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Muppets Tonight Trivia

Below you will see a series of questions. Please click the appropriate button of the answer of your choice. When you are finished you can check your scores and find out your grade. Good luck (and you can always try it again)!

1. Who was the first guest star?
Michelle Pfeiffer
Garth Brooks
Billy Crystal
Tony Bennett

2. Which of these characters did Steve Whitmire not perform?
Sal Manilla
Andy Pig
Mr. Poodlepants

3. What instrument did Billy Crystal play when he was on the show?

4. What two characters were featured on segments only shown outside the United States?
Clueless Morgan and Polly Lobster
Bert and Ernie
Digit and Leon
Wayne and Wanda

5. Which famous star announced they were going to appear on the show, but never actually did?
Robin Williams
Rosie O’Donnell
Raquel Welch

6. In which episode did a robotic Abraham Lincoln appear?
Paula Abdul
Rick Moranis
Martin Short
Andie MacDowell

7. Who did Bobo fall in love with?
Spamela Hamderson
Heather Locklear
Michelle Pfeiffer
Cindy Crawford

8. Dr. Phil Van Neuter was performed with real hands. Brian Henson did his head and voice, but who supplied the hands?
Kevin Clash
Steve Whitmire
Bill Baretta
Dave Goelz

9. Rowlf the Dog appeared once during the series, with which guest star?
Dennis Quaid
Don Rickles
OJ Simpson
Garth Brooks

10. What TV channel aired the first series in the USA?

11. What was the name of the male pig in “Bay of Pigswatch”?
Link Hogthrob
Champ Schwimmer
Jerry Swinefield
Steve Swill

12. When did Muppets Tonight premiere in the US?
January 1997
March 1996
February 1997
April 1996

13. In the theme song, what follows "Take a load of your feet"?
If you're feeling deadbeat
Wipe the look off your face
Oh this show is so sweet
You're gonna love this place


14. What did Pierce Brosnan dress up as during his episode?
A chicken
A lobster
A Mexican Dancer

15. The Snowths from Mahna Mahna made a cameo on which episode?
Sandra Bullock
Artist Formerly Known as Prince
Heather Locklear
Jason Alexander

16. Who of the following did not appear on the cameo episode?
Arsenio Hall
Little Richard
David Letterman
Jay Leno

17. Who made a guest appearance on the Garth Brooks episode?
Ben Stine
Leonard Nimoy
Johnny Mathis
Larry King

18. When Zippity Zap and Gonzo collided what was on the video tapes they were carrying?
Labyrinth and Dark Crystal
Friends and Muppet Babies
The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock
Muppet Babies and Seinfeld

19. Where were Statler and Waldorf during the first season of shows?
In the audience
At Walt Disney World
In a retirement home
As far away as possible

20. Miss Piggy returned for “Pigs in Space: Deep Dish Nine” but who was not a member of the crew?
Captain Pighead

Score =
Correct answers:

Quiz Written by: Michael Dixon, Mar Quinn, and Phillip Chapman

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