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Worst Muppet Movie?

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by MuppetFan12, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. WalterFan1234

    WalterFan1234 Well-Known Member

    Kermit's swamp years is the worst. I looked so forward to seeing it, but oh my gosh was it bad
  2. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Except for the fact that A) Jason Segal wrote the film and B) Jason Segal was essentially the reason a Muppet Film got made in the first place.

    There's a difference between disliking a movie and trying to find logic to dislike a movie.

    I mean, if Disney wanted a cynical, hip, failure of a movie that fans wouldn't care about, they'd make another MWO.
    Duke Remington likes this.
  3. beatnikchick300

    beatnikchick300 Well-Known Member

    No offense, but you really just need to get over it. The entire world (or heck, even this entire forum) isn't obligated to share your opinion on this movie.
  4. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Can I at least say your criticism has a point. I'll even agree it's an emotionally manipulative fan fic. MMW actually made me like this film a little less. Yes, not everyone has to like it, but if you're going to complain about a movie, at least get the facts straight.

    The complaint was that the movie was some lame, cynical cash grab by Disney that forced big time celebrities in it to be hip and edgy. We all know that wasn't the case. Jason was the one that wrote the film, he put some of his buddies in it. Disney did force Selena Gomez into the script, that's like the only grain of fact, and the writers seemed to hate that so much, they gave her backhanded dialogue.
    Duke Remington and CensoredAlso like this.
  5. Muppet Master

    Muppet Master Well-Known Member

    Though I also respect your opinion, repeating dialouge seems like lazy writting in my opion instead of being a reference. I honestly think Siegel didn't know it was from GMC, and even if he did know, then it was a lame way of being a reference! A better way would be for Amy Adams to say the line, and...
    Walter: Uh Mary, I think you're copying Kermit's line, look...
    (Turns on TV to show the GMC scene where Kermit says the line)
    Amy Adams: oh...
    (everything else goes as it did)
    MFS tried to do the same thing, because Joey Mazzarino didn't think his script was true to the muppets so he pushed in the Dom Deluise S&W comment, and the "Sadly Temporary" line. I mean that film only had 1 origanal S&W moment! Though I'm most likely nit-picking on this, that's my 2 cents.
  6. Muppetjente

    Muppetjente Well-Known Member

    I would say The muppets wizards of Oz is the worst movie.
  7. fozzieisfunny

    fozzieisfunny Well-Known Member

    Kermit's Swamp Years was good! I don't know why everybody hates it. It's probably the fact that it's aimed at a younger audience. Anyways, The Muppets' Wizard of Oz sucked.
  8. Mad Monty fan

    Mad Monty fan Well-Known Member

    Not a Muppet movie, but a film that I find to be awful is Foodfight. It's boring, it's unfunny, and quite honestly it's a film I don't recommend. Granted yes, I like the fact that Christopher Lloyd voices the antagonist, but still, it's a film I would steer clear of if I were you.
  9. Mad Monty fan

    Mad Monty fan Well-Known Member

    I just realized yesterday Tex and Rachel have the same motive going in terms of their plans. Tex planned to demolish the Muppet studio for oil, while Rachel planned to turn it into a night club. The only difference is that Tex's plans succeeded, while Rachel's plans failed in the end.
  10. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    ONLY because the theatrical cut of the movie removed the real reason Tex Richman wanted to destroy the studio. Thus making the villain look like something out of Captain Planet, and making it almost petty for the Muppets to finally care about something they let fall into disrepair in the first place.

    I liked The Muppets, but I'll agree it deserves a "worst." A "Worst" for "Worst editing."
  11. Mad Monty fan

    Mad Monty fan Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Muppets Christmas Letters To Santa was pretty bad. I mean, the explosions related joke with Crazy Harry in that film got plain old and wasn't even that funny anymore. On The Muppet Show when Statler and Waldorf said that joke, it was fine, but to reuse that joke again gave me a good reason to hate that film.
  12. FraggleLover130

    FraggleLover130 Well-Known Member

    The Muppets was brilliant!
  13. FraggleLover130

    FraggleLover130 Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen a lot, but my least favorite that I've seen (out of like five) was Muppets Most Wanted.
  14. Eyeball

    Eyeball Well-Known Member

    Muppets wizard of oz, i would only watch that one again if someone had a gun to my head, i think we can all agree that ashanti is like the worst actress in the history of the world.
  15. Mad Monty fan

    Mad Monty fan Well-Known Member

    Other uneccessary muppet films include:
    -It's A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie (granted i own a vhs copy of it, but still)
    -A Muppets Christmas Letters To Santa (like i said, the joke with Crazy Harry wasn't even that funny anymore)
  16. Mad Monty fan

    Mad Monty fan Well-Known Member

    Even though I own this film anyways, I'm going to have to say Muppets Christmas Letters to Santa. Granted, it's not nearly as bad as MWoO, but still there were some downsides for me about that film and I'm going to start by listing them:
    -The explosives joke with Crazy Harry was funny back in 1975 when he could do it whenever he wanted. But many years later in 2008, not so much.
    -If I'm correct, Pops only got one scene in that film selling tickets to people standing outside. He should of have gotten more scenes.
    -Like with the case of Pops, Luncheon Counter Monster only got one scene at the beginning, sorting mail.
    -No Johnny, Sal, or Clifford in this film.
  17. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    So, your ideal Muppet Movie is one with every single character ever with really big parts?

    You must not like a single one, huh? :fanatic:

    LTS has a crapload of flaws. Characters not appearing in it isn't one of them. Runtime, pacing, an ending that feels rushed, almost a cop-out is what I'd say was the problem. Characters that have yet to be recast wouldn't have improved that.
  18. Muppet Master

    Muppet Master Well-Known Member

    Um...are you talking about VMX? Anyways, why would you complain about Pop's screen time? Sure he had a beefy role in GMC, but even then it wasn't much. He wasn't in TMM (wasn't around then, though even if he was I doubt he'd do more than be in the finale), he had one line in MTM, he had one or two in MCC, he did not appear in MTI or MFS, he had a short ticket selling scene in VMX, he wasn't in MWoO, he had a scene selling tickets in LTS again as you said, he wasn't in TM, and he had the short scene on the wall talking to Kermit in MMW.

    So at average Pops has either no screen time or a short scene, so his screen time in LTS is basically above average!

    Uhh...so this was Luncheon Counter Monster's first film appearance since his background appearances in TMM, GMC, and MTM and he's not main enough to have one central puppeteer, and you're complaining about his screen time!!
  19. Mad Monty fan

    Mad Monty fan Well-Known Member

    @Dr Tooth: No, I do like some films the muppets did, like MCC, MTI, and MFS. And even though I have MWoO on DVD, I consider the idea of an older Dorothy to be too out there. That and they copied off the script of the original 1939 Wizard of Oz movie and altered it. Not your finest moment there Disney. But at least Disney cleaned up their act since then. Sure, they might of done that with the original Treasure Island and Christmas Carol stories when creating Muppet Treasure Island and Muppet Christmas Carol, but at least they didn't entirely alter them like they did with MWoO. Make sense?
  20. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    I think Treasure Island is the worst because it didn't have the Dancing Sacks, Ronald Duck or Goldfish #2 from "Don't Get Hooked on me."
    muppetlover123 and Muppet Master like this.

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