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Woman of Yesterday

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by muppetwriter, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    A "MARVELOUS Mini" tale from the point-of-view of the oldest Thomas cousin, Katerina Thomas.

    Note: The story takes place after the events of "Hulk-O-Vision".


    Part One

    My name is…or was Katerina “Kat” Thomas. I use the word “was” strongly because I’m not even certain if I am who I am anymore. My whole life, ever since I was born forty-eight years ago, has been for the sole purpose of serving my country…as an agent of the organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D. You could say that I’m a hero, but in order to be one, you have to be credited as one by the public. And that has yet to have happened in my life. No one, with the exception of only a few members of my loving family and S.H.I.E.L.D. itself, know that I exist.

    It’s a wonder if anybody even knows I’m alive right now. I’ve quit the S.H.I.E.L.D. business for just about four years now. My last mission was served around March of 2004, with my cousin Terah (who was 31 at the time) and the “newbie” (as some of us playfully called him), Scooter Grosse. I remember it vividly, as if it were yesterday…

    March 31st, 2004

    Scooter had just gotten out of the recovery room at the S.H.I.E.L.D. base located near New York City, with an approval by one of our doctors. Terah and I accompanied him as he was sent back to San Francisco, where he was not very long ago, being the victim of a horrible mutation as a result of an untested experiment done by Dr. Bruce Banner. Luckily for Banner, the little fella had no hard feelings on the incident. He was a good sport—that Scooter Grosse; never letting anything get him down or frustrated in any way.

    The reason that the three of years were going back to San Francisco was to handle an investigation over the demolished areas caused by Banner (as “The Hulk”) and Scooter (as the unnatural beast that he turned into). However, I knew the real reason why we were there. I knew, because I had a talk with General Nick Fury and Tony Stark, prior to our departure.

    Both men shared some valuable information with me, regarding their offer to Scooter to become a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. They told me how Stark revealed to the kid that his father was still alive, which was a surprise myself, considering the fact that I was near Vietnam (the area in which he was killed in action), while on a mission at the age of 16. Scooter’s father was a special figure in my life, because I had the fortunate opportunity of working with him on several assignments.

    I was told by Fury that—as my last assignment before retiring from S.H.I.E.L.D.—I should show Scooter the reality of being an agent, while investigating in San Fran. And while I was doing this, I was never to disclose to him the truth about his father. On asking the question of what were I to do if the little fella asked, I was to tell him “Tony Stark is his father.”

    If there was anyone who knew that was a ridiculous cover-up, it was me. Because how in the h*ll could a human being and a Muppet conceive a Muppet child. I mean, come on!

    But, being the good little Girl Scout that I’d always been, I promised Fury and Stark that I would oblige to their command, even though it was dumber than Satan. And as I had first greeted Scooter at the recovery room, I didn’t hesitate to at least tell him that I was the cousin of one of his good friends, Sean Thomas. It was the one fact that Fury couldn’t let me keep secret in a million years—and if he had tried to, he would’ve found his “goods” in a jar.

    So there I was, en route to San Francisco in a jet, with Scooter and my other partner in crime, Terah. I didn’t feel nervous, and I didn’t feel afraid. They had always taught us never to be while on duty, and I had succeeded in not letting it affect me whatsoever. But just because I’d let go of fear and anxiety, that didn’t mean I lost my heart. I’m not a robot, as some citizens would call us. I still felt for the ones that I protected, possibly because I thought of their families, something I would never get to see as often as I should.

    But if there was anyone who represented the true nature of S.H.I.E.L.D., it was Terah. So many years of war and violence had come into that girl; she had completely lost her sense of reasoning, as well as her spirit. The only thing that was on her mind twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week was what her service to the United States government. She tried to draft herself into the War of Iraq so many times that the military could barely believe her spirit. The only reason she was never accepted was due to her duties as a S.H.I.E.L.D. representative.

    She couldn’t sit still for one moment, without having to do something peculiar. During the plane ride to San Francisco, she kept taking apart and putting together her Sig Pro 2340 for no reason whatsoever (other than to make herself look good in front of the newbie).

    “You’re really good with that.” Scooter told her.

    “Ya have to be, if you’re gonna hang with the big dogs.” Terah remarked.

    I rolled my eyes over her comment, because she sounded like she had been with S.H.I.E.L.D. longer than I had. She was good, but not that good. To change the subject of Terah’s piece, I asked Scooter, “So I hear you’ve got a little lady in your life.”

    At first he seemed surprised that I knew about her, but then he realized the type of people who he was dealing with and smiled. “Uh…yeah. Her name is Sara Vines. We met not too long ago over…”

    “Muppet Central.” Terah uttered, much to Scooter’s surprise.

    “Um, yeah. And we met in person…”

    “On February 14th, 2000…Valentine’s Day.”

    “Um…correct. And I’m planning to propose to her around…”

    “May 22nd, 2005.”

    I couldn’t stand it anymore. She kept interrupting him so much that it was becoming highly annoying. “You know, the point to a real conversation is to let the person you’re talking to actually complete his sentence before you open your mouth.” I told her.

    “It’s okay, Agent Thomas.” Scooter said. “I should know better than to underestimate the incredible knowledge that you people have.” I smile over his polite comment, while Terah’s face remained inert. “You have to be keeping at least billions of records on so many people.”

    “67.2 billion to be exact.” Terah said, and I swear to God she sounded like a d**n robot as she said it.

    “Some of us try not to peek into so many, because we respect the privacy of some individuals.” I added, glaring towards Terah as I did, knowing that she had been poking around those records more than any other personnel at S.H.I.E.L.D. had. “We only look through them whenever it pertains to an important mission.”

    “Like the one we’re on now?” Scooter asked, and I nodded in reply. “So who’s files did you have to look through to prepare for this mission?”

    Terah then immediately snapped, “That’s classified information!” The gruff tone in her voice nearly scared the life out of the little guy, and it even gave me quite a shiver, too.

    “Hey, hey, easy.” I told her. “It’s no big deal. Besides, if he’s going to learn how to be an agent, then we at least have to share our secrets with him, don’t we?” She glared at him and then at me for a long time, before going back to fiddling with her gun. Taking a deep breath, I turned to Scooter and calmly said, “It’s really funny you should ask, Scoot. Because the reason we’re going to San Francisco is your adventure there not very long ago.”

    He gave me that surprise look again as he uttered, “Wow! I…I had an idea that might’ve been the reason, but I didn’t want to admit it, because…well…” He then sadly looked down, reminding himself of the horror that he experienced that week it happened.

    Poor little fella…I knew that he needed cheering up, because Terah sure as h*ll wasn’t going to play Mother Teresa at that moment.

    “Hey, it’s alright. None of that was your fault.” I told him. “You were under the influence of gamma radiation from some freaky technology designed by that madman, Bruce Banner.”

    Scooter looked up at me and remarked, “It wasn’t his fault either. We were both victims of some crazy gamma rays. Only his was more accidental than mine.”

    “So you’re saying what Banner had done to you was on purpose?” Terah asked him, and I had no idea why she would, since it made absolutely no sense at all.

