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ZootyCutie's TMS Outline: Kaput and Zösky

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ZootyCutie, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Well-Known Member

    For all that don't know who Kaput and Zösky are, they are the heros of a French cartoon of the same name. They barely get any credit, so I decided to do an outline about them. Season 5 style again!

    Cold Opening
    When the sceduled guest star calls in sick, it's almost a miracle that Kaput and Zösky's space ship crashes into the theater.

    Theme Song
    A miniature version of Kaput and Zösky's space ship comes out of Gonzo's horn.

    Opening Number
    The Electric Mayhem, with my created character, Kikit on tamborine, play the song "September". Dr. Teeth introduces Kikit to the audience.

    Waldorf: Too bad it's not September now.
    Statler: Why?
    Waldorf: Because maybe then we could get sick from the weather!
    (they laugh)

    The other Muppets try to make Kikit as welcome as possible, much to her dismay.

    Kaput and Zösky sing the song "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)".

    Statler: The Muppets should just try to be theirselves.
    Waldorf: How come?
    Statler: Because this comedy act they are trying isn't working!
    (they laugh)

    Dressing Room
    Miss Piggy hits on Zösky, while Kaput tries to do the same on Miss Piggy and is rewarded with a karate chop. He's close to shooting his crisperizer at her, but Zösky prevents it by tackling him.

    Muppet Labs
    Bunsen creates a mega-crisperizer that almost destroys half the theater.

    Kikit starts gaining a huge crush on Zoot. It's obvious to the others, yet Zoot is oblivious to it.

    UK Spot
    Kikit wanted to try a solo, so with an accoustic guitar, she sings "Outside Looking In" and is soon joined by Janice.

    Swedish Chef
    The Swedish Chef makes dengaku. The only problem is, Kikit's favorite food is dengaku, so he barely has enough to make even one serving.

    Kaput and Zösky find out about Kikit's crush on Zoot, so they have an idea on what song they will do for their closing number.

    Floyd and Janice sing the song "Sensetive to Bees" while leaning against a tree with a bee hive in it. At the end of the song, the hive falls and an angry swarm of bees chase them off-stage.

    Statler: It pains me to watch that number.
    Waldorf: It pains me to watch this show!

    Closing Number
    Kaput and Zösky try to explain to Zoot that Kikit likes him by singing "She Loves You". In typical Zoot fashion, he falls asleep during the song, and has to be dragged off of the stage by Lips.

    Kaput and Zösky are joined onstage by Kermit, Zoot, Kikit and Miss Piggy, who gives Kaput another karate chop for good measures.

    Waldorf: What did you think of the show this week?
    Statler: I loved it, except for the parts I hated.
    Waldorf: Which parts were those?
    Statler: All of it.
    ElectricMayhem1 likes this.
  2. Muppetfity888

    Muppetfity888 Active Member

    I love it. Is there a full script to this outline?

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