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Will there be Muppets McDonalds toys?

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by muppetlover123, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. muppetlover123 Well-Known Member

    I went on the regular wiki for The Muppets 2011 movie and it said under marketing the McDonalds would have muppet toys from December 2nd to 26th if they include a walter and uncle deadly im in lol
  2. muppetperson Well-Known Member

    ....and the 80's robot! I hope McDonalds in Australia also have the promotion.McDonalds here currently have Smurf toys and there are lots of figures and they are releasing 2 at a time.One can only hope that they do the same for the Muppets.
  3. CherryPizza Member

    Smurf items are so tempting, especially with the new movie coming out... but I really have to stop myself from having yet amother collection.

    So, muppetperson, do you go into Maccas on a regular basis for toys, or do you put your faith in the folk who will build up collections of Happy Meal toys for the sake of selling them on eBay?
  4. muppetperson Well-Known Member

    I dont go to Maccas that often.Just tempted by the Smurf toys, but I have already missed out on one.It is less frustrating to just buy a complete set on ebay without having to go on a tour of all the Maccas in my area!!LOL!
  5. CherryPizza Member

    As a vegetarian with tree-hugging ideals, it pleases me that there will always be someone selling sets on the 'bay. That and the fact that now I am based in Canberra, the restaurants are much more spread out than the 20-or-so in the Sydney CBD alone.
    Beauregard likes this.
  6. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I want to see more credible evidence for this. I mean, a Happy Meal toy NEVER starts a good 2 weeks after a movie is out. Sometimes 2 weeks before, but never 2 weeks after. Plus, Disney somehow wants to stop marketing kids meal premiums (they pretty much had to license Marvel movie based ones, but I've only seen Thor at Burger King... and those toys really REALLY sucked). Otherwise we would have seen Phineas and Ferb by now, and they wouldn't have withheld Cars 2. Wish they didn't! I wanted a Francesco and had to pay 3 bucks for a die cast.

    You think the Smurfs thing is bad? I managed to get 8 of them, actually... but now BK supposedly has Simpsons Tree House of Horror toys for the first time in a decade. 10 including Clobber Girl, Scratchy, and The Collector. And I've been having trouble with BK lately. I had to go to 2 places to actually find the toys. One I went to tried to pawn unwanted Gulliver's Travels crap on me.

    But if this thing is true, I'm gonna just buy as many as I can separately. My Smurf collection would have greatly benefited from that.
  7. beaker Well-Known Member

    Where did you hear this? Mcdonalds and Disney severed their ties 5 years ago.
    It's disappointing as you KNOW Mcdonalds would have had seriously cool Muppets toys, same with Burger King. All part of the Big Nanny state America has sadly been turning into

    Haha, yeah Im pretty much a far leftist vegetarian-pseudo vegan person..but I also have strong fond memories of growing up at Chuck E Cheese and Mcdonalds in the 80's. When Jack in the Box had their muppet show action figures I walked a good 10 miles just to get em^_^ (only a buck each too)
  8. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    The non-Muppet Wikipedia. The one that doesn't have rigid standards and requires proof of anything. I WANT to believe that there's going to be one... I can tell you already there's clearly one for Puss in Boots (their main competition, even though it comes out 2 weeks prior). But even the info is strange. The promotion comes about 2 weeks after the movie comes out? It's always a week prior, the day of the release at the latest... unless this is an international thing.

    Yeah, it's like Disney is morbidly afraid of getting bad press for marketing junk food to the only people in the world that can successfully metabolize and digest it - children. I completely agree with the small government types when it comes to this stuff... keep your Whole foods shopping, suburban SUV driving, get hysterical over obesity stories on the news hands off my Happy Meal prizes. It's the one thing left I can afford to collect, even if I buy them separately. They can ALWAYS be bough separately.

    I'd LOVE to see Muppet toys (provided they aren't plush) to go nuts to try to collect only to wind up getting less than half of them. I treasure my 2 collections of different Batman Brave and the Bold, the Young Justice, and even the Smurf figures I got more recently. I wish I could say the same for the Muppets, but that doesn't seem to have a grain of truth to it.
  9. JJandJanice Active Member

    I would be happy if this is true, but I'm a bit skeptical. For one thing, it seems odd that McDonalds would announce Happy Meal toys three months ahead of time to the pubic. Second, as beaker already mention, McDonalds and Disney hasn't been in bussiness together for sometime, even though before that, they were inseparatable, as a matter of fact (correct me if I'm wrong here) but I believe the last time they did H.M. toys was for the third Priates of the Carribean movie. Third, as Dr. Tooth, mentioned, why would they release toys two weeks after the movie release date, usually it's like a week ahead to get kids more hyped up about the movie.

    S0 yeah, I'm thinking this isn't true.
  10. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Still, they DID have that Marvel Comics promotion last year. Unless that was something hammered out before Disney bought the license, it may be a sign they would be able to let a few things slide.

    Though, honestly, the fact they didn't do TS3 AND Cars 2 promotions is a sign they're too afraid of bad press to let anything out. The last few Pixar movies before that wouldn't have fit in good with Happy Meal toys anyway... Ratatouille is all about gourmet food. How the heck would they market that? As well as the obese space ark humans in Wall*E... conflict of interest. I could barely see a point in an Up toy, but they should have made that work.

    All I know is after the current one is Power Rangers, and that's only because it's on the bottom of the box. We'd have to wait until the Puss in Boots toys come out and look under those boxes to disprove this rumor.

    However, they clearly have their toy promotions in advance to some extent... maybe over 3 months, I don't know... but most of the time, they're not announced.
  11. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Or we could pop into the future and check? Been there, done that.
  12. beaker Well-Known Member

    McD happy meals always begin the week before a film comes out, unless its specifically relating to a dvd release or rerelease.

    Now, that said Disney DOES have fast food tie-ins with other fast food places. They have The Lion King at subway, but they aren't toys. Subway and Sbarro used to have a lot of Muppet/Sesame/Bear tie-ins back in the day. But Jack in the Box 2003 was the only time we ever got actual action figures. I never got why the Treasure Island toys were lame baby bath toys when Notre Dame a couple months later got really nice action figures in Happy Meal form.
  13. beaker Well-Known Member

    The mods at Muppet Wiki are discussing it here:

    Pretty much they too are skeptical of these dubious claims. Also mentioned is the fact really no merchandise has been glimpsed or heard about at all for the movie in general.
  14. JJandJanice Active Member

    Yeah but Subway, as far as the general media is considered, is look at as "healthy fast food," so Disney doing a tie in with them, probably wouldn't be look at as bad as McDonalds.

    Like I said in my first post, I've never heard of McDonalds announcing toys months in advance. I hate to say it again, but I really don't think these toys are coming.
  15. CherryPizza Member

    Personally, I'd be concerned if McDonald's announced anything to the 'pubic'.
  16. CherryPizza Member

    If you head that way again, any chance you could bring back a Hover Board and some self-lacing shoes? I don't want to wait another four years for them.
  17. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Sure...Shall I bring back the lyrics to the songs for the new Muppet Movie so we can get prepared ahead of time to sing our lungs out at the opening?
  18. CherryPizza Member

    Giving the movie full Rocky Horror treatment? :D

    Hmmm... how long til we see a Muppet-themed episode of Glee?
  19. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    One of my all time dream crossovers would be a Muppet themed Glee! Covers of their top songs (ala Green Album) and some Muppet dream sequences...PURE. MAGIC.
  20. Beauregard Well-Known Member

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