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Without Love

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ZootyCutie, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member

  2. Java

    Java Active Member

    Oh, my? I agree with Ed! I can't wait to see how this will be resolved and what else is in store.
  3. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member


    Awww...for the lovey dovieness though!
  4. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Member

    Part 12

    The Muppets ended up getting over the SBEmail antic later that day. The Electric Mayhem was practicing in their room, with Hands turning in her flute for a pair of turntables. They were jammin' really hard.

    "She's dangerous, super bad.
    Better watch out she'll take ya cash.
    She's a gold... digger.
    She's a gold... digger.
    She's dangerous, super bad
    Better watch out she'll take ya cash.
    She's a gold... digger
    She's a gold... digger." Floyd was on main vocals, his bass pumpin', with Dr. Teeth and Lips on background lyrics, completely oblivious to the fact a letter was on the floor.

    Meanwhile, Misty had made herself comfy in the near junkyard. She found an acousitc guitar, minus one string. She willingfully broke the rubber band holding her ponytail to replace it. After that, she started to play and sing a soulful song.

    "One shot to your heart without breaking your skin
    No one has the power to hurt you like your kin
    Kept it inside, didn't tell no one else
    Didn't even wanna admit it to yourself
    And now your chest burns and your back aches
    From 15 years of holding the pain
    And now you only have yourself to blame
    If you continue to live this way" She soulfully sang.

    "Get it together
    You wanna heal your body?
    Get it together
    You have to heal your heart
    Whatsoever you sow you will reap
    Get it together
    You can fly fly" She was joined by three female rats, who backed her up.

    "Dark future ahead of me
    That's what they said
    I'd be starving if I ate all the lies they fed
    Cause I've been redeemed from your anguish and pain
    A miracle child I'm floating on a cloud
    Cause the words that come from your mouth
    You're the first to hear
    Speak words of beauty and you will be there
    No matter what anybody says
    What matters most is what you think of yourself

    Get it together
    You wanna heal your body?
    Get it together
    You have to heal your heart
    Whatsoever you sow you will reap
    Get it together

    The choice is yours
    No matter what it is
    To choose life is to choose to forgive
    You don't have to try
    or hurt him and break his pride
    Just shake that weight off
    And you'll be ready to fly

    One shot to your heart without breaking your skin
    No one has the power to hurt you like your friends
    Thought it would never change but as time moved on
    That ugly duckling grew up to be a swan
    And now your chest burns and your back aches
    Because now the years are showing up on your face
    But you'll never be happy
    And you'll never be whole
    Until you see the beauty in growing old

    Get it together
    You wanna heal your body?
    Get it together
    You have to heal your heart
    Whatsoever you sow you will reap
    Get it together
    Get it together
    You wanna heal your body?
    Get it together
    You have to heal your heart
    Whatsoever you sow you will reap
    Get it together

    you can fly fly fly fly...
    you can live or you can die
    you know that life is a choice you make
    you can give or you can take

    you can fly fly fly fly
    you can fly fly fly fly..." Misty trailed off, and was rewarded in applause by rats, some flys, and an alley cat.

    "Well, it may not be The Apollo, but I guess it will work." Misty commented, then started on another song.

    Meanwhile, the band was about finishing another song for practice. This time, Kikit was singing it.

    "Hey Papa Can I Get Them Digits
    Papa Can I Get Them Digits
    Hi Papa Can I Get Them Digits
    Papa Can I Get Them Digits" She finished the song with a hip-hop flavor to it.
    "Yeah girl! You put the mix in that one!" Nurse Tounges called out.
    "Thank ya! It was nothing!" Kikit said. "Hey, what's that?"

    Kikit reached for the note, and examined it.

    "A note! A note." She said. "And it's for Floyd and Janice."

    Kikit gave them the note. As soon as they read it, shock filled their faces.

    "Like, how could we not see it was her?" Janice was almost in tears.
    "Man, our daughter, we didn't even see it was her!" Floyd cried out.
    "Wait, you're married? And had a kid?" Lips asked.

    Floyd and Janice took turns telling a story about how they have been married for a while.

