient go?" she asked.
    "He split" Dr. Bob replied.
    "Oh that was terrible" Statler yelled
    "Ya talk about Unappealing" Waldorf added both of them chuckled.
    "Great job guys" Kermit greeted.
    "Janice hurry up the bands next" Kermit exclaimed and ran on stage once the curtains swung shut again.
    "Okay everyone let's rock" the audience clapped as Kermit walked off the stage and the curtains swung open again.
    "One...Two...Three" Teeth called and the band started to play.
    "Steve walks warily down the street,
    with the brim pulled way down low
    Ain't no sound but the sound of his feet,
    machine guns ready to go
    Are you ready, Are you ready for this
    Are you hanging on the edge of your seat
    Out of the doorway the bullets rip
    To the sound of the beat" Teeth sang as the crowd cheered. He and Floyd sand the chorus.

    "Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
    And another one gone, and another one gone
    Another one bites the dust
    Hey, I'm gonna get you too
    Another one bites the dust"
    Floyd sang the next verse.
    "How do you think I'm going to get along,
    without you, when you're gone
    You took me for everything that I had,
    and kicked me out on my own
    Are you happy, are you satisfied
    How long can you stand the heat
    Out of the doorway the bullets rip
    To the sound of the beat"
    Teeth joined back in for the chorus.
    "Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
    And another one gone, and another one gone
    Another one bites the dust
    Hey, I'm gonna get you too
    Another one bites the dust"
    Both of them sang the rest of the song together.
    "Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
    There are plenty of ways you can hurt a man
    And bring him to the ground
    You can beat him
    You can cheat him
    You can treat him bad and leave him
    When he's down
    But I'm ready, yes I'm ready for you
    I'm standing on my own two feet
    Out of the doorway the bullets rip
    repeating the sound of the beat
    Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
    And another one gone, and another one gone
    Another one bites the dust
    Hey, I'm gonna get you too
    Another one bites the dust"

    The audience roared and cheered the band started to pack up while the curtains swung shut once more and Kermit ran onstage again.
    "Alright everyone I hope you enjoyed the show and we'll see you next week on the muppet show.
    Kermit ran offstage. "Great song guys" Kermit acknowledged and went to talk to Link and Gonzo.
    "You did amazing hon" Janice said flinging her arms around Floyd he hugged her back and smiled at her.
    "You did good too" he told her.
    Janice kissed him. When they finally pulled back Floyd cupped her cheek in his hand.
    "You are going shopping with the pig tomorrow." Floyd told her. Janice laughed "Are you making plans without me?" she questioned. Floyd kissed her forehead.
    "No but I thought we could both use some time to go wedding shopping?" Floyd suggested.
    "Oh okay I'll take Camilla too and are you taking Teeth?" she asked
    "Ya him and Kermit" Floyd replied.
    Janice nodded. "Okay sounds good to me" Floyd hugged her.
    "Great" he replied.
    The next morning Janice, Camilla and Piggy left early.
    "Okay so Janice I have a list of stores that I went to for my dress. We should start here." Piggy said pointing to a store name on the list that Janice had never heard of.
    "Oh okay Piggy that'll be rully cool." Piggy gave the address to the driver.
    "Begawk bawk brawk?" Camilla clucked.
    "I don't know where we're going" Janice whispered apologetically. Both of them collapsed in giggles.
    "What am I missing here?" Piggy questioned sitting back beside them.
    Before either of them could reply the cab stopped. "Ah here we are" Piggy announced stepping out. Janice and Camilla followed. Inside they were surrounded by white everything was so spottless and white Janice and Camilla couldn't tell one wall from the next. There were several mannequins wearing several different types of wedding dresses.
    "Over here" Piggy called leading them to a corner of the shop. There was a change room and a small sitting room with a couch. Piggy and Camilla took a seat pulling Janice beside them while they waited for a clerk's assistance.
    "How can I help you?" a young smiling woman. Her blond hair was piled on top of her head in a fancy bun.
    "Janice needs help finding a dress" Piggy said.
    "Sure right this way" the clerk apparently due to her name tag was named Stacy. She lead Janice through some doors to where all the dresses were.
    About twenty minutes later both Janice and Stacey returned. Janice walked into the change room followed by Stacey who was pulling a large rack full of dresses.
    Camilla and Piggy waited for Janice to come out.
    She finally did. Her first dress was strapless and all white. It was simple and had little beaded flowers that were silver all over it.
    Piggy liked it but Janice and Camilla thought it was too plain.
    The next dress was also strapless. It was really puffy and sparkly. They all thought it was too girly for Janice's taste.
    They went trough dress after dress and store after store. It was going to be a long afternoon Piggy thought as they walked into the millionth store.
    Floyd Teeth and Kermit got out of a cab. Kermit led them into the store filled with tuxes instantly Floyd thought they all looked the same. "c'mon Teeth" Kermit said. Floyd was steered in the opposite direction by a clerk. He was handed several different types but he saw no difference. Then he was led once again to a change room.
    The first tux to Floyd looked the same as all the other ones in the room. But according to Teeth and Kermit it was too plain. Floyd came out in the next tux. "I like that one better" Kermit said. Teeth nodded his agreement. But just in case the forced Floyd to try on the rest of them.
    "I liked the other one" Kermit said again.
    "Me too" Teeth said. Floyd looked back and forth between them to him it was all the same the tux they liked to him was simple and black.
    "I liked that one too" Floyd said finally deciding it was somehow better than the other ones he'd tried on.
    "Great so are we done here?" the clerk asked. All three of them nodded.
    "Spin again for us dear" Piggy instructed Janice twirled. The dress was strapless and straight but not super tight.
    "I like the color it has. It's not basically white like the others." Janice said.
    "And the embroidery is absolutely gorgeous" Piggy commented.
    "Brak bawk Begawk" Camilla added.
    "Ya I like the matching veil too" Janice said.
    "Are we done?" Piggy asked.
    Janice nodded and went to get changed.
    Floyd and the guys got back before the ladies.
    By the time they walked through the doors food was being served.
    "Are ya gonna stay for dinner green man or are ya heading home?" Floyd asked.
    "I would love to but I promised Piggy I'd be home so we could eat together."
    "Alright see ya tomorrow green man" Floyd said following Teeth through the door.
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    I shall squee now.


    And, "Not the pudding!" Was one of the best lines! LOL
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    Chapter 4

