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1/2 Dome Eyes suppliers?

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by Snark Blarmsten, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. Snark Blarmsten

    Snark Blarmsten New Member

    Pat - great link thanks! The ones I ordered do not have backs, so these would be nicer. I hear you all on the weight.
  2. Blink

    Blink Member

    Just be careful with those ones.

    I can't tell for sure but those particular eyes seem to have a small "crater" in them. That would seriously limit how you could use them.

    These are just my initial thoughts and this is only speculation, but, the picture seems to be of something called craft "frog eyes". They are sometimes useful but definately not fully convexed dome eyes. There is an inner green (soft plastic) dome that can be removed. These eyes my be the same ones, minus the inner green part. If this is true then that inner circle is flat and not convexed like the rest of the eye.

    Sorry if that is confusing.

    Again, I am not 100% sure, but just something to be aware of.
  3. Phantom

    Phantom New Member

    I'll have some pictures on my website in March of some custom work I've been doing. I've found alot of success with vacuum formed eyes. Using .030 and .040 plastics, they are practically weightless. There's lots of tutorials on-line on building vacuum tables. I've plans to make a tutorial showing how it can be done for less than $20 (or at least that's the plan).

    I believe this is what Melonpool used on his new Ralph puppet. I looks great.

    One last note, I checked in with dpuppets yesterday since he uses the half-domes. To his knowledge, Mercury Plastics is still making and distributing them. Here is a link to The Puppetry Homepage. There's an address and a phone number. If anyone contacts them, let us know about everything.

  4. Snark Blarmsten

    Snark Blarmsten New Member

    Looking forward to that Phantom, although for those of us who don't have a whole lot of extra time, just buying them outright is really helpful. Were I doing this professionally, I'd be all for crafting them myself. Maybe if I continue on with this I'll take a look into it.

    I have a Michael's right by my house, I don't recall seeing those there but I am going to go back and see. I've already spent $40 on various eyes already with other suggestions, something should work among all these!

    Mercury seemingly only deals in large lots, which is kind of a bummer unless you are in the business of making puppets.


    KNOCK A LOT New Member

    I dont know what you mean by dome eyes but I use ping pong balls cut in half or if you want them bigger you can get poly foam balls from flower shops and paint them I allso use feathers foe lashers they move great
  6. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle New Member

    you are using "dome eyes" when u cut that ping pong ball in half, basicly what he's looking for is plastic hemispheres, that can be painted and used for eyes.

    thier is link posted above that refers to a site were you can order larger sizes than Ping Pong balls
  7. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle New Member

    you are using "dome eyes" when u cut that ping pong ball in half, basicly what he's looking for is plastic hemispheres, that can be painted and used for eyes.

    thier is link posted above that refers to a site were you can order larger sizes than Ping Pong balls
  8. Snark Blarmsten

    Snark Blarmsten New Member

    Dome Eyes

    Well I got both versions finally. The white ones you see are from the lady on ebay. They are nice, they have a post with a nut too which is great. I guess I'll have to paint on the pupil to use them. I got a whole bag of them.

    Problem is, they are too small for my puppet LOL. However, I go the clear ones from Plastruct. Those are cool, I can see how painting the inside would make a cool eye. The problem - see the nub on the top? How to get that off without ruining it. I can probably snip/saw and then sand it, but I don't want to scratch the surface much, and it's going to leave a mark where it was.

    I suppose if that is where the black of the pupil is, it may not matter much, but I am kinda bummed about that being there. Any suggestions?

    here's the pic:


  9. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle New Member

    i personally dont use the interior painted method ,

    when i use those, i grind done what i can with a dremel tool, then use different sand papers(a medium and a fine), in order to prevent flaking u have to sand it anyway , then spray it with flat white, , puils are up to u , use your imagination,painting them is fine, for quickies i use the small sticky backed felt dots u can by at most hardware stores or at CVs, or walmart, they are for preventing scractches on tables
  10. Snark Blarmsten

    Snark Blarmsten New Member

    Sounds good, thanks Rav!
  11. Iokitek

    Iokitek New Member

    Ok, this may sound silly, but how do I paint the pupils exactly in the same spot? I notice this isn't the case on certain puppets sometimes, And it looks to me as if they have googly eyes then.

    The vacuuforming sounds exactly what I'm looking for so I can make other types of eyes aswell. But at the moment I'm still relying on spoons and transparent half spheres and such.
  12. Coco Ladybug

    Coco Ladybug New Member

    I know a place where you can buy the eyes

    Hey I had been looking for eyes too.. well puppet making kits in general and I got an Arms Length Productions puppets kit and actually called them about where I could get the eyes. They sell them for $2.50 a pair since they buy them bulk from a supplier. Hope this helps you out!

    it's @armslength.com
  13. Ray and Mia

    Ray and Mia Member

    i found some on ebay.. let me find the link. -Mia
  14. Ray and Mia

    Ray and Mia Member

  15. mrhogg

    mrhogg New Member

    Are there any dome eye suppliers in Canada? Specifically in Southern Ontario? I'm using ping pong balls right now, but I'd be interested to check out more professional examples, and I'd love to be able to actually look at them in person before purchasing.
  16. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle New Member

    i think u need to read thru the entire thread, u cant generally find a store that will sell puppet eyes, the ones most availible are made for dolls, and are limited buy size if u want a specific thing u will have to look for something the right size and customize it your self.
  17. mrhogg

    mrhogg New Member

    I did read it, I was just hopeful someone was holding back the name of a store I could look through in person. :)
  18. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle New Member

    nope thier are no magic puppet supply stores, u will need to use the magic of the internet, shop around your local craft stores, and use the old imagination,

    this time of year is great for finding odd egg shapes, and other odds and ends that can be used for eyes
  19. Buck-Beaver

    Buck-Beaver Well-Known Member

    Hogg, your best bet for finding plastic spheres in Southern Ontario is probably Lewiscraft or similar big box fabric/craft stores. I also hit up Toys R Us and other toy stores regularly. A place to try might be Capital Findings & Leather on Tycos Drive in Toronto. I can't remember if they sell plastic spheres or not, but they have all kinds of goodies you can use for puppet building. The various stores fabric stores on Queen West in T.O. are a must-visit too.
  20. Blink

    Blink Member

    Just a note. Capital findings has no plastic eyes at all. They are a leather craft store. You can find contact cement, leather and gasket rubber there, but no plastic eyes.

    There is a place that I have ordered from in London, Ontario. It is called Chatsco Distribution. Nice people and some good plastic eye options. They do not have an actual store, so you must buy online. However you can avoid those nasty border taxes.;)

    Another idea is to check out Hamilton's fabric district. They also have a really nice selection of fabrics and they may be a better option if you don't want o go all the way into Toronto. You can also find plastic eyes in the odd fabric or craft store there as well.

    Happy hunting.

    Side question to Buck: "Where did you get those oval eyes for your Start Wars puppets? If a friend or something gave them to you, where did they get them?" Thanks in advance.

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