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Your Animal Replica Pictures

Discussion in 'Muppet Replicas' started by antonydavanzo, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    i too was looking at that make of kids drumset earlier today, lol. looks great and yeah all it needs is a matching front logo.
  2. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    It only cost me $20. QUITE worth it. I am looking for another in town because I'd like to make the double drumset look for the display!
  3. antonydavanzo

    antonydavanzo Well-Known Member

    AMAZING! I bet you have had him posed, chewing on the cymbell ! That would look ace.....are you gonna post a pic of the logo when its done?
  4. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Animal Comparison Photo

    Okay, this is the third and last forum spot I'll post this photo link. The comparison shot mocked up for the review last night was hastily prepared and the poser hadn't softened yet at the time the picture was taken. Also the picture was not taken to be used for the comparison shot, but I mocked it up to hold its place until I could get home and take this new photo. Only took me 20 minutes to pose, shoot and create this mock up shot. There are actually areas where this poser looks better than the classic poser photograph. Here's the picture that will be swapped out today.

    After all my complaining (and there's lots of it) about the tragic MR photos, I couldn't let the current mock up I made for the article stand without this alternative. He he.

    As for the wrist and ankle restraints, it's rare for the puppet to wear them as they inhibit limb movement for the puppeteer. I honestly can't remember them in a specific project at the moment. :halo:
  5. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Yessir, the complete drum with logo will be seen when we get around to it.
  6. lithiumbrain

    lithiumbrain Well-Known Member

    You are right...He never had ankle or wrist restraints in any of the movies or as far as I know, the Muppet Show. That was a feature that was added to the toys and t-shirt images over the years. ...Got my Animal replacement this week. He is as he should be. I am very pleased.
  7. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    I Just Got The Collar

    The Halloween online store item I ordered (thanks for those who informed me of it) just arrived and has been painted. The paint is a little tacky and sticky on the black rubber. The velcro attachment doesn't look all that great so I chopped off the ends and created a hole to poke one of the spikes through to make it look more latch-like in the back. No, this isn't as signature-looking as I'd like, but it will work nicely the paint ever completely dries! I used one of those soft metalic silver paint markers. The color matches and fills the area great, but it still seems gummy. I might have to coat it in something.

    another completely unretouched Animal photo set:
    He just keeps looking better!
  8. MuppetCaper

    MuppetCaper Well-Known Member

    I ordered me one also, I think when I get mine, I am going to do a bit of modifying on it. I have something in mind, I am going to see if it works.
  9. antonydavanzo

    antonydavanzo Well-Known Member

    I love the collar...I am gonna have to get one of those!

    Some of my fav poses I have done.
  10. Was Once Ernie

    Was Once Ernie Well-Known Member

    Hey Antony!

    Those are great pictures. In the ones where his lids are lowered, did you pin them that way, or did you just brush his eyebrows forward to give the impression that his eyes were more closed?

  11. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Great pictures Antony! Yours are truly some of the best Animal photos I've seen.

    Just posted a new collar picture in another thread, but Here Goes.

    Light trimming of the hair and a Sharpie for the seam is all that was required for this picture. Oh, and love too. I love my Animal good! (In a totally PG way, of course.) :halo:
  12. antonydavanzo

    antonydavanzo Well-Known Member

    Cool collar Jamie. I notice you have trimmed his beard as well! I have a weird PG love for Animal as well......am I weird for staring at him for ages, amazed by him?
    By the way, I thought your review was fair and honest and I am pleased MR posted it.
    Do you think you will do the same for Gonzo? If he looks like your Avatar then I will be pleased, I am just a little worried he wont. If he isnt and you write a not so glowing review, I wonder if MR will post that!
  13. MWoO

    MWoO Well-Known Member

  14. antonydavanzo

    antonydavanzo Well-Known Member

    I dont know........well I do.....:) . I spend bloody ages tweaking hairs to make him look right. I am pleased with the way I have got Animal to look....compared to his fresh out of the box look. Its really nice to hear people say that so thanks a lot. I might have some luck in getting him to look right but I lack the skill with a camera! I need a bit of help with that.
    The one thing I feel I have got right which I have found the hardest is his eye brows.
  15. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    There’s no problem with loving your Animal. He just makes me happy! Never thought I’d be this pleased with him much less have my excitement increase daily. If that’s wrong then so be it. Muppets need to be worn-in. I guess that’s official now. :halo:

    I think the review was a one-shot thing. I had no knowledge it would be used at MR, but am honored. I’m glad you liked it and saw the honesty and thought put into it. I will definitely post thoughts of Gonzo on the forum and read what others think too. You know, the Gonzo in my avatar doesn't exist. It's pieced together from different images to create a "new classic" look for him. Some like that, some don't. :concern:
  16. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    About the collar/chains - the puppet has been seen recently with the chain. In "Muppet TV", the show made in France. Here is a pic -


    You will notice that this Animal, and the one in the Muppets.com Wallpapers all look a lot like the Master Replicas Animal replica. The eyes, teeth, the slightly larger bags under the eyes, the amount of hair in certain places. I think with Puppet Heap now building the Muppets, the replicas are probably more based around the Puppet Heap designs rather than the classic Henson ones. The interview with the Master Replicas production guy for the Kermit review on MC pretty much said that there was a lot of involvment with Puppet Heap. Gonzo does seem a lot more based on Classic TMS though but the Muppets as we see them now are all a much more modernized design.
  17. Reevz1977

    Reevz1977 Well-Known Member

    Maybe I'm a purest but I don't like the Puppet Heap versions. They seem too...anyway. I would genuinely prefer the Muppets of yester-year and believe it's what the fans would want. Let's face it, it's not going to be your casual fan that parts with $100's to get one of these replicas, they're dealing with the all out Muppet nuts here!
  18. Ignohippo

    Ignohippo Well-Known Member

    Holy poop! He looks EXACTLY like the MuppetHeap version!
  19. antonydavanzo

    antonydavanzo Well-Known Member

    Wow...that pic looks just like the MR replica....good find. On another note, I just watched The Great Muppet Caper and noticed ANimal had his chain and collar on all the way through the movie.
  20. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Also if you go to the photo section of muppets.com the Animal photographs peppered through the selection reflect this modern poser's style. Everything except the eye shape, spacing and focus.

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