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Your Feedback: Muppet Central Radio

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Phillip, May 3, 2003.

  1. CaseytheMuppet Well-Known Member

    Love Handle? That's from Phineas and Ferb! :laugh:
  2. Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    Is it a coincidence that Jerry Nelson songs played more often today?
  3. Phillip Administrator

    We changed the MC Radio playlist in honor of Jerry when the news broke last night. We'll be playing Jerry's songs 24/7 for the next several days. He loved to sing and share it with all of us. :sing::batty::smirk:
  4. The Count Moderator

    Thank you for this tribute Phil, can't think of anything more fitting.
  5. Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    "Error: station not available"
  6. Phillip Administrator

  7. Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    That doesn't work either.

    EDIT: Radio 365 suddenly started working again. Weird…
  8. The Count Moderator

    Yeah, it sometimes does that, I have to shut off my RadioTerra window because it falls back to the looptrack playlist, wait a little while, then start it up again through the link in Phillip's post in one of the Muppet soundtrack threads.

    BTW: I think today, most of all, would be appropriate for the song Eye of the Storm but I don't think that will ever play on MCR.
    Thanks for the music marathon Phil. :jim:
  9. The Count Moderator

    Funny, cause Live365 gives me a "Download" message that I "have" to download in order to listen, so I'm on RadioTerra instead now.
  10. Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    Don't know if you're listening right now, but that song's playing now.
  11. The Count Moderator

    Yep, caught it, at least most of it before the RadioTerra fizzed out forcing me to restart another session. Currently finished The Batty Bat and I'm now on Ladybug's Picnic by Dwayne Wayne from The Count Counts.
  12. Hubert Well-Known Member

    I also really have to say thanks for this music marathon. I'm really enjoying remembering Jerry in this way.

    I also really like that "Face Facts, Pack Snacks..." played, as I finally figured out the exact song that inspired the name of my blog. I could never really pinpoint it, I only could remember those lyrics from the It's Not Easy Being Green book.
  13. Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    I see it's back to the regular schedule. Nice tribute to Jerry while it lasted!
  14. Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    Maybe that's why the stream paused for a minute.
  15. SesameFever Member

    I love Muppet Central Radio. I just heard "The Clown In Me" from Mr. Rogers. I love Mr. Rogers but why did you add him to Muppet Central Radio? He is not a Muppet. Thanks. No big deal I enjoyed hearing it but just don't understand how it fits with the theme of the station.
  16. Squigiman Active Member

    I was listening to Muppet Central Radio, again, during the time of tribute to Jerry, and since then, as well, when it struck me that there might be a way to stream it to mobile devices, like my iPhone. I looked for Live 365, and found the app and the station on there. Just wondering one thing, though. How does it choose the artwork for the songs?

    I feel there's usually an appropriate image on the site in the upper-left corner, for whatever's playing at any given time, whether a specific album cover, or a generic image related to the source, if it's not something commercially released. However, on the app, I get odd stuff, like some dude's face, and it says "GONZOE", with a Parental Advisory sticker, for the redone "I'm Going To Go Back There Some Day", rather than the Muppets From Space soundtrack cover. I also once got something apparently by someone called Elmo, but certainly not a cute, furry, little red monster.

    It's not a big deal, but I do find it oddly distracting when such images come up when I'm listening and driving. Thanks for any clarification and/or follow-up.

  17. Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    The album cover on the mobile app is served by Live365, and the version on the site is served by Muppet Central. Live365 usually serves The Wrong Version.
  18. Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    This is Phil's explanation for it from a few pages back:

  19. Squigiman Active Member

    Thanks for the responses. That's too bad. It's really off and off-putting. Too bad it can't come from the same source that this site uses.

  20. Phillip Administrator

    When Fred Rogers passed away in 2003 we saw a huge response from fans and we began playing his music on Muppet Central Radio at that time. For any child who grew up in the 70's and 80's Sesame Street and Mister Rogers went hand-in-hand. The programs complimented each other beautifully and most Sesame Street fans were also Mister Rogers fans. Everyone enjoyed the music so much on MC Radio that many asked if it could stay and that's why it's continued to this day.

    Here's a Mister Rogers tribute from Muppet fans back in 2003...

    Vincent Liu likes this.

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