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MuppetFest Fan Convention - December 8-9, 2001

The first-ever Muppet fan convention in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of The Muppet Show was held in Santa Monica, California on Saturday December 8th and Sunday December 9th. Relieve the entire convention step-by-step through articles, photos, and the entire script of the Muppet Show Live performance.

The Muppet Show Live
Read the entire script with fan commentary
of the one night only performance
that had everyone in awe.

MuppetFest Photo Gallery
Experience MuppetFest step-by-step
through more than 150 fan photos.

T'was the First Annual MuppetFest
In poetic verse, read this humorous summary
of the wonderful convention weekend.

Part 1: The People, Performers, and Puppets
Discover the secrets of the Muppets and what stole the show.

Part 2: The Presentations, Props, and Purchases
Find out about classic clips, merchandise, and the museum.

Part 3: The Performance
The highlight of the weekend was the
first-ever live performance
of "The Muppet Show".

Part 4: The Problems and Penguins
Read suggestions for the next Muppet convention and a gratuitous surprise.

How MuppetFest Saved a Life
Read how the fine people at Henson
and some Muppet Central friends made a difference.

My Take on MuppetFest
Gain a new perspective on MuppetFest
through the eyes of a parent.

Official MuppetFest Schedule
Here's the timeline of events with dates and times for the entire MuppetFest weekend.

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