    Janice was already booked to get her dress fitted she was exhausted by the time she collapsed on her bed.
    It was only 7:00 but Janice felt like she hadn't slept in forever. She reminded herself that next time she went shopping with Piggy to get a good nights sleep the night before.
    Janice sat up. She hadn't spoken to Floyd all day. It didn't take long for her to find him he was collapsed in an armchair downstairs.
    "Hey" Janice said and sat across from him. He sat up.
    "Hey Jan" He replied. Unfolding his arms. Janice stood up and wandered over to him curling up in his lap. He hugged her close.
    "Have fun?" He asked her.
    "About as much fun as you can have when you try on dress after dress all day" Janice said.
    Floyd kissed the top of her head.
    "Are you tired?" Janice finally asked.
    "Sort of what about you?" Janice nodded while yawning, Floyd instead of letting her stand up he lifted her into his arms and carried her.
    Floyd laid her down and stood back up.
    "Night" he said Janice turned to face him
    "night" she replied. Floyd bent down and kissed her quick before he left.
    It wasn't even 8:00 but Floyd couldn't even walk in a straight line. By the time he got to his room he collapsed on his bed and was instantly asleep.
    Kermit and Piggy sat curled up together on the couch. Kermit had arrived home before Piggy and decided to cook dinner for her. She got home just as Kermit laid the plates of spaghetti on the table.
    "There is nothing on" Piggy grumbled changing the channel only to change it again a few seconds later.
    "Wanna watch a movie?" Kermit asked her Piggy shook her head.
    "No I think we watch too much TV as it is." and with that she turned the TV off. Kermit stood up
    "What do you want to do?" Kermit asked. Piggy stretched out the length of the couch the stood up.
    "I don't know dear. What do you feel like doing?" Kermit shrugged . "I'm going to bed I think" He said. Piggy nodded and picked up her laptop. "I'll stay down here" She said.
    "Okay goodnight" Kermit replied he kissed her then walked upstairs.
    Piggy clicked on the Internet logo then typed in a website soon once again the screen was filled with names she skipped A this time and went to B which like A must have had at least a thousand girl names and an equal amount of boy names.
    Piggy sighed she needed Kermit's opinion there were so many names that she liked.
    Bailey, Barbara, Beverly, Benny, Billy... Piggy scrolled down to C and once again she was faced with hundreds of names.
    Callie, Carrie, Carlie, Charlie, Charles, Chad
    Piggy didn't know what names she liked most to her a lot of them were so beautiful.
    Piggy had always wanted children, she could remember when she was a little piglet she and her cousin Trudy would go outside and pretend that they were all grown up. She could remember using her dolls as children. Names had never really mattered to her. She would always use the first name that came to mind and in the next game the name would be different. Piggy sighed and covered her face with her hands. This wasn't a game it was real the names she and Kermit chose would last a lifetime. Piggy let out a breath of frustration she had awhile before she would have to make her choices she just hoped that she would make the right ones.
    The next day the sun shone brightly and birds sang outside. Kermit woke up alone. He didn't see any sign of Piggy having been there at all. He got out of bed and stretched it was already 10:00 he had slept in Scooter had wanted to talk to him after lunch. Kermit wandered downstairs and found Piggy asleep on the couch. By the looks of it she'd been there all night. Kermit decided against waking her she needed her rest. He walked into the kitchen and got some cereal.
    By the time he was done Piggy was still asleep. He quickly wrote her a note that he was leaving for work. He stuck it to the fridge and hurried out the door.
    Janice woke up and had a shower she texted Floyd to meet her at the park. Janice got dressed brushed her hair and looked in the mirror. She sighed at what she saw. Once again she questioned herself how could Floyd have liked her for so long? She thought to herself. She knew she liked Floyd because he was kind and an amazing musician the list could go on and on. But Janice didn't know what Floyd liked so much about her. To her she was extremely boring, Janice shook her head sending water droplets everywhere. She looked in the mirror once more than walked outside. The sun was warm while she walked down the sidewalk but Janice quickly cooled off once she reached the shade of the trees. The water sparked in the pond and the breeze blew fluff from dandelions everywhere. Janice paused by the shore of the pond that sparkled in the center of the park.
    Birds sang and flew from tree to tree overhead. Janice watched a fish leap out of the water to catch a dragonfly. A moment later Floyd's arms went around Janice's waist pulling her back.
    "Hey" He whispered to her.
    Janice turned and faced him, "Hi" she replied.
    Floyd took her hand together they continued to walk.
    The dew from the grass soaked Janice's sandals and the hems of her jeans as they walked.
    Janice knew what was on her mind but she didn't know what to say. Finally she gave up and stopped pulling Floyd to a halt too.
    "You okay?" Floyd asked her as he faced her and pushed her hair out of her face.
    "Not really" She replied.
    "What's bothering you?" he asked her softly.
    Janice sighed. "I was thinking and there are so many reasons why I love you but why do you love me I mean I'm so boring...and...and I just wanted to know why me?" Floyd laughed softly to himself.
    "Jan you're not boring, you are extremely interesting and you are the nicest most beautiful woman I know. And you are a great singer and guitarist. Janice I love you because you're you and if I didn't love you than I wouldn't be marrying you now would I?"
    Janice's eyes welled with tears.
    She wanted to say something but she couldn't speak. Thankfully Floyd leaned in and kissed her.
    He took her hand once more and they continued walking.
    Piggy woke up on the couch sleeping there had given her a kink in her neck. She got up and made some waffles she knew Kermit was gone before she read his note. Piggy debated in her head weather or not she should visit him at the theatre. She was saved a reason to by a pounding headache Piggy placed her dishes in the sink and laid back on the couch. She'd call Kermit later. She fell asleep again while watching the news.
    Kermit rushed through the front doors of the theatre so fast that several sheets of paper flew of of his clipboard he groaned and ran back outside to retrieve them. Scooter we sitting on the edge of the stage dangling his feet when Kermit finally arrived at the stage.
    "Sorry I'm late Scooter" Kermit apologized and stood facing Scooter.
    "It's okay chief I understand"
    "Great thanks Scooter what did you need to talk to me about?" Kermit asked setting down his clipboard on the edge of the stage.
    "I was thinking, I think I need some vacation time" Scooter said running a hand through his tuft of hair.
    "Vacation time why?" Kermit asked him hoping up on the edge of the stage beside him.
    "I've been your assistant for years without a break so I was thinking maybe I deserve a small vacation maybe a week?"
    Kermit nodded considering what Scooter had just said. "Well you have a point Scooter when do you want to leave?"
    "This week" Scooter replied.
    "This week? Well if it's what you want you've earned it so I guess it's okay"
    "Great thanks chief it really means a lot"
    "Are you leaving tonight?" Kermit asked.
    "No tomorrow morning"
    "Okay Scooter, so do you want to help me open up the rest of the theatre?"
    "Sure" Scooter replied. He stood up in unison with Kermit and followed him backstage.
    Gonzo, Rizzo, and Pepe sat around a table staring at their lunch.
    "So guys Camilla was telling me about her cousins last night and she misses them." Gonzo said.
    "So what are ya goin' to do?" Rizzo asked.
    "I wanna take her to visit them." Gonzo replied.
    "You should take her it would be the right thing to do for her hokay" Pepe said.
    "Do you guys think so?" Gonzo asked them.
    Pepe and Rizzo nodded
    "Go for it man" Rizzo said.
    Floyd left Janice's room and walked downstairs and outside. In less than three weeks they'd be married. Floyd knew when he first saw Janice he wanted to be with her. But he never thought it would happen he never thought that one day no matter how many years later that he'd be engaged to her.
    Floyd walked down the street he passed stores and restaurants in each one he saw people. He saw people that were young and old and children. Floyd continued down the sidewalk. As he walked he remembered the first moment he'd laid eyes on her.
    It was the summer after high school. Floyd and Dr. Teeth had been best friends for years. Floyd was sitting on his porch when Teeth walked over to him followed by a girl make that a very pretty girl that Floyd had never seen before.
    "Hey Floyd" Teeth said.
    "Hey man" Floyd said his eyes focused on the new girl with growing interest.
    Teeth seemed to notice this because he cleared his throat rather loudly.
    "Floyd this is Janice I met her downtown yesterday. Janice this is Floyd my best friend." Floyd nodded at Janice who smiled brightly back at him.
    Teeth rolled his eyes and continued.
    "Janice plays guitar" He said.
    Floyd for the first time noticed the guitar strapped across her back.
    "What genres do you play?" He asked her.
    Janice looked at him and shrugged. "I like rully love rock but blues and jazz are fer sure awesome too" she replied.
    Floyd was instantly captivated by her. Her voice was unlike anything he'd ever heard. And he thought she was beautiful too.
    Teeth looked between the two of them. "I was telling Janice that we play rock too, among other styles but anyways she's good, really good so we got talking and we're going to form a band are you in?"
    Floyd raised his eyebrows at his friend. "A band? Well I suppose if we had a drummer and a lead singer and something else something different."
    Teeth nodded "We'll find that Floyd but for now are you in?" Floyd nodded
    "Sure why not"
    A few weeks later Animal and Zoot were hired followed by Lips a few years later.
    From that first day, from the first time he heard her play and sing Floyd knew he loved her.
    Back in the present day Floyd walked down to the boardwalk the beach stretched out in front of him. The waves rushed as they crashed against the rocks in a spray of sea foam. Floyd thought about his upcoming wedding. Floyd never even considered getting married. He'd never really wanted to either. To him marriage had always been a large commitment or and institution in his opinion he and Janice had always seemed too young to go to an institution.
    Floyd walked along the shoreline. The waves washed up the shore bring rocks and shells with them. He stopped and faced the expansive ocean. It spread out before him in large rolling waves.
    He has no idea why he'd proposed to her it had just felt right to him. Floyd remembered waking up in the morning and knowing exactly what he was going to do. Janice was completely speechless but she had managed to say yes. Floyd continued to walk he knew that the next three weeks would be extremely hectic.
    Janice was sitting on her bed and played her guitar while she waited for Floyd to come back. He said he was going for walk. He'd been gone for awhile. Janice put down her guitar and laid back. A few minutes later Floyd flopped down next to her she hadn't even heard him come in.
    "You're back" Janice mused starring at the ceiling tiles.
    "Ya" he said looking over at her. He played with her hair for a minute before speaking. "What are you thinking?" He asked her.
    Janice sighed and covered her face with her hands. "Nothing" she said stifling a laugh.
    Floyd half sat up so he could face her.
    "What is it?" He asked her.
    "Oh nothing Floyd I was just thinking about the wedding" She said she dropped her hand and looked up at him. Though her voice was light her eyes seemed somewhat somber.
    "Janice, is everything okay?" Floyd asked her.
    She shook her head her eyes filled with tears.
    "Floyd we can't get married now" she exclaimed.
    Floyd was instantly confused
    "Why not?" he asked framing her face
    "Because...oh Floyd you know I love you so much but we just can't."
    Floyd felt almost angry.
    "Janice why can't we get married?" he asked.
    "Because...because, I'm pregnant" Floyd stared at her. He didn't know what to say.
    "You are?" he managed.
    "Yes" she replied and flipped on to her stomach and buried her face in the mattress.
    "We can still get married. Three weeks won't make much of a difference" Floyd told her.
    Janice looked back up. "Do you even want to marry me anymore?" she asked.
    Floyd narrowed his eyes. "Of course I do" he sat up and pulled her into his lap. "I want to marry you Janice. Nothing is going to change that"
    Janice's face softened. Floyd leaned down and kissed her.
    Janice pulled back and looked into his eyes.
    "Floyd what are we going to do? I'm not ready for this" She buried her faced in his chest he held her tightly and rock back and forth.
    "I don't know Janice but we'll think of something." Janice didn't move she sat motionless in his arms. Finally she pulled back and looked at him.
    "Are you going to be okay?" she asked him.
    "I'll be fine. And we are going to get married okay?"
    She nodded. "Okay, I love you" she said.
    "I love you too" Floyd replied. He hugged her he never wanted to let go.
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  12. floyd<3janice

