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The Muppet Bathroom
Muppet Collectibles

Miss Piggy Bath Set (1980)


This towel set has a great illustration of Miss Piggy elegantly dressed in two different "show girl" style gowns complete with plumes and a train. A set included bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths. A marching shower curtain was available.

This line also included bedding and sheets.

This towel set features the many different faces of Kermit playing the banjo. The set came with bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths.

This line also included bedding and sheets.

Miss Piggy Bath Set (1980)

Lady Pepperell

Although this bath set was made by the same company as the Martex brand these were put out under Westpoint - Pepperell's other brand name. Several Miss Piggy's are dressed in old fashioned outfits and posing with umbrellas as Kermit prepares to take their picture. The wash cloth features only one design of Piggy.

This line also included bedding and sheets.

Hallmark Bath Collection (1981)

Two packages of three carved soap bars were released as part of the Hallmark Bath Collection. Both of these were cleverly packaged in relevance to their corresponding theme. Large individual soaps featuring Kermit and Piggy were also released.

S. S. Muppet

This set has carved soaps featuring Kermit, Fozzie Bear, and Miss Piggy.

Join those three stalwart, sea worthy sailors, Captain Kermit the Frog, Navigator Fozzie Bear and that carefree, congenial Cruise Director Miss Piggy. Individually scented in ‘Keen ‘N Green’, ‘Rainbow Mist’ and ‘Bonjour Amour’, these three long-lasting, French-milled bath bars will add a touch of adventure and fun to any bathing experience.

Pigs in Space

Another set was released that had three individual carved soaps that featured Link Hogthrob, Dr. Strangepork, and Miss Piggy.

Time for "Pigs in Space" featuring the decisive Dr. Julius Strangepork, the courageous Captain Link Hogthrob and the ever-lovely, ever-present First Mate, the divine Miss Piggy. These French-milled, lightly scented bath bars add a touch of cosmic adventure to any bathing experience.

Anchors Aweigh!

Ahoy, mate! Hoist the anchor! Raise the sails! Full speed ahead for a bathing adventure with this fully carved Kermit the Frog soap on a rope.

Softly scented in "Keen 'N Green" fragrance, this long-lasting French-milled bath bar is a treat for sailors and landlubbers alike!

The Divine Miss Piggy

From sea to shining sea, splashing her way into hearts everywhere... A sailor's dream come true - that irresistible bathing beauty, Miss Piggy.

Here she is - presented in a fully carved soap on a rope, delicately scented with her favorite fragrance, "Bonjour Amour".

Sailor of Fortune

Another great soap from Hallmark features Kermit the Frog in an innertube. Kermit is holding a paddle to row himself through the water.

Martex (1981)

Martex released more "Great Muppet Caper" tie-ins around the home, including bathroom towels and a beach towel.

As seen in this photo, the Caper bath towel features Kermit, Fozzie, and Gonzo as reporters while Miss Piggy burst through "The Daily Chronicle". This beach towel is six feet by three feet.

There is also a matching Caper bed ensemble as well.

Oral-B (1985)

Muppet Toothbrushes

Oral-B produced a set of six Muppet toothbrushes, with illustrations of the Muppets on the handle.

  1. The Kermit toothbrush is green, with a picture of Kermit playing the banjo.
  2. Piggy’s is pink, but she is posing in a purple dress.
  3. The Gonzo is purple with Gonzo dressed as the Great Gonzo and flying through the air.
  4. Scooter’s toothbrush is orange with Scooter jumping on a pogo stick.
  5. Animal’s is blue with him hanging from the top of the illustration.
  6. Fozzie’s is yellow with him holding a banana to his ear. 

Oral-B (1986)

Bubble Gum Gel Toothpaste

Oral-B continue it's line of products with Muppet Bubble Gum Gel toothpaste. This toothpaste came in two different tubes, picturing Kermit or Miss Piggy. Illustrations featuring "Brush Along with Kermit" are on the side of the box.

