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Yeti puppet on eBay

Discussion in 'Puppets For Sale' started by Keeermit, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Keeermit

    Keeermit Well-Known Member

    CLICK HERE to see the latest ebay puppet from JBPuppets :)
    jvcarroll likes this.
  2. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Hey Jarrod, I'm just curious, but I notice your listings no longer contain a blurb about how 10% of the proceeds from the sale are contributed to Sesame Workshop... likewise, I saw sometime back you removed your demo video from YouTube of your SST Muppet replicas doing PWMS inserts... are you and SW no longer on good terms, or what happened? Again, just curious.
  3. Keeermit

    Keeermit Well-Known Member

    Hey D'Snowth,
    Due to the current financial market I am unable to continue with as much charity work as I used to donate ( SS being one of them) although over a two year period I donated around $2000 dollars to SS which I figured is more than most struggling puppet builders out there. Hopefully in the near future when work picks up I will be able to start making donations again. I actually moved my videos to a new youtube page, and unfortunately can't find the original PWMS video file, but it's still on my facebook account. I don't really have anything to do with SW anyway, being in Australia doesn't really allow me to. So nothing really happened, just decided a while ago to concentrate on my own work and not spend my time building replicas :)

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