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    Chapter 5
    Throughout the next few days Piggy visited Kermit at the theatre but since word of Janice's pregnancy spread Piggy and Janice had become almost inseparable. Both of them were always out doing things together. The only downside was that the press go ahold of the stories and were always outside waiting for Janice or Miss Piggy to walk outside.
    Today Kermit was talking to Fozzie when Piggy walked over. She was wearing a violet dress and her hair was French braided into a little headband.
    "Kermie moi was wondering if vous would like to come to the cafe with moi and Janice?" she asked sweetly.
    "I would love to dear but I need to be here right now. Everyone needs me."
    "Okay but make sure you're not busy tomorrow because vous et moi are going to the park."
    "Okay Piggy I'll see you soon" Kermit said returning to his conversation with Fozzie.
    Piggy marched away towards Janice. "Coming?" she asked her walking towards the door.
    "Sure" Janice replied and followed her out.
    Piggy and Janice ignored the shouting reporters and continued to hurry down the sidewalk. The clouds were covering the sun causing a cool breeze. Janice and Piggy almost ran towards the cafe. Inside was quiet and calm.
    Piggy ordered two coffees and her and Janice headed over to a table in the corner. Piggy sipped quietly at her coffee.
    "Is everything okay?" Janice asked.
    "Oh yes everything's okay I'm just tired and these reporters are driving me crazy."
    Janice looked out the window. The sun was back out and she could distinguish several of the reporters standing across the street.
    "Maybe we should take the back door out" Janice said.
    "Good idea" Piggy replied.
    They finished their coffees then walked out the back door. There were no reporters on this side of the street. They looked around they were the only ones. Together they walked across the street and down the sidewalk.
    The theatre was bustling with activity when they walked through the door. Kermit was nowhere in sight once Piggy reached the stage. It seemed as though everything was chaos. When Piggy reached backstage she realized it was chaos. Kermit came into view. He was being followed by two pigs a man and a women that Piggy didn't recognize.
    "Yes she is in fact she's right there" Kermit told the man and women as he pointed over to Piggy.
    The woman grinned brightly thanked Kermit and ran over to Piggy.
    "Oh Piggy its been so long!" She embraced Piggy in a tight warm hug.
    "Um yes" Piggy said trying to think of who the woman was.
    The woman finally pulled back and smiled at Piggy. Finally it dawned on Piggy who she was.
    "Oh Trudy it is you!" She exclaimed hugging her cousin again. Trudy smiled at her again. She was wearing a yellow dress and her auburn hair was piled on her head. "I've missed you so much" Trudy said her eyes were rimmed with tears. Finally Piggy turned her attention to the man standing beside Trudy. He was tall with black hair and he was wearing a gray suit. "Oh this is Maxwell my husband" Trudy said touching Maxwell's arm.
    "Its good to meet you" He grinned at Piggy.
    Piggy smiled back. "Oh we have so much catching up to do. How long are you staying?" Piggy asked trying desperately to not jump up and down with glee.
    "As long as you want us" Trudy replied as equally excited.
    "Oh goody you can stay in the guest room at our house" Piggy offered.
    "Great thanks" Trudy replied.
    "I'm going to go take Kermit up on his offer to show me around" Maxwell said walking towards the opposite wing of the stage where Kermit stood with Gonzo.
    "Oh I must go show you around too so we can socialize and I can fill you in on the latest gossip" Piggy said. Both of them began to giggle.
    "Great" Trudy said. They linked arms and walked off to socialize.

    "No" Floyd complained
    "Yes" Janice argued
    He rolled his eyes and stood up.
    "No" He said again
    Janice stood up and faced him.
    "Yes Floyd" she told him crossing her arms over her chest.
    "Jan. can't we go another day?"
    "No we have to go today" She insisted. Floyd knew the second the argument started that he wouldn't win.
    He sighed and took her hand.
    "I guess we could go but you owe me" he told her.
    Janice hugged him then kissed him. When she finally pulled back.
    "There now I don't owe you" before he could reply she took his hand and pulled him outside.
    The sun was beating down on the sidewalk. Janice held Floyd's hand and pulled him along.
    They walked until they got to a small shop.
    Inside there were flowers a lot of flowers in fact there were only flowers. Floyd wished he could run out the door but Janice had a firm grip on his hand and wasn't letting go. She led him to some blue flowers. "What do you think?" she asked.
    "They're okay" he mumbled.
    "Okay what about these" she held up a bouquet of darker blue flowers.
    "Those are better" he said. Janice held on to them and picked up some red ones. "What about these?" she asked.
    "Why red?" he complained.
    "Floyd do you like them or not?"
    He shrugged "They're nice for red" Janice rolled her eyes and held on to them. They looked at a few more types of flowers but Janice settled on the original two colors. She ordered an unnecessary amount of them then dragged Floyd out of the store.
    "Thank god!" he exclaimed when they stepped onto the sidewalk.
    "You're an idiot" Janice said and walked away. Floyd hurried after her.
    "I'm sorry babe" he told her.
    She stopped and faced him "Do you not care?" she asked.
    Floyd shook his head. "I care Janice its just flower shopping? Really" Janice sighed
    "Okay I forgive you. C'mon let's get back before the reporters find me" She took his hand again and dragged him behind her down the street. There were surprisingly no reporters that they could see outside the theater. Janice and Floyd ran inside as quick as they could. It was total chaos. Kermit was standing on the stage shouting orders and acts and everything. Without Scooter everything was falling apart.
    "Do you need help Kermit?" Janice asked.
    "It's okay guys I've got it under control" Janice nodded.
    "Okay Kermit" she ran backstage. Piggy and Trudy walked by.
    "Hey Piggy!" Janice called.
    "Oh Janice there you are!" Piggy ran over.
    "Janice this is Trudy my cousin, Trudy this is Janice she's lead guitar in the band"
    "Hi it's great to meet you" Trudy said hugging Janice.
    "Ya it's rully good to meet you too"
    "So Janice Trudy and I are going out tonight with Kermit and Maxwell do you and uh...Floyd want to come?" Piggy asked.
    "Sure that would be rully awesome what time?"
    "Ya okay we'll be there"
    "Great" Piggy replied.
    She lead Trudy over to where Maxwell was laughing with Clifford
    "Hi boys" Trudy said hugging Maxwell.
    "Hello darling" Maxwell replied.
    "Hey Trudy I'm Clifford" Clifford said.
    "Hi Clifford" Trudy replied
    "Max we are leaving at seven tonight so don't be late" Piggy said.
    "We won't" Maxwell replied.
    Piggy left Trudy with Maxwell and went to find Kermit. He was still onstage ordering everyone.
    "Okay why don't we give those vocals a rest and take a break okay dear" Kermit nodded and followed Piggy backstage. She handed him a glass of water.
    "Thanks Piggy" he said.
    "Okay honey" she lead him away.
    "We have dinner tonight at seven with Max and Trudy and Floyd and Janice."
    Kermit walked into Piggy's dressing room she handed him pants and a t-shirt.
    "It's nothing fancy so just throw that on I'll take care of everything else."
    Thanks dear" Kermit said.
    Piggy smiled and walked out closing the door behind her.

