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Zoot and Janice?

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by Gonzo14, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. Gonzo14

    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    I was just watching TMS Season 1, i noticed that in almost all the At the Dance Scenes, Janice is with Zoot, does anyone know why? :cool: :flirt:
  2. Janice & Mokey's Man

    Janice & Mokey's Man Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it's a subtle touch that Zoot 'n Janice were kinda "involved" in Season 1, then apparently she saw true groovy love in Floyd. :flirt:

    I think that's a very interesting piece of Muppet history which adds even more character depth to both Janice and Zoot. :cool:
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  3. ryhoyarbie

    ryhoyarbie Well-Known Member

    It's to bad Zoot didn't become more active in later seasons. He barely even talked in seasons 2-5.

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  4. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Well-Known Member

    Yeah, she came to her senses eventually. :sing:
  5. Ernie101

    Ernie101 Well-Known Member

    Floyd is awesome. I have only watched S & V, but I found him pretty cool. Zoot is kinda quiet, and I noticed that it looked like her and Zoot had something going on.
  6. AAO

    AAO Well-Known Member

    The Story of "The Electric Mayhem"

    You never know, :flirt: Janice could have been wit the whole electric mayhem - with the exceptance of Animal...LOL -
    here's some "fictional" history of the Electric Mayhem I made up.
    Dr. Teeth worked in a nightclub and played his piano for a living. Teeth noticed he should start a band and gigs would get bigger and better. He then met Janice who was a activist in whatever she felt was wrong. Teeth found her playing her guitar and asked if she could really "groove"? She played him a few tunes and she was offered a part in a band he was putting together. Janice and Teeth soon became close and dated. Zoot, Teeth's old highschool buddy, was kicked out of his apartment0 on account of he didn't pay the rent for a whole year! The super also caught Zoot with "possession" and was kicked the streets with the clothes on his back and his sax. Zoot needed a place to stay and Teeth took him in when he found him in a box on the street. Zoot had went mute on account he was living on the streets and didn't want to talk to anyone. Teeth decided to throw Zoot into the mix of the band and thus is slowly began.
  7. AAO

    AAO Well-Known Member

    The Story of "The Electric Mayhem" (Part 2)

    Janice constantly coming over to Teeth's house and Zoot living there, a rival was beginning. Teeth caught Zoot checking Janice out and threatened him! :D :flirt: :cool: - An argument began with Teeth and Janice on account that she didn't want Teeth to make her feel "tied down". Zoot and Janice soon got closer and Teeth and Janice were no more. The idea of a band was hopeless. Then, Teeth meet up with old friend Floyd Pepper who had been in jail for holding up a "Piggly Wiggly" - Of course, the store's clerk was a young pig named: "Miss Piggy" who was wanting to be a star. She threatened that she would get Mr. Pepper someday...Floyd, a bass player, and a former truck driver, was asked to be in Teeth's band. Teeth and Zoot never spoke to one another as they rehearsed. Teeth, needing extra money took a bus route as a job - he bought his own personal bus. At the time it was an ordinary bus. We also find out that Teeth lost his tooth in a bar fight years back and the golden tooth was the most expensive thing he owned. Late one night, Floyd was walking home on the streets when he saw a man from the pound chasing down a furry creature. The man began to swat at the creature attempting to catch it. It was no use though, the creature would not sit still. Floyd rescued the creature. It was furry and without clothing. He took it in and named it Animal. Though Animal needed to be trained, he soon became a big part of Floyd's life.
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  8. AAO

    AAO Well-Known Member

    The Story of "The Electric Mayhem" (Part 3)

