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Your Thoughts: Sesame Street Season 40

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by Phillip, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Gonzo's Hobbit

    Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

    I want to say that the framing just has to do with what it looks like when editing. Since everything got switched to widecreen in High def, maybe the title frames on the editing software have changed slightly. You're right though. Hopefully someone would have noticed that and they'd try to work with it.
  2. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    That's an annoying little problem. If they absolutely have to show the show in widescreen, why can't they put the words in the middle in the 1:33:1 cut off. Plus, when they switch from new widescreen segments to older full frame segments with the jarring black bars on the sides. I didn't notice them really, and I'm sure the kids may either notice or ignore them... but I watched a Between the Lions that was shown in widescreen (once... we have the same problem with that show since they air it on PBS's digital kid's station) the full frame skits were framed by artificial curtains on the sides of the screen. It made it look clever and seemless.
  3. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen him. The weird thing is that I've seen Gina at work this season and she's not married, so what I wonder is who stays with Marco while Gina is at work. I know Gabi once said she babysat for Marco sometimes, but if she's in college during the day it might be hard for her to take classes and take care of Marco. I don't know. Just thought I'd post my thoughts on that.
  4. InvaderZim

    InvaderZim Well-Known Member

  5. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Pretty good episode, considering it was made up of mostly reused footage. At least Abby was only seen once this time.

    Anyway, not only do we get a great story focusing on Big Bird, but Jerry Nelson and 3 of his characters appeared, The Count being a main figure, Jerry, Sherlock Hemlock and Herry as cameos... and Sherlock even had one line. It had a very classic sense to the street story... Elmo seemed sort of pasted in, but not so much as he has in other episodes.

    And I just LOVED the way they handled the letter X, or how Murray handled the letter, breaking out of the song to say "There aren't many words that start with X!"
  6. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    Okay, so that was Jerry. You can disregard my post in the 'hidden gems' thread then. Lol. Yeah, Big Bird centered stories are always good though I was sort of expecting Snuffy to make an appearance. I guess it was Matt who wore the costume at least for the roller skating part. I don't know if Carroll still does stuff like that. Again, it was nice that the Count got a part in a street scene. Then there's 'The Counting Booth' coming up, so he'll have at least two eps this season. I still wish they'd bring back the old Zoe puppet though. I'm not used to seeing her with all that hair.
  7. Muppet Frog

    Muppet Frog Well-Known Member

    Don't worry the cuter Zoe puppet will be used in the next season and it's currently used in guest appearances.
  8. SSLFan

    SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Well, Mr. Spinney actually did perform as BB skating last season. It was a song that was performed in the finale episode.
  9. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that info, Frog. Yeah, I noticed the old Zoe puppet was on 'Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader.' I'm glad they're bringing her back. I guess they realized that people didn't care much for the later one.
  10. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. I must have missed that. So Spinney does still roller skate as BB, so maybe it was him doing it in the last episode. That's very admirable for someone his age to skate in such a heavy costume. I feel bad for Matt though. It seems like he hasn't done much with the brid lately.
  11. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Can we PLEASE have a season where they don't use any of the tired "kids painting a Mural of double digit numbers" segments PLEASE?

    Not really much to comment on. A late 90's early 00's style story where Elmo writes a story about a letter or number. Great to see that Oscar and baby Bear had some sort of cameo. Other than that, I'm not crazy about episodes about Elmo... but at least he was the star and did something constructive with it.

    A First run Abby again. Cute little gags here and there... giant macaroni T-Rex... not really all that much to say. I really want to see an episode where Abby causes all the trouble. Seems it's usually Blogg and sometimes Gonnigan that causes the problem. Abby seems extremely well behaved.

    That kid who sang "Everybody's Song" had some talent for a kid. His rendition is much better than Dianna Krall's flat, muddy sounding version. Still... I have yet to hear one improve over the original. Maybe get Bill Baretta in there next time and perform Bip Boppadotta for the skatting parts. I think that's where they usually fall flat.

    I cannot stress that SS has such lousy double digit number segments. Really... not only that thing I just mentioned, but that lousy kid using an obsolete looking computer to find the right number. You have this new widescreen 2010 sesame street season, you're obsessed with making everything look shiny and new and current... and you still use the old segment with obsolete 90's computers?

    And really... retire the stupid mural paintings already. Half the kids must be in college by now.
  12. DTF

    DTF Well-Known Member

    I'm sure her mother thinks the same thing at parent-teacher conferences :)

    I'm quite pleased that Abby is well-behaved, because - though I would never have faulted them for keeping her the same - this opens up a very nice dynamic that makes her more 3-dimensional.

