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Muppet Collectibles

For more clothing, visit the Clothes section.

Barrett Sportswear (1994)

These shirts were marked with the "Kermit Collection" logo.

Every Day is Earth Day

Kermit waving, globe of the Earth.

Tao of Kermit

This shirt featured an illustration from "One Frog Can Make a Difference". Kermit is flying a kit, lying in a field.

Changes (1994)

These Muppet Parody t-shirts were released by Changes in 1994.

Kermit Clein
Pigtoria's Secret

Changes (1995)

The Muppet Parody t-shirts line gains momentum in 1995.

Muppets Wearing Shades
Kermit Waving
Bunsen and Beaker
Kermit's America

Kermit Warhol - 9 Kermit heads

"We may not know everything... but you don't know anything"

Think Green


Forrest Green


Kermie Hilflipper

Kermit the Frog Unpigged


Kermit the Frog Wore Khakis


Too Late with Kermit Letterfrog

Woodstock II Two more days of frogs and pigs.

"Ours is a strange & wonderful relationship" "Stoked"
Animal surfing

Changes (1996)


Pigs in Space

With the Mupples


Big head of Rizzo


Muppets Ski
Kermit Skiing
Free Animal Now
Animal "Woman" "Fozzie face"    

Cheerios (1996)

Muppet Treasure Island Color-Change T-shirt

Promotional t-shirt sold through Cheerios boxes, illustration of Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo and Rizzo swinging from the crow's nest.

What's neat is that the map and flag change color from yellow to red when exposed to heat.

Changes (1998)

Big Face Kermit

After The Party

Animal Camoflage

Animal with Sunglasses by Clouds

Animal Encounter

Animal in Flag Stripe

"Trust Your Animal Instincts"

Animal 16 Multi-Pics

Animal Spotlight

Animal Photo Sliced Stripes

Big Face Animal

Big Face Fozzie

Big Face Gonzo

The Dogfather

Electric Mayhem World Tour

Group Circle with lights on and off

Kermit Spotlight

Lenticular Animal Sunglasses

Let It Out Animal

Let It Out Piggy

Men in Plaid


Tall Dark Sweetums

Too Manic

Changes (1999)

Swinging with the Swine
Joking Around
Short Model
Animal Model
Weirder Model

What's Hot Now (1999)

The now defunct on-line retailer "What's Hot Now" sold a white t-shirt with a Muppets From Space logo.

They also sold a "Pepe" t-shirt that read "I am not a shrimp... I am a KING PRAWN!" This shirt was the first Pepe collectible ever available.

MuppetFest T-shirts (2001)

The following shirts were available at the first MuppetFest in December 2001.

MuppetFest (available in blue and pink)
MuppetFest Group Shot
Muppet Show Anniversary Shirt

Muppet Show Anniversary T-shirts (2002)

Celebrating 25 years, these shirts were released for the Muppet Show anniversary.

Muppet Show Anniversary
Kermit Disco Ball Babydoll
Party Animal Babydoll
Animal Cycles Babydoll
Kermit the Surf King
Animal Cycles
The Great Gonzo
Waldorf and Statler "Get Lost"
Animal Want Woman
Kermit Blue
Kermit the Frog American Collection
The Swedish Chef

For more clothing, visit the Clothes section.

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