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•11/01 - Diamond Select Muppet Figures Series 2: Statler and Waldorf with Balcony, Animal with Drums and Bunsen and Beaker

•10/25 - 2017 Calendars: Muppets Wall Calendar and Muppets Square Calendar

•10/25 - Muppet Mad Libs Book

•10/18 - Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History Book

•10/04 - Medium Muppet Tsum Tsums: Kermit, Miss Piggy, Rowlf

•10/04 - Mini Muppet Tsum Tsums: Kermit, Muppets Set of 7

•09/27 - Labyrinth Tales Book

•07/21 - Dark Crystal ReAction figures: Jen, Kira and Fizzgig, Aughra, The Chamberlain Skeksis, UrSol the Chanter and Landstrider and Jen Exclusive

•07/01 - Dark Crystal Pop Vinyl Figures: Jen, Kira and Fizzgig, Aughra, The Chamberlain Skeksis and UrSol the Chanter



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Muppet Collectibles

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Noble & Cooley (1977)

Animal Drum

This animal drum features a nice photo of animal with a blue border around the outside of the drum. Red, blue, and silver stripes are on the edges.

Noble & Cooley (1979)

Dr. Teeth Drum Set

This set includes two cymbals, two drums, big bass drum with a nice photo of the Electric Mayhem and "The Muppet Sound" logo.

Dr. Teeth Tambourine

The Dr. Teeth tambourine is a big photo of Dr. Teeth grinning and singing into a microphone, with "The Muppet Sound" logo off to the left.

The tambourine measures 7 inches in diameter.

Noble & Cooley (1980)

Miss Piggy Gypsy Tambourine

This tambourine has a great photo of Miss Piggy dressed as a gypsy.

The tambourine is 9 inches in diameter.

Miss Piggy Sailor Tambourine

The Miss Piggy tambourine is a photo used in the 1980 Pig Dreams calendar, with Piggy saluting in a sailor suit.

The tambourine is 9 inches in diameter.

Kermit Tambourine (1981)

Manufacturer Unknown - Fill out our help form

This tambourine features an illustrated picture of Kermit, everyone's favorite frog. Kermit is playing a tambourine himself in the picture.

Casio (1988)

Each keyboard measures 17 by 7 by 1 inches. Requires 5 AA batteries. These keyboards with a built-in microphone produce a variety of musical beats (rock, disco, swing, samba, march and waltz) as well as a variety of instrumental tones. There is a power button, slide buttons for the power, tone and rhythm, buttons for tempo up and tempo down, start/stop, and sampling. Each 32-key keyboard also has letters printed in front of each white key to assist in learning to play.

Muppets Kids' Electric Keyboard

This yellow keyboard has illustration of Piggy and Kermit dancing.

Kermit Kids' Electric Keyboard

This blue keyboard has a picture of Kermit with a top hat.

Schylling (1997)

Jack in the Box

This is a sought-after Kermit the Frog jack-in-the-box that plays "Pop Goes the Weasel"..

Tin Drum

Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Animal, Gonzo and Rizzo pictured around the drum.

Figures and Cars | Musical
Activities | Paper Dolls

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