    "But, you don't wear any rings!" Hands called out.
    "We don't. We do it to protect each other. Since we travel so much, we don't want anyone to end up hearting one of us." Floyd explained.
    "That's dedication." Zoot said.
    "You owe me ten dollars." Dr. Teeth said to Lips.
    "Fine!" Lips said, as he fished out the money.
    "Wait, you guys had a bet?" Kikit asked.
    "Yep. I told Lips that Zoot could say something relevent to the subject, but he wouldn't agree, so we bet on it." Dr. Teeth said.
    "Well, why didn't you tell me? I needed money! I needed some after a certian duo ate my last Wiimote!" Kikit exclaimed.
    "SAAH-REE!" Animal and Sapia said in unison.
    "Look, can we just forget about the bet?" Floyd asked.
    "We rully need to find her!" Janice said.
    "Right! We'll leave immediately!" Dr. Teeth called out, then left the room.
    "But what about dinner?" Zoot asked.
    "We leave, in five hours." Dr. Teeth said.
  5. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member


    They had a kid!

    But oh dear at the same time!
  6. Java

    Java Active Member

    Oh, you keep leaving me wanting more!
  7. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

    I sense foreshadowing~! 8D More, more, more, more, more! ... Please? :3
  8. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Member

    Part 13

    "Yeah yeah!
    Oh yeah!
    Yeah yeah!
    Oh yeah!
    Yeah yeah!
    Oh yeah!
    Yeah yeah oh yeah!
    I really don't like him at all!" Misty had just finished another song, and getting more junkyard applause. She had posted up a sign that said "Free Concert for Junkyard Creatures". Sure, it wasn't one of the cleanest places, but she was happy.

    "Dr. Teeth, watch out for that car. Watch out for that person. DR. TEETH! WATCH OUT FOR THAT FROG!" Kikit was freaking out a lot. The news about Floyd and Janice being married and having a child was enough to send her to CrazyLand.

    "Okay, so what are the facts we have?" Floyd asked.
    "Like, all we know is that she was sent away with a blast of purple and yellow, and some of the song 'Ziggy Stardust'." Janice answered.
    "Okay, so what does that add up to?" Floyd asked. "Zoot, could you stop singing? I can't hear myself think."
    "The spiders from Mars. He played it left hand!" Zoot couldn't hear him. His ears were plugged up with an Ipod.
    "Zoot, what ya listenin' to?" Nurse Tounges asked, while she took the ear buds off of him.
    "Ziggy Stardust." Zoot said. "I need it for my next David Bowie fan meeting."
    "Who exactly is in the meeting?" Floyd asked.
    "Here. I have a photo." Zoot said, while he took a wallet picture out of his pocket.

    The picture had not too many people in it. In it, besides Zoot was Strong Sad, and an alien named Orbulon. But, the one that caught his eye was Dimentio, wearing his standard purple and yellow poncho. Floyd got a smile on his face that looked like on of pure evil.

    "Sleep." Hands said, putting a hand on his forhead, and he did just that.
    "I think we found our culprit." Floyd said.
    "But, like we rully should find Misty." Janice added.
    "Is that her?" Dr. Teeth asked, pointing to the junkyard.
    "It's her!" Floyd said, while Dr. Teeth stopped the bus.
    "GO GET HER!" Animal called out.
    "YEAH!" Sapia added.
    "Yeah, like, let's go!" Janice said.

    They all made a run for the door, at the same time, and got stuck.

    "But first, let's see who's going to get out first" Dr. Teeth said.

    Everyone agreed to that.
  9. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

    Ooh, niiiiiiiice~! 8D
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Ooh... Rully like how this is coming together. *Laughs at the ending where everybody's trying to get out of the bus at the same time.

    More please!
  11. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Member

    Part 14

    "And I look back on Venus, I look back on Mars
    And I burn with the fire of ten million stars
    And in time, and in time we will all be stars." Misty was in the middle of another song, and doing pretty good, until she saw the band coming to her, then she stopped. "Well, look who's here. What do you-"

    Misty was interrupted by Floyd and Janice hugging her.

    "How couldn't we see it was you? Our own daughter." Floyd said.
    "Like, you have my skin, and your father's hair." Janice added.
    "Mom, Dad." Misty said, then hugged them.
    "I just love these love things. Kikit said.
    "Yeah, this is great and all, but we still need to stop Dimentio!" Dr. Teeth said.
    "Why?" Misty asked

    Floyd and Janice took turns telling the story that they had found out about. At the end of it, Misty had a look of revenge on her face.

    "In that case, let's kick some Bowie-obsessor's butt!" Misty said, and was rewarded with cheers.
    "To the bus!" Lips called out.
    "Let's let Misty get in first this time." Nurse Tounges said. Everyone agreed to that.

