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2nd Generation Fans

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by MuppetQuilter, Apr 15, 2002.

  1. scarecroe

    scarecroe Well-Known Member


    Under 2 is free, huh? Do you gotta prove it or do you think I'll get by if she's a couple weeks older? ;)

    I'll have to start looking for some coupons in August or so.

    Cute avatar, by the way. Is that Jess/Emi art? :p
  2. scarecroe

    scarecroe Well-Known Member


    Yeah, I think I was trying to get to that idea in my explanation of generational fandom, but I guess that didn't come across.

    Given your illustration of 2nd Generation, I'd have to say that yes, my daughter definately falls into that category. I was singing her "The Rainbow Connection" in the womb (and there wasn't a whole lot of room in there I tell you).
  3. FellowWLover

    FellowWLover Well-Known Member

    Yeah I am sure you will be able to sneak by if she is two and a few weeks! They hardly check birth certificates! Plus that way you will have more money to spend in the numerous (although not obtrusive) gift shops!

    Yes, that is a paper collage that Emileigh made featuring Bert. She made an Ernie too, but he had a smile. When questioned about the expression, she told me simply that, "Bert is mad!", which he unquestionably often is. I think she was about two when she made them. I posted the whole photos on MC at the time.

    Now that you have my SP info, how about sharing some of Boston's tourist attractions for kids. I have a friend there, and my take Emileigh on her first "cation" as she calls it this summer.
  4. SuperGrover

    SuperGrover Well-Known Member

    I don't have any kids (I wish I did). But I'm going to be a first time uncle this September! So I'm really excited for that.

    I've decided I'm going to be the kind of uncle like the one that was in the news last summer, where his nephew or neice was attacked by a shark. And the uncle jumped in the water, killed the shark with his bare hands, and single-handedly saved the life of his nephew or neice! That's the kind of uncle I'm practicing/hoping to be. All while singing songs from that Sesame Dreamy-time CD. Which reminds me, I do need to go buy that. Good thing there are no sharks (or beaches or water rides) here in Utah.

    And now, a congratulatory shout-out to fellow Utahn Quinnnnn, on his impending little 2nd gen. Muppet fan babooshka! It's a boy! Let us know when he officially arrives!
  5. Iggy35

    Iggy35 Well-Known Member

    "So wait, you do have a kid? Or do you speak of a nephew or your girlfriend's baby?"

    Yeah, I've got a little 19 month old boy.
    Brandon Lee....see, I didn't call him anything silly! :)
    The crappy thing is, he gets interested when i put the muppets on,....but he goes ESTATIC when the teletubbies comes on! :(
    I'm hoping its because he doesn't quite understand the muppet thing just yet.
    I'll leave it till he's about 4 and if he's still the same way, I'll be asking the milkman a few FIRM QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!

  6. MuppetQuilter

    MuppetQuilter Well-Known Member


    Yeah, I thought your explanation worked, but since it came up again I figured I'd clarify. Besides, I had a lot of fun with generational theory in grad school....

    I am so jealous of your trip to Sesame Place! We're gunna go, but it will be next year or the year after.

    And Eleanor does the same thing with the DVDs-- I thought it would be difficult to get the paper inserts out (I mean, if one doesn't have the manual dexterity to get yogurt into the mouth without smearing it every where-- clothing, walls, floor-- you'd think one wouldn't be able to slide the inserts out of the plastic pockets) but apparently not. Still, they're so adorable when they do those things you can't get upset.


    My daughter actually prefers TMS to SS. I think all the song and dance numbers really get her attention-- you might try the Gene Kelly, Julie Andrews, Paul Simon, or Elton John episodes-- those have always been among Eleanor's favorites.
  7. Gonzo

    Gonzo Well-Known Member

    Hey, Travis....

    Hey, Travis,

    Glad to see you made the jump over to the new message board--and love yer little picture of Super Grover!

    Land of salt? That'd be kind of like "Land of the Lost," wouldn't it? "Marshall, Will and Holly, on a routine expedition...."

    I think I might be the only one who knows what I'm talking about. Sleestakks were swell.

  8. SuperGrover

    SuperGrover Well-Known Member


    I love your Gonzo picture too! When I made my jump over to here, and saw the Cookie Monster avatar you had up for a minute, I was actually going to E-mail you a Gonzo one for your personal profile posting pleasure. But you beat me to it. So I'm off the hook. (Still digging out from the heaps of E-mail message notifications I'm getting slammed with anyway!! And I have mine disabled/turned off! How do you stop these things??!)

    Also, I know the Sleestakks of which you speak! It was what they knocked down out in Murray I while back. (Right?) If those things were anything, swell is what they were. We may not have ever had beaches and sharks, and beached sharks, and water rides, but Sleestakks? Heck, yep. Something you can tell your grandkids (3rd gen. Muppet fans) about someday. That and the Muppets. And the Olympics. How was your Olympic experience by the way?
  9. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Travis,

    If you go to your "User Control Panel" you'll notice there is a list of the discussions you've subscribed or posted in. Remove those subscriptions in order to stop getting e-mail notifications. If you don't want them when you post a new message, be sure to uncheck the e-mail box. A good rule of thumb might be to only check that box when you are the one "starting" a discussion.

    Glad to see you in the new forum. That is a mighty SUPER avatar you have there! :cool:
  10. EmmyMik

    EmmyMik Well-Known Member

    I have no idea whether I'm a First Generation fan or a Second.

    My parents tell me that they used to watch TMS (my dad was a pilot, and he said that sometimes during their breaks he and other pilots would watch TMS). Then a few years later, along came me and there was all kinds of Muppety things (although I assume that this is because suddenly there's a kid in the house).

    So if anything, my parents were/are casual Muppet fans, not the crazed kind of fan I am...
  11. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Muppets-The Next Generation

    That should have been the title of this thread, followed by a link to dude's drawing about the same title with Muppets in place of the other folks.

    I'm planning a parody with my own cartoon characters called: Star Track, The Hexed Generalization. What do you think of the working title?


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