    “NO! I mean, yes! I mean…I don’t know!” Scooter exclaimed.

    “Well, you’ve gotta know,” Terah stated. “Because you were the one that it had happened to.”

    “Alright! That’s enough!” I snapped at her, before she could mess his mind up anymore than it already was at that moment. “I don’t want to hear another word out of you for the rest of the ride, do you understand?” She gawked at me for quite a while, before getting up from her seat and heading towards the back of the plane. We watch her leave in a huff, looking like a spoiled little child.

    “Is she okay?” Scooter inquired.

    I shook my head as I answered him, “That’s what I keep asking myself, every time she goes nuts on me.”

    “She acts just as tough as Fury does.”

    “Well, that’s because Fury taught her almost everything that I hadn’t given myself the opportunity of doing so. You see, when Terah first joined S.H.I.E.L.D., I was given the responsibility of becoming her teacher, showing her all the ropes like I’ve been doing with you.”

    “And let me guess…your relationship became something like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader?”

    I smiled over the fitting allusion he gave. “Exactly. She was so spoiled from all the strength and power that S.H.I.E.L.D. had been giving her that she’s totally forgotten what it means to be human.”

    Scooter looked back towards the rear of the plane, where Terah had gone directly into the bathroom for lord knows what. “Fury told me that she’s one of the best agents that you’ve got onboard.”

    “Oh, don’t get me wrong. She’s a great fighter. It’s just that I wonder sometimes if she’s really grown up since she first started.”

    “When did she first join the organization?”

    I was quiet for a moment before giving an answer in a low voice. “The day she was born.” I looked down, not having to see the bewildered look that had to have appeared on Scooter’s face after I told him. “She never had a life outside the organization. Everything she learned…everything she has been through…all that she has been brought to believe has come from S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s been her father, mother, aunt, uncle, godfather, godmother, and whatever else from the moment she came into this world.”

    “Whoa,” was all that Scooter said in remark to that revelation.

    “Yep. So now you see why it always seems like she’s got someone’s foot up her butt, because she has been for thirty-one years now.”

    “How do you know all this?” I was just about to answer until he held a hand up in protest. “Never mind. Dumb question.”

    I chuckled at his comment, shaking my head negatively. “One thing I’ve learned in my years of being an agent, Scoot, is that there are no dumb questions.”

    He smiled back at me, while I just confidently grinned at him. It was quiet in there for a while, until we heard the pilot speak over the intercom. “Attention, passengers. We will be arriving at our destination in twenty minutes. I am putting up the ‘Fasten Seatbelt’ sign at this moment. Please return to your seats, as we conclude our flight.”

    “Sounds like the typical pre-landing message on a typical commercial airline.” Scooter joked, and we both laughed, knowing that it was true.

    We laughed until Terah stepped back in, after visiting the bathroom. Her sudden presence in the room just completely killed the atmosphere, and the pleasant moment that Scooter and I had just seemed like it got sucked right out of there. She no longer fiddled with her gun, but just fastened her seatbelt as the pilot ordered and stared off into space.

    I fastened my own seatbelt after hers and then Scooter did as well. But we didn’t bother staring off into space like she was. We both looked out the window towards the San Francisco skyline, which was glimmering under the bright light of the sun. It was the city where I was born…where practically half of my family was born. Los Angeles and Anaheim had got nothing on that piece of work we referred to as San Fran.

    And it was where our mission began.

  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Good start... Need more... Post please!
  3. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    Aww...Scooter <3 mentioned Sara.

    <3 Go Sara...

    Sorry, my fave part of the whole thing.
  4. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    This next part features two MySpace friends who I've only recently added to the "MARVELOUS" roster, J.G. (who will be a member here on Muppet Central pretty soon) and Ivy.

    Part Two

    Fury told us that while we were in San Francisco, our cousin and S.H.I.E.L.D. tech inventor, Angelle Thomas, would assist us. She had a device that would detect the bits of gamma radiation surrounding the area, which we had to take records on in order for the biology department to come in and quarantine it all, only until the gamma rays were wiped clear to make the area safe.

    After landing at the private airport for S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel, we were given a 2002 Ford Mustang GT to drive throughout the city. Of course, I was the one driving it, considering one of my partners could barely reach the pedals and don’t get me started on the other. We headed towards the Golden Gate Bridge, which was where the KMUP station in San Francisco was located near. It was the sight of where the transformations between Scooter and Banner started and led into a battle that ended near the Denays restaurant a few blocks away.

    As we were heading towards the section of the city, I gazed into my rearview mirror to see Scooter in the backseat, with his head down and looking very depressed. I wondered if this assignment would be too much for the little fella to handle, reminding him of the worst week of his life. I wanted to ask him at that moment if he would want to go back to the airport and return to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters, but I also wanted to give a shot. The biggest reality of being an agent was exposing oneself to a past nightmare of his or her own.

    Still, I made sure he was all right during the journey by asking him, “You okay back there, Scoot?”

    He looked up at me and smiled while saying, “Yeah. I’m fine. Just…I was just thinking about how my friends are gonna get by without the old station.”

    “Don’t worry. I heard that they’re gonna build a new one in Manhattan.” I told him. “It’s a better location in my opinion. I’ve always loved New York City. Despite all of its cons, it’s had plenty of pros, such as the wonderful city skyline, the great sightseeing spots, and…”

    “We’re here!” Terah suddenly interjected, and she was unfortunately right…we had arrived at the devastated spot where the fierce battle between two transformed beings had taken place earlier this month.

    Standing in the midst of all the rubble, crushed vehicles, and potholes enormous enough to be considered as craters was Angelle, who was using her detector to pick up signs of gamma radiation. Her machine resembled a highly advanced Geiger counter (advanced only by someone as inventive and brilliant as Angelle). It made heavy beeping noises as she positioned it over certain areas, presumably because of the surrounding levels of gamma radiation.

    While she was doing her detection, she was wearing a gas mask that protected her system from the infectious radiation. She looked all alone in the middle of that devastation, almost as if she were the last woman on Earth. The truth was that S.H.I.E.L.D. had already shut off most of the area from the citizens of San Francisco to avoid an outbreak. Instead of the typical police tape to block them from the spot, S.H.I.E.L.D. set up hard plastic bubbles over spaces with large quantities of radiation, such as the one Angelle was in.

    Soon after our arrival, we approached the bubble and were about to enter through its automatic sliding door, until Angelle turned to us and motioned to a certain spot outside it. We turn our heads to what exactly it was that she had been pointing to and spotted a duffel bag, which she must’ve brought along with her. I walked up to the bag and zipped it open, revealing the gas masks inside for us to wear.

    I handed each one to Scooter and Terah, and as they put them on, I placed my own over my face. The inside of the mask didn’t quite smell so pleasant (smelled like it had already been used), but it kept us safe from radiation as we walked inside the bubble. Despite how much of it covered our faces, we were still able to understand each other as we talked.

    “Glad you got here on time.” Angelle said. “I was starting to wonder how long it would take for you two to get your butts here.”