    As soon as the bus drove into the driveway, the band went into their room to get the secret to defeating Dimentio. Well, all but one. That person had some buisness to take care of next door.

    "Hey." Misty said, as she opened the door.
    "Hi. What is it?" Fozzie said, without looking up from his joke book.

    Misty didn't have to answer that. The glomp that she sent him said it all.

    "I'm sorry." she said, to seal it.
    "You like me, don't you?" Fozzie asked.
    "Ding ding. You win." She said, and they both shared a laugh.
    "Misty! Come on! We're going to get the help we need!" Hands called.
    "I gotta go. See ya soon." Misty said, and left, but not without giving him a kiss.
    "I feel so fine, I feel so elated, I feel so fine, I feel so elated!" Fozzie said, from the floor.

    The band and Misty had gathered outside around Zoot. He was holding a blue and tan contraption that looked like a Tamagotchi pet.

    "So, this is gonna help?" Hands asked.
    "Yep." Zoot said, and he pushed two buttons on it, and two portals opened up, and Strong Sad and Orbulon came out.

    "Hey, Zoot." Strong Sad said.
    "What do you need? Orbulon asked. "I was just about to fix up my ship.
    "Boys, thank you all for coming on short such notice. You represent the best, the brightest, the people I hate the least." Zoot said. "We have an imposter in the club."
    "Not Harvey! Tell me it's not Harvey the Wonder Hampster!" Orbulon cried out.
    "No, it's Dimentio!" Zoot said.
    "Oh. What's wrong with him?" Orbulon asked.

    Zoot once again told the story, and almost fell asleep during it.

    "So, we defeat Dimmie, and everything's fine? Strong Sad asked.
    "That's about the size of it." Zoot said.
    "So, let's go!" Dr. Teeth said.
    "You owe me about thirty bucks right around now." Kikit told Lips.
    "Man!" Lips said, fishing out some money.

    So the gang headed to the bus, and pressed the universe button, and they were off.

    "Kikit, I have to go bafroom." Zoot said.
    "Now that's the Zoot I know and love!" Kikit said, cuddling up to him.
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Mmm... Good update. Liked the song, the last time I heard it was on The Life and Times of Juniper Lee.
    *Sniffs as I miss that show.

    Yaey for Misty! She even floored Fozzie. Go get 'em girl.
    Nice Weird Al reference as to the other member of the club chaired by the saxophone soloist.

    *Waits for more please! Oh, and um, could you please LMK about that secret request? If you have the time of course. Thanks.

    *Applauds for Maddie's story being so thrillingly good.
  13. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

    Best. Line. EVER. XD
  14. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    Woohoo! Update!
  15. Java

    Java Active Member

    Very nice!
  16. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Member

    Part 15

    "So, what exactly is your club about?" Kikit asked Zoot, Strong Sad, and Orbulon. The bus was once again in time and space, but luckily, the Paper Mario universe wasn't too far.
    "Well, you have to be a David Bowie fan, you have to know the topic for the week, and you can't drink coffee." Strong Sad said.
    "I don't get that coffee part." Hands said.
    "Trust me, you do NOT want to see a Bowie fan on coffee." Orbulon said.
    "That's weird, but okay." Floyd said.
    "Like, whatever. I'm going to do some Guitar Hero." Janice said, and left to the game system.
    "Hey! Don't start without me!" Strong Sad called out, and followed her.
    "You won't have much time. We're here." Dr. Teeth said, as he pulled into a portal.

    As soon as the gang got out of the bus, they viewed themselves and their surroundings. They had a more simple style to them. Their eyes were just vertical black ovals, and they were made of paper.

    "So, where do we find Dimentio?" Misty asked.
    "If I remember, he would probably be spending time at Luna's house." Zoot said.
    "Who's Luna?" Floyd asked.
    "Her girlfriend. She tells us how she was created as if she was a work of art." Zoot said. "Now, what was that creator's name? DogCuddler? CanineCompanion? LupusLover? I forget."
    "Nevermind that. We gotta find Dork-minteo." Hands said.
    "But first, where are Animal and Sapia?" Strong Sad asked.

    Turns out, Animal and Sapia had gotten loose and each found a star, which made them giant 8-bit versions of themselves, and were causing mayhem in a nearby field.

    "Great. Just great." Dr. Teeth said.
    "Hey, they're slowing down!" Nurse Tounges called out.

    Animal and Sapia started glowing, and then shrunk down to their normal sizes, then ran over to the gang.

