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Wolf Puppet on ebay

Discussion in 'Puppets For Sale' started by puppetise, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. puppetise Member

    hi ho :) there is a awsom wolf on the net ending soon it at ebat but i need to make a 10 posts befor puttin it up its under wolf puppet

    there is only 2 days left so hurry up and bid By the way im new so hello from australia and i hope no one is mean like :mad: lol

  2. puppetise Member

    search professional wolf muppet like its got 2 bid sorry for the hassle
  3. puppetise Member

    no worrys i want people to bid because its my first built profesional puppet:zany: and it was pretty hard to get people to notice it so i joined mc
  4. puppetise Member

    yer its my first profesional puppet i did the sewing gluing shaping and finishing i have been reading the threads for months and came up with a design i loved my next progect is a lion
  5. puppetise Member

    thanks i was impressed when i finished
  6. puppetise Member

    gee thanks its good to get positive feed back the bonus he is realy light;)
  7. puppetise Member

    umm under 1 killo
  8. puppetise Member

    well i dont know much about pounds sorry im only 15
  9. puppetise Member

  10. puppetise Member

    thanks baba any one intrested in buying him;)
  11. puppetise Member

    biblebetty treelo tztz i would like to hear from you
  12. faze New Member

  13. faze New Member

    hey there Puppetise

    How big are is your Wolfe puppet? are the fingers bendable?
  14. puppetise Member

    no there not but my next project will:o the height is on ebay
  15. puppetise Member

    Atention puppet bidding is ending in an hour
  16. pepestarr New Member

    Nice puppet Puppetise!
  17. Muppetsdownunder New Member

    Its a good puppet for a first time. ive done some real shockers in the past. You made a sale which is great too!

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