    “Cut the chitchat, freak, and tell us what’s going on here.” Terah said, not hesitating to expose her dire attitude towards Angelle. The way she called her “freak” (because of the unnatural genetic disorder within her family, in which certain members were not born to the same race their parents, siblings, or cousins were) was hurtful enough to bring Angelle to tears. But the way she was keeping her attention on her work while Terah had insulted her showed me that she had been learning to ignore it all.

    Turning her attention away from her Geiger counter and to us, she revealed her information. “The amounts of radiation here are tremendous. It could take S.H.I.E.L.D. more than a few months to clear it all from these spots. But I’m thinking with the right equipment, I could limit their time of cleaning up.”

    “You can invent something that can prevent a buttload of work?” I asked.

    She nodded in reply to my question, just before she looked towards Scooter. “Is this the new guy I’ve been hearing about?”

    “Yeah, this is Scooter. Scooter, this is our cousin, Angelle.” I said, and the gofer and the inventor both shook hands after being properly introduced.

    But leave it to Terah to ruin the happy moment. “He’s the one responsible for all of this.”

    “Terah! Will you shut the h*ll up?” I snapped, and she shot me a heavy glare after I said that.

    “I…I’m really sorry for causing you all so much trouble.” Scooter told Angelle. “I was aware at the time of what was happening…all of the horrible destruction I had caused. Believe me, I wish I could’ve stopped myself, but I just couldn’t.”

    I couldn’t tell past that gas mask of hers, but I knew for a fact that Angelle was smiling at the little fella. It had to be obvious that she was from the way she said, “It’s okay, Scoot. To be honest, I’m kinda glad that this all happened.”

    “You are?” Scooter said with surprise.

    “Sure.” Angelle remarked. “Gave me something better to do than sit on my butt all day.” Both her and Scooter laughed, and so did I. Terah, being the robot that she was, just rolled her eyes and folded her arms with exasperation. I really wished that girl could learn to lighten up once in a while and not take everything so freakin’ seriously.

    But our laughter was soon the least thing on her mind, as soon as she spotted something outside the plastic bubble that made her immediately step out to confront it. I looked past the transparent wall of the bubble to see two figures standing outside: one was a 35-year-old African American woman with a police badge (who I’d instantly recognized) and the other was a 25-year-old man of Hispanic descent with a press badge. As soon as Angelle, Scooter, and I noticed them, we stepped outside ourselves, removing our gas masks and joined up with Terah and the two visitors.

    “What the h*ll are you doing here, Ivy?” Terah asked the African American woman, who was none other than our cousin, Ivy Thomas, who was a detective for the San Francisco police department.

    Ivy was a unique young woman with a body that was as hard as mine and eyes that were just as golden as Fort Knox. Next to our cousin Sean, she was the one Thomas family member to be born with the African gene. She was just as dark as he was and possibly the only one that even resembled him.

    Sticking her hands calmly into the pockets of her tight blue jeans, she told Terah, “We just happened to have been in the neighborhood and thought we’d drop by to see what was up.”

    “This area contains high levels of radiation.” Terah said sternly. “If you are exposed, it could do something to those special genes of yours that you might just not like.”

    With a smile, Ivy replied, “I’ll just take my changes. Something weird went down here a while back, and I intend on getting to the bottom of it, before you and your governmental buddies mess up things.”

    “The only ones who’d be messing things up are you and your friend here.” Terah said, before directing her attention to Ivy’s companion, the Latino press agent. “Who’re you?”

    The youth with the black Kangol hat, black Aviator sunshades, white t-shirt with a black-colored version of Spider-Man’s symbol, a pair of urban camo cargos, and a pair of black boots extended his hand out to Terah. He seemed just as hardcore as she was as he addressed her. “Name’s J.G., investigative reporter for The San Francisco Sun.”

    Terah did not bother shaking his hand, but J.G. kept it there long enough in case she changed her mind. He was an obviously persistent young man, if not the strangest. “The last reporter who asked me to shake his hand got it broken in several different places. Would you like the same thing to happen to you?”

    “I’ve been through worst.” J.G. said, sounding just as stern as Terah normally did. This kid seemed like her male counterpart, just from the way he appeared in front of us.

    After a while, Terah stuck her own hand out and shook his with a very firm grip. J.G.’s face cringed a little under the intense grip of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. He did seem to have one flaw out of his hardcore exterior. Both of these people were more human than they tried to make themselves seem less to be.

    “Pleasure meeting you…civilian.” Terah coldly said, after letting go of J.G.’s hand.

    As soon as the awkward exchange was through, I said to Ivy, “Look, I know you two are just doing your jobs, but you’ve really got to bounce on out of here.”

    “You guys have got gas masks, Katerina.” Ivy told me. “I’m certain that you have plenty to go around.”

    “Maybe for one of you, but not both of you.” Angelle contradicted.

    J.G. and Ivy exchanged looks, both seeming to have a silent debate on who would be going inside the bubbles first. Just as the two seemed to have come to an agreement, Ivy turned in our direction and was about to say something, until…


    One of the bubbles across from the one we were standing near had exploded into a volley of flames, unleashing all of the radiation contained within it. Soon after the explosion, I turned to Scooter and commanded him to return to the Mustang for safe cover. He did just as I had said, not long before handing me his gas mask back. I tossed it to Ivy, while Angelle got one for J.G. to wear.

    “Where the %*@ did that come from?” Ivy shouted.

    We looked all around to see who or what caused the explosion, and our eyes went to one direction: the edge of the KMUP station’s rooftop. It was where a small but dark figure had been glaring down at us with fiery, bloodshot eyes and flaming hands that only slightly charred parts of its clothes, from its long, gray, and raggedy trenchcoat to its black shirt and dark gray pants.

    Due to the fogged up lenses that came from within my gas mask, I was unable to recognize the dark figure. But if it was who I believed it was, then every single person around me (myself included) was in deep trouble.

    “Who the h*ll is that?” I heard Ivy ask from beneath her gas mask.

    Before anyone could give out a guess, Terah aimed her Sig Pro right at the figure and began unleashing a volley of bullets that were each accompanied by a loud boom. As soon as the bullets were near the figure, it raised its hand up at them and used some sort of mutant power to turn them all to ash.

    It was then that I recognized this dark figure on the rooftop of the KMUP station. My deep and rapid breathing drowned out any noises that came from outside my gas mask. All I could hear at that moment was myself uttering the name of the assailant, “Boom…Fraggle?”

  5. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member

    I have some nitpicks in characterization here and there...
    But this was a GREAT chapter. :)

    Made me smile (don't ask).
  6. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    OMG. Boom Fraggle! And *squee* Scooter mentioned me! Yay! I wonder if I'll get a part in the story or something...I still can't wait for more story anyways!
  7. JG4

    JG4 New Member

    Go Sean! Nice story man, can't wait for part three :D
  8. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    Part Three

    “Who’s Boom Fraggle?” I heard Ivy ask me from close nearby, as my gaze was still focused on the figure standing on the rooftop of the former San Francisco KMUP station. “Will somebody please tell me what’s going on?”

    “You and your friend just get back in your car and get the h*ll out of here!” I told her. “This is a S.H.I.E.L.D. matter, which means no civilians allowed!”

