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Hallmark (1978)

Muppet Show Stationary

Hallmark released this great set of Muppet Show stationary with matching red envelopes. While the stationary cover includes an illustrated of Kermit, Fozzie, Piggy, Animal, and Dr. Teeth. Animal is not pictured on the stationary. On the stationary there is a Muppet in each corner writing a note (Fozzie, Miss Piigy, Dr. Teeth, and Kermit).

Hallmark (1979)

Muppet Valentines

These neat Muppet Valentines may have been the first set of boxed Valentines produced. Each box contained 12 Valentines and there are three different boxes. The cover of Miss Piggy's says: "I may be piggy, valentine..." And on the inside: "...but I want you all to myself! Happy Valentines Day!"

There is another valentine featuring Fozzie talking to Kermit at his desk. The covers says, "What's a three-letter word for a perfect Valentine?" and inside, "Y-O-U! Happy Valentine's Day!"

This card features Kermit talking to the Swedish Chef. The cover says, "De phlin hge yar, de yammer-yammer" and inside, "In other words, have a Happy Valentine's Day!"

Hallmark/Ambassador Cards (1981)

Greeting Cards

These greeting cards for all occasions have fabulous photos of posed Muppets. A"Jim Henson Muppet Puppet Card" logo can be found on the back.

  1. Kermit playing the banjo, with "How are things at your end of the swamp?" inside.
  2. Kermit looking through a scrapbook: "Every time I think of you… I get a people in my throat!"
  3. Kermit writing a letter by candlelight: "So I haven't written much lately!… Neither has Shakespeare!"

Large Greeting Cards

Hallmark produced several large greeting cards. They measure approximataley 16 inches by 8 inches.

  1. Miss Piggy holding her golden telephone. Outside: "I asked my dear oly Granny what a gentleman like you would want for his Birthday, and she said... 'Just never mind what he'd want! Send him a card!'"
  2. Miss Piggy in a pink and white dress laying on her bed. Outisde: "It's Valentine's Day! Wanna play Kissy Kissy?" and inside "I hope your answer is Yessy Yessy! Happy Valentine's Day!"
  3. Miss Piggy in a dark purple dress with a fur coat. Outside: Who says opposites attract? After all, look at us... we're both perfect and we get along greet!"

Jumbo Greeting Cards

Hallmark produced several "Jumbo" Muppet cards. These measure approximately 18 inches by 12 inches.

  1. Miss Piggy wearing a pink dress holding a white rose. Outside: "With a little practice I could learn to love you!" and inside: "When's my first lesson?"
  2. Kermit has his hands on his heart. Outside: "Know what I like about our relationship?" and inside: "I never have to put an act on for you!"
  3. Miss Piggy in a purple dress holding a lavendar notepad. Outside: "I was going to have a lovely, gorgeous, sexy, well-built beauty jump out of your Birthday Cake..." and inside: "...but I didn't want to get frosting in my hair! Happy Birthday!"

Hallmark/Ambassador Cards (1982)

Another set of various occassion cards with the "Jim Henson Muppet Puppet Cards" logo.

  1. Miss Piggy with her hands on her hips: "If you won't accept a kiss from me on your birthday… I'll just give you something else… A second chance!"

Fozzie Valentines

Box of 12 valentines featuring Fozzie as he stands on roller skates in front of a large heart. He looks pretty dapper with his plaid pants and red suspenders. This is a neat and somewhat rare photo of a full length Fozzie. This may be one of the only times we actually see his toes.

Outside says, "No Joke, Valentine --" and inside "You Sure Are Fun!"

The Planning Corporation (1986)

"Miss Piggy's Art Treasures" postcards, based on the Kermitage Collection photos.

Postcards include: Green Boy, Arisfroggle Contemplating the Bust of You-Know-Who, Whistler's Weirdo, The Birth of You-Know-Who

Gibson Greetings (1990)

Box of 36 kids valentines.

Thirteen designs and two teacher cards are included.


Gibson Greetings/Cleo (1990)

Muppet Valentines

A box of 32 kids' classroom Valentines. The set included 12 different Valentines, featuring Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Animal, Rowlf, and the Swedish Chef.

Gibson Greetings (1991)

Greeting cards

Gibson Greetings produced a variety of Muppet cards including an Easter card with Kermit and Bean Bunny illustrations.

Gibson Greetings (1992)

These valentines are the exact same as the 1990 ones only in a different box.

The box features everyone's favorite frog and pig all ready for Valentine's Day.

American Greetings/Carlton Cards (1992)

American Greetings released four greeting cards with illustrations (heads of Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo).

Approximately 40 greeting cards with photographs were produced as well (including Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Animal, Rowlf, Statler, Waldorf, and Bunsen & Beaker).

Mead Stationary (1992)

Simply Marvelous Collection

Miss Piggy's "Simply Marvelous" collection includes four different writing tablets, and decorative envelopes. Every item in this collection displayed the signature silhouette of Miss Piggy with the words, "To Know Moi.... Is To Love Moi". The envelopes were sold seperately in sets of sixteen and feature the "Simply Marvelous" logo.

Stand By Your Man... And Whatever You Do DONíT LET GO!

This tablet features Kermit and Miss Piggy in a loving embrace.


If At First Vous donít Succeed. Buy! Buy! Again!

This tablet has Miss Piggy dressed in pink polka-hearts while holder her planner.


When the going gets tough... you are obviously in the wrong place.

This tablet has Miss Piggy looking very sophisticated as she is dressed all in white.

Love Means Never Having To Say: What was your name again?

Miss Piggy is dressed as a 90ís style business woman.

PopShots (1995)

PopShots produced some great 3-D pop-up greeting cards with Muppet photos.

"Kermit's Place" (Casablanca parody)
"Muppet Romance" (Kermit & Piggy as Astaire & Rogers)
"Queen of Denial" (Cleopatra)
"Muppet Christmas"
"Mona Piggy"

The Paper Magic Group (1997)

Muppets Tonight Valentines

There are two boxes of Valentines, with a different number of identical Valentines. The red box had 34, and the blue box had 42.

There were 10 different valentines featuring the Muppets Tonight cast, including: Clifford, Kermit, Clifford & Kermit, Piggy, Gonzo, Johnny Fiama, Sal, Seymour & Pepe, Andy & Randy, and the whole cast.

Paper House (1999)

Die-cut Muppet Cards and Gift Enclosure Cards

The various cards all use the same photos. Either a smiling Kermit with arms crossed, Piggy posing in a red gown, and a more recent photo of a cuddling Kermit and Piggy.

Various | Cards and Stationary
Trading Cards | Stickers

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