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Where can one order Japanese Sesame stuff?

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by beaker, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    All this talk of Japanese Sesame Street stuff on various threads leads me to ask: Where the heck can I order some of this stuff online? From the sony wonder Sesame stuff to the Kubricks and other stuff...man! I think more than a few of us would be interested to learn where one can order some of this stuff!

    First ordering Igel stuff from Germany a year ago was the big trend on here...heres hoping ordering Sesame stuff from Japan...where there is an *actual* collectors market for it, not just lame toddler bath tub toys.
  2. Wilkins

    Wilkins Member

    Sesame Kubricks

    The Sesame Kubricks are usually sold wherever Kubricks in general are sold:

    eBay - pricey, but you'll get a better chance of getting a full set, i. e. with the rare figure.

    Retail sites - kidrobot.com, ningyoushi.com, figuro.com, toytokyo.com, yesasia.com, verycoolthings.com, sweatyfrog.com, giantrobot.com, xl-shop.com all sell them. Some places sell them opened, others only in their sealed boxes. It just depends on whether you'll want to plow through lots of doubles, or throw some bigger money at a set someone else is willing to sell.

    I can't help too much with other Japanese Sesame items, but if you know the name and/or manufacturer of it, you can plug it into Google or eBay and see where it turns up. There's lots of sites now that sell stuff from Japan that folks here can use. I've found most of the stuff in my collection that way.

    Good Luck! Wilkins
  3. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Actually ages ago, I think 2002(when MC and TP members still posted cordially and shared info) it was either BlueFrackle or someone who posted a Japanese Sony Wonder Sesame product site with a ton of Japanese Sesame merch. Stateside, the only thing we saw were the kubricks. One has to wonder how much cool colelctor Japanese SS merch has come out, since noone from Japan or anyone interested in such things seems to post on here. Im also curious about that Sesame Street 4D thing.
  4. ukonzukai

    ukonzukai New Member

    Your best bet is probably going to be yahoo japan. I didn't trudge through all of the pages that came up (67) but it looks like you'll find a decnet cross-section. Mostly children's stuff but some cd's and figures as well. I use Rinkya.com as my proxy bidding service and they are amazing in their job as well as their customer service. I suggest hooking up with them if you find something you must have. >^-^< Just mention that user "watan" sent you.
    Here's the search link:

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