    It's much like most of the kids in my family, and like a few in church where I teach or on our church bus. They can be really wild at home, but yet when they're in a different environment, not around the ones who love them unconditionally, they focus more on making sure they behave. I can remember well one time when visiting the mother of 2 girls, she was amazed they never fought on our bus, because she said they fought like cats and dogs at home. (Well, one time they were arguing a lot coming out of church, & one finally hit the other...I, as bus captain, told them they couldn't have any candy like normal when getting off the bus unless they said 3 nice things about each other. They did after a few minutes. But, this was after they'd been on our route for a couple years and felt comfortable letting off steam.)

    So, I can easily see Abby as the type of kid...well, fairy...who really lets loose at home at times, but in school, she can't just call her mom for a solution on her cellular wand. It would be nice to see her unwind a little and maybe cause a little mischief, but she hasn't been in school that long yet. Still, if this was the thikning of Sesame Workshop people in making her 3-dimensional like that, I'm very impressed.

    That was really cool. I've hardly seen any SS this season, but that song was really neat. I'm often encouraging our young poeple to reach out to handicapped people like myself more. (vision, hearing problems, plus a few very minor things elsewhere) I know we had a youth in our church camp last summer who needed someone there with them to help them; don't reacall why.

    Someone should write a story about Cookie Monster eating them all or something.

    Maybe they keep them on because 1-2 of them have hit it big and are helping a lot with funding. :D
  13. SSLFan

    SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Yes, it was definately him. You can tell when Caroll or Matt is performing Big Bird by the head shape of the puppet. Like Matt's puppet has a more rounder head shape.

    Well, Big Bird hasn't really been on much this season, and if you consider his limited screen time, you can say Matt has done "a lot", lol. At least in the season premire, from what I've seen. He performed BB during the "Sesame Street Is My Home" song, and did the bird during the habitat transitions.
  14. SSLFan

    SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Talk about Elmo overload this season...:rolleyes: It's ridiculous.

    I Lol'd at this.:D You must really hate those segments.
  15. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I don't think there's one person here that actually finds the segment fun, educational, or watchable. Especially after the hundred times they keep showing it. They need to get out there, hire some animators, and do something good with the numbers 13-19.
  16. mr3urious

    mr3urious Well-Known Member

    I think they're all right, actually.
  17. DTF

    DTF Well-Known Member

    The computer one is dumb, IMO - just pointing to the number. However, the mural...I don't like that they've played it so much, but the first couple times I saw it, I thought it was at least clever, as it showed the co-operation SS tries to inspire among kids. If the kids talked, though, it would be better.

    But, what would be best would be a street scene where they paint a mural - the Count wants it for his birthday. (Which could give a great chance for some great human-Muppet interaction as they realize he doens't want 14 of something, just "14.") The cast, Muppets, and various children work on it, while a few of the main characters try to find things that add up to the number. Maybe 14 people plus Muppets work on it, then you could have them put 14 of something else in it, etc.. the video of them painting the mural, though sans Muppets, would be a part of it. (Or, could they put them in via computer?)

    As it is, though. it's been done over, and over, and over...

    Oh, and it may not be the first time a Muppet has been multiplied, but according to the guide at http://www.sesamestreet.org/onair/episodes (which actually shows the air dates, I hadn't seen it before but I presume you all have), apparently my idea of Abby being more 3-dimensional, and different at school than at home, is quite plausible. Becuase, in the "number 7" episode, Abby messes up with a spell on the street, and y'all will say, "Talk about overload - why did she have to make 7 of him!" :eek::D

    I probably won't have a chance to watch any more this year, but it's fun to see and read about all the hidden gems and such. Thanks for the updates.
  18. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    Okay. I thought that was Spinney all the way through the ep. I guess I'll have to listen again.

    Actually, I'm surprised Zoe wasn't upset that he took the name of her famous pet rock. Lol. But it is nice that they're still incorporating people who have physical handicaps like that to teach kids to respect those who are different. After all, Linda Bove has been written out of the show for quite a few years now and we don't see Bob's niece Samara very often. I could see Rocco popping up in future episodes.

    I also liked the Muppet version of Kobe Byrant in today's ep. That was neat.
  19. dwmckim

    dwmckim Well-Known Member

    The only thing is when Matt's in the suit, sometimes they retain his voice and other times Carroll still does/loops the voice.
  20. Muppet Frog

    Muppet Frog Well-Known Member

    Actually Rocco appeared in 4169 voting for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. You'll be seeing more of him next season.

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