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Your Thoughts: Muppet Monopoly Collector's Edition

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by Phillip, May 30, 2003.

  1. Gonzo

    Gonzo Well-Known Member

    Melissa will play Monopoly with me, but I'll never win. Unless she lets me.


  2. King Prawn

    King Prawn Well-Known Member

    If i have a big board with Muppet pictures on it then that's enough of a win for me.

    I've never really been into games like Monopoly, Chess, Cards but i'm going to have to start learning how to play seeing as how they are being released Muppet Style.

    So there's three types of games for me to start learning how to play, although i don't mind it... i would like to learn how to play Cluedo which i'd have to if they ever released a Muppet version.
  3. FYI

    I went to check out Barnes & Nobles to see if they happen to have the game in there stores yet. So I thought I would put an FYI out to everyone that they won't have it until November:mad: :( . At least that is what there computer said. So I thought I would at least share.
  4. ukgonzo

    ukgonzo Active Member

    Muppet Monopoly UK

    I am desperate to get this game but fear living in the UK i won't beable to. Does anyone know if any retailers in the UK will be carrying this.
    If anyone In the US can get there hands on one for me I am willing to pay for it + all the shipping up front via Paypal if anyone could be kind enough to help out
    Thanks :rolleyes:
  5. muppet_dk

    muppet_dk Well-Known Member

  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Greetings from the Count! Hello Monopoly Guy, I've got a ton of questions for you. The majority of my questions lie in asking about the appearance of the game and the pieces and the properties and the cards and the money. The reason I ask you about this is because I'm partially blind to the degree that though I still have some residual vision left, it's not enough to make out fine details like those on TV or computer screens or board games. So please answer to the best of your knowledge the following:
    1 Please name the properties included on the board game.
    2 Please tell me how the properties are grouped by the color bars above the properties, that is if those color bars were retained as part of the game.
    3 What Muppet-related images appear on the four railroads and the two utilities.
    4 What images appear on the deed cards to the properties.
    5 Which Muppets were included throughout the entire game, either grouped by board/box cover photos, properties, or deed or gameplay cards.
    6 Which Muppets appear on the various monetary denominations included in the game and which Muppet appears on what money bill.
    Thanks for your help and have a great day.
  7. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Count, many of these questions will be answered in a review that we will have up in the next couple days.
  8. Monopoly Guy

    Monopoly Guy Active Member

    The Count,

    Here's a breakdown of all the board properties:

    Purple (2):
    S.S. Swine Trek,
    Veterinarian's Hospital

    Light Blue (3):
    Beauregard’s supply closet,
    Newsman's desk,
    Lew Zealand's boomerang stand

    Magenta (3):
    Johnny Fiama & Sal's lounge,
    Robin's lilypad,
    Scooter's backstage

    Orange (3):
    Crazy Harry's hideout,
    Electric Mayhem's stage,
    Rizzo the Rat's sewer

    Red (3):
    Sam the Eagle's podium,
    Swedish Chef's kitchen,
    Pepe's salsa & samba club

    Yellow (3):
    Bunsen & Beaker’s Muppets Lab,
    Statler & Waldorf's balcony,
    Rowlf's recording studio

    Green (3):
    Gonzo's Daredevil stunt show,
    Fozzie Bear's comedy club,
    Animal's drum stage

    Park Place (1):
    Miss Piggy's dressing room

    Boardwalk (1):
    Kermit the Frog's swamp

    vehicles (motorcycle, automobile, bicycle, hot air balloon)

    Electric Co: Red Carpet
    Waterworks: Romantic Rendezvous

    Here's a breakdown of the characters on the money:

    $500 - Kermit
    $100 - Miss Piggy
    $50 - Animal
    $20 - Fozzie
    $10 - Gonzo
    $5 - Swedish Chef
    $1 - Sam the Eagle

    The deed cards feature one image each of the individual Muppet who's property it is. In keeping with the one-Muppet-per-card look, the Vet's Hospital deed card features Janice and the Swine Trek features Link. The Vehicle properties (traditionally Railroads) are images of Muppets partaking in those modes of transportation (Fozzie driving an automobile from the Muppet Movie, Kermit on a bicycle, Piggy on a motorcycle, and several Muppets in the basket of a hot air balloon). The Electric Co. (Red Carpet) and Waterworks (Romantic Rendezvous) both feature Kermit and Miss Piggy, the latter shows them together in a boat from the Muppet Movie.

