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With apologies to TravellingMatt, here's my own TMS episode outline...

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by manoftheSTREET, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. manoftheSTREET

    manoftheSTREET Well-Known Member



    OPENING NUMBER: The Electric Mayhem performs "View To A Kill"

    Statler: I can't believe we had to VIEW that!

    Waldorf: Someone KILL the producer!

    BACKSTAGE: Miss Piggy tries to convince Jimmy and Tina to go out on a double date with her and Kermit. They try to explain why they can't, and Miss Piggy responds with dual karate chops.


    Newsman: Here's a Muppet newsflash...

    Jimmy: We're taking over the newscast!

    Newsman: WHAT?

    Tina: Well, we figured we can use our own unique wit on this part of the program.

    Newsman: Well, if you can do better than me, then that's it. I am outta here!

    (The Newsman stalks off)

    Jimmy and Tina: (Shaking nervously) What's going on here?

    Statler: Aaah, yes...How Jekyll and Hyde-like.

    Waldorf: Too bad this can't transform into something funny!

    Veterinarian's Hospital: Dr. Bob and Nurses Piggy and Janice try operating on a hyperactive Gonzo. Dr. Bob spills his coffee into an I.V and Gonzo shoots around the room, out to backstage, across Jimmy and Tina, past the balcony and into a garbage can. Oscar The Grouch pops out and says, "I'm giving you 5 seconds to SCRAM!"

    Backstage: Jimmy and Tina talk to Dr. Bunsen about what's turning them into show rulers. Bunsen gives them a serum that transforms them into raging, 80s-style heavy metal stars. Bunsen looks at the needles and says, "Oops, wrong serum!"

    Song: Gonzo and Scooter perform "Are We Ourselves?"

    U.K Skit: The Electric Mayhem performs "Undercover Of The Night"

    Talk Spot: Piggy and the Newsman are angry at Kermit, and Jimmy and Tina are gallavanting about in loutish rock star fashion. Kermit can't talk to anybody, so he goes outside and wanders around the door.

    SKIT: "At The Dance"

    Skit: Scooter launches his talk show, and chats with Rock Star Jimmy, Rock Star Tina and Lew Zealand, whose errant fish throwing causes a riot on-stage.

    Statler: Rock over London...

    Waldorf: Rock on, Chicago...

    Statler and Waldorf: Maalox-Don't think it'll help you when you're watching this!

    Closing Number: Piggy and The Newsman face down Rock Star Jimmy and Rock Star Tina while all sing "Ace Of Spades". Jimmy and Tina go back to normal with another karate chop. Kermit comes back in and makes them all shake hands.


    Statler: What can you say about this episode?

    Waldorf: It's social...demented AND sad, but social...

    The final horn blast is accompanied by the Newsman yelling "And don't forget the Joker!"

    Sorry for stealing the formatting, TravellingMatt, but I wanted to pay tribute to you.

    So, guys, any thoughts on my idea?


    John "manoftheSTREET" Kilduff
  2. Skeeter Muppet

    Skeeter Muppet Well-Known Member


    Okay, that was...interesting. I like the concept of Scooter having his own talk show, but the rest...um...can I get back to you? :confused:
  3. TravellingMatt

    TravellingMatt Well-Known Member

    I kind of liked that!

    Hmmm....now what if Molly Shannon was a special guest? I could easily see her incorporating Mary Katherine Gallagher in there somewhere..

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