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Your Thoughts on Fletcherbird.

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by SeanC, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. SeanC Member

    Maybe an odd choice, but Fletcher Bird is probably my favourite of the full-bodied muppets. I’ve always liked Henson’s bird creations ( chickens, ducks, whatdayasay bird etc… ) but Fletcher is my personal fav for a couple of reasons. One, the suit is fantastically fun, cute and colourful and two, the sheer energy of the performance makes his appearances a definite standout. I particularly loved Fletcher’s scenes with Diana Ross and Leo Sayer, especially the former with Fletcher descending from the ceiling on a kirby wire ( his return to the air at the end features a pretty insane flip! ).
    Now, I know the character popped up four times in ’The Muppet Show’, all of which I’ve now managed to track down either on DVD or from a friend’s VHS collection. He also makes a nice appearance in ‘The Muppet Movie’ and shows up very briefly in ‘The Muppets Go Hollywood’ ( rather too briefly, actually. He‘s in the conga line at the end but the camera barely lingers on him ).
    The feather arrangement atop his head seems to have changed a couple of times over the years, and in ‘The Muppets Celebrate 30 Years’ in 1986 he had a rather nice crown-like look. This is how he also looked in what I think was his final television appearance, the 1993 Royal Variety Show broadcast on British tv ( with Doglion, Sweetums, a couple of Bossmen, and the group ‘Right Said Fred‘ ). This 1993 appearance was somewhat more subdued than his ‘Muppet Show’ performances and he mainly walked from one side of the stage to the other, waving his wings or tail feathers about. He also looked somewhat more brightly coloured than before, although I’m guessing this was simply down to lighting. Sadly, I’ve only ever been able to track down a low quality copy of this show and I find it highly unlikely it’ll get a DVD release, even as an extra feature.
    Anyone know of any other Fletcher appearances I’ve missed?
    I have to wonder if Fletcher still exists or if the suit has now deteriorated… would love him to show up in a new Muppet movie ( along with Thog ) but I guess that’s just wishful thinking.
  2. LamangoNumber2 Active Member

    He was in the Theater of the Muppet Movie, seated behind Sam Eagle, and of course, in the finale.

    He seemed like an idea to cash in on Big Bird's popularity, but that's just me.
  3. SeanC Member

    I suppose I can see why someone might think that as they're somewhat similar in size and appearance. Fletcher has a more 'tropical' look than Big Bird, though, and he has a much longer beak. But as you say, both are large birds made by the same company, so there's always going to be comparisons :)
    As regards the crowd scene from 'The Muppet Movie', I would have liked to have seen Fletcher and Big Bird standing together, if for nothing else than to get a direct size comparison ( anyone know if there's any size comparison charts of the full-bodied muppets anywhere? ). Another chance at having them together was lost in 'The Muppets Celebrate 30 Years', when Big Bird and Fletcher were seated at opposite sides of the room. I like both characters, but if I had to pick a definite fav then Fletcher would come out on top. I seem to always like minor characters! :zany:
  4. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I would have liked to have seen them together in the Leslie Uggam episode. After all, Graham Fletcher was credited as a dancer in that episode, so there's no reason why they couldn't have been together (I also wish they would have paired Big Bird with some of the big monsters).
  5. SeanC Member

    Well, there's always that very brief glimpse of Big Bird snuggled up against Mean Mamma in the closing shot of 'The Muppet Movie' :zany:
    Seeing Fletcher with Big Bird in the Leslie Uggams episode would have been a joy, yes... although as to how Gonzo would have reacted we'll never know! Two giant sized birds might have just fried his brain.
    On a similar note, I love how Fletcher kicks Gonzo off the stage at the climax of the 'He's the Greatest Dancer' piece. I particularly like Timmy Monster's 'Don't do it' gestures just before it happens :)
  6. SeanC Member

    Actually, I've jut found out that Fletcher and Big Bird DID appear together once:

    If you look at the screencaps, they seem to have appeared together in a few shots. Now the quest begins to find a copy of this :)
  7. LamangoNumber2 Active Member

    Do Ernie and Sweetums talk to each other in this? I'd love the conversation they could have had.
  8. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    You know, I've often read the Muppet Wiki article on Here Comes the Puppets, and yet I've never noticed until it was pointed out that both Big Bird and Betsy Bird appear in the special. So Betsy and Fletcher have appeared together. YAY! For some reason I thought the special included every recurring full-bodied Muppet except for Big Bird, Snuffy, and Thog (and Sam the Robot).

    Man, I wish they'd release this on DVD (hopefully the use of the Muppets wouldn't be a problem... Who owns this special, anyway?). I also wish somebody would upload it on youtube (or at least the Muppet scenes... I'm especially interested in seeing the finale, and the Bruno scene).
  9. LamangoNumber2 Active Member

    Hm...Maybe Feltcher and Betsy decided to...fly south...If you catch my drift.
  10. SeanC Member

    That's an oddly charming thought.
    I think we need some fanart of what the kids would look like :zany:

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