    She didn’t have to remove her gas mask to show me how ticked off she was by my statement. “Now that’s bull, Kat! I’m the police! And my butt is just as much in this as yours is.”

    “For once in your life, listen to me, Ivy!” I said with a gruffer tone in my voice. “This is something that you do not want to be a part of! Trust me!”

    It didn’t take much to convince her to get out of dodge, as soon as another fireball came hurling right towards us. This one connected with the bubble that we were just inside of, exploring right near us, and sending us flying back nine feet across the air. Ivy and J.G. got to their feet and headed away from the ensuing danger. As soon as they were out of sight, I grabbed Terah and Angelle and brought them over to the nearest and safest hiding place I could find.

    We hid inside of a place located next door to the station called “Mr. Callahan’s Diner Place,” which (much like all of the other buildings on the block) was unoccupied. While we were standing inside the empty diner, Boom was still making attempts to kill us, hurling fireballs at the entrance and causing the windows to shatter on impact. The whole building shook as the Fraggle even made attempts to destroy the building itself.

    My mind was racing like heck, trying to figure out a way of stopping Boom before he eventually brought the whole place down on us. Not to mention that we also needed to get to Scooter, before Boom made him his alternative target. And Terah was not helping much in the situation, as she angrily said to me, “You’re going to start explaining what in God’s name we’re dealing with here, Kat! What the h*ll is this thing?”

    “You wanna get on my nerves after we’ve eluded the fiery Fraggle?” I had sarcastically remarked, before turning to Angelle and asking, “Do you have that special gun that I requested to be made?”

    I noticed through the eyes of her mask that was scared, not just because of the sudden danger but also of what she was forced to reveal to me. “I have it made, but it’s in the duffel bag outside.” The one thing they have always told me during training was to maintain composure under the heat of battle. But I was just a hair away from losing it, after Angelle told me that.

    “So what now?” Terah asked, with great sarcasm in her voice. “We just stand here and wait to have asbestos in our ears?”

    “I do have something that’ll buy us time to get to the bag.” Angelle said, just as she reached into the pocket of her jeans and pulled out a tiny, metallic ball. “This is a special flash grenade that I created. It can only be activated under intense heat.”

    Taking the tiny ball out of her hands, I gazed upon with a smile and said, “How deliciously ironic.”

    “What’s the plan?” Terah straightforwardly inquired.

    “Try not to get our butts burned, while covering Angelle’s.” I said, while walking towards what was left of the diner entrance. “Feel free to go trigger happy all you want out there, Terah.”

    I could not hear what Terah told me just as I had busted out through the entrance, but it definitely had the F-word and “you” in it. I’d silently instructed for Terah and Angelle to hold back inside the diner by holding a hand up in their direction, while I waited for the perfect opportunity to attack Boom. He was still hurling fireballs all around me, destroying many things that had already been ravaged from the previous rampage.

    The moment that I had been waiting for came, when Boom slowed down long enough to lock on to my position. His eyes fiery, bloodshot eyes glared right at me, while his reddish-orange fists started swinging through the air. Flames circled all around him, illuminating certain areas of his small but deadly figure. For a moment, I saw his face. It looked much like the face of any regular Fraggle; only it was more sadistic and less soothing. His hairs on his head and tail, the same color of his flames, matched his skin tone.

    If Satan had a true identity, it would be Boom Fraggle.

    After a short moment, Boom finally unleashed his death-blowing fireball at me. Just as it was a couple of feet from him, I tossed the grenade in the air, directly at the fireball. Immediately, I turned my head and shielded my eyes with my arm, while an intensely bright flash filled the atmosphere. The next thing I hear is Boom letting out an inhuman howl, his eyes inevitably affected by the flash that the grenade had given off. As soon as it had vanished, I turned back inside the diner and gestured for Angelle and Terah to run out of there.

    While Angelle ran to the duffel bag that still rested unscathed on the sidewalk, Terah opened fire on Boom, who had reeled back on the rooftop and began hurling fireballs blindly through the air. Not a single shot hit the Fraggle, as he had moved out of Terah’s sight while she fired.

    Meanwhile, Angelle made it to the bag and reached inside to get the weapon she’d made for me. It took her quite some time, due to the large quantities of equipment that she had inside, but she was able to find it just in time for Boom to regain his sight.

    “I’M GONNA KILL YOU D**N SILLY CREATURES!” We heard a heavy, ominous voice bellow out from the rooftop. It was like Darth Vader, only not so mechanical.

    After hearing Boom’s threat, I focus back on Angelle with a hopeful look on my face. She turned directly to me with a grin, while tossing a glittery, silver-coated Glock pistol my way. It wasn’t like any that you would find at your local gun store. This was one made especially for a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

    I couldn’t have caught the gun at a perfect time, as Boom had returned near the ledge of the rooftop, right where I could see him. Aiming my gun right at him, I fired a bullet that was just the same color as the gun. Just like Boom’s fireballs, it came fast and hard enough to confuse him. Even if he tried to burn it into ash like the other bullets, the plating was heavily hardened to keep anything from tearing it apart, making them the deadliest ones ever made.

    The bullet that I fired struck the ledge on which Boom had been standing. His eyes widened with shock as he felt the whole thing begin to freeze over. Hard stone transformed into hard ice in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, Boom got out of dodge before the ice could’ve encased his feet and contained him. He jumped from the rooftop of the KMUP station to the one of the diner as fast as he could. One rooftop after another, he jumped his way to a swift escape.

    Meanwhile, the ice that had encased the ledge was started to spread over the entire, unstable construct of the building. Because of the intense weight of the ice, the building started to crumble along with the ice and collapse in a huge, shiny pile of rubble. Angelle’s new weapon was powerful…too powerful…but just enough powerful to stop Boom.

    “Come on!” I told the girls. “We have to track him down, before he escapes!”

    I was about to head over to the car, where Scooter had been patiently waiting for us, until I felt a strong grip over my right shoulder that held me back. Turning around, I realized it was Terah, who had removed her mask to reveal a furious look on her face. “I’m not going anywhere, until you tell me what this is all about and what we’re dealing with.”

    “I don’t have time to explain.” I told her.

    “Well, you’re gonna have to make time, woman!” She exclaimed, while aiming her gun right at me.

    She was seriously overreacting, and I didn’t appreciate it one bit. I glared right at her, with my own gun gripped tensely in my hand. The affect my bullets had on a human being were—needless to say—too graphic to give in detail. My only description to the power they contained that they were intense enough to tear through human flesh like paper.

    If it were not for Angelle’s interference, we would surely have had some bloodshed at that point in time. “Ladies! Ladies! Come on! We’re on the same side here!” she exclaimed. “Let’s just go find this thing and stop it, before it does anymore damage to the city.”

    It seemed like we weren’t listening to a word she was saying, because our focus had only been on each other. But her words came clear to Terah and myself, as we both shielded our weapons. The last thing Terah said to me before we headed back to the car was: “You can’t hide this from me forever. I’ll find out eventually. And until I do, I’m watching your butt.”

    I reacted with a grin and said, “Pray that it won’t be the last thing you’d ever see.”