    Janice ran upstairs. Floyd was sitting in a couch.
    "Floyd we have fifteen minutes lets go" Floyd realized that Janice was already changed. She was wearing fitted jeans and an of the shoulder turquoise long sleeve shirt. Her usual sandals had been replaced by silver flats.
    "What time is it?" he asked
    "six forty five" she replied running out of the room.
    Floyd met her downstairs in a blue plaid shirt and jeans.
    Janice lead him outside.
    They arrived exactly on time.
    Piggy and Kermit were waiting outside the doors. Of the bowling alley. Piggy for the first time was wearing a pair if dark fitted jeans and a pink fitted top with enormous baggy sleeves that looked like wings when she raised her arms.
    Kermit was also just in jeans and a white button up shirt.
    Trudy and Max arrived a few minutes later. Trudy was in white skinny jeans and a bright yellow shirt. Max was wearing black pants and a red flannel shirt.
    "Alright everyone let's go" Kermit opened the door and lead everyone inside. The restaurant part of the alley was extremely neon and had blaring music.
    Kermit go two pizzas and everyone took their seats. They all ate then headed over to the bowling section. It was entirely black light so everything white glowed purplish blue. Kermit set up the automatic TV that kept track of the score. Kermit was first. All the guys walked over to the lane to watch. The girls took their seats.
    "So ladies is their anything else I've missed cousin?"
    Piggy looked over to see the guys cheer for Kermit who must have gotten a strike.
    "Um I'm pregnant" Piggy said.
    Trudy's face lit up.
    "Oh Piggy I'm so happy for you!"
    "twins" Piggy added.
    "oh I'm jealous I've always wanted twins." Trudy hugged Piggy.
    "Janice is too" Piggy said.
    Janice was busy watching the guys bowl.
    "What?" she said zoning in.
    "Oh Janice congrats!" Trudy exclaimed hugging Janice too.
    "Alright ladies are you three bowling or not?" Floyd asked walking over to sit beside Janice.
    "Not tonight" Piggy said as Kermit sat beside her.
    Trudy and Janice exchanged glances.
    "Why not?" they said together.
    Everyone watched as Janice picked up the ball and rolled it down the lane. She almost got a strike. Trudy went next she only got three pins.
    "It's okay dear" Max called to her. The guys got up again as Janice and Trudy sat back down.
    They finished the game. Floyd and Kermit tied for first then Max Then Janice and then Trudy. Piggy looked like she was falling asleep once they finished.
    See you tomorrow guys. Janice said as she and Floyd walked into the parking lot. Trudy and Max followed Kermit and Piggy home.
    "here's the guest room" Piggy said to Trudy and Max.
    "Thanks" Trudy replied.
    Kermit was already asleep when Piggy came in the room she laid down and before she knew it she was asleep too.

    The next morning Gonzo woke Camilla up early.
    "hey dear c'mon we're gonna miss our plane"
    "Brawk Begawk?" she replied.
    "We're going to visit your cousins." Gonzo said.
    Camilla was up instantly and was hugging Gonzo as best she could.
    "Okay dear let's go" he took her wing grabbed the suitcases and lead her out.

    Floyd woke up to find Janice sitting in front of the TV downstairs.
    "Hey baby" Floyd said and sat beside her.
    "What's up?" She asked leaning against him.
    "Nothin" he replied.
    Janice stood up and walked into the kitchen she came back a moment later with a bowl of cereal. "I have a doctors appointment this afternoon are you coming?" she asked.
    Floyd shook his head "I can't I told Teeth and the guys that we'd practice. We have another show coming up."
    Janice sat up, "Floyd what about the wedding? We have planning to do."
    "I'll help you I promise. But I told Teeth I'd be there. I'm sorry" he took her hand. "I'll help you I promise but the bands needs us too."
    "I know Floyd" Janice said putting down her bowl.
    "But I have a wedding to plan for then a baby how can I help the band? You need to be there for me too I can't do this." she covered her face in her hands. Floyd put his arms around her waist and pulled her against him.
    "Jan, it's okay. You can do this. I'll help you. You're more important then the band right now"
    Janice held back tears. "I don't know what to do Floyd. I'm confused." he hugged her "I know, it's going to be okay" Janice stood up. She cleaned out her bowl and walked back.
    Floyd walked upstairs with her.
    "Jan?" he said once they got upstairs.
    "Yes?" she replied.
    "Are you sure you're okay?"
    Janice spun around. "No but what can I do?"
    Floyd hugged her again. "You can start by trusting me" he said.
    "I do trust you but I'm just stressed" she flopped down in the bed. Floyd sat on the edge beside her.
    His phone rang Floyd answered it. It was Teeth.
    "Hey Floyd" Teeth said.
    "Hey man" Floyd replied.
    "Are you coming in?" he asked
    "Ya I'll see you soon"
    Floyd hung up.
    "Go ahead" Janice said.
    "You sure?"
    "Yes" she replied and rolled over.
    "See you soon" Floyd replied. He kissed her and ran downstairs.

    Teeth was set up when Floyd got there.
    "There you are" Teeth greeted.
    "Hey guys." Floyd replied and jumped onstage.
    "Where's Janice?" Teeth asked
    "Doctors" Floyd replied picking up his bass.
    "Ready? One two three" they started to play as best they could without Janice.
    They practiced for awhile but Animal got bored and threw his drumsticks then his drum kit off the stage.
    "Whoa" Teeth said halting the music.
    "I guess we're done for today" Floyd replied.
    "Floyd?" Teeth said.
    "Yes?" Floyd replied.
    "Take Animal for a walk would ya?"
    "Sure" Floyd said and went to get Animal's chain.

    "Alright guys I'm leaving. Who's coming today?" Kermit asked setting down his coffee mug and standing up.
    "I'll come Kermit" Max said getting up too.
    "Maybe later" Piggy said sitting back in her chair.
    "We'll go shopping or something" Piggy mused.
    Kermit sighed "Piggy what about this weeks show" Kermit said.
    "We'll be there tomorrow" Piggy replied.
    "Alright, fine go shopping but come tomorrow"
    Piggy nodded. Kermit hugged her and walked out the door with Max.
    "Alright we can relax for now then we can shop" Piggy said sipping at her coffee.
    "Sounds good" Trudy replied.
    Piggy stood up, "I'm going to get dressed" she said to Trudy who was already dressed in a pale blue dress.
    Piggy returned a minute later in a pale green dress.
    "Are we leaving?" Trudy asked.
    "Sure why not" Piggy replied.
    She got her purse and walked with Trudy to the car.
    "So Piggy my dear do you have names picked out yet?" Piggy shook her head.
    "Not yet" She replied backing out of the driveway.
    They drove downtown to the mall
    "Let's shop" Piggy said leading Trudy through the sliding automatic doors.
    Janice pulled into the parking lot of the doctors office. She wished she had Floyd with her but she'd have to go alone for today.
    There was barely anyone else in the office. Janice was sent straight back to a room. Inside was a computer a table and two chairs. Janice took a seat and waited. The doctor a young woman came in a minute later. She was wearing pink scrubs and a white lab coat her black hair was pulled into a tight ponytail.
    "Hi Janice I'm Dr. Brinsteen" She smiled and shook Janice's hand.
    "Hi" Janice replied.
    It took a minute to set up but once everything was in place. The doctor turned on the computer. The screen lit up.
    "Okay Janice let's get started." She wheeled over to Janice in her office chair.
    "Alright" she said pointing to an image on the screen.
    Janice couldn't really see anything yet.
    Dr. Brinsteen scribbled something on her paper. "I'd say you're around, two months. Maybe a little more around nine weeks." Janice nodded.
    Once again the doctor explained to Janice the best foods to eat. Then let her leave.
    Janice got home and walked inside Floyd was on the couch watching TV.
    "You're home?" Janice said.
    "Ya practice ended early"
    "Animal?" Janice asked knowing the answer.
    "As usual he got bored and well I had to take him for a walk. How'd your appointment go?"
    "Great. Around nine weeks."
    She walked upstairs a minute later she came back down.
    "What's up?" Floyd called while Janice was in the kitchen.
    "I'm starving" She called back.
    She returned a minute later with a handful of granola bars.
    "Have you eaten at all since this morning?" Floyd asked her she shook her head.
    "No" she sat down.
    "Are you going to practice tomorrow?" Floyd asked.
    "Yea" she said.
    "Great" Floyd replied.

