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Zoot Variant Auction

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by CyberSteak, Sep 9, 2004.

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  1. CyberSteak

    CyberSteak Well-Known Member

    Shameless plug... :cool: HERE
  2. PiggyPerson

    PiggyPerson Active Member

    I'm not gonna pay more than 50 dollars on a toy. :smirk:
  3. WiGgY

    WiGgY Well-Known Member

    Starting at 50 is a bad idea. Way to take advantage of people dude.

    Starting with a low number and having it built to over 100 is one thing, but starting it at 50 is just wrong. And you just started collecting to. You're in this for the money.
  4. CyberSteak

    CyberSteak Well-Known Member

    Wow...those are some pretty harsh words. I have 2. I bought each for $99 australian. Works out to about $80 u.s...each. The purpose? Sell one so it could off set the cost of the one I keep. There's a good chance I end up paying more then $99 just to keep one. So am I still in it for the money?

    As far as setting the starting bid so high...it's pretty certain it's going to reach that anyhow. This in itself eliminates people that think they'll luck out in getting it for a buck. And like I said...I paid $80 us for each. Why in the world would I want to lose money on this?

    I seen one auction for this exact Zoot go for $150 US. It's supply and demand. If someone was going to offer you that kind of money...would you honestly reject it? If you held an auction and started it at .99, it ended up going to that amount...would you honestly..."no, no, no...all I want is .99"???

    WiGgY we've had some good interaction. Hopefully now that I have explained myself you won't think so low of me. I can email you my invoice from aussietoys.com if you'd like. I'm hardly in it for the money. I'm merely trying make collecting a high priced toy, more affordable.

    Truth be told...I like the yellow shirt one better. If the opportunity presented itself to sell my second red shirt so that I could get the yellow instead...I'd do it. And technically...that's worth less.
  5. PiggyPerson

    PiggyPerson Active Member

    oh well i supose its okay if thats the case
    Zoot goes at a ridiculous price everywhere anyway
  6. PiggyPerson

    PiggyPerson Active Member

    Don't you care on how low I think of you, JUST JOKING!! :o
  7. WiGgY

    WiGgY Well-Known Member

    Why would you buy 2 to save money thinking you could sell it later? That makes no real sense to me. Besides that means you ARE trying to make money back.
  8. CyberSteak

    CyberSteak Well-Known Member

    I'm not overly concerned of the opinion of someone that willingly called themselves PiggyPerson. :D
  9. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    .... at the expense of other people, but whatever. Actually considering it isn't likely to end at .99 starting it at that would have cost much less.

    I just can't wait for the day when all the people holding onto earlier Zoots for investment find out that Palisades are doing a re-release.
  10. CyberSteak

    CyberSteak Well-Known Member

    Ok. let's say my total bill from aussietoys was $160 US. Assume that I get INCREDIBLY lucky to have mine sell for $150. That means that I was able to pick up a Zoot variant for $10. Wouldn't that be worth the risk? Honestly I think it's a gamble that likely won't pay off. But I'm hoping I'm wrong. Heck even if I get enough back that makes my second one's price only $60 not $80...I'm ahead of the game. And I'll be able to put that extra $20 towards other figures.

    Now does that make sense?
  11. CyberSteak

    CyberSteak Well-Known Member

    True enough. But I couldn't risk having something crazy happen and it only sell for $30. And as far as "at the expense of other people". There are some people out there that really don't care. They want it, and will pay. Nobody's twisting their arm. The guy that bought the one for $150, I spoke to him before that auction was over and pointed him in the direction of aussietoys but he still maitain with the auction. He didn't seem to care how much he paid for it...so long as he got one. And he's not even going to keep it in the package. He opens EVERYTHING.