    The Penguin and Chicken cards in the game (traditionally Chance anc Community Chest) feature almost all of the characters on the game board (listed above) PLUS Marvin Suggs, his Muppephones, and Sweetums. The backs of the Chicken and Penguin cards feature Camilla and a Penguin from the Muppet Christmas Carol movie, respectively. On the box top are featured Rowlf, Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Animal, and Miss Piggy. On the game platform (the piece of cardboard that sits next to the banker's tray inside the box) are Kermit, Statler, Waldorf, Pepe, Animal, Miss Piggy, Camilla, Gonzo, Swedish Chef, Fozzie, and Beaker. In the center of the game board are Gonzo, Rizzo, Animal, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Pepe, Sam the Eagle, Swedish Chef, Statler, Waldorf, Bunsen, and Beaker. (Forgive me if I've forgotten anyone, I'm doing this from memory. ;) )
  9. electricmayhem

    electricmayhem Well-Known Member

    That's a darn good memory you've got there!:D ;)
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thank you profusely, Monopoly Guy! That's a great setup you've got on that game board of yours. This will definitely be a great seller, at least amongst us who know of its release. Hope your information gets included in the article Phillip speaks of and if there's anything I can do to help just let me know. Again, thanks for providing all that great info above and have a great day.
  11. Gonzo

    Gonzo Well-Known Member


    I was at a games store this week that sells all the other USAopoly games, and asked about the Muppet Monopoly, and they said I was the fifth person that morning who had been in asking about it. So evidently the word is out, even among the non-freaks.

    Unless she was just being nice. But somehow I doubt it.


    Can't wait to get my mitts on this in person!

    And lose to my wife!

    Cause then she'll feel guilty and need to comfort me.

    :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

  12. Crazy Harry

    Crazy Harry Well-Known Member

    Heh heh heh…
  13. Grandmaster C

    Grandmaster C Active Member

    Might as well just lose on purpose then. ;)

  14. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

  15. Kermielovah

    Kermielovah Member

    Monopoly Rocks

    I already got my Muppets Monopoly. I saw it here, fowarded it to my dad, and he ordered it for my b-day. I can't wait to play! THe board looks awesome, the cards are cool, the penguin and chicken cards and really funny. The figures are cute. It is a total treat! I love the creators! You are my gods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait until Dad plays it with me!
    :) ;) :crazy:
    P.S. At the mall I saw it at a vendor during a sports thing in the mall. He had a ton and that one was there so it is out there and available. Keep an eye out!
  16. I have played it. And love it

    I got my Game in the mail yesterday and my husband and I started to play we were up late, having a blast and were still not done. I had decided to not read the reviews and all the details of the game so it would be a surpise when I played it and it is really cool. :halo: The tokens look great but I do have to say I think Fozzie looks the best when it comes to the detail. And I love Animal on the $50.Tonight we are continueing on. Just a side note, I am beating my husband badly so far. The majority of his properties are morgaged and he has very little money. Funny thing is I feel a little guilty beating him so badly :o .

    Has anyone else played yet?
  17. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Well-Known Member

    I just got the game Thursday and i'm loving it!!! It really is a Muppet fan dream product come true!!!!

    I already have a play date with a bunch of my friends!!! this will be the hit of the muppet party's I host! now i'm waiting for Muppet Party cruse!!

    Zack)Rowlf the, hoping for more Muppet game pecies Dog.
  18. Monopoly Guy

    Monopoly Guy Active Member

    I saw the Muppet Monopoly at a Virgin Entertainment store over the weekend, which surprised me since I didn't think stores like that would have the game until later in the year! Anyone else picked up the game recently or have any sightings of it to report?
  19. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Well-Known Member

    "Anyone else picked up the game recently or have any sightings of it to report?"

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I just saw it today at Media Play!!! if only I waited a week i wouldn't have had to pay shipping...oh well it's an awsome game no matter what!!!

    Zack)Rowlf the, Media Play had a whole heap of Muppet stuff! besides series 4 though :smirk: ;) Dog.
  20. Rowlfdude

    Rowlfdude Member

    Hello There, Monopoly Guy. I just picked up the game today and it is stupefyingly stupendous :crazy: ! The graphics are wonderful and it's great fun to play this classic game with a Muppety twist. You and everyone else at USAOPOLY did a great job.


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