Tyco (1986)

Miss Piggy Bathroom Scale

Tyco released a neat Miss Piggy bathroom scale. A plastic Piggy head is pictured on the scale above a crystal ball. When you step on the scale, Piggy closes her eyes, and your weight appears on a digital readout in the crystal ball. Also included is a fold out poster with "Miss Piggy's personal tips for physical fitness!

Deka Plastics (1987)

Muppet Tumblers

Kermit is holding a scrubbing brush while surrounded by bubbles. Miss Piggy sits in a bath tub adorned with pictures of Kermit and pink bubbles.

Oral-B (1988)

Bubble Gum Gel Toothpaste in a pump

The same toothpaste described in 1986 was also released in a pump version in 1988. The toothpaste was sold in a nice green box.

Ducair Bioessence (1988)

The late 80's saw a huge focus on Muppet toiletries. Most of the toy licenses were producing Muppet Babies products, and one of the major Classic Muppets licenses was Ducair Bioessence.

Kermit and Piggy Decorative Soap

A plastic statuette of Kermit and Piggy in a purple car. Kermit is driving, Piggy is riding behind him, and the "trunk" is filled with small bars of Muppets soap.

Miss Piggy Soakie

A shampoo bottle shaped like a statuette of Miss Piggy in a pink dress standing on a pedestal. Her head pops off to reveal the shampoo bottle's cap. Instead of plastic hair, her hair is doll hair, so you can wash Piggy's hair at the same time that you wash your own. Shampoo bottle or not, this is still a very nice likeness of Miss Piggy.

Muppet Tissues

Three different packs were released, featuring illustrations of Kermit, Piggy, or Fozzie.

These Muppet tissues are now very much sought after because most all of them were used and they featured great designs.

Muppet Band-Aids

Kermit and Piggy pictured on the box and on the Band-Aids.

These came in a package of seven and thirty.

Miss Piggy Foam Soap

This foam soap shapes and floats, as well as cleans.

The soap is a lot of fun and a great part of this Muppet bath line from Ducair Bioessence.

Miss Piggy Mini-Soap Holder

Miss Piggy is pictured on a tiny soap holder.

Inside is a mini-bar of soap, with Piggy on the wrapper.

Kermit Switchblade Comb

This is a cream colored switchblade style comb with an illustration of Kermit kicking back and taking it easy. Kermit is resting his head on his arm with his legs crossed.

Piggy Switchblade Comb

The Piggy version of the switchblade comb is pink and features Piggy smiling with her arms crossed.

Miss Piggy Sponge Mitt and Soap

This is a soft yellow sponge mitt with an illustrated Miss Piggy and her signature across the bottom. The same picture as the switchblade comb is used on the sponge mitt.

The set also came with three mini Miss Piggy bars of soap.

Miss Piggy Brush and Comb

The Miss Piggy foldout brush and comb is v-shaped. One side has the brush, while the other side has the comb. It kind of looks like a thin Swiss army knife.

This brush and comb set was releaded in both pink and cream varieties by Ducair Bioessence.

Miss Piggy Nail Brush

Here is a very tiny nail brush that has a sculpted handle in the shape of Miss Piggy head.

Miss Piggy Lip Balm

Miss Piggy cherry flavored lip balm for those "special occasions" with your favorite frog.

Miss Piggy Lip Gloss

This is a small tube of pink colored lip gloss.

It's for young ladies who aspire to be a superstar like the famous pig.

Miss Piggy Travel Size Shampoo

This a small 2 ounce bottle of tearless shampoo.

Just perfect for moi's favorite getaway.

Muppet Cologne

This is a small purple canister that is attached to a rope that you can hang around your neck, and is filled with cologne. This one has an illustration of Miss Piggy.

Miss Piggy Travel Set

This set came in a clear travel case that included a plain brush with “Muppets” printed on the handle, a small plastic tumbler with an illustrated Miss Piggy and signature, a comb with “Muppets” printed on it, a box of tissues with an illustration of Miss Piggy on the box, and a soap holder and soap, both with illustrations of Miss Piggy on them. This travel set came in either pink or cream colored products inside.

