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YOUR FACE! Updates!

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by Jackie, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. Jackie

    Jackie Well-Known Member

    Today...National Spoovy Day will be the day of a MAJOR update on Emmy's awesome Richard Hunt website entitled YOUR FACE! I have heard Emmy say that she will have it updated tonight no matter what it takes!

    Actually I saw it in an email and she said maybe, BUT STILL check it out anyway!


    If the updates aren't there yet...they will be soon!

  2. EmmyMik

    EmmyMik Well-Known Member

    Yes! It's true! I have *finally* updated "Your Face!" Please be sure to stop by and see what's new (I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I do have a tribute from another Muppeteer).

    I'm not *completely* done, I have a few more things to put up, but who knows if I'll be able to put them up tonight.


    Your Face!
  3. Traveling Matt

    Traveling Matt Well-Known Member

    Kewl update, Emmy!

    Everyone who knew him have pretty much the same opinion of Richard: a truly amazing man with extraordinary talent.

    Still very much missed :( ...

    - Billy :cool:
  4. Skeeter Muppet

    Skeeter Muppet Well-Known Member

    All I can say is, ditto! Though I wonder what he'd think if he read all of this about him...

  5. Billy's Girl

    Billy's Girl Well-Known Member

    He'd probably just say.....

    'Your face!'

    Bless him.
  6. Janice & Mokey's Man

    Janice & Mokey's Man Well-Known Member

    Emmy, great updates! And OMG, like, I didn't know hardly any of that "Did You Know" stuff---if any! :eek: Way to go on stumpin' us, Ems! :D

    Some really cool updates---and wow, Martin "P." Robinson was pretty straightforward in his "beginning statement", no? Lol

    Cool stuff!! :D

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