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Where Did You Get Your Figures?

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by Philo and Gunge, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. I was wondering, where did you get your Muppet figures? Like this...

    Series 1: Toys 'R Us
    Series 2: Suncoast, got them for X-Mas
    Series 3: Scooter and Lew at Suncoast, Rowlf off Amazon, yet to have Zoot
    Series 4: The Sam Goody from my "Stupid Sam Goody!" post.
  2. crazy ernie

    crazy ernie Well-Known Member

    Series one:Muppet labs set,Honey,Piggy and Kermit at Toysrus and Dr Teeth at FAO Scwartz
    Series 2:Gonzo and EM stage at Toysrus and Crazy Harry and Vacation Fozzie at Sam Goody
    Series 3:Chef playset at Target
    Series 4:all at Target including Koozebain Kermit
  3. floydnjanicefan

    floydnjanicefan Well-Known Member

    Series 1: Kermit, Bunsen, Dr. Teeth, Muppet Labs - ToysRUs
    Long Haired Piggy - EB Games
    Series 2: All - Suncoast Video (Christmas gift)
    Series 3: Rowlf, Scooter, Lew - Suncoast Video
    Zoot - Ebay
    Swedish Chef Kitchen - EB Games
    Series 4: Koozebane Kermit - Target
    All the rest - Suncoast Video
    (when I went to get Series Four at first they were not out so I asked
    the guy who worked at Suncoast when the store was going to get
    them. He told me that they had a Muppet box in the back (he was in the
    process of unpacking many boxes) and he opened it for me. I was
    able to pick my series 4 figures right out of the box they were
    shipped in. I was very excited)
  4. Aerosmith

    Aerosmith Well-Known Member

    Series 1:Toy's R Us, EB Games
    Series 2:Toy's R Us, EB Games, Palisades Booth at MegaCon
    Series 3:Suncoast, EB Games
    Series 4:uncleduke(www.boxingcow.com)
  5. GPrime1

    GPrime1 Well-Known Member

    This should be fun:

    Series One: Kermit, Bunsen (Toys R Us Coquitlam and Vancouver BC), Dr Teeth, Beaker/Muppet Labs (EBGames Coquitlam BC), long-haired Miss Piggy (ebgames.com).

    Series Two: Floyd, Floyd repaint, Animal/stage (EBGames, Coquitlam BC), Fozzie, Vacation Fozzie (Blue), Crazy Harry (Sam Goody, somewhere in Oregon), Crash Helmet Gonzo (EBGames in Santa Monica), Great Gonzo (silversnail.com).

    Series Three: Zoot, Rowlf, Lew Zealand, Scooter (Triple Play Collectibles, Surrey, BC), Zoot Repaint, Swedish Chef Kitchen (silversnail.com).

    Series Four: (the one I had the least searching to do) Sam Arrow, Rizzo, Rizzo Repaint, Link, Dr Strangepork, Mega Beaker (Hourglass Comics, Port Moody BC)

    So basically, I've had to search most of the continent for Muppet stuff (silvernail runs out of Toronto).
  6. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Series one: Sam Goody/EB Games Online/ Toys R Us
    Series two: EB Games Online, Things From Another World SF
    Series three: EB Games Online, local comic shop
    Series four: EB Games Online
    Series five: Boxing Cow, EB Games Online
  7. scooter289

    scooter289 Well-Known Member

    Series 1:
    Toys R Us: (Kermit, Piggy, Dr.Teeth, Muppet Labs)
    EB Games: (Piggy Exclusive)
    Amazon.com: (Bunsen)

    Series 2:
    Toys R Us: (Floyd and Variant Floyd)
    Media Play: (Electric Meyhem Stage)
    Amazon.com: (Fozzie, Gonzo, Crazy Harry)

    Series 3:
    EB Games: (Rowlf, Scooter, Lew, Variant Zoot)
    Media Play: (Swedish Kitchen)
    Amazon.com: (Zoot)

    Series 4:
    EB Games: (Link, Rizzo, Sam, and Strangepork)
    Target: (Koozbane Kermit)

    :D :sing: :cool: :halo:
  8. rexcrk

    rexcrk Well-Known Member

    Series one:
    -Kermit (Toys "R" Us)
    -Miss Pigy (EB Games)
    -Dr. Teeth (Toys "R" Us)
    -Muppet Labs w/ Beaker (Toys "R" Us)
    -Kermit in Tuxedo (Toys "R" Us)
    -Miss Piggy w/ boa (EB Games)

    Series two:
    -Gonzo the Great (Toys "R" Us)
    -Crazy Harry (toysrus.com)

    Series three:
    -Rowlf (toysrus.com)
    -Scooter (toysrus.com)

    Series four:
    -Sam the Eagle as Mr. Samuel Arrow (Tower Records)
    -Rizzo the Rat (toysrus.com)

    haven't seen series 5 yet :(
  9. Fozzie

    Fozzie Well-Known Member

    Kermit: Toys R Us
    Rest Of Series 1: kbtoys.com and ebgames.com

    S2: kbtoys.com and ebgames.com

    S3: bigbadtoystore.com

    S4: smallblueplanet.com and aislesniper.com

    S5: ebgames.com

    S6: ebgames.com
  10. ResidentLilly

    ResidentLilly Well-Known Member

    S1: The hallway in the Oella Mill office.

    S2: Greg's cubicle.

    S3: Storage room in the back.

    S4: Direct from the factory in a shipment.

    S5: Hallway in the new office.

    S6: Direct from factory in a QC shipment.

    Sorry...but I wanted to play too! :)
  11. Crazy Harry

    Crazy Harry Well-Known Member

    Series 1, Harry, Floyd & Animal-EB
    Gonzo & Fozzie (normal and vac)-Christmas gifts
    Series 3 and Mini Muppets-Media Play
    Series 4 & Mega Animal-Birthday gifts
    Series 5-I'll let you know in a while
  12. HeraLirambar

    HeraLirambar Well-Known Member

    S2- Floyd- Appeared under my pillow after I put a tooth there the night before
    Crazy Harry- The pound
    S3- Scooter- The sewer
    S4- Sam as Samuel Arrow- Handed to me be a very odd pirate, he also handed me his hat and his effects. Needless to say, I ran off with the action figure.

    Okay, okay. I'll stop being a dork. Respective-Lee, Amazon, Amazon, Suncoast, Suncoast.
  13. Crazy Harry

    Crazy Harry Well-Known Member

  14. HeraLirambar

    HeraLirambar Well-Known Member

    Well, only temporarily so that I could tell where I got my figures seriously.

    Back to being a dork.
  15. Walker Boh

    Walker Boh Well-Known Member

    • Series One: Toys R Us
    • Lab Playset: Toys R Us
    • VC Beaker: Stryder Wolfe
    • Series Two: Toys R Us
    • Electric Mayhem Playset: Suncoast
    • Vacation Fozzie: Suncoast.com
    • Series Three: EBGames.com, Suncoast (to replace a defective Zoot that I didn't notice until it was opened)
    • Kitchen Playset: EBGames.com
    • Series Four: Boxing Cow (aka uncleduke)
    • Koozebane Kermit: Naboolou
    • Series Five: Boxing Cow
    • Series Six Preorder: Boxing Cow

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