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Brian Henson Trivia

Below you will see a series of questions. Please click the appropriate button of the answer of your choice. When you are finished you can check your scores and find out your grade. Good luck (and you can always try it again)!

1. What year was Brian Henson born?

2. How many sisters does Brian Henson have?

3. Where did Brian Henson work between high school and college?
Walt Disney World
Sesame Place
On a ranch
At a technical school

4. Brian Henson studied what subject at the University of Colorado?
Home Economics
Radio and Television
Computer Sciene

5. Brian Henson’s first film was Return to Oz. What character did he perform and voice?
Jack Pumpkinhead
Tic Toc

6. After Return to Oz, what was the next film for Brian Henson?
Santa Clause the Movie
Little Shop of Horrors
The Muppet Christmas Carol

7. What scene did Brian Henson work on in the Great Muppet Caper?
The DuBonnet Club
Miss Piggy’s swimming scene
Beauregard with the mop
The bicycle scene

8. Brian Henson was joint puppeteer coordinator on Little Shop of Horrors with whom?
Anthony Asbury
Karen Prell
Frank Oz
Mike Quinn

9. What movie did Brian Henson work on that was never finalized?
Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made
My Life as a Real Muppet

10. What was Brian Henson’s senior position on Labyrinth?
Effects Engineer
Director's Assistant
A Grip
Puppeteer Coordinator

11. Brian Henson’s main character in Labyrinth was which of the following?
Sir Didymus

12. What program won Brian Henson an Emmy for outstanding directing in a children’s program?
Secret Life of Toys
Mother Goose Stories
Ghost of Faffner Hall

13. What character did Brian Henson perform in the Christmas Toy?
Crazy Harry

14. On the Jim Henson Hour, Brian Henson performed the main character in one of these shows, which one was it?
Lighthouse Island
Miss Piggy’s Hollywood
Living with Dinosaurs
Song of the Cloud Forest

15. What production was Brian Henson working on when he learned of his father’s death?
Ghost of Faffner Hall
Mother Goose Stories
Secret Life of Toys

16. Which one of these characters did Brian Henson voice from the show Dinosaurs?
Aubrey Mowhill
Earl Sinclair
Dr. Herder
Baby Sinclair

17. What of these characters from Muppets Tonight did Brian Henson not perform?
Bill the Bubbleguy

18. What was Brian Henson’s responsibility on Muppets From Space?
Gave out sandwiches
Producer and puppeteer
Lead Supervisor
Director and puppeteer

19. What did Brian Henson recently purchase with his family?
Swamp land in Florida
Charlie Chaplin Studios
Howdy Doody
Gonzo’s Fungus Collection

20. Which one of these Farscape episodes did Brian Henson direct?
Exodus from Genesis
Rhapsody in Blue
Bone to be Wild
Mind the Baby

Score =
Correct answers:

Quiz Written by: Michael Dixon, D. W. McKim, Mar Quinn and Phillip Chapman

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