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Wishful Thinking - bound to be put straight!

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by Marky, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. Marky

    Marky Member


    Hey, I was thinking this last night while doing the dishes.
    Maybe the reason why JHC is making two films (FR & DC2) is that they need some cash to buy back... something?

    Of course, this is all 100% in my own head.
  2. Giar Fraggle

    Giar Fraggle Member

    I always thought it was because now that they've lost the Muppets, they're trying to milk the franchises they've got as much as possible. :smirk:

    Sorry to dash your hopes and dreams. :grouchy:
  3. Marky

    Marky Member

    ... well, you didn't really because, well, neither of us base our ideas on facts. I could be wrong, or you could be wrong. I hope your wrong!
  4. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Active Member

    What do you think the price tag is on the Muppets? Also, do you think there was a pay increase/decrease or no change in pay for the performers when Dis bought 'em? Even the veteran performers?
  5. Giar Fraggle

    Giar Fraggle Member

    I hope I'm wrong, actually.

    And I think things like performers' pay is a private thing...
  6. Marky

    Marky Member

    Who knows, but the value depends totally on the demand for them or projected income for various projects.

    As for pay, yeah it's private, but who cares? I'd have no idea what they make or how they're renumerated. I ber DG gets the most, seeming as he's the most senior, then SW, blah, blah blah. Then again, since it'd pretty much all they do, they may have to just take what they can get.

    I dunno. Interesting thought, though. Filmwork would obvioulsy be the most lucrative, and sonce they haven't had a theatrical release in over 7 years...
  7. Laszlo

    Laszlo Member

    Who cares?

    I want new DARK CRYSTAL/LABYRINTH movies, series, videogames, figures, etc.! :)
  8. BEAR

    BEAR Active Member

    But remember also that Whitmire and Jacobson are consistantly working over at Sesame Street.
  9. BEAR

    BEAR Active Member

    Very much wishful thinking.;)
  10. Marky

    Marky Member

    Of course. Nothing wrong with having more than one gig! We were just speculating about renumeration for donning the Disney 'classic muppets' (nudge, wink).
  11. leliebel

    leliebel New Member

    I think it may be the other way round actually

    Maybe they now have time and funds to spend on projects they want to do in stead of keeping the muppet's afloat
  12. quixotic

    quixotic New Member

    Haha, I understand a little, it is so hard to get hold of anything thats in ok condition.

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