Miss Piggy Nail Gloss

This is a bottle of pink and pretty nail gloss for young ladies. It will always match any pair or purple gloves that vous might be wearing.

Calgon (1988)

Tub Buddies

Calgon produced a set of "Tub Buddies" including Kermit, Fozzie, Piggy, and Gonzo. The fabric is very sturdy for fun puppet play while in the bathtub.

Tub Buddies Bath Mitts

Calgon also produced these bath mitts in the form Kermit and Miss Piggy. They are extremely soft and very durable. Unlike the tub buddies, there is no puppet to operate, just a place for one's hand to go inside.

Calgon/Benckiser Consumer Products (1990)

Muppet Bubble Bath

Three varieties of Muppet bubble bath were released by Calgon.

  1. Kermit "Krazi Berri Bubbles" Bubble Bath
  2. Miss Piggy's "Pink Bananas" Bubble Bath
  3. Fozzie's "Wocka Wocka Apple Bath" Bubble Bath

DuCair Bioessence (1990)

Kermit and Miss Piggy hand mirror

This pink hand mirror has an illustration of Kermit and Miss Piggy posing in a heart on one side, and the mirror on the other. Also has a hinged handle so that it can sit upright on a hard surface.

Ducair Bioessence (1991)


Miss Piggy Sculpted Cosmetic Brush

The handle of this child-sized brush is in the shape of Miss Piggy. She's wearing a purple and pink workout leotard.

She looks as though she is exercising, which is a little out of character for Miss Piggy. Maybe she's just dressed for the part.

Miss Piggy Sculpted Cosmetic Mirror

This hand mirror is partially sculpted in the shape of Miss Piggy resting her chin in her hands.

Her head and hair serve as the handle.

January Productions Inc. (1995)

Amphibia Fragrance

This frog-like fragrance is a special cologne. "Pour homme, femme et frog" sold exclusively at Bloomingdale's during the 1995 Christmas season. Kermit's head is pictured on the bottle.

Kermit's cologne was followed in 1998 by Miss Piggy's personal fragrance, "Moi".

Coty Inc (1996)

Muppet Treasure Island Soakies

These Muppet Treasure Island Soakies are actually shampoo bottles shaped as statuettes of Muppet Treasure Island characters. Three were released in the set: Kermit as Captain Smollet, Piggy as Benjamina Gunn, and Fozzie as Squire Trelawney.

The heads pop off and underneath are the shampoos lid. These are some of the best Treasure Island likenesses released. They are more faithful to the characters' costumes than any of the other merchandise released with this film.

Calgon (1996)

Muppet Treasure Island Bubble Bath

These bubble bath bottles are similar to the 1990 bubble bath but with new labels themed to "Muppet Treasure Island". Calgon produced these three bubble bath containers in 1996 for the premiere of Muppet Treasure Island. They have the same names as the figural ones, but are in a more basic container, with a Treasure Island themed label.

  1. Blue is "Kermit's Swashbucklin' Berry"
  2. Orange is "Fozzie's Ahoy Apple"
  3. Purple is "Piggy's Hula Bula Banana".

Avon (1996)

Muppet Treasure Island Soap

Avon produced two Treasure Island soaps. The first is a green Kermit medallion, picturing Kermit as Captain Smollet. The second is a pink Piggy medallion, picturing Piggy as Benjamina Gunn. Both of them are soap-on-a-rope type things.

Marquee (1997)

Muppet Bandages

Marquee released a set of Muppet Bandages. Kermit's head and flipper prints are pictured on the box, and the band-aids are decorated with Kermit heads.

Gendarme Fragrances (1998)

"Moi" Fragrance

This is Miss Piggy's signature perfume.

Piggy's head and a strand of pearls are pictured on the bottle. Sold exclusively at Bloomingdale's for Christmas 1998 and Valentine's Day 1999.

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Section compiled by
Cindy Chapman and Phillip Chapman

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