    "DO IT AGAIN! DO IT AGAIN!" They called in unison.
    "No. Never. I never want you two to touch another star again." Floyd said.
    "Come on you guys! I WILL leave you here!" Zoot called out.
    "Yes, almighty Zoot." Hands said in a sarcastic voice.
    "And, we're off!" Zoot said, heading to the left.
    "You're going the wrong way, it's over here." Orbulon said.
    "I got him." Misty said, running over to him, and grabbing him by his shirt collar.
    "Wow. You're fast." Lips commented.
    "Yep. I can run, and jump, and kick the fastest, highest and like nobody's business." Misty gloated.
    "Don't be gloaty." Floyd said.
    "We're off!" Dr. Teeth said, and this time, they headed in the right direction.
    "Kikit, will you buy me a coffee?" Zoot asked.
    "No." Kikit simply said.
  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Great update. Laughed at the part where Animal and Sapia got hold of some stars, wanting to do it again! Cute line at the end where Zoot asks if Kikit will buy him some coffee.

    Love it all, please post more!
  18. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

    *giggle* LupusLover... XD
  19. Java

    Java Active Member

    Really liked the star part with Animal and Sepia... good update!
  20. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Member

    Part 16

    "So, just curious, what happened the last time you had caffiene?" Misty asked Strong Sad and Orbulon. She still didn't understand why they shouldn't drink it.
    "I became erratic, violent, and really funny to watch." Strong Sad said, as if he didn't want to relive it.
    "Mine's involved craziness, insanity, and Pee-Wee's Playhouse." Orbulon said, with a part of happiness in his voice.
    "I see." Misty said. "Dr. Teeth, shut that off!"

    Dr. Teeth was for some reason playing the theme to "Knight Rider" while the others were talking.

    "How long till we get to beat up Dimentio?" Kikit asked. "I'm getting tired."
    "We're almost at Luna's house." Zoot said, pointing to a house with a mailbox that said "Pekkala" on it.

    "That's it?" Hands asked.
    "Well, what did you expect?" Zoot wondered.
    "Well, look at the other houses here." Lips said.
    "Forget about it." Floyd said.
    "Like, we rully should be asking her." Janice added.

    The gang walked up to the house and rang the doorbell. A cat could be heard on the inside, along with the voice of a girl.

    "Bowie, calm down! It's just the doorbell!" Was heard from the voice.

    Soon enough, a girl came out. She had pink hair, yellow eyes, and was dressed in a blue witch outfit. She was holding a white cat with one brown eye and one blue eye.

    "Hi! Can I help you?" She asked. "Oh, I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Luna Pekkala and this is my cat Bowie."
    "Hi Luna!" Zoot, Strong Sad, and Orbulon said at the same time.
    "Is the Bowie meeting today? Dimentio never said anything." Luna said.
    "Well, where is he?" Misty asked.
    "No clue. He gave me Harvey to take care of, then left." Luna told them. "I don't mean to pry into your buisness, but why did you want Dimmie?"

    Floyd and Janice once again told the story to Luna. Bowie had left to inside the house. Luna was getting redder and redder as the story continued.

    "That coniving little jerk!" Luna said through gritted teeth. "I knew he was mean, but who would of thought he would of gone that far?"
    "I know three words to describe him." Lips said.
    "And what are those three words?" Dr. Teeth asked.
    "Doofus, moron, and Lionel Richie." Lips said.
    "That's four words." Hands said.
    "In closing, I look good in red. Check it out." Lips said, not paying attention to Hands.
    "You're wearing tan." Nurse Tounges said.
    "Buttdance again! Like the rhythm's down your pants now!" Lips was now doing what was called "the buttdance" which consisted of swinging your butt around.
    "I'll be right back." Kikit said.
    "Where are you going?" Misty asked.
    "To toss my cookies." Kikit said, and walked away.
    "Anyways, we need to hurt Dimentio because of this." Strong Sad said.
    "I'll come with you." Luna said.
    "You actually want to hurt your boyfriend?" Orbulon asked.
    "Hey, if he's been overly a jerk, they I have to teach him a lesson." Luna commented. "Plus, I'm the only one that can get you to his own little world."
    "So, we're off?" Zoot asked.
    "Yep." Dr. Teeth said.
    "Did I miss something?" Kikit said, walking back to the gang.
    "No." The others said at the same time.
    "Good." Kikit said. "So, are we going to stand around or not?"
    "Don't worry. I got it." Luna said, and waved her wand, sending the gang and herself through time and space.

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