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Fraggle Rock Season 1 arrives September 6

By Greg James
June 13, 2005

Pre-order Fraggle Rock Season 1 for 30% off the retail price.
This past April, HIT Entertainment officially announced that they would be producing “Fraggle Rock – Season 1 Box Set” for release on DVD in the fall of 2005. Fraggle fans should mark their calendars, because the box set is due for release on September 6, 2005. The four-disc collection will hold all 24 season one episodes along with a nice collection of bonus features and other goodies that Fraggle fans are sure to love.

In addition to all 24 episodes from Fraggle Rock’s first season, sources have stated that the box set will hold the following bonus features as well: the “Down at Fraggle Rock” documentary; all new interviews with "Fraggle Rock" cast and creators; a replica of Jim Henson's "Fraggle Rock" notepad; a bonus CD-ROM disk full of desktop fun; a deluxe embossed collector's box; and much more!

Many fans are excited to hear that the classic “Down at Fraggle Rock” documentary will be included on the set. The 1987 documentary, narrated by Jim Henson himself, takes viewers on an in-depth 50-minute behind the scenes look at the making of Fraggle Rock. Viewers learn all about the creation of the show, the characters, the puppets, the music, and more. This is a highly requested feature and a nice addition to the season 1 set.

In addition to the classic documentary, there will also be a new set of interviews with members of the Fraggle Rock cast, crew, and creators. Last March many of the Fraggle performers and creators visited HIT Entertainment to take part in new interviews and other material for the set. These interviews are sure to be entertaining and full of great information that fans will enjoy. Viewers will be delighted to hear from the people involved with Fraggle Rock look back over 20 years and share their stories and feelings on the show and its magic.

The set is also listed to include a beautiful replica of Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock notepad. This will showcase copies of original sketches, doodles, notes, and ideas for Fraggle Rock by the show's creator, Jim Henson. Owners of this box set will be treated to a view of Jim's original ideas and concepts for the show, and will be able to see the evolution and origins of the world of Fraggle Rock.

The box set will also come with a special CD-ROM full of Fraggle fun for computers. This special disk will be filled with all kinds of fun Fraggle things just for fans, including Fraggle Rock wallpapers, icons, games, and more. With this exclusive disk, Fraggle fans will be able to experiance Fraggle Rock in an all new way on their computers.

Along with releasing the fully loaded season sets, HIT hopes to continue to produce the more “child-friendly” single-disc DVD releases with 3-4 episodes and more “child-friendly” bonus features. HIT hopes that season box sets will appeal to more grown-up audiences, Fraggle fans, and collectors; whereas the single-disc releases are targeted at children, more casual fans, and new comers to the series. In addition to the Fraggle Rock season 1 box set, HIT also plans to release their fourth single-disc Fraggle release, “Doin' Things That Doozers Do”, on September 6 as well.

At the moment HIT has not announced any plans for future box sets of the subsequent four seasons of Fraggle Rock. Hopefully the success of season one will encourage them to produce all five seasons on equally impressive DVD box sets.

Fraggle Rock: Season One Box Set:
- All 24 season one episodes
- “Down at Fraggle Rock” documentary
- All new interviews with "Fraggle Rock" cast & creators
- Replica of Jim Henson's "Fraggle Rock" notepad
- ...and much more!

Release Specifications:
- $44.99 retail, pre-order for $31.49
- Deluxe embossed collector's packaging
- 4-disc DVD collection
- Bonus CD-ROM Disk
- Release date: September 6, 2005

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