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Your Thoughts: Scooby Doo: The Mystery Begins

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Count von Count, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Count von Count Active Member

  2. muppets2 New Member

  3. Count von Count Active Member

    As a Scooby Fan, This video is asking qustions I have been asking when I was a kid
    The qustion: what is a scooby snacks?
    Is something i have Never wanted the answer to. I have allways thought a Scooby Snack is some kind of chocolate bread.
    This Video
    Makes me think I am going to walk out on the movie.
    Like I did on Scooby Doo 2.
    It was 1/2 way though the movie and I just walked out, could not take it.
    And I think this tv movie looks a lot worse then S.D 2.

    What is up with SHAGGY shirt? It sould be Red or Green. Not blue with yellow lighting skrike
    This is what I think.
    What do you think?
  4. Gelfling Girl Active Member

    I might watch it, but I already know I'm going to rather the cartoon much more.
  5. muppets2 New Member

    the actors dont even look like the cartoon charcters:mad:
  6. Gelfling Girl Active Member

    That completely annoyed me right when I first saw the trailer on Boomerang 2 or 3 weeks ago. I'm sure they could have found more convincing actors. My friends and I would probably be more convincing actors!
  7. muppets2 New Member

    lol mine could too but what is up with freddy he looks nothing like freddy at all (from cartoon)
  8. Count von Count Active Member

    A Pup named Scooby Doo and Muppet Babies.
    Think about it.
    The Muppet Movie is said to be how the muppet came together, but The Muppet Babies is all so said to be the way the muppets came together.

    A pup named Scooby Doo says Scooby and the Gang has been together as kids.
    But this movie says they meet though high school.

    In both causes they contradicted each other.
    How the Muppet meet and how Scooby and the gang meet.
    I gusse you just have to pick which one you wait.
  9. muppets2 New Member

    yea never thought of it like that:)
  10. Count von Count Active Member

    I would think it would be hard to find some one who looks like Fred the cartoon and Fred in real life.
    But I UnderStand what you are saying tough,
    they could of tryed harder in casting the cast.
  11. muppets2 New Member

    they could of at least dyed his hair blond so that he at least had something that looked like fred:eek:
  12. Count von Count Active Member

    Wow! How did I not noticed that! You Are Right!
    That is crazy! He does not even have his blue shirt on!
    Velma and Daphne is really the only ones who has the cartoon costumes on.
    Shaggy needs to allways have his green shirt on. But he does not.
    I am happy that the van looks the same.:sing:
  13. muppets2 New Member

    yea and shaggy never had a beard in the cartoon either:mad:
  14. muppets2 New Member

    also velma's hair is wrong and daphane never had a yellow hair thing:mad:
  15. Count von Count Active Member

    He never had a big beard.
    But he has what he calls his whiskers. (The hair on his chin)
  16. muppets2 New Member

    yea i no that guy has a goatee
  17. Count von Count Active Member

    The good news is that Frank Welker is doing the voice for Scooby.
    I think it's good there is not a new voice.
    I think that the new Shaggy looks more like the cartoon then Matthew Lillard did.
  18. muppets2 New Member

    well at least they have a good voice for scooby but the casting was just terible:mad:
  19. muppets2 New Member

    oh yea i forgot to ask are they ever going to have scrappy in a live action movie?
  20. Count von Count Active Member

    I think they cast a good Shaggy and of course Scooby.
    I don't care for the other cast.

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