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Why did Baby Bear became more and more popular?

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by mikealan, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. mikealan

    mikealan New Member

    Baby Bear-a funny "W" language-talking and cutesy cub muppet is the muppet that first appeared on Sesame Street in the 1991-92 season. He was a minor character, because he was in the story, "Goldilocks & the Three Bears", but he and the other bears were annoyed by the Goldilocks Anything Muppet. In Season 25, he became best friends with Telly. In the 'Elmo's World' days from late 1998-01, they made episodes with Baby Bear, Telly and Elmo, and even Rosita and Zoe, because they became more and more popular and everyone believed in them. When Sesame Street never looked the same, Baby Bear became more and more popular that he appeared on his own 'Hero Guy' skits with the crudely-drawn friend like himself named Hero Guy and had Cousin Bear in 2002 and he and Mama Bear and Papa Bear had their new baby, Sister Bear in 2003. I think SS wants to show everyone more and more of Baby Bear, Telly, Zoe, Rosita and even Elmo and they forget the other muppets like Reporter Kermit, Little Bird, Herbert Birdsfoot, Sherlock Hemlock, etc.

    Why did Baby Bear became more and more popular now? :confused:
  2. SillyRed

    SillyRed Member

    Baby bear's sister's name is Curly Bear. :rolleyes:
  3. Don'tLiveonMoon

    Don'tLiveonMoon New Member

    I would have to say that of all the characters on Sesame Street, Baby Bear is my least favorite. I find him very annoying...
  4. Hays

    Hays New Member

    Of course, many of the characters you listed are either owned by the Muppets (now a seperate entity, hopefully not for long as the Hensons bought them back) or were performed by people who have passed on or retired. I don't think anybody wants them forgotten.....
  5. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    I actually liked the early Baby Bear a lot better, back when he was always seen with Goldilocks. I heard about the episode where they debuted, and I was told that it was in season 23. I know there was a scene with them in season 23 called "Goldilocks and Baby Bear Use the Phone," but I don't know if that was their first one. Does anyone else remember?

    Also, I think what happened was, Baby Bear became popular because of his attitude. I thought it was kinda silly that they kept Baby Bear and did away with Goldilocks.
  6. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Well... I agree... When Baby Bear played the "Elmer Fudd" (so to speak) against Goldilock's "Bugs Bunny," The Bear was much better...

    I guess David Rudman just liked the character so much, he suggested they used him more.

    I like Baby Bear, to some extent, just without his "Stupor Hero" alter ego!

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