    Floyd introduced the other members of their "no-name band" to Animal. Janice who was doing over time on guitar and drums was getting tired of doing both. Animal began to beat on the drums during a break and Teeth knew he had found his drumer. Janice and Zoot's love affair was getting more serious than before. There was even talk of marriage! Animal would always get jealous of Zoot and would scream: "WOMAN! WOMAN!" to Janice in a show of affection. Soon it became a habit. :halo: Teeth and the others needed a name for their band, but they didn't know what to name it. They were called "The Electric Company", but that had been taken by a kids television show. Then, Teeth's neighbor, Sam the Eagle, walked over one night and told the band to stop all of this "mayhem"! Floyd said, "We can name it The Electric Mayhem, man!" And so they did. The band attempted spots on "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson, a gig at "Studio 54", and even the Playboy Mansion, but Animal tended to forget the reason he was there. They needed a manager and hired a boy named Scooter. Teeth's old bus was painted and remodeled as a tour bus. After so many auditions, The Electric Mayhem stayed at an old church on an old road in the middle of nowhere. Later, they met a frog named Kermit and a bear named Fozzie. He was going of to Hollywood to become a movie star. They joined him in his quest and slowly things were being put together. After the stardom began, Kermit started a show called, "The Muppet Show" starring "The Muppets". Teeth met all the other "weirdos" of the theater and thought the band would fit in. Zoot and Janice's love affair seemed to fade away for Zoot was too into his sax more than the...well y'know... :cool: - Floyd would comfort Janice when Zoot would let Janice down. So, in the beginning of the next season it was announced that Janice was leaving Zoot and was moving on to her new true love, Floyd Pepper. Kermit gave the Electric Mayhem a 5 year contract with "The Muppet Show". Floyd also met up with a familiar face, Miss Piggy. The two made amends, though Floyd still made fat jokes about the Pig. The band soon stuck together and didn't let their pasts destroy their friendships. Teeth's old bus was turned into the Electric Mayhem's tour bus whereas they could tour the country during The Muppet Show's off season. The show left the air in the 80's and The Electric Mayhem went on with movie deals with The Muppets. Today, the band are closer than ever. In the 90's they took some time off. Did a few Muppet specials and a few films here and there. But now, the band is re-uniting for the Muppet's 50th Anniversary. Everyone's "Together Again!"
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  9. AAO

    AAO Well-Known Member

    :D I wrote this story like 2 years ago and I thought I should share it with everyone at Muppet Central.
  10. Gonzo14

    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    Great Story, I once wrote a story about how PBS plans to take over the world, maybe I'll share it in the General Discussion Thread
  11. Ernie101

    Ernie101 Well-Known Member

    Haha, that's a good story AAO! You should post it in the fanfic section. Maybe add on more at some time.
  12. zootlove

    zootlove Active Member

    That was awesome story!! Even though it is a "fictional" story I can almost believe it. Got any others? :D :cool:
  13. AAO

    AAO Well-Known Member

    Well I started a thread titled "The Story of Electric Mayhem"....i gave out info on how I wrote the nearly 20 Muppet Stories...I illustrated all my stories...I'm planning on fixing a picture trail for u guys to see... I did write one a good 4 years ago as a class project and got an A+! :) - I wrote one about Sam getting involved with The Swedish Chef as a dish! Really silly. Pepe was in it as well. it took place at the Muppet theater...but anyway, thanks for taking time to read it...thanks for enjoying it as well! I also have one story about Statler and Waldorf in the mix. Hint: Grumpy Old Men - lol
  14. Kimp the Shrimp

    Kimp the Shrimp Well-Known Member

    sounds great looking fwd to it
  15. Ernie101

    Ernie101 Well-Known Member

    Hahaha, that sounds hillarious. I'd love to read it, keep us posted when your done.
  16. AAO

    AAO Well-Known Member

    Nearly completed another Muppet tale...I'm working on one now where Sam could run for president! :attitude: - "People of America, do not be alarmed..."
  17. AAO

    AAO Well-Known Member

    Sam's New Job/America's New Problem

    Sam's take on life ends up causing trouble when he's put in the White House...This thread will be done by next week and hopefully you will all get to enjoy it... :attitude:
  18. Janice+Floyd<3

    Janice+Floyd<3 Well-Known Member

    Yea they did date before her and floyd I dunno how they broke up. In my opinion floyd and janice are much cuter

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