    Gonzo and Camilla pulled into the driveway of an old farmhouse.
    Camilla practically ran inside. She stopped and knocked on the door. An older looking chicken opened the door.
    An instant later more chickens came out.
    Camilla was surrounded with hugs.
    Gonzo walked over with the bags the oldest chicken hugged him and helped them inside.
    There were chickens everywhere Gonzo was having trouble focusing on Camilla there were just so many chickens.
    "Breawk!" Camilla squawked whacking him with her wing.
    "Sorry dear" Gonzo replied. They were led upstairs to a large guest bedroom.
    "Wow this is nice thank you" Gonzo said.
    "Beawk Beawk Brawk" Camilla said.
    "We'll be down for dinner at six" Gonzo replied.
    He set down the bags and followed Camilla downstairs.
    He met her cousin Maria and Gina. Then he met her other cousins Sarah and Mikaela. What was he here for Gonzo couldn't remember Camilla hit him again. "Sorry" he said again. Camilla went to talk with the ladies while Gonzo talked to her other cousins George, Fred, Mickie and Tommy.
    At six everyone sat down for dinner.
    Gonzo and Camilla talked to everyone and Camilla was able to catch up on what she missed.
    The whole time Gonzo couldn't help but wonder if it was his fault she'd missed out on so much.
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    Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! More!

    I am awaiting for the birth!

    But before that, I hope for a good 'ol fashioned pregnancy anger.
    Those are hilarious to watch.
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    Chapter 6
    A best friend
    Trudy spun in a circle her dress twirled around her knees.
    "What do you think?" She asked Kermit and Max who were sitting in the armchair watching Trudy and Piggy model their new clothes.
    "It's very twirly" Max said.
    "Twirly?" Trudy said putting her hands on her hips.
    "I like it" Max added.
    Trudy kissed his cheek and ran upstairs.
    "We're done by the way" She added before disappearing.
    "Thank goodness!" Kermit gasped resting his head on the back of the chair.
    "That was torture" Max complained.
    "Alright" Piggy said walking downstairs in super high heels.
    "We're down for outfits but now we're doing shoes!" she walked into the center of the room and modeled the shoes in the most professional way.
    "Okay they're great dear. But maybe you can show us after? I was going to show Max the property out back" Kermit said. He stood up and led her over to the stairs.
    "Never mind you'll just see them when I wear them." Piggy said. She carefully but successfully navigated the stairs.
    Kermit and Max quickly escaped outside.
    "Alright" Kermit said.
    "I'll show you around" he said as he led Max behind the house.

    Janice stretched out on the couch she was exhausted.
    Tomorrow she was practicing with the band. She turned off the TV and walked lazily upstairs. Floyd was playing his bass when she walked in the room.
    "Hey baby" Floyd said when she walked in.
    "mmm...hi" she replied lazily and collapsed on the bed.
    "Tired" Floyd said it wasn't a question.
    "I'm so exhausted" Janice replied.
    She didn't speak again.
    Floyd looked over at her. She was fast asleep.
    He continued to play softer. Janice slept soundly beside him as he played.
    Floyd put down his bass and stood up it was late and dark outside.
    He went downstairs and turned on the TV. Five minutes later he was asleep.
    Janice woke Floyd up and got ready. She was brushing her hair when Floyd walked in the room.
    "Good you're fully awake" Janice remarked spinning around to face him.
    "Not really" he said.
    Janice sighed
    "Whatever can brush the back for me?"
    Floyd nodded. Janice turned and faced the mirror again.
    "There" Floyd said and handed her the brush.
    "Thanks honey" Janice said.
    "I'll be downstairs" Floyd said.
    "I'll be down in a minute" Janice replied.
    She got dressed in fitted jean capris and a yellow cardigan.
    Floyd was on the couch watching TV when she walked in.
    "Alright" Janice said.
    "Great let's go" Floyd said.
    He was about to walk out the door when Janice grabbed his hand.
    "Floyd wait!" she pleaded
    He turned and faced her.
    "What?" he said.
    "I thought I'd remind you that we have planning to do tonight" Janice said.
    "Sure thing babe" he said.
    "Okay let's go like practice." Janice said following Floyd outside.

    Kermit walked onto the stage everyone was practicing something the show was in two days.
    "Kermit there is no order here you need to get these idiots under control!" Sam ordered. They turned to see Animal eat a whole stack of paper."
    "Great there goes At The Dance for the next month" Kermit said.
    "My point proven" Sam said.
    "I'm sorry Sam but without Scooter here I can't keep track of anything" Kermit said apologetically.
    "Just fix it" Sam said and stormed off.
    "Jeesh" Kermit said
    "I really need Scooter" he added.
    Rowlf came over followed by Honeydew and Beaker.
    "Kermit we were wondering if Bunsen could extend his act so I could be in it?" Rowlf asked.
    "Rowlf do you really want to be in it?" Kermit asked.
    Rowlf shrugged. "it seems okay to me. Just some sort of better pianist potion and stuff" Rowlf explained.
    "Um sure Rowlf but be careful" Kermit added.
    "He'll be fine" Bunsen said.
    "Sure" Kermit said to himself.
    Trudy and Piggy went by deep in conversation.
    "Piggy dear!" Kermit called to her.
    "Yes dear?" She said walking over to him. Her red dress swooshing as she walked.
    "Are you singing in this show or not?" Kermit asked her.
    "Oh yes I am" she replied.
    "okay dear just double checking" he said.
    "Alrighty" Piggy said as she walked back to Trudy.
    Kermit walked backstage and sat down it was going to be a terrible show without Scooter. It had been years since he'd done a show without him.
    Kermit looked up as the Swedish chef chased his chicken across the stage.
    Pepe and Rizzo were playing cards in the corner, Sam was yelling at Animal for doing something and Fozzie was torturing Beaker with his jokes.
    Kermit didn't do anything instead he watched he watched Dr. Teeth round up Animal and take him away.
    Piggy and Trudy were still talking and Max was over talking to Rowlf and Dr. Honeydew.

    Gonzo walked outside with Camilla the farmhouse had acres upon acres of land. She walked beside him to a small trail that wound through fields and the forest.
    It was a warm day but the leaves were already touched with color showing signs of a fast approaching fall.
    Gonzo had always loved fall all the bright colors and the crisp earthy air that seemed to settle in the beautiful season of Autumn. He however didn't like winter. It was full of cold and to him cold meant hate. He always felt bad for fall and spring. Two beautiful seasons
    Separated by a full season of cold. Gonzo wished that he could hibernate. He was born a whatever but he doesn't have the ability to hibernate.
    It was going to be a long winter.
    Gonzo and Camilla walked down the path. It was beautiful for a September evening. The sun was setting casting an orange glow. Camilla stopped and looked into the bushes. There was a rustling a squirrel ran across their path. The rustling stopped and everything was quiet after a moment Camilla and Gonzo continued walking.