    They re-release star wars figures over and over again. But it doesn't change the price of what the originals were/are worth. And the new ones look far better. From what I understand. The only realy change they're considering (and they haven't even really decided if they will yet) is re-releasing the same figures on a different colour card.
  12. PiggyPerson

    PiggyPerson Active Member

    oh :(
  13. CyberSteak

    CyberSteak Well-Known Member

    That was a joke btw.
  14. WiGgY

    WiGgY Well-Known Member

    It makes sense that you ARE looking to make money off of people. You are looking to reduce how much you paid buy selling the figure to some other poor slob of a collector (and I mean that in the nicest way possible). If you didn't want to pay the 80 dollars you shouldn't have gotten the figure. I don't like people that sell figures like this with an increased starting bid.

    When people buy a figure with the intention of selling it as soon as they get it they are called scalpers. I don't like those people. You took that Zoot figure from someone who could have bought it for 80 (which is still insane) knowing that the bids will likely pass 100, and to make sure no one finds a deal on the figure you make the starting bid 50. I don't like that kind of behavior. People on the message boards are suppose to help each other out, not screw them on figure prices. If you want to put him up for auction like this, fine, but don't peddle your goods here and expect us to jump for joy.

    I really hate ebay sellers that do this.
  15. CyberSteak

    CyberSteak Well-Known Member

    Wow. Once again. Really strong feelings. I won't attempt to try and make you see it my way. I don't think that will happen. Try not to hold it against me???

    Change of subject??? I've planned out the measurements of my muppet bust display...and just for the shelving alone...it's going to be HEAVY. I was going to use 8" wide MDF with 4 shelves total. But like I said...the weight. Any suggestions?

    And I can't seem to find anything suitable for columns. Ideas?
  16. CyberSteak

    CyberSteak Well-Known Member

    You know I said I would let this go...but.

    I take exception to what you're saying and thinking for these reasons...

    I didn't buy the figure for $10 and turn around and mark it up 500%. I bought it for $80 and started my auction for $30 less then what I paid. I have no control over the final price. And it is VERY possible that by me peddling my goods here, some poor slob of a collector may get a figure for $20 less then what they would have had I left it in Australia. I think I would then be helping a board member wouldn't I???

    And I'm all for someone finding a deal. But why should I feel bad in not wanting it to cost me money? I started the bid high, yes. But it was still $30 less then what I paid. I think you should be directing your anger to those that got the figure for $10 and sold it for $150. But then again. It's not their fault. They don't control the final bid. The people bidding do. Blame them.
  17. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    I think once the line ends and a year or two has passed the secondary market prices will drop a heck of a lot. It'll probably be more like the Simpsons than Star Wars. I'm not saying the original stuff won't have value but i expect it to be far less. I've seen the way Muppet fans are and the way these boards have gone for years, aside from the really hardcore figure collectors most Muppet fans just want a Zoot, any Zoot. They wouldn't particularly care if it was the original packaging or not, especially if it was 15 bucks or so rather than 100. You could argue that the hardcore action figure collectors who are in this for figures more than Muppets might keep prices high but they seem to only really go crazy about whatever their current fad is unless it's a really classic cult 70's/80's line like Star Wars. Once a lot of time has passed they don't go so crazy about being a completist of whatever line was yesterdays news.
  18. Stryder Wolfe

    Stryder Wolfe Well-Known Member

    I didn't have time to read this whole thread buit have to say that I see no reason to put the starting bid at $50.00. That's way low for a red shirt zoot so why not? I personally would put any auction to start at the minimum amount I want to part with the figure for. This is a non-issue...it's standard procedure...

    oh well, just my $0.02
  19. Fozzie

    Fozzie Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on for awhile. My computer crashed and I lost everything. ANyway, there is no way I would ever pay that for one figure. I have the variant already though(I ordered S3 and got that one instead of the regular. But still that is way to pricy for me. And i agree with WiGgY.
  20. WiGgY

    WiGgY Well-Known Member

    Thank you.

    And just incase anyone thinks I am bitter because I don't have a Zoot, I ordered a case and have both Zoots and one more to customize.

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