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One more issue of MuppetZine

By Phillip Chapman
Courtesy of Danny Horn
May 17, 1998

I know that many of you have written me and asked about the future of the wonderful Muppet fan magazine, MuppetZine.

Yesterday, I received the following e-mail from Danny Horn, editor of MuppetZine for the past five years.  Danny also wanted me to share this information with you. We hope to see you on-line soon Danny!

Hi Phillip --

How are you? As you may know, I've been "out of the loop" Muppetwise for a little while -- and just yesterday Chris Smigliano told me about Muppet Central. I just visited the site today for the first time, and I'm so impressed!

MuppetZine is going to end pretty soon... my job has really taken over my life, and I just don't have time to publish the zine anymore.  I'm going to do one final issue this summer, and then that's it for me, at least for a while.

Ending MuppetZine is really important for me right now, but I've been really sad about leaving all my readers high and dry... and I've been hoping that some smart creative person would "fill the void" and provide a resource for news, info, and communication.  I'm so happy that you're doing it! The reason I started publishing MuppetZine in the first place was that it was the kind of magazine *I* wanted to read... what a relief after five years that I can pass the torch along and read someone else's version for a while!

So I think Muppet Central looks great -- I'm looking forward to participating and watching it grow. If I can help in any way, I'd love to -- maybe after the last zine is done, if I get inspired to write a new article, I'll submit it to you. I hope you're doing great.  I'll talk to you soon!

-- Danny

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