    That was the longest practice ever Janice groaned she sat on a block.
    "We're not done yet" Dr. Teeth said. He walked over and sat beside her.
    "What do you mean?" Janice asked.
    "We're going to play for Kermit after he's done with everything else."
    "Oh" Janice said.
    Teeth looked over to where Zoot was watching Animal pound uncontrollably at his drums.
    "Do you ever wonder if we're isolated here?" Janice asked.
    "What do you mean?" Dr. Teeth replied.
    "Like here we don't see our other friends like I rully miss my friends from high school. Especially my best friend Morgan"
    Teeth nodded. "Not anymore. But maybe that's because Floyd has always been my best friend"
    "You're lucky" Janice said.
    "Alright guys" Kermit said.
    "Let's practice"
    Janice and Teeth stood up and walked over.
    That night Dr. Teeth called Floyd "Hey man" Teeth said.
    "What's up?" Floyd asked.
    "I have an idea for you" Teeth said.
    "What would that be?" Floyd asked.
    "Well" Teeth began.
    The day of the show everyone practiced hard.
    By the time the show was fifteen minutes away backstage was chaos.
    "Come on everyone!" Kermit shouted trying to establish order in the room.
    "Fozzie come help me!" Kermit shouted.
    Fozzie ran over and helped Kermit organize the nights schedule.
    The band was in the soundproof room if finishing up a last minutes practice.
    Fozzie came running in. "Guys come on we're on in...Two minutes lets go!" the band burst into action.
    Janice and Floyd grabbed their guitars and ran out followed by Zoot Dr. Teeth and Animal Fozzie followed.
    By the time they reached the stage Kermit was standing behind the O waiting for his cue.
    The band waited in the wings since they were on second.
    "Its the Muppet Show!" Kermit announced jumping down to get in he arch.
    After the song Kermit ran back onstage.
    "Good evening everyone we have yet another...interesting show for you tonight!" he cheerfully announced. The audience cheered.
    "Alright let's start with some inventing!" there were more cheers as the curtains opened.
    "Welcome to muppet labs" Dr. Honeydew introduced.
    "Today instead of using my regular assistant Beaker I'll be using the amazing Rowlf." Rowlf hesitantly walked onstage.
    "Great, so I'm going to give Rowlf some of my new piano skills potion. It will make his piano abilities much more...skillful."
    He sat Rowlf down and ladled a green syrup in his mouth.
    Rowlf swallowed. "Tastes like apples" he commented.
    "Now we shall test his piano abilities."
    He led Rowlf over to a piano that had suddenly appeared onstage.
    Rowlf began to play. He sounded great. He sounded amazing. The audience clapped their approval. But before the cheers could die down Rowlf started to uncontrollably pound on the keys making an awful noise. The audience covered their ears.
    Fozzie and Beauregard ran onstage and wheeled Rowlf and the piano offstage. The curtains closed.
    Since Rowlf's paws couldn't keep still veterinarians hospital would have to be cancelled.
    The Mayhem set up and waited for the curtains to open when they did the audience clapped and cheered.
    Floyd and Janice started to play. The rest of the band joined in.

    "I guess this time you're really leaving
    I heard your suitcase say goodbye
    Well as my broken heart lies bleeding
    you say true love is suicide" Floyd sang.

    "You say you've cried a thousand rivers
    And now you're swimming for the shore
    You left me drowning in my tears
    And you won't save me anymore" the audience was quiet as they listened.

    "Now I'm praying to God you'll give me one more chance, girl" the lights went brighter once he sang the chorus.

    "I'll be there for you
    These five words I swear to you
    When you breathe I want to be the air for you
    I'll be there for you
    I'd live and I'd die for you
    I'd steal the sun from the sky for you
    Words can't say what love can do
    I'll be there for you"

    "I know you know we've had some good times
    Now they have their own hiding place
    Well I can promise you tomorrow
    But I can't buy back yesterday"

    "And Baby you know my hands are dirty
    But I wanted to be your valentine
    I'll be the water when you get thirsty, baby
    When you get drunk, I'll be the wine"

    "I'll be there for you
    These five words I swear to you
    When you breathe I want to be the air for you
    I'll be there for you
    I'd live and I'd die for you
    Steal the sun from the sky for you
    Words can't say what a love can do
    I'll be there for you"

    "And I wasn't there when you were happy
    I wasn't there when you were down
    I didn't mean to miss your birthday, baby
    I wish I'd seen you blow those candles out"

    "I'll be there for you
    These five words I swear to you
    When you breathe I want to be the air for you
    I'll be there for you
    I'd live and I'd die for you
    Steal the sun from the sky for you
    Words can't say what a love can do
    I'll be there for you"
    the audience clapped and cheered. The curtains swooshed closed again.
    "That was music to my ears!" Waldorf yelled.
    "There must be something wrong with your hearing aid" Statler replied
    "Yep it was turned off. You know what they say silence is golden" they laughed.
    Kermit waited as the curtains opened again.
    Teeth was in the middle of the stage playing a grand piano because Rowlf couldn't. Piggy was sitting on top of the piano with a microphone in her hand her silver dress covered the expanse o the piano and even draped over the sides in places.
    Teeth played slowly for a minute then Piggy started to sing.

    "Tonight a candle lights the room,
    Tonight it's only me and you,
    Your skin like gravity
    Is pulling every part of me,
    I fall, you and I collide

    What if I stay forever?
    What if there's no goodbye?
    Frozen for a moment here in time,
    If you tell me the sky is falling,
    Or say that the stars collide,
    The only thing that matters in my life,
    Is you and I tonight

    Our eyes close the candle burns away,
    But I know the fire still remains
    This love is all we need
    We fit together perfectly,
    I fall, you and I collide

    What if I stay forever?
    What if there's no goodbye?
    Frozen for a moment here in time,
    If you tell me the sky is falling,
    Or say that the stars collide,
    The only thing that matters in my life,
    Is you and I tonight

    I wanna see this through
    I wanna give it all to you

    Tonight a candle lights the room
    Tonight, it's only me and you, oh

    What if I stay forever?
    What if there's no goodbye?
    Frozen for a moment here in time,
    If you tell me the sky is falling,
    Or say that the stars collide,
    The only thing that matters in my life,
    Is you and I tonight
    Tell me the sky, forever
    Just you and I tonight
    Tell me the sky,
    What if I stay?
    Just you and I tonight."
    The audience roared with cheers the curtains closed. Piggy hoped of the piano. Her dress trailed a mile behind her as she walked.
    "Dear that was beautiful" Kermit told her. He pulled her into a tight hug.
    "Thank you mon dear" Piggy crooned.
    After several more songs and acts Kermit jogged onstage.
    "Thank you everyone for watching tonight join us next time on the muppet show!" Kermit called.
    The audience clapped and cheered.
    "Alright everyone great job" Kermit congratulated. Everyone clapped. Kermit hugged Piggy
    "Great song darling" Trudy said running over to Piggy.

    The next day Janice was sitting on the edge of the stage. Everyone was relaxing in random chairs or just walking around talking.
    They had a week until the next show. But they had today to relax. Even Animal was stretched out along to seats in the audience.
    Janice sighed she couldn't shake the feeling of being isolated from the rest of the world. She missed doing whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. Unfortunately she couldn't do that now. She was getting married in almost two weeks and then she would have a baby to plan for. Janice looked up. Kermit and Floyd were walking through the isle of the theater. They walked over so that they were in front of her.
    "Hey" Floyd said and walked over to her with Kermit. Janice jumped down.
    "Hey guys" she replied.
    "I was thinking we should go home early" Floyd told her.
    "Why?" Janice asked.
    "Because" Floyd said taking her hand and pulling her closer.
    "We are done here and we have planning to do" he told her.
    "Um...okay" Janice said.
    "Great" Floyd replied.
    Once they got home Janice grabbed paper and started to plan last minute additions for the wedding. She couldn't help but notice that Floyd kept looking out the window every five seconds. Finally she'd had enough.
    "Floyd what is outside?" she snapped at him.
    He turned and faced her.
    "What?" he asked.
    "What is so important outside that you have to keep looking out there?" she asked again.
    "Nothing" he replied.
    Janice narrowed her eyes. "Can you just help me?" she asked.
    "Nope" he replied. He grabbed her hand and pulled her outside.
    "Floyd! What are you doing? You said there was nothing out here!" she tried to break free but he had a tight hold on her.
    He dragged he down the steps and into the driveway. Suddenly Floyd let go of her.
    "Janice!" Janice spun to where she heard her name. In the driveway was Morgan.
    "Morgan?" Janice yelled she ran over and tackled her best friend.
    "I've missed you" Morgan said.
    "I've missed you too" Janice replied.
    Floyd was still standing behind them with his arms crossed over his chest.
    Janice turned and faced him.
    "Was this your idea?" she asked him.
    "It was Teeth's" Floyd replied.
    "I'll thank him later. But you had something to do with it!" she said running over to him. He unfolded his arms to hug her.
    "C'mon let's go in" Janice said. She hugged Morgan again and led her inside.
    "Its awesome to see you again" Morgan said.
    "I missed you so much Janice" Morgan said.
    "And you too Floyd" she continued hugging him as well.
    "It's been awhile" Floyd said.
    "How long are you here?" Janice asked.
    "I don't know maybe two weeks" Morgan replied.
    "You have to stay longer" Janice pleaded.
    "I might, if you want me to stay that is?"
    "Of course I want you to stay. Your like best friend you are Fer sure staying!" Janice said.
    Once Morgan got settled her and Janice went outside and sat in the backyard.
    "So whats new with you?" Morgan asked.
    "too much" Janice replied.
    "Tell me" Morgan told her.
    "Well you're right on time cause I'm like getting married in two weeks" Janice said.
    "No way let me guess to Floyd?"
    Morgan said sarcastically
    Janice nodded.
    "And I'm pregnant" Janice said.
    "Shut up!" Morgan screamed.
    "Oh my god I'm so happy!" She got up and ran over to hug Janice.
    "Wow your life is like so exciting now" Morgan pouted.
    "Well what's new with you?" Janice asked.
    Morgan leaned her head back in her chair. "There is absolutely nothing new with me" she said.
    "Cmon there has to be something new with you" Janice said.
    "Nothing," Morgan replied.
    "Oh...well you're here now and we're going to have so much fun" Janice said.

