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Where Could You Usually Find Them?

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by D'Snowth, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    The reason I ask is because I've SEEN the wonderful action figures and playsets in the photos, and I've read about them in news articles, and I KNOW you people out there collect them... but believe it or not, they were NEVER available in my town at all! At least not that I was aware, so I'd like to ask where all (specifically) have YOU guys been able to find them?
  2. rexcrk

    rexcrk Well-Known Member

    Well, some of them (at least Series 1 and 2, maybe 3, and then later on 6 and 7 I think) were available at Toys R Us, which is where I got my Kermit, Gonzo, Beaker with Muppet Labs, and Dr. Teeth (amazingly I might add) figures. That's also where I got Johnny in the maroon suit.

    Specialty stores such as Tower Records and Suncoast had them, which is where I got figures such as Sam the Eagle as Mr. Samuel Arrow and Beauregard. Video game stores like EB Games also had them, which is where I got my Miss Piggy figures (both the regular and the exclusive).

    But I got the rest online, from websites like amazon.com, omgcnfo.com, and ebgames.com.

    And don't feel bad, my town has no toy stores or video game stores or anything which means that I either have to drive for half an hour+ or just get stuff like that online.
  3. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Well, there's like a couple of good Toys-R-Us around here in my town, but the thing is I've NEVER seen the Palisades figures and sets there!

    Never heard of those other two you mentioned, so I assume either they're local stores near you, or they're a chain that isn't available to my area (like 7-11, or Publix).
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Well... When I went out hunting down the newly released series of figures, I always went to my local malls' Electronic Boutique stores. They supported the entire line from the beginning all the way to the end. There were a few I picked up at Suncoast stores though: S1 Kermit, S3 Zoot, S5 Janice, and of course the ones that were made available exclusively through the club thanks to my membership. Hee, I remember when the club started out and you wanted to be among the first 500 members to sign up to get a special bonus figure.
    Been getting some extras through deals with other forum members and eBay, though the SST prototype final figures were the last I've gotten for the collection. Got a few to acquire to complete it though, hoping I can either snap up the SST playset Ken has in his store if it's not gone yet or cross my fingers for the proposed line actually rolling along into reality.

    Hope this helps Snowths.
  5. Gonzo's Chicken

    Gonzo's Chicken Active Member

    I always got them at Media Play (I miss that store) or Electronics Boutique. EB is actually where I got both Zoots and all 3 Lips.
    I did pick up a few at Target when they carried the line.
  6. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Well-Known Member

    I usually got mine from Suncoast or just the internet. But your best bet is the internet because I doubt they will still carry them in stores. :smirk:
  7. Yoda Man

    Yoda Man Well-Known Member

    I didn't get into the line until 2006, so I didn't buy these at retail often. However I did find Series 6 and 7 and the Swinetrek at my KB Outlet store, Mega Gonzo and Beau at Toys R Us, and I also got Pops and SO Fozzie and an MCC set from EBGames. The rest was obtained through forums and ebay, but it was nice to still see Muppets in stores a year after the line died.
  8. doc hopper

    doc hopper Well-Known Member

    Meltdown Comics on Sunset and Golden Apple on Melrose - both in LA. boy, do i miss those days...:cry:
  9. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Although Electronics Boutique supposedly sold the toys throughout the entire run, my local EB only sold the first four series.
  10. Kevin the Frog

    Kevin the Frog Well-Known Member

    Currently they are only available on ebay would be my guess.
  11. travellingpat

    travellingpat Well-Known Member

    Target, Media Play, and EB were my 3 main places
  12. dubb311

    dubb311 Active Member

    I have a few sets some new in box and some loose.
  13. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    That is where I usually bought my figures. I also bought the Penguin two pack from cheap figures.com, which I think is now gone.

    Plus, there was always Ebay, which I still use to hunt for Muppet figures.

    Just bought the golden tux Gonzo, :concern: .
  14. karamazov80

    karamazov80 Well-Known Member

    I've seem to recall seeing some Muppet figures at the toy store at the outlet mall in Foley, AL. . .those are the kinds of places where you might still find old toys that were in low demand.
  15. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    You know there are still some great online toystores that sell some Muppet figures, even some that are a little harder to find. Try this ones...


  16. G-MAN

    G-MAN Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I usually either got mine at Suncoast, Target, the internet, and Toys R Us where I got Miss Piggy for only a dollar.
  17. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    Yeah Piggy was never that big of a seller from the series one set.

    I'm pretty sure I have every Miss. Piggy figure ever made in my collection.
  18. TK1994

    TK1994 Member

    I used to pick up all of my Muppet figures at Toys R Us. Apparently, there weren't a lot of Muppet collectors in my area, because you could pick up all of the variants pretty easily around here.

    What I could never find locally was the playsets. Had to order those from entertainment earth or other places. Same with the few Mega Muppets I bought.
  19. a_Mickey_Muppet

    a_Mickey_Muppet Well-Known Member

    the ONLY ones that i could EVER find in stores near me where my "Pigs in Space" playset at Toys R Us, Koozebane Kermit at Target, Muppet News man and Jonny and Steppin Out Fozzie at a game store in the mall... all the others I have Raibow Kermit with Robbin, :zany: 's, Sweetums, Mega Camella and Animal, cabin boy Gonzo and Rizzo, Santa Chef, Uncle Deadly, Super Scooter, Pepe, Pops and Cliffard are all from ebay, online store and OMGCNFO.com

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