    I had asked Angelle to set her Geiger counter to detect the radiation that Boom’s body was giving off rather than the gamma radiation we had been detecting at the city block. The readings that we had received from the device took us outside the radius of the closed section of the city and into the more civilized areas. As I drove through the busy streets, I tried my best not to look up towards the rooftop and focus on the road at the same time. The last thing we would want to do was cause an accident in the middle of a pursuit.

    “Maybe it would’ve been a great idea to include Ivy into this.” I freely admitted. “That way we would’ve had a police siren to clear the roads, long enough for us to get to Boom a lot faster.”

    And just as soon after as I said that, we hear a police dispatch through the two-way radio built inside the Mustang. The voice sounded really nervous and panicky, as it had given out the information through tons of static. “Officer down! Officer…Subject is…it’s killin’ us off like ants! Burning…turning us into…somebody get us backup quick! This thing…ash! It’s burning us into…ARGH!

    The dispatch sent a chill down my spine. It was exactly why I had never wanted the police or any other officials outside of S.H.I.E.L.D. to get involved in this. But they had unfortunately gotten themselves involved and were unable to get out of the situation.

    “I bet it was Ivy who tipped them in.” Terah assumed. “We should seriously consider executing her once this thing blows over.”

    “WHAT?” I remarked with disbelief.

    “Please tell me you’re joking.” Angelle said, and Terah gave her a look that confirmed the fact that she wasn’t. “My god! How the h*ll do you sleep at night?”

    Suddenly the Geiger counter began beeping rapidly and heavily, signaling that our main target was close nearby. Scooter, who had been keeping an eye on it with Angelle in the backseat, told me that I should turn a right at that moment to lead us directly into Boom’s location. However, there was no place on the street to turn right into other than a nearby alleyway.

    “Are you sure?” I asked him.

    “Positive.” Scooter said. “It’s exactly what the meter’s telling me.”

    For a moment, I looked up towards the rooftops to see if Boom could’ve possibly been there. He might’ve stopped jumping and decided on making a final stand on top of a building with the San Francisco police. If that was the case, we needed to get to him before anyone else got killed.

    So I had done as Scooter told me and made a right into the alleyway. As soon as we drove in, I stopped the car a few feet away from a shadowed section of the alley. The Geiger counter was beeping more than ever, almost to the point where it was hard to distinguish any pauses between beeps. Something strong was in that alley, and it was right in front of us.

    “I’m turning on the headlights.” I said.

    Just as I had done so, the shadowed section was illuminated, and (just as I had figured) something was there. But it was not Boom. It was another Fraggle…one whose story had impressed me after reading it several times in the S.H.I.E.L.D. records.

    Her name…Goldie Fraggle…and, apparently, she had recently been with Boom Fraggle.

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    There's so much here I don't know where to start. Just know you're doing a great job and we eagerly await some more.
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    I've noticed how much the word butt fills the story.
    xP Sorry. Sorry.

    Yay attack of the fraggles! XD

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    Brilliant! Sean you really know how to attract people with your stories! Lots of props!

    Those Fraggles are reckless! lol.
  12. muppetwriter

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    Haha! Thanks, J.G.:)

    For anyone who's wondering, Goldie Fraggle isn't a villain in the "MARVELOUS Muppets" universe. She's much like the way she is in Gold Demona's "Fraggle From Outer Space" tale. In fact, if you want to look at it a certain way, the events of this story could probably take place before the events of G.D.'s story, when she arrived in Fraggle Rock.
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    Sorry for the delay in the update, everybody. Been so busy promoting "Who Ya Gonna Call?" :)

    From this point on, the story takes a pretty violent turn.

    Part Four

    “Can I help you?” Goldie asked us, looking like a deer in front of our headlights. She used one hand to shield her eyes from them, as she tried to see past them to distinguish our features.

    At the corner of my eye, I noticed Terah already leaping out of the Mustang, with her gun drawn. Before she was completely out, I snatched her arm and pulled her back in before she could’ve made the worst mistake of her career. I gave her a look that said, “She’s not what we believe she might be.” And she must’ve taken my word for it, because she kept her butt glued to the seat, as I got mine up and out of the car, heading towards Goldie.

    Lifting my hands high in the air, I told her, “We come in peace.”

    “What do I look like? An alien?” Goldie remarked in sarcasm. “What do you want? You’ve got me trapped in all this space. There must be something you want from me.”

    Before I could answer, I hear an aggressive voice from behind me, and it couldn’t have come from any other person than you-know-who. “We want to know where Boom Fraggle is! Now tell us where before we…”

    “SHUT UP!” I screamed.

    “You’re not going to tell me what to do any longer, cousin! Not until you tell me what the h*ll is going on!”

    “Which is something I wouldn’t mind finding out myself.” Goldie said. “Who’s this Boom Fraggle you’re talking about? The only other stranger that I’ve met recently is a guy named Spark Fraggle.”

    My ears perked up as she uttered the name. It was just as familiar to me as the name of Boom did. Spark was his birth name; Boom was the name given to him by the monsters that contained him at C.O.V.N.E.T. for three to six years. I don’t know how Boom escaped from their clutches, but the day he did was the day the world came to an end (even though it wasn’t bluntly obvious at the time).

    Unbeknownst to myself, I was silent for awfully a long time, enough to make Goldie more uncomfortable than she already was in front of us. “So…what? Am I under arrest or something?”

    Her knowledge of such things like aliens or the judicial system impressed me. Boom barely even knew what a toothpick was when he was first brought out into “Outer Space” (as they called it) by a team of C.O.V.N.E.T. agents that found him at an empty workshop near the coast of Maine. Goldie was different, mostly because she was raised away from Lugar Sagrado De Rocas (a.k.a. “Fraggle Rock”).

    Instead of focusing more on her vast knowledge of “Outer Space”, I focused back on the subject at hand: the whereabouts of Boom Fraggle. “When was the last time you’d seen Spark, Goldie?”

    She looked at me real suspiciously after I asked. And she had every right to be suspicious, considering that I was someone she had never met before in her life. “I’m not saying a word until I’ve seen my lawyer,” she told me.

    “Stop acting like you have rights, you sick abomination!” Terah snapped. “I don’t know what the h*ll you are, neither do I even give a crap! All I know is that some thing that looks almost like you tried to kill us a few moments ago, and I’m sure as h*ll ain’t gonna take any chances with you!” And then she did something that I had feared during this confrontation and that was pull out her gun, aiming it directly at Goldie’s head.

    But I was one step ahead of her. Just as soon as she had grabbed her gun, I had grabbed my own and aimed it right at her head. I’d expected this sudden action of mine to surprise the crap out of her, but she maintained her composure, not once appearing shocked or scared in any way.

    “Big mistake, agent!” She told me. “I am the last tramp you’d want to screw with!”

    “You’re the last tramp who anybody would want to screw with!” I snapped.

    “GET OUT OF THE WAY!” She screamed.

    After her shouting had echoed throughout the entire alleyway, I heard two car doors open and then slam shut, telling me that Angelle and Scooter were planning on intervening. I did not once move my sight away from Terah, as I was staring down the barrel of her gun, just as she was at mine. From the corner of my eye, I could see Angelle and Scooter approach us, trying not to get in between and risk getting fired upon.