    By the next day everyone was back to practicing their acts. Trudy, Piggy, Janice and Morgan all went out for coffee.
    The sun disappeared early in the morning and was replaced by stormy gray clouds.
    "This like rully sucks" Janice said.
    "I know now we have to stay inside" Morgan added.
    "I really wanted to go to the beach this afternoon" Trudy sulked.
    "C'mon ladies we'll find something fun to do at the theater.
    Unfortunately once they got to the theater they were needed. Janice needed to help the band. So she took Morgan with her.
    Piggy and Trudy went to help out with pigs in space.
    "Great Janice, Morgan you guys are here" Teeth said walking over to his keyboard.
    "Its going to rain" Janice said. She went over to retrieve her guitar.
    Morgan watched from the wing if the stage.
    "Animal where are your drumsticks" Floyd asked Animal who was about to play the drums with his hands.
    Animal shrugged.
    "Over here!" Kermit called they looked over to where Kermit was pulling the drumsticks out of the wall.
    "How did you get those in the wall?" Teeth asked Animal. He grabbed a cymbal and whipped it at the wall.
    "Look out!" Janice yelled Kermit ducked right before it hit the wall and stuck in place right above Kermit's head.
    "THROW CYMBAL THROW THROW!!!!" Animal screamed.
    Kermit was able to pull the sticks and cymbal out without anymore dangerous encounters.
    Once everything was in order again they were able to practice as usual.
    Piggy and Trudy helped Link fix up the pigs in space set.
    Afterwards they walked around and talked to whoever they were standing closest to.
    They stood beside Morgan and watched the band play.
    "You're so good!" Morgan told Janice when practice was done.
    "Thanks why didn't you play with us?" she asked.
    "It's your band, and I'm way out of practice" Morgan replied.
    "No you're not. Tomorrow you have to play"
    "Fine" Morgan agreed.

    The rain poured all afternoon.
    "I hate this whether" Janice complained as they walked into the house.
    "I know we have nothing to do now" Morgan said.
    "Floyd do you have any ideas?" Janice asked.
    "Not exactly" he replied.
    Thunder rumbled outside followed by a flash of lightening.
    "I'm going to go look for a board game or something" Janice said.
    "I'll help" Morgan said and followed Janice upstairs.
    Lightening flashed again.
    "I hate storms" Janice mumbled.
    They looked everywhere. They had no board games.
    "Floyd do you know if there are any board games or any games for that matter. Even a deck of cards would work."
    Floyd shook his head "I have no idea." he said.
    "I'm so bored" Janice said.
    Thunder clapped outside.
    Janice flinched. "I can't tell you how much I hate storms" Janice shuddered she covered her ears.
    While the thunder pounded outside.
    Floyd pulled her into his lap. "You okay?" he asked her.
    She nodded and curled up in his arms.
    Morgan pulled out her phone and started playing a game on it.
    The storm raged all afternoon Piggy and Trudy sat around doing nothing the theatre felt eerily silent.
    Everyone had decided to go home because they were out of things to do.
    Kermit paced the stage. The lights flickered above him. It was going to be a long day if the storm didn't let up soon. Thankfully around 4:00 the rain stopped the clouds however stayed in place.
    Kermit drove Piggy, Trudy and Max home.
    They read books or found something to do. Even though the rain stopped it could come back any second.
    "I'm going to the store to find something for dinner tonight are you three coming?" Kermit asked.
    "Sure" Piggy said. Trudy and Max nodded.

    "Im going for a walk" Floyd announced.
    "Floyd it's going to rain again any second." Janice said.
    "I'm bored and I'd rather have to walk in the rain then stay here" he replied.
    "We'll come with you" Janice said she and Morgan got up and followed him out.
    There was no rain but everything was soaked. Janice walked between Floyd and Morgan. They walked into town and past the park. There was hardly anyone else walking.
    They were still walking when out of nowhere it started to pour.
    "I told you it would rain" Janice told Floyd.
    He didn't reply instead he took her hand and ran. The three of them sprinted down the sidewalk the rain was falling so fast in hurt when it hit them.
    By the time they reached the house they were soaked.
    "Great...now...I'm...wet" Janice gasped between breaths.
    Morgan took her hair and twisted it sending a shower of water to the ground.
    "I'm going to get changed" Janice said she ran upstairs. Morgan and Floyd followed to get changed too.
    Once everyone was mostly dry again Janice turned on the TV and collapsed next to Floyd on the couch.
    "If we all get sick in the morning. It's your fault" Janice told him.
    He laughed and kissed the top of her head. "You won't get sick" he said.
    "I could" she replied.
    "But you won't" he told her.

    Piggy and Trudy went to get some fruit while Kermit and Max went to get other foods.
    "I really hope it doesn't rain like this tomorrow" Trudy said getting some apples. Piggy walked over to the oranges.
    "I think it's supposed to be nice tomorrow." she said.
    "So when are you and Kermit going to start thinking of names?" Trudy asked.
    "Oh I don't know. Kermit's busy and I've looked on some websites but it's not the same without him."
    Piggy put the bag of oranges in the cart.
    "Well maybe in the next few days Kermit will have time" Trudy told her.
    "I hope so" Piggy replied.
    The next day was hot and sunny. Everyone was able to go to work at the theater.
    Piggy and Trudy helped out as best they could. And the band played backstage.
    Morgan was looking for Janice but ended up in the wrong room. She walked into a room with a large piano in the middle. She made sure no one else was there and walked over. She hadn't played piano in forever.
    She played for a few minutes. She got so lost in the music that she didn't hear the door open.
    She closed her eyes and finished the song.
    Clapping came from a few feet away. She looked up Dr. Teeth stood a few feet away. "You're really good" He said.
    "Thanks" she replied.
    "Janice didn't know where you were so we're helping her find you. And I found you so um you should probably come with me before Janice panics"
    "Is she not already panicking?" Morgan asked standing up.
    "Only to a certain degree" he replied.
    "Oh then we'd better go" Morgan said.
    He opened the door for her and they walked over to where Janice was asking Clifford if he'd seen Morgan.
    "Sorry Jan I haven't seen her" Clifford said.
    "Janice" Morgan said grabbing her friends attention.
    "There you are!" she exclaimed.
    "I was looking for you" she added
    "I kinda got lost but I'm not anymore so everything is good again." she said.
    "Like okay. C'mon we're practicing for the next show and so are you" Janice said.
    "Here" she handed her a guitar. "You can play with me" Janice said she walked over and got her guitar.
    They just played easy songs that everyone knew. So Morgan could follow along easier.
    "You can still play fine" Janice said.
    "Still, I haven't played since the year after high school" she replied.
    "Well you're still really good" Floyd said walking over.
    "She's good at piano too" Dr. Teeth said. Trying to calm down Animal.
    "Well I'm not that good but I've been playing for a few years now"
    She said.
    "You should play in the show" Teeth told her.
    "Floyd can you walk him? He won't calm down" Teeth asked.
    Floyd sighed. "Fine" he groaned and went to get the chain.
    "I'm going to go with him" Janice said.
    "Are you coming?" she asked.
    "No I'll stay here" Morgan said.
    "See you later" Janice said and ran after Floyd.
    Morgan walked off. She didn't know what to do she just wanted to explore. She thought about going back to the room with the piano but she decided against it she wanted to find something interesting to do.
    She turned at the sound of her name.
    Dr. Teeth was walking out of another room carrying a stack of paper.
    "Hey" Morgan said. Walking over to him.
    "Where were you going?" Dr. Teeth asked.
    "I don't know I was going to 'explore' but I've decided against it." she said.
    "Well there's nothing down that way anyways" Dr. Teeth said.
    "Oh...um what's all the paper for?" she asked.
    "Come with me and I'll show you" Dr. Teeth said.
    "Okay" Morgan replied and followed him back down the hall.

