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Steve Whitmire Trivia

Below you will see a series of questions. Please click the appropriate button of the answer of your choice. When you are finished you can check your scores and find out your grade. Good luck (and you can always try it again)!

1. Where was Steve Whitmire born?
Los Angeles, California
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Atlanta, Georgia
Wausau, Wisconsin

2. What was the amusement park called that Steve performed at for 6 months before getting his own show?
Walt Disney World
Sesame Place
The World of Sid and Marty Krofft
Six Flags

3. What was the name of Steve's own character that he used at the theme park and also on TV?

4. Who was the first Muppeteer that Steve ever met?
Jerry Nelson
Fran Brill
Dave Goelz
Caroll Spinney

5. What was the name of the first children's show that Steve worked on?
Sesame Street
The Kid's Show
The Play-Along Hour
The Itty-Bitty, Little Kiddie Show

6. Steve had the opportunity to meet Jane Henson while she was in Georgia, why was she there?
She was taking a holiday
She was auditioning another puppeteer who Steve knew
She was visiting relatives
She was checking on the progress of the Kermit balloon

7. How old was Steve when he first met Jim Henson?

8. What date was Steve's first day on “The Muppet Show”?
April 29, 1978
March 24, 1978
March 17, 1978
February 14, 1978

9. Who was the guest on the first Muppet Show Steve worked on?
James Coco
Alice Cooper
Danny Kaye
Spike Milligan

10. What was the first speaking part Steve ever did?
A guard outside Liberace's dressing room
A horse in the Dale Evans and Roy Rogers episode
A pig in the Viking number
One of the Merry Men in the Lynn Redgrave episode

11. Steve found Rizzo in a box of rats in the Muppet Workshop, what special had the rats been made for?
The Muppets Valentine Show
The Muppet Musicians of Bremen
The Frog Prince
Hey Cinderella!

12. Steve himself appeared in “The Muppet Movie”, where could he be seen?
The El Sleezo Cafe
The Bogen County Beauty Pageant
The restaurant where Kermit and Piggy went
He was one of Doc Hopper's hench men

13. Which of these is not one of Steve's “Fraggle Rock” characters?
Murray the Minstrel
Flange Doozer
Large Marvin

14. On one of these Fraggle Rock episodes Steve is credited with music and lyrics as well as performance, which one?
The Bells of Fraggle Rock
All Work and All Play
Sproket's Big Adventure
The Honk of Honks

15. Steve performed and voiced which one of these Skeksis?
Slave Master

16. Steve, with Kevin Clash, performed one of these “Labyrinth” characters, which one?
Sir Didymus
The Wiseman

17. Which of Steve's Characters created especially for “The Jim Henson Hour” featured also in "Muppet Vision 3D"?
Waldo C. Graphic
Jacques the Roach
Bean Bunny

18. Which of these dog characters did Steve not perform?
Mad Dog

19. Where was Steve when he was asked to take on the role of Kermit?
At home in Atlanta
At the New York offices
At Walt Disney World
At the Creature Shop in London

20. Which of these characters featured on “Muppets Tonight” does Steve not perform?
Andy Pig
Mr. Poodlepants
Bill the Bubble Guy
Captain Pighead

Score =
Correct answers:

Quiz Written by: Samantha Wallace, Michael Dixon, Mar Quinn and Phillip Chapman

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