    Again, Angelle tried to play peacemaker. “Terah! Kat! Stop this! We’re supposed to be professionals here!”

    “I am being professional, Angie.” I said. “I’m going to professionally scatter Terah’s brains all over the pavement.”

    “Not if I pull the trigger first.” Terah snapped.

    And then I hear Goldie, not that far behind me, nervously voicing her concern over the matter. “Uh…listen, if you all want to work out this Quentin Tarantino Mexican shootout on your own, then I’m all for moseying on out of here, because I’ve got this postcard from a fellow by the name of Traveling…”

    “Stay where you are, freak! You’re not going anywhere, until I get some answers!” Terah demanded.

    Goldie was not the one to argue with a woman who had a gun, so she remained where she was and kept silent, while Angelle was trying her best to assert the situation. “Terah, listen to me…”

    “How ‘bout I don’t?” Terah snapped. “I’ve been listening to you all my life, and all I’ve been hearing are two things: jack and %”

    Angelle was really growing impatient with her and the foul attitude she had been showing her, ever since they first laid eyes on each other. It was at that point when she had just completely snapped, losing more control over herself than the situation at hand.

    “Listen, you tramp!” She bellowed, which was what first caught Terah’s attention, moving her eyes away from my direction and towards hers. “I’ve been taking your mess for too d**n long! It’s like you’ve just got this…this…racist, sadist…something else that ends with an ‘-ist’ attitude against me, for no d**n reason at all! And I’m sick of it! I’m ready at this point to take that big foot of yours out of my butt and just shove it right in your mouth!”

    She went on for a few more minutes, ranting over just about everything Terah had done to her. Some things I cannot repeat in this narrative, either because she said them too quickly to understand or my conscience is keeping me from mentioning them. All I can say is that she got that reaction from Terah that I was hoping to get the moment I pulled my gun out at her. That insane cousin of mine was surprised. But not so much that the rants my other cousin was spouting gave her a heart attack. She seemed like she was angry-surprised, which was not good, when you think about the gun that was still in her hands.

    “And you know what else?” Angelle continued. “I don’t think you’ve got the guts to shoot anyone here!”

    “Oh, I think she’s got plenty of them.” Goldie remarked.

    “So do I.” Scooter added. “Um…listen…why don’t we just let Goldie go? I think she’s already told us everything that she knows.”

    “Of course I have.” The Fraggle from Outer Space said. “At least…I think I have.”

    A small, sarcastic chuckle emerged from Terah. “You think?”

    “I don’t know! You people have got me all nervous right now! You two with your guns, the tall mixed girl with her mental breakdown…the only one who seems normal in this whole thing is the kid with the orange skin and red hair!”

    “Uh, thanks.” Scooter told her. “But trust me…I’m not as normal as I appear to be.”

    “Well, you could’ve had me fooled.” Goldie said. “You seem pretty darn calm through this whole situation.”

    Scooter smirked at her compliment, as he said under his breath, “I’ve been through worst.”

    I smiled, but only for a temporary amount of time. It faded just as soon as Terah returned her glare at me, the gun still aimed at my head. “I’ll make a deal with you, Kat. You tell me what this is all about and I won’t pump you up with so much lead that you could make the audition for the next Terminator movie.”

    Although her one-liners could sure use an h*ll of a lot of work, I could not back down from such an agreement. “Alright,” I said, “I’ll talk. But first, you’ve got to lower your piece.”

    “Answers first, and then the piece goes down!”

    “Look! How am I supposed to explain everything to you, when you’ve got that Sig Pro pointed at me?”

    “Oh, don’t even give me that bull. You’ve had so many different guns aimed at you that this piece of crap should be no exception!”

    “Kat, just tell her what she wants to know, so she can go back to being ‘The Tramp Who Knew Too Much’!” Angelle insulted her way into the conversation.

    “Will you shut the h*ll up?”

    “Why don’t you make me?”



    I caught it just as soon as she had moved her Sig Pro away from me and towards Angelle. The next few seconds was like slow motion to me. Dropping my own gun, I ran towards Terah, charging at her before she could pull the trigger. Her instability was my advantage in this whole situation. I knew the time would come when she would just snap because of someone other than me. And I grabbed the moment by the throat just as it came.

    Terah went down hard, but not long before her finger had pulled the trigger, while still aimed towards Angelle. Originally, it had been aimed directly at her forehead. But because of my interference, the aim took a hard right and just as the gun fired, the bullet whizzed past the side of her head, taking a piece of her ear in the process. Horror crossed my face as I watched a mist of blood—Angelle’s blood—shoot out from where the bullet had hit her.

    The screams that emerged from the girl’s mouth were (no pun intended) ear piercing. They echoed throughout the entire alleyway. If it were not for the noises that the passing vehicles nearby were making, someone would have surely heard them or the heavy gunfire. And it would have been extremely hard explaining that this was a government matter, when most of the ones taking charge of it were going at each other’s throats.

    “YOU SICK #” I yelled at Terah, while Angelle was down on her knees, covering her bleeding left ear as Scooter tended to her.

    By this point, Goldie had made a beeline for the street, possibly going to tell someone about the lunatics in the darkest alleyway in all of San Francisco. It wasn’t very long before Terah had taken notice of this and attempted to chase after her. But the strong grip that I had over her was what kept her from going.

    “Let me go!” She demanded of me.

    “Not a chance! I knew from day one that you had issues! I’m not letting you get by that easily! I’m going to turn you into Fury and tell him everything you did today! What you’ve done is against regulations, little girl! And I’m not…”

    Before I could finish my last sentence, I got one of the fiercest blows I’d ever felt. It came fast and hard right at my jaw, and I fell back, releasing my hold over Terah. As I grabbed my jaw to check and see if it had been busted, Terah got off her butt and on her feet, running in the same direction that Goldie headed in, with her gun firmly grasped in her hand.

    Scooter then came into view, moving away from Angelle and checking on me. “Are you alright, Agent Thomas?”

    I spat out the large portion of blood that had gathered in my mouth before answering. “Yeah, I’m fine.” I got to my feet and staggered over to the Mustang, reaching inside and pulling out a cell phone from the glove compartment. “Here,” I tossed it to Scooter. “Call an ambulance for Angelle. Before they get here, make sure you find the piece of her ear that got shot off.”

    The gofer nearly lost his lunch over the thought of an earlobe possibly laying somewhere on the pavement. But he had to learn that graphic stuff like that happened all the time in the world of an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. He watched me as I got into the Mustang, and instinct brought him to ask, “Where are you going?”

    Before closing the driver’s side door, I glared at Scooter with blood still trickling from my mouth. “I have another maniac to catch.”

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    Gal fight! :0
    *In gangster clothes*

    Word. XP
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    Part Five

    I drove for hours and hours around the city, looking for a living thing that no one knew about (at least not yet) and a maniacal secret agent waving a Sig Pro around and probably frightening the life out of small children. My head was still throbbing from all the gunfire and heavy blows that occurred moments ago. I felt like I was going to vomit after passing through each city block. But I had to hold it in, because I had a job to do. I kept my gun rested on the passenger seat, ready to reach for it in case she came in my sights at any time. I wasn’t taking any chances with this girl. She was dangerous…and she needed to be put out of everyone’s misery.

