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Wizard World Lunchbox Kermit, Varient Dr Teeth (and MORE) on Ebay!

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by dangelew, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. dangelew

    dangelew New Member

    Hi everyone!

    I have put a Lunchbox Kermit from Wizard World East up for sale on Ebay. I've heard these things are pretty hard to get...
    It is Item number: 3160486249

    There is also a Variant Dr Teeth from Wizard World East!
    It is Item number: 3160486108

    Just put the Item Number in the Search box and click search!
    There are also several more Muppet items up for auction, including a Chase/Variant Red Shirt Zoot and a Floyd Pepper.

    Check it out!!
  2. dangelew

    dangelew New Member

    The Kermit in the Lunchbox was given out at a party for dealers only. There are very few of them. My wife wrote the last message and forgot to write that.
    Both the variant Dr. Teeth and the Lunchbox Kermit each are still in the 50-60 dollar range with around 5 hours to go. If you need to add them to your collection, these are good prices.
    Thank You

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