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Your Thoughts: Muppet Central Radio on Radionomy

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Phillip, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. WhoseLineFan

    WhoseLineFan Well-Known Member

    A part of what?
  2. 12Medbe

    12Medbe Active Member

    Hours ago the theme came on MCR
    WhoseLineFan likes this.
  3. fragglevision

    fragglevision New Member

    cause it's made by Sesame Workshop.

    Which reminds me of the album title kerfluffles that have been showing up lately; just yesterday it was playing some song (I no longer remember just what it was, it was probably some old Sesame Street or Muppet Show song or something) and it was credited as "Climb Every Mountain (live)" by Tony Bennett, who's no stranger to Muppet connections. And the song is from Sound of Music, which in ITSELF is rife for reference/parody in the Muppet world.
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  4. WhoseLineFan

    WhoseLineFan Well-Known Member

    Was the song mislabeled or something?
  5. fragglevision

    fragglevision New Member

    WhoseLineFan likes this.
  6. WhoseLineFan

    WhoseLineFan Well-Known Member

    Not everything is Muppets. Some can be things from movies, and even TV shows by Sesame Workshop and others.
  7. WhoseLineFan

    WhoseLineFan Well-Known Member

    Of course it was. Which is why MCR needs to get fixed.

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