    By sundown, I had just about passed through every part of San Francisco. I had used up practically all of the gas in my car, driving around so much. It just stopped by itself as soon as I had passed through a ghetto neighborhood in the darkest region of the city. This would be the perfect area for Terah to put a cap in anyone’s butt, whether it was someone related to her mission or a mugger who had the guts enough to stick her up. But she wasn’t around. I checked this area when it was still daylight and she was not anywhere to be seen.

    And then, just when I thought all hope was lost, I hear a scream…a loud one…loud enough for everyone in the whole city to hear. It was a woman’s scream. Hard to distinguish if it was a human female or a Fraggle female. But if I had my own guess, I’d say it were a Fraggle scream, because there was no chance in h*ll that it came from Terah. By then, I had to assume that she had begun her work on poor Goldie. So I grab my gun, jump out of the Mustang, and rush over to where the scream had been coming from.

    I made my way to there as slowly and cautiously as I could, not daring myself to take any chances. Terah could have set up a trap for me. And when it came to setting up traps, this woman was like Arnold Schwarzenegger out of Predator. She might as well have planted a landmine underneath the sidewalk that I had been trekking across. But she didn’t. Everything seemed to have been deathly quiet (and I use the word “deathly” very loosely).

    This whole thing was pointless. For cryin’ out loud, we were both on the same side, just looking at things from two different perspectives. H*ll, even Batman and Superman had their issues, but they were still able to work them out and get the d**n job done. And realizing this, I decided to make the first move myself.

    “Terah!” I yelled. “C’mon, kid! Let’s just…just put all of our differences aside! Okay?” There was no response…just as I expected. Still, I kept talking. “We have a job here to do, Terah! How would Fury reacted if he found out that two of his best agents were playing ‘Hide and Seek’ with each other, rather than doing their job? Huh? He’d have both of our butts on a silver platter, you know that?” Still…no response. She had something set up for me. This girl was a lot smarter than I had imagined. But my words contradicted my thoughts. “Don’t be stupid, kid! I don’t want to have to do something that I’ll regret, as soon as I get back to S.H.I.E.L.D.”

    While I was flapping my gums off, I had completely crossed the sidewalk and made it near an unoccupied basketball courtyard. Once I had, something bizarre occurred. A massive wall of flames whooshed right past me, and I was forced to fall backwards to avoid having my face burnt off. As soon as the flames had passed, I got back on my feet and looked around the corner to see the entire courtyard on fire. Flames were spouting out from all parts, the chain-wire fences had melted away (leaving only fragments of them behind), and in the midst of it all was the body of an unfortunate victim.

    Fearing the worst, I dashed over to the body, dodging and jumping over all the flames that stood in my way to get to it. When I made it, I turned the body over to have the person’s face looking in my direction, and just as I had suspected, it was Terah. Fortunately, she was not burnt beyond recognition. Her clothes, however, were tattered and scorched. I smelled the smoke seeping from them…the smell of a recent battle that she had obviously lost.

    I slapped her scarred up face a little, trying my best to revive her and get her out of this mess before she ended up being burned alive. “Terah! Terah! Wake up, honey. Wake up!” She didn’t move an inch, which was bad news for me, as soon as I heard a loud, booming voice singing behind me:

    I never knew that a kid like me
    Could take his mic around the world and flash the big S.D.
    And rock the masses, from Madrid to Calabasas
    Tijuana, Mexico, bootleg demos in Tokyo
    They know me though, 'cause I be puttin' in work
    Commit my life to rebirth, well respected, 'cause that's my word
    I'm sure you heard, about a new sound going around
    She might have left my hood, but she was born in my town

    While he was singing this hardcore rock song from the rooftop of a nearby building, he started throwing his fireballs at me, which I immediately deflected by firing my special gun and freezing them to pieces. Afterwards I fired my gun at Boom, forcing him to dodge every shot that had frozen his area solid. He couldn’t last a second around a cool area, otherwise he would lose control. So I made certain that every single section of this area was encased in ice.

    “You won’t win, Spark!” I taunted him. “I have plenty of bullets in this nice little gun of mine to turn you into a red and orange Popsicle!”

    After all of the shooting I had done, I had soon realized that he disappeared from the scene, leaving me looking over my shoulder repeatedly for him. As he was out of my sights, I took the opportunity of dragging Terah’s heavy butt away to a safer place. Setting her somewhere in the shadows where Boom couldn’t see her, I headed over to the nearest fire escape I could find and climbed up. There was no way I was losing Boom again. I was going to take him down that very night!

    Just as soon as I had made it to the rooftop of a rundown apartment building, an explosion erupted near me. I lost my footing on the ledge and fell off, but was able to grab it before I was completely away. I had accidentally dropped my gun in the process, letting it fall thirty-feet down towards the concrete below. While I was hanging on for dear life, I could still hear Spark singing from the roof:

    You didn't know, thought we was new on the scene
    Well, it's alright! It's alright!
    I know you know, I see you smiling at me
    Well, it's alright! It's alright!​

    The next thing I know, explosions were erupting all around where I had been hanging on the ledge. Pieces of it were showering over my head and covering all parts of my hair with them. Boom had me exactly where he wanted me. Any chances of fighting back at this time were slim:

    Boom! Here comes the Boom!
    Ready or not, here come the boys from the South
    Boom! Here comes the Boom!
    Ready or not, how you like me now?​

    I started to feel the ledge give way from all of the explosions and knew that if I hung on any longer that I would fall. So before it had, I swung my body to the left and landed back on the fire escape, while the entire ledge of the rooftop fell towards the ground below with a tremendous thud. Taking Boom on the rooftops was undoubtedly a bad idea. I needed to take him on ground level, where I at least had a chance against him.

    Quickly moving down the fire escape, I suddenly found myself not just running from Boom, but also the pools of “lava” that he was vomiting all over the whole freakin’ structure. It was not very long before the fire escape started to fall apart, due to the lava-like substance melting through the support. Having another eighteen feet to go down, I realized that there was no way of getting off this thing before I reached the bottom. So I took my chances with jumping off the fire escape and falling the rest of the way down.

    Huge mistake!

    I landed right on top of a parked vehicle—not sure what kind it was, all I knew was that it hurt like h*ll once I landed on its rooftop. The massive dent that I put in it told half of the story of just how much it hurt when I hit it. However, my dislocated shoulder told the rest, as I popped it back in place, after climbing off the parked car. Before I could relieve myself from the intense pain that my body was racked with, Boom suddenly appeared right near me (seeming to have dropped from the rooftop and landing on the sidewalk without any pain whatsoever). His feet were melting through the concrete that he stood on, turning it from a cracked mess to a muddy puddle of cement in seconds:

    We rep. the South, so what you talking about
    I'm not running off my mouth, I know this without a doubt
    'Cause if you know these streets, then these streets know you
    When it's time to handle business, then you know what to do
    Me and my crew, we stay true, old skool or new
    Many were called, but the chosen are few
    We rise to the top, what you want? Just in case you forgot
    Rush the stage, grab my mic, show me what you got​

    Again, I started running from him, as he began unleashing waves of fireballs in my direction. He was relentless with every single one he threw at me, obviously wanting me dead. Seriously, Drew Barrymore had got nothing on this fella! Most of those fireballs he threw connected with several other parked vehicles, including my Mustang from a distance away, blowing them all to smithereens. The entire city block turned into a war zone in less than a minute:

    You didn't know, thought we was new on the scene
    Well, it's alright! It's alright!
    I know you know, I see you smiling at me
    Well, it's alright! It's alright!