    Animal tried to run as fast as he could down the sidewalk. But Floyd kept pulling his chain to make him stop.
    "Animal slow down man" Floyd said after pulling him back once again.
    Janice looked up the sky was clear and blue she couldn't even see a cloud.
    Floyd pulled Animal's chain again.
    "Floyd will you stop pulling his chain that noise is driving me totally insane" Janice snapped.
    "I don't really have a choice why don't you try walking him?" Floyd said.
    "Fine" Janice replied taking the chain from him.
    Animal turned to see what the holdup was.
    Janice held onto the chain. The rest of the way back to the theater. Animal was completely calm he didn't try to run once.
    When they got back Janice handed Floyd the chain
    "What do hard about that?" she questioned.
    "That was completely unfair." Floyd replied.
    "Sure okay we'll just go with that" Janice said sarcastically.
    Floyd unhooked Animal then turned to face Janice again.
    He didn't say anything. Janice leaned in and kissed him.
    "C'mon let's go inside" Janice said pulling him inside.

    Morgan watched as Dr. Teeth put the stack of sheets on the piano. He arranged them. Then he started playing.
    Morgan watched him play one full sheet then on the next sheet was a different song. He stopped playing and looked over at her.
    "Come play" he said moving over on the bench. She sat down next to him and played the first part of the song. Teeth started to play with her for the rest of the song.
    "You're very good" he said.
    "Not as good as you" she replied.
    "I don't believe that." Dr. Teeth said.
    "I do" Morgan replied.

    Piggy and Trudy walked over to the side of the stage where Kermit and Max were talking.
    "Kermie I need to talk to you" Piggy said.
    "Um okay" Kermit replied walking behind her.
    "What's up" he asked.
    "When are you not going to be busy?" Piggy asked.
    "Well I'm always busy with something." he said.
    "Look frog you may be always busy but that doesn't matter you need to be home early tonight so we can start looking for names together!" Piggy snapped.
    "And if you think I'm going to... Did you say okay?"
    Kermit nodded.
    "Oh Kermie I'm so excited." she kissed him the walked over to get Trudy.

    "Boo!" Morgan shouted.
    Janice spun around. "Whoa!" she yelled. Morgan laughed.
    Janice narrowed her eyes. She turned and saw the rest of the band laughing.
    "You guys saw her coming didn't you?" Janice said.
    Floyd nodded.
    "That's so unfair" Janice said.
    Floyd pulled her over to him. "Ya really 'unfair'" he said.
    "You told her to do that?" Janice questioned.
    "I had to after that thing with Animal. I had get back at you" Floyd said.
    "I hate you" she said glaring at him.
    "No you don't" he said. He kissed her cheek and let her go.

    Gonzo watched Camilla cluck happily with her cousins Tommy and Gina. He felt a pang of guilt. If He hadn't brought her to the show then she could've seen her family more. Because of him she had missed so much.
    Gonzo shook off the feelings they didn't matter now Camilla was happy for now. But eventually the guilt came came crawling back.
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    Ha ha ha! I love Piggy's reaction when Kermit said ok! LOL!

    More please!
  16. LipsGF4Life

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    Yeah Yeah....More PLEASE!!!:excited:
  17. miss kermie

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    Yeah, NAG!!!
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    Here's a short chapter I'll post more soon <3

    Chapter 7
    Piggy sat on the couch cross legged. Kermit sat facing her the laptop was open in front of him. Piggy flipped through the many pages of a names book on her lap.
    Kermit clicked wildly from site to site.
    "How about Petunia?" Kermit suggested.
    Piggy recoiled "Ugh no way that's my grandmother's name!" Piggy replied with a shrill air to her voice.
    Kermit laughed and clicked again Piggy flipped to another section of the book.
    "What do you think of Lucinda?" Piggy asked Kermit.
    "It's too old fashioned for me" Kermit replied.
    "Alexandra?" Piggy mentioned
    Kermit shook his head.
    "How about Christy?" Kermit said.
    "I like that" Piggy replied.
    She wrote it down.
    "I think" Kermit said.
    "That we just found our first name."
    "I don't know it's nice but we still have so many pages left." Piggy said.
    She flipped the page
    "What do you think of Freddie for a boy?" Piggy said.
    "It's okay" Kermit said and wrote it down. Piggy looked at the rest of the book they made a list of all the names that they liked.
    Finally Piggy closed the book she sighed and looked at Kermit who had fallen asleep.
    She put the multiple pages of names on the coffee table and stood up. It was getting late and she still hadn't eaten. She turned off the computer and walked into the kitchen to find some food.
    The wind was picking up outside the breeze blew through the open window making Piggy shiver.
    She made a sandwich and sat in the living room. There was nothing new on TV so she settled for an old movie that she hadn't seen in a long time. It was raining by the time she went back to the kitchen
    For a drink.
    Janice and Morgan sat cross legged facing each other on the bed,
    "It's going to storm again" Janice commented as the rain pelted the window.
    "Playing with you guys yesterday was fun" Morgan said.
    "You are going to play in the show right?" Janice asked.
    Morgan nodded.
    "Good" Janice replied.
    "Janice?" Floyd said running in the room.
    "Ya?" Janice replied.
    He sighed. "Phone" he said and tossed the phone at her.
    She caught it, after regaining her balance on the bed she answered the phone.
    Okay...I'll think about it...they are?...when?...ya...Fer sure...she already said she was...this week...
    So tomorrow?...ya I'll ask her and call you back later...bye"
    Janice put down the phone.
    "Miss Piggy and Trudy are going out for dinner tomorrow" Janice said.
    "Are you going to come?"
    "sure" Morgan replied.
    "Great let's go tell Floyd that he'll be alone tomorrow" Janice said leading Morgan downstairs.
    Floyd was watching TV when they ran in the room.
    "Hey babe" Floyd said when she sat down.
    "Hey, Piggy and Trudy are going for dinner tomorrow night. Morgan and I are going with them."
    Janice explained.
    "Kay" Floyd replied focusing on the TV. Janice sighed and stood up. She walked back upstairs it was pouring rain outside the days were flying by soon she would be getting married.
    The storm was gone by morning everyone was happy and cheerful walking into the theatre. Kermit was especially grateful because Scooter would be back. Kermit
    waited backstage Scooter appeared a few minutes later.
    "Scooter! Its great to have you back" Kermit greeted.
    "It's good to be back chief" Scooter replied proudly.
    "How was your vacation?" Kermit asked.
    "Great...I um... Visited my parents and relaxed and um...stuff"
    Scooter trailed off.
    "Well great. Hey you know what you can get started by checking up on Fozzie's next act for me" Kermit said.
    "Sure thing" Scooter replied and hurried off.
    Janice ran up behind Floyd and threw her arms around his neck her turned and faced her.
    "Hey" he said.
    "Hey can you get a ride with Teeth tonight?" Janice asked.
    "Why?" Floyd replied.
    "Oh cause Morgan and I are leaving in a few minutes to go get ready for dinner with Piggy and Trudy"
    "Sure" Floyd replied.
    "Thanks honey bunch" Janice said.
    She kissed him then ran off to get Morgan.
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    Ok, ok, ok, ok, AWESOME!

    But I have one question.

    When you said Piggy went
    For a drink.

    Um... You... You didn't mean ALCOHOL did you?!:concern:
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    I dont think she add it there, about what drink she wrote.

    Add more on Floyd and Janice!:flirt::sing:
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