    Boom! Here comes the Boom!
    Ready or not, here come the boys from the South
    Boom! Here comes the Boom!
    Ready or not, how you like me now?​

    As I was running, my foot had connected with something hard, kicking it across the ground. I looked down real fast to see that it was my gun. Perfect timing, my little friend! Immediately, I picked it up and spun around, aiming it directly at Boom Fraggle, as he began approaching me. My finger pulled back on the trigger and the bullet jumped out of the gun faster than it usually did.

    Boom was caught by surprised for the first time we had started our intense battle. The bullet had gotten pass his radiating field (unlike most regular ones that would turn to ash as soon as they were ten inches from him) and it struck him directly on the shoulder. The dangerous creature then clutched his wound, crouching as he had done so. For a moment, I had expected him to fall back and pass out, as the ice-cold bullet was seeping into his system, decreasing all that intense heat he had been giving off. But that was not the case. Instead, this little monster was laughing…maniacally.

    “Is that all you got? I’ll take your best shot.” He said, and I fired again, striking him in his other shoulder. But he just stood up and continued advancing towards me. “Is that all you got? I’ll take your best shot!” His voice grew louder each time I fired at a different part of his body that was seemingly unaffected. “Is that all you got? I’ll take your best shot! Is that all you got? I’ll take your best shot! Is that all you got? I’ll take your best shot! I’ll take your best shot! IS THAT ALL YOU GOT? I’LL TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT! IS THAT ALL YOU GOT? I’LL TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT!”

    “FINE!” I screamed.

    Tossing my gun aside, I had done something that I had been waiting to do for a very long time. I clenched my fist, lifted it high in the air, and then punched directly at the concrete. Most normal people would have broken every bone in their hand if they had done what I had, exerting such remarkable force. But I was not a normal person (as I had led you to believe from the very beginning of my story).

    What I had done was something expected of a mutant. But I was never born as a mutant. And I was never bitten by any radioactive thing, nor was I part of some special program that granted average human subjects with super strength via a special formula or radiation. I was simply using an ancient fighting technique that no one on the face of the earth had ever used in a million years.

    The ground shook and an enormous earthquake took place right there and then on that city block. And the next thing Spark “Boom” Fraggle knew, he was sent flying twenty feet across the air and into a neon sign close nearby. Between his scorching body and the electricity running through the sign, there came a huge explosion of fiery sparks (how ironic). After the explosion had ceased, Spark’s body fell from the blackened, ravaged sign and collapsed to the ground, seemingly defeated.

    Rising up with my fist covered with pieces of concrete, I stood where I was for a long time, unsure of what exactly I should do at that point. Should I kill him right there and then? Or should I just contact S.H.I.E.L.D. and tell them to pick him up?

    But my decision seemed to have been already made for me, as soon as I felt the cold barrel of a gun press up against my head. “Don’t move…freak.” It was Terah, who had obviously witnessed my little feat of strength a moment ago.

    “Just let me…”

    “SHUT UP!” She screamed. “You’ve kept enough secrets from me! I’m going to take you back to headquarters and let Fury put you in a holding cell with your little friend over there! I wouldn’t be surprised if they had done all sorts of sick, twisted tests on you to figure out what mutant class you fall in.”

    “I’m not a mutant!”

    “Oh, really? Well, how ‘bout we let the boys back in Manhattan determine whether that’s true or not?”

    “How ‘bout we don’t?” And then I made my move. With great swiftness, I elbowed her right in the face as hard as I could have, making her feel the intensity that she made me feel earlier. Only my blow sent her into unconsciousness. She fell to the ground violently but not fatally.

    At this point, I would have gone to the nearest payphone I could find and contact S.H.I.E.L.D., letting them in on the entire story. But as soon as I had turned away from Terah’s unconscious body, I found myself looking right into the eyes of Scooter. And from the look of those eyes, I could tell he had seen just about everything. It was an intimidating look, which was saying something, considering that he was only a Muppet…a Muppet with an intense hatred for mutants (at the time).

    I attempted to explain it all to him, just as I had with Terah. But as I approached him, he stepped back and raised his hands in protest. “Stay away from me!” He demanded. “I trusted you! And this whole time…this whole time…you were…a…a mutant?”

    “I’m not…” Before I could finish, I heard the sound of police sirens approaching from a distance. They were coming to investigate the disturbance that had taken place on this block. And knowing the state of mind that Scooter was in, he would have surely told them that I was more responsible for it all than Spark was. All I could say to him at that moment was, “I’m sorry.”

    Having no other choice, I ran away from everything—Scooter, Spark, Terah, the authorities, the destruction…everything. By the time I had reached a few blocks down, I stopped by a nearby trash can, throwing my gun, my badge, and everything else that identified me in there.

    Why did I do it? Because a secret that I had neglected to tell anybody at S.H.I.E.L.D. got out (and when you work for such an organization, there are no secrets within the business). And that secret cost me my job, my life, and just about everything else I have had for over the past years that defined who I was. And that’s why I say that I was Katerina Thomas, because I have no idea who I am anymore. I am in hiding from my past life, in order to protect those that I care the most about. If Nick Fury had ever found out about my secret (and I’m sure he has from Scooter or Terah), then he would try to get through my family to get to me.

    And, apparently, he might have already done so, according to a recent obituary that I have read.

    My God…Fury…tell me you haven’t done this.

  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    So... Is that the conclusion? Very powerful stuff... Awaiting to find out how it all connects once the Invincible gets started. In the meantime, I'm thrillin' to your Ghostbusters take and hope more gets posted soon.
  17. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    Yep. That was the conclusion. And don't worry. If you feel like there's a lot that hasn't been explained, more will be in "The Invincible" and the "MARVELOUS Mini" stories that go into the background of Spark "Boom" Fraggle.:)
  18. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    I was just thinking today that you all might want to have at least one more "MARVELOUS Mini" tale to finish up on this saga that I have set up with "Woman of Tomorrow" and "Woman of Yesterday".

    I'm going to write one more for a week from this Friday (my 22nd birthday, for anyone keeping track;)) and call it "Man of Today", focusing on the events after the murder of the Thomas family member and having it narrated by Tony Stark, our "man of today".

    After I've finished the story (which will only consist of one part), it's straight on to "The Invincible" for May.:)
  19. JG4

    JG4 New Member

    Sean, this story is awesome man, if you come out with a book, let me know, cause usually im not a reader, but your stories get my attention. :cool:

    Say if you ever need me as a character, im willing man, whether its a protagonist, or antagonist, i'